Reigns Walkthrough Guide: How to Trick the Devil (And All Three Endings)

By: Devolver Digital (Nerial)

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I’ve been having a lot of fun with Devolver Digital & Nerial’s Tinder-like kingdom management game Reigns on iOS, Android and PC. It can be tricky at times, though, and frustrating if you make a mistake you can’t fix. This includes squandering your one chance to trick the devil. If you want to make sure you don’t miss your opportunity, follow this guide on how to trick the him and get the good ending. If you want to see the two bad endings, scroll further down.

See the list of objectives here.

See my Reigns: Her Majesty walkthrough here.

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Spoiler Warning!!

How to Trick the Devil, Get the Survivor Objective, Break the Curse and Get the Good Ending:

First, you need to unmask the Senator. If someone asks if you trust him, say yes. He might also tell you that something terrible has happened and he needs you to follow him. I don’t think this part is absolutely necessary to trick the devil, but it does tell you how. It’s also only possible if you’ve met The Lady already.


You’ll then get kidnapped by the Senator and blindfolded. Run and follow the voice (avoid the water) until you find The Lady (she’ll have a different name each game, but will look like the photo below). She becomes your love interest and then three years later forces you to listen to her. She then reveals herself as the Senator (you get the Doomed objective for unmasking the Senator). She then explains that you need to make the devil fulfill an impossible task. Something that cannot happen no matter how hard he tries.




You can also see my video on how to unmask the Senator here:

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Those numbers line up with symbols on the timeline at corresponding years. Not sure if that helps. I’m guessing that you need to enter/use those symbols somewhere but I haven’t gotten that far yet.


Szei, those symbols correspond to doors in the dungeon. My best theory so far is that this is the key to tricking the devil. First you need to get the death wish curse, and then find a way into the dungeon, follow the doors with the symbols… and hope that you’re right, haha.


The elemental symbold that the seer lists are how to get Excalibur, a sword that makes you awesome at dueling. Nothing to do with the devil, as far as I can tell. I’m playing with the idea of getting the devil mark and then saying yes to the…alchemist vase thing. It gives you a prompt when you’re in the crusades that I think might be for the devil. That or maybe the dragon that just hands over the princess in that side quest? I’m not sure if there’s a “Yes” prompt there… It is NOT, I confirmed, talking to the… Read more »

Meta Finder

I THINK I KNOW HOW TO SPANK DEVIL! So I entered once dungeon and it had different layout. Nornally I would rush to gold room and then to air door, but this time i found torch in the gold room chest. After taking torch, I could see cracks on the wall in neutral room, walking through there brought me to other place. After running madly through doors, I entered acid room, and there were cracks too. After breaking wall I had text card “The room opens on a dark corridor full of coroded air. You hear a series of loud… Read more »


If you say no to everyone after the death wish, after 100 years the devil will show up again and basically say that he’s impressed you lasted so long without killing anyone, so he will remove the curse. Doesn’t count as tricking him though. I’m about 90% certain that it involves the symbols listed on the timeline at years mentioned by the white witch. It seems like a path through the dungeon. Has anyone tried using the death wish to kill the dog? I’m not willing to go back and play the game a third time right now, haha, but… Read more »


The key opens the door behind the air door in the dungeon and that’s it.


Does anyone know what the symbols are on the timeline that correspond to the dates the white witch gives you? Maybe we can post them here for others to try?


I also forgot about he vase. While you’re on a crusade, the vase asks you if there is something lost that you want restored. Perhaps this is a way to bring something the devil killed back to life?


Maybe you have to kill someone and then bring them back after with the life machine from the vase/frozen blood?


I think it will be a lot more clear once someone is able to find their way through the dungeon using those symbols.


The vase must have something to do with it. Has any use for the machine he shows you been found? I can’t imagine there is no use for it.


I ruled for 105 years once, but that was my longest. The devil never comes back after your last chance following the 1998 visit and saying “No” to your ghost. I take it you weren’t able to enter the dungeon while the death wish was active?


