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Michal Pawlowski’s ‘Scalak’ Releasing May 23rd – Preview Inside

Scalak By: Michal Pawlowski  Ever since I played his relaxing puzzler, Zenge, I've been keeping an eye out for Michal Pawlowski aka Hamster on Coke's games. Art of Gravity didn't really pull me in (sorry not sorry), but I had a great time with the all-too-brief "PUSH" he developed with Maciej Targoni. So I was happy to play his upcoming game, Scalak, ahead of release. He's been adding content to it over the last month or two and he's finally ready to announce that it's releasing on May Read more [...]

‘Death Squared’ is Coming to iOS on February 14th and It’s Aptly Named

Death Squared (RORORORO) By: SMG Studio Update: The game is out! See my review here. There are some games I keep an eye on because they sound interesting, even if there's been no indication that they'll ever be ported to iOS. SMG Studio's Death Squared is one such game. It always looked fun to me, but even though the studio has released a number of mobile games, the co-op nature of it meant I wasn't sure if it could even work on the platform. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a tweet from Read more [...]

The Demo Build of Glitch Games’ ‘Veritas’ Shows Off Some Cool New Features

Veritas By: Glitch Games A little while back, I wrote about Glitch Games' next point-and-click adventure, Veritas. At that point, though, not much was known besides a vague plot description and a couple of screenshots and GIFS. Oh and a surprisingly detailed fake website for the company in the game, Veritas Industries. Well, they've been working hard on the game and recently sent a short demo build out to some folks, including yours truly. I didn't want to post a video of the entire demo, just Read more [...]

‘Four Last Things’ is the Point-and-Click Adventure I Never Knew I Needed

Four Last Things By: Joe Richardson I've been a big fan of Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights painting -- specifically the Hell part -- for quite some time now. I even have a big book of his artwork so I could look at it whenever I want. One of the things I love about it is that there's so many little details. You could probably stare at it for years and still miss something. You also might not know that I minored in art in college, which involved some art history classes. While Read more [...]

Explore a Creepy Dollhouse in ‘The Room: Old Sins’ Next Week – First Impressions Inside

The Room: Old Sins By: Fireproof Games Update: The game is now out. See my full review here. Fireproof's The Room series has come quite a a long way since we were first introduced to their clever puzzle boxes that felt perfect to manipulate on a touchscreen. From an entire game taking place on one table in the original game, to exploring a whole mansion full of rooms in the third, the series has continuously evolved. But the games always have the quality we've come to expect from Fireproof's Read more [...]