Heartbeats – A Galactic Requiem: Walkthrough and Solutions

Heartbeats – A Galactic Requiem (A Graphic Puzzle)
By: Esben Kjaer Ravn (Kong Orange)

This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Heartbeats – A Graphic Puzzle by Esben Kjaer Ravn. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.


Level 1: Drag all the letters from the word “HEARTBEATS” to the key, then use the black key to open the lock.

You can also watch this video I made for levels 1 – 3:

Level 2: Raise his arm, then tap his heart three times.

Level 3: Tap both eyes to close them, and you’ll see the words “TAKE THE TRIPS.” Fly the spaceship around the galaxy seven times.

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Level 4: This one’s a bit annoying, because you have to press the button when the ball hits each hole. If you miss one, you have to start over. Going backwards seemed easier, until the last one, which shot out too fast. The best way, it seems, is to to the outer ones first and then the middle last.

You can also watch my video for levels 4 – 10 here:

Level 5: You need to get check mate in one move to climb up a stair. You play the black pieces and must check mate the white king. You need to win five games before the timer runs out to climb up all the stairs. If the timer runs out, you start back at the bottom.

Level 6: This is a sliding tile puzzle. You need to move all the regular people to the bottom two rows and the king to the top, right below the throne.

Level 7: Make sure to open the window to see the church bell.



The last word is BELL – L + TEARS – A = BELTERS, but you need to move the ink well to the left to get the extra slot for the last word to fit.

Level 8: This next one is a swapping tile puzzle. It should look like this in the end. “The Belters united the fragmented galaxy … War turned against the regime.”

Level 9: Just set his watch to whatever time it is when you’re doing it, but based on a 24-hour clock. I did mine at 1:15 PM, so the answer was 13:15.

Level 10: Swipe up on his shirt to reveal his heart. Then use your finger to erase everything around him.

The End!

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  1. Ali

    Im stuck at lvl 7 🙁
    Can you help me find the solution?!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The chess level seems buggy. I tried a move and it wasn’t good, then I tried it again and the game accepted it. Very annoying.

  2. Chandler

    Belters is the last word for puzzle 7. Move the ink well to the left to reveal another letter slot

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah! I can’t believe I missed that! Was driving me crazy. I tried to move the ink well before, but apparently not in the right direction. Thanks!

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