Escape: The Room Walkthrough

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Escape: The Room
By MocoGame

(Photos coming soon)


1. Pick up the box cutters.

2. Turn right. Examine the inside of the orange furniture to find this message:

3. Turn right. Take the tissue from the tissue box.

4. Take the tennis ball from the drawer and examine it.

5. Take the steel rod from the brown furniture.

6. Turn right. The wall is dirty. You can’t clean it with the tissue.

7. Turn to the fish tank and wet the tissue in it.

8. Remove the dirt on the wall with the wet tissue. Zoom in on the message:

9. Look behind the trashcan and take the key.

10. Turn to the brown desk. Open the locked drawer with the key and take out the envelope.

11. Cut open the envelope with the cutters and get a blank note.

12. Wet the paper in the tank to get this message:

13. Turn to the front door. Insert the steel rod in the hole and tap on it to bend it. Then take it out.

14. To back to the brown desk. Stick the bent rod in the hole of the second drawer. Take the piece of paper from inside.

15. Use the clues to figure out the code and enter it into the safe:


16. Take the key and unlock the door.

Congratulations! You made it out!

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