Forgotten Memories : Alternate Realities: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks


1. You wake up and need to find a med kit. It’s in the bathroom, in the bathtub. Tap the exclamation point to pick it up. Then open the Items menu to use it. Now you’re healed and can move at a slightly faster pace.

**Note: Don’t quit the game until you find a floppy disk and save at a PC, or you will have to start from the beginning!

You can also watch my video for the game to take you to the first save point:

I also made this video for the first part of the game on easy mode:

2. Leave the bathroom and find a closed door. Go through and make your way down the hall, past the mannequin with the audio recording.

3. Find the newspaper clipping and charge your flashlight.

4. Find the next path and make your way past the caged mannequin and find the door in one of the cages. Go through and then through the tunnel of mannequins until you come to a woman eating pie on a throne.

5. Find the ID card on a table and then go through the door at the back to watch the credits.

6. You wake up on a couch. Walk around and find the flashlight charger. Then find the mannequin on the couch with the pipe sticking out of it. Pull the pipe out. This is your weapon, so equip it from your Items menu.


7. Continue on and find the computer and floppy disk so you can save your game. This is your first save point.

8. Now you want to find your way to the bathroom. There’s a closed stall in there with a jacket that’s hanging. Get the key from the pocket. On your way out, a mannequin will come to life and start attacking you. You need to fight back with your pipe! Just select the crosshair and then tap the screen to swing at the mannequin until it falls to the ground.

I made some video for this part of the walkthrough, but it doesn’t include a save point. My light ran out before I found it. But I did find it when I wasn’t recording.

9. Once you leave the bathroom, there’s a room nearby with another PC. But you may want to find the locker room first, as there’s another floppy disk in there. There might also be a disk in the kitchen (I forget).

10. If you go upstairs, you’ll see a girl behind a locked gate. You’ll also be attacked by some more mannequins, some from behind!


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5 years ago

Hi, I’d just like to know if there’s any way at all to print out a walk through guide for forgotten memories. I have this in my iPad and I’d like to have a printed out copy in my hand to refer to as I’m playing the game. Thanks for any help. 🙂