I found the symbols in the dungeon in the corresponding order. However, once i entered the door that was before the satanic stars, I fell into a trap! But, what I believe is to be true is that you need to find a TORCH in the TREASURE CHEST in the GOLD ROOM. Although you may find a key to unlock the door in the Air room, I think that if you keep going back to the Gold room, you will find a torch. The torch allows you to discover more rooms that you could before. I also have seen that… Read more »


I think it was confirmed that Excalibur had nothing to do with tricking the devil. It just gives you the advantage in duels.

What are you talking about with the spy and the hats though?


I think you need to get strawberries for the skeleton from the executioner when he mentions that he wants to grow them but I don’t know how. Also the skeleton talks about victor who has big red eyes who is in the dungeon, who I presume is the devil.


SO, when I found the torch, I was able to start the path with the six symbols, but I was so excited I failed.
There has to be a sequence to find the torch right ? Seems that Gold door equals Chest, Arsenic is so frequently a trap, and apparently Air room is the door to get out. Other observations ?


The torch is not im the same chest as the key. There are multiple paths to the key but I think only one path to the torch.


Yeah, it’s kinda random. I found the torch a second time but did get in a trap somehow (I don’t really understand how I failed this time). But I will try my best to get to the dungeon every time I can.


This is super interesting, if you talk to the seer, one of his messages is “at the end of all things, the islderill play his role”


Also I think there are enough conversations about the islands (from jester and the crow) that it must be connected


I finally figured out how to actually trick the devil- (Spoilers) first, go to the dungeon and keep going into gold doors (avoid arsenic) until you find the torch. Then go into doors in this order: Fire, arsenic, acid, the broken wall opposite gold, the one OPPOSITE OF THE PENTAGRAM, then the pentagram. You’ll talk to a friendly skeleton, don’t run away from him. he’ll mention strawberries at some point then let you leave the dungeon. After that, start a crusade and when you get to talk to the vase, reincarnate the strawberry. Go back into the dungeon and find… Read more »


Can’t get a crusade to start 🙁


I started the crusade and then couldn’t get the freaking frozen blood in 600 years… I seem to have the best luck starting a crusade while the silk road is going.


Just saw this on Touch Arcade; I think he has gotten farther than any of the rest so far: “Her numbers correspond to icons on the game’s main timeline — fire, arsenic, acid, gold, pentagram, pentagram. Follow those doors in the dungeon — except for gold, break the wall instead, and for the first pentagram, take the *opposite* door. That leads you to Kloc the skeleton, who tells you his story: he was an islander who fell afoul of a powerful mage. And the Mage knew he liked strawberries, so he made all the strawberries disappear. Go back to the… Read more »


FYI – You can restart your game by touching the screen with two fingers for five seconds at the king’s death screen (after any death).


I couldn’t get the option for the frozen blood in 600 years… I’m done, haha. Hopefully someone will post a video of the good ending, or at least a series of screen shots.


Were you able to get screen shots and/or a video? I can’t wait to see it! Also, the writer one is when you have the minstrel write an epic war poem. He will offer to write different songs, but if you keep saying no, he will eventually offer up the war poem epic.


Aw shit.
I did everything just in the nick of time, got all the ingredients by about 1920. How is it so hard to get to the goddamn dungeon all of a sudden?
Anyway, after the last devil appearance… Kloc just doesn’t show up, even though kings were dying like flies due to always saying No. And I didn’t accept his help before. Ffffuuuuu

Also I think I tested that if the answer isn’t “yes”, but like a choice between two different things, it doesn’t count for the death wish.


Slightly unrelated, but I am having difficulty with the 100 years reign achievement. I die of old age all the time, sometimes at 45, but at the latest at 73. How do I halt the aging process? So far all I’m doing is following the doctor’s advice, but that seems to have little impact.

Great guide btw! Not only the first, but also very clearly explained. Thanks!


How can I erase a save game ?


I reset the game by holding down my fingers at the edge of the screen, but I cant get all the cards. I always seem to have only around some number over 600 discovered. Why is that? How to get the last of the cards? I have all of the portraits.

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