Recursion: Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

By: Glitch Games

Recursion is Glitch Games’ latest adventure game and it’s part of the Glitch Broken Dreams Collection. What sets it apart from their other games is that it’s on a time loop and resets back to the start every few minutes. But your photos stay with you and that allows you to skip past puzzles you already solved. It can still get quite tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help if you get stuck on any of the puzzles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Prologue + Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 + Epilogue

You can watch my video for the full game or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

Chapter 3:

1. (I actually recommend touching the wires to reset the loop so you have a full 10 minutes to work here, but that’s up to you.) Go upstairs and grab the crowbar. If you continue through that door, you’ll see the TAD. But we don’t need it right now. So head back downstairs.

2. Go down towards the exit. Look at the right table and take a photo of the two clues there. Also, open the left drawer and get the fuse. The right drawer is stuck, but you can use the crowbar to open it. Then take the screwdriver from inside. Zoom back out.

3. There’s a computer here but don’t use it yet. Go through the door and notice the poster that says “The Sun alone shall illuminate the void.” Take a photo of it.

4. Go back upstairs and insert the fuse in the fuse box to the right. The lights will go on in the room to the right. Go through.

5. Notice the paint on the wall that says LOOK UP. Take a photo of it and look up. There’s a fan and it says SLOW DOWN. Take a photo of it. Then go back and find the fan switch so you can turn it off. Look up again and open the envelope to see another clue that says TIME IS AT THE CENTER. Take a photo of it. Also, notice the model of a solar system.

6. Now, look at the model of the solar system and press on the sun. It will light up. Remember the poster we saw? “The Sun alone will illuminate the void.” Leave the room and remove the fuse from the fuse box. Go back inside the room and you’ll see some shadows on the wall. Take a photo of them. Then leave the room.

7. While here, look at the keypad to the left. Use the screwdriver to remove the panel and take the metal plate from inside. Also, notice that it gives a PIN reminder, LIFE.

8. Go back downstairs. Look at the board on the left table. Use the three clues we got upstairs — LOOK UP, SLOW DOWN, and TIME IS AT THE CENTER to solve it. Spell out LOOK at the top, TIME in the middle, and SLOW at the bottom. Then look at the clue you’re given and take a photo of it.

9. Now, go to the computer terminal. Take out the photo of the clue we found earlier. It says: N OPENS THE RECREATIONAL TERMINAL. You basically need to write that out on the computer using the pieces of words. So write it like so: NO PENS THERE CREATION AL TERM IN AL.

10. Now, notice there are five files, labeled F I L E S. Remember the clue about LIFE? Open the files in that order, starting with L and place the metal plate over it. Line it up the so the X’s in the corner match up perfectly. Then look in the holes. There are three letters and they spell out ONE. Do the same thing for the I F and E files to get SEVEN, SIX and TWO. So we end up with 1762.

11. Before using that, open the SelfDestruct.exe file on the computer and press the big red button. Then go back out and up the stairs. Take a look at the self-destruct cancel button. It’s not working, but the lid is up and there’s a clue there we need. Take a photo of it.

12. Go back downstairs to the panel on the left. Enter the PIN we got — 1762. Then take a photo of the door password you’re given — 3583168. Don’t worry about entering it now because the timer is about to reset. We’ll use the photo when we have more time.

13. Let the timer run out or find a faster way to end it so we’re back to the full 10 minutes. Then get through the middle door again.

14. Go to the left panel and enter the password — 3583168. This should open the left door. Head through.

15. This room is the trickiest part of the game. So pay close attention or you may end up redoing it. Notice the timer on the wall. It looks similar to the clue we found earlier with the triangle. There’s also a box with a triangle on it. So what you need to do is wait for the timer on the wall to get to 06:02:35 and quickly press the button on the triangle box to open it. Grab the short range wireless transmitter inside and take a photo of the next clue with a circle on it.

16. Notice the time on the circle clue is earlier than the triangle’s so the time has already passed. So we need to reset the loop without losing the transmitter we just got. Go back upstairs to the TAD and place the wireless transmitter inside.

17. Reset the time loop by dying and get back to the room with the boxes by using the password — 3583168.

18. Wait until 06:02:01 and then open the circle box. Take a photo of the clue with the square on it. Now we have all three clues, but the square needs to be done first, so we need to reset the time loop again.

19. Reset the time loop by dying and get back to the room with the boxes by using the password — 3583168.

20. Once you’ve got that door open again, head back to the TAD to retrieve the wireless transmitter.

21. Go back to the boxes room and open your inventory. Wait until 06:01:35 and then use transmitter on the circle box and quickly press button on the wireless transmitter. This will open the square box inside of the circle box.

22. Now, wait until 06:02:01 to open the circle box. Read the note inside and take the key card.

23. Now just one last step in this room. Wait until 06:02:35 to open the triangle box. Now all three have been opened at the right time and you can see their lights lit up green on the wall. There’s a new clue. Take a photo of it.

24. Go downstairs and through the door to the machine in the middle. Take out the photo of the solar system shadows. Press the four buttons that match the shadows to reveal another clue. Take a photo of it.

25. Continue ahead into the elevator and press the button to close it. We should now have all the clues we need for this next part. Take out all the photos you took of the shapes. Use them to figure out which shapes in the elevator to turn white. Then insert the key card to complete Chapter 3.


1. The time loop has stopped here. You can take all the time you want. As you go through, notice the banner says, “MIKE, DON’T FORGET YOUR KEYCARD.” So if you didn’t already take the key card from the door, go back and do so now. Then continue on.

2. Keep going until you’re in a room with a body in front of you. Tap on the body and take the key card around its neck. Also, read the journal.

3. Go back and look at the computer to the left. Take the key card and then read through all the GlitchMail for more story.

4. Go back and tap on the white board on the right. Grab the key card from the couch. You now have two ways to end this. You can inject yourself with Suicide Serum near the couch. I would think that would be considered the bad ending, so I don’t recommend it.

5. For the good ending, continue to the back and insert all four key cards into the key reader to open the exit. Then go through to complete the game.

Congratulations! You escaped the time loop!

Prologue + Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 + Epilogue

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  1. Lark

    I always love a new Glitch Game! This one was super enjoyable for me. I’ll going to try to play through a second time to see if I can make it in few enough loops to save my colleagues? Worst case, I’ll get to see the “bad” ending.

    Thanks for covering, AppUnwrapper!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is it possible to save your colleagues? I didn’t consider that.

  2. Chris

    On level 3 ….I’m stuck in the lift…can’t go through the door and can’t go back up….tried emailing support reply
    Any clues that might help… I can’t see any way to just restart the level and I don’t want to start the whole game from scratch

  3. J

    I took the suicide serum as soon as I walked in the room, assuming I was “supposed to” to continue the game somehow. Felt like an idiot when it immediately ended. I couldn’t redo the epilogue without going through the game again. So I looked on here to find out.

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