Giveaway: Win 1 of 5 iOS Copies of Hardcore Shooter ‘BACKFIRE’

BACKFIRE By: Joel Rochon / GRYN SQYD [UPDATE, 1/25/2018: The contest is closed and the winners have been drawn and sent their codes. Thank you everyone for participating!] BACKFIRE is a new harcore shooter by sole developer Joel Rochon, aka GRYN SQYD, that released a few days ago. The twist is that your ship only shoots from the back, hence the name BACKFIRE. Clever, eh? It features stylish minimalistic artwork, a chill…

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Giveaway: Win a Free iOS Copy of Cryptic Puzzler ‘The Company Game’

The Company Game By: gary gogis (Chain Reaction Games) Update: The winners have been drawn and sent their codes. Thanks for entering! The Company Game is a new puzzle game by Chain Reaction Games that's releasing September 6. It's sort of a cross between The Guides and Blackbox, as I mentioned here in my preview of it. The puzzles involve cracking codes, playing with your device's settings, and interpreting Morse code. There's…

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Giveaway: Win an iOS Full Game Unlock for Atmospheric Puzzle Platformer ‘Playdead’s INSIDE’

Playdead's INSIDE By: Playdead Update: Thanks to everyone who entered! The giveaway is now over and the winner has been gifted their prize. Playdead's INSIDE has been one of the most suggested games to me since its release on PC last year. I don't have much patience for playing on my PC these days, though -- not when I have my iPad and iPhone available. So I was excited to learn recently…

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Giveaway: Win a Free iOS Copy of Glitch Games’ ‘All That Remains: Part 1’

All That Remains By: Glitch Games **Note: The contest has now ended and all winners have been sent their prizes. Thanks for entering!** The game is now out! See my walkthrough here. Not too long ago, I wrote about Glitch Games' upcoming puzzle adventure game, All That Remains, which takes place inside a locked bunker. You play as Cam, communicating with your sister Clara through a handheld radio, and trying to figure…

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Giveaway: Win a Free iOS Copy of Grimnir’s Norse Adventure Game ‘The Frostrune’

The Frostrune By: Grimnir Media & Snow Cannon Games Update: Thanks to everyone who entered! The winners have been chosen and sent their codes. I'd been following the progress of Grimnir's Norse mythology-inspired adventure game, The Frostrune, for years now. It got pushed off several times, but I was lucky enough to play an early build. Back then it was nice, but the extra time they took to work on it made…

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Giveaway: Simply Comment to Win a Free Copy of Point-and-Click Adventure Game ‘The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2’ on iOS

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 By: Point & Click LLC Update, 9/10: All emails have been collected and sent over to the developer. Those who requested a code in time should get them within the next couple of days. Update, 9/12: All the codes have now been sent out. Remember that they will only work with a US App Store account! Last year, Point & Click LLC released their first point-and-click…

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Giveaway: Win a Free iOS or Google Play Copy of “A Short Tale” By Glitch Games

**Update: The winners were selected and sent their codes. Thanks for entering!** Anyone who's been following my blog for a while probably knows that I'm a big fan of Glitch Games and their Forever Lost series. Although that series has ended, Simone Pearce and Graham Ranson are still hard at work bringing us new high quality puzzle games. Their latest is A Short Tale, which releases on the Apple App Store and…

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Giveaway: Win a Promo Code for Cryptic Escape

*Note: The contest is now over, but there are still other ways to win! If you're a fan of point-and-click adventure games, you won't want to miss Cryptic Escape by 3D Methods, the developer behind Cryptic Keep and Cryptic Caverns. It just hit the iOS App Store, and we have five (5) promo codes to give away to five lucky people! Here's how to enter: 1. Make sure you’re following @AppUnwrapper and…

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