Reigns Walkthrough Guide: How to Trick the Devil (And All Three Endings)

By: Devolver Digital (Nerial)

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The next part of this crazy mission is to make sure the Vase is fully awakened. (You have to first meet him — the Doctor introduces you. Then he asks for Frozen Blood. You need the witch to offer you a reward if you can pass her test. The test is to survive 15 years of old age. Do so and she lets you choose a gift. Take the red and cold ruby! Then give it to the Vase to fully awaken him.) Then start a crusade. If the vase (Homunculus) appears during the crusade, he gives you a message he doesn’t any other time. You can only see it while on the crusade in Lamascus. You then get to choose between the Grail and the Meaning of Life. It doesn’t seem to matter which one you choose. But then he shows you a machine that can restore any living thing to life. What you want returned to life is the strawberry plant! You can see the whole conversation in this video:


Go back into the dungeon and find Kloc the skeleton again the same way you did before. Give him the strawberry. He’ll leave the dungeon and teleport you back to the castle. He’ll help you out in the main game occasionally. You may want to say No to him until the devil returns, just in case it keeps him from coming back in time. I’m not sure how many times he can help you.



You can also watch this video for that part:

Then, when you meet the devil again, say No to everyone except Kloc. If the Spirit appears again, make sure to say No to him. You will be able to continue playing with the Death Wish in effect for another 100 years. If Kloc doesn’t show up by then, the Devil will disappear and you’ll lose your chance. The best way to get Kloc to appear is to get one of your resources low and he’ll offer to help. Say YES! This will trick the devil and then you’ll be able to say YES to the dog, ending the curse and getting the third, good ending. Yay!








You can also watch the video for the good ending here:

Ending Number 2, Rot in Hell for Eternity:

Close to the second millennium (year 1998 to be specific — it’s a multiple of 666), you’ll meet the devil for the last time. When he curses you with the Death Wish that kills the first person you say “yes” to, say No until you die. On your next lineage, you’ll meet the Spirit of the Fallen King again and he’ll ask you, “Still no luck tricking the devil?” I thought this was the way to trick him, that if you say “Yes,” the it would trick the devil into killing the spirit, which should be impossible. But the devil tricks you instead! It turns out you’re the spirit! You’ll then get the second ending, “Rot in hell for eternity.” If you say “No,” you get a different ending.


You can see the Hell ending here:

If you fail to do this and kill someone else instead, the spirit will return in the next lineage and say, “The Devil is gone. We’re stuck here forever. Are you not tired of this?”

Ending Number 1, Trapped in an Endless Middle Age:

If you answer No to the Spirit when he asks you if you figured out how to trick the devil, then say “Yes,” to being tired, it’s game over and you get the first ending, “Trapped in an endless middle age.”



If you answer “No,” you can keep playing until he shows up again and asks you if you’re tired yet. If you answer No, you can keep playing the same game. I stopped one of my games at year 3282. It allowed me to play around with things without worrying about the consequences and also let me get the Hecatomb achievement for “suffer more than 100 deaths.”


If you have be Death Wish and don’t kill anyone for 100 years, the Devil returns and you get the True Pacifist achievement, but no special ending. You can also keep playing a bit longer. But after you die, you’ll have to choose again whether you’re tired or not.

Need help figuring out how to date a pigeon to get the Boyfriend objective? Try this guide.

Need help arranging a bestial marriage? Try this guide.

See the list of objectives here.

How to get Excalibur!

See here how to unlock all 26 deaths.

See my Reigns: Her Majesty walkthrough here.

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  1. Szei

    Those numbers line up with symbols on the timeline at corresponding years. Not sure if that helps. I’m guessing that you need to enter/use those symbols somewhere but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

    1. Harbinger7

      Szei, those symbols correspond to doors in the dungeon. My best theory so far is that this is the key to tricking the devil. First you need to get the death wish curse, and then find a way into the dungeon, follow the doors with the symbols… and hope that you’re right, haha.

  2. DubTak

    The elemental symbold that the seer lists are how to get Excalibur, a sword that makes you awesome at dueling. Nothing to do with the devil, as far as I can tell.

    I’m playing with the idea of getting the devil mark and then saying yes to the…alchemist vase thing. It gives you a prompt when you’re in the crusades that I think might be for the devil.

    That or maybe the dragon that just hands over the princess in that side quest? I’m not sure if there’s a “Yes” prompt there…

    It is NOT, I confirmed, talking to the dog with the devil mark, as there’s no YES prompt.

    Hope that helps.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I already tried it with the dragons yeah. :/
      On my third playthrough and not sure what to try at this point. Dang…

      1. [email protected]

        When you lose (not sure about when you win) to the jester in Red Devil you can say “yes” to a picture if the dice. It still has the jester’s name displayed and I can’t find and correlation to the 6 numbers the you are given to trick the devil… but maybe it counts as the dice and the devil can’t kill the dice, since they aren’t alive.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I think that probably still counts as the Jester talking, but maybe as a last resort it’s worth trying. 😛

        2. lukas

          No I think you have to say yes to the friendly skeleton in the dungeon, because he’s already dead

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I killed the dragon on one of my games with the Death Wish and nothing happened.

    3. AppUnwrapper

      Have you tried saying Yes to whoever shows up on one of the years the Sorcerer mentions?

    4. AppUnwrapper

      Or maybe not say Yes to anyone for another 666 years until the devil returns again? Have you tried that?

    5. Meta Finder

      So I entered once dungeon and it had different layout. Nornally I would rush to gold room and then to air door, but this time i found torch in the gold room chest. After taking torch, I could see cracks on the wall in neutral room, walking through there brought me to other place. After running madly through doors, I entered acid room, and there were cracks too. After breaking wall I had text card “The room opens on a dark corridor full of coroded air. You hear a series of loud noises as if you were in te center of a giant machine.” (got Screenshot!). Then I died on a spike trap. So my guess is the timeline symbols ARE door code, and we can summon devil in the dungeon to beat him to death. Maybe then we can say yes to him or smth. I will send that screnshot soon if you don’t believe.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Did you get Excalibur yet, though? I think the room of corroded air is for that. But maybe there’s two of them? There’s definitely something with the dungeon and symbols. But there’s other stuff going on, too. So crazy!

        1. Meta FInder

          I entered it when I was in 13th century and without Excalibur. I think this is the machine the vase talked about during the crusades. So whatever we summon there, I guess It ends the game.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            The machine is part of the quest to trick the devil.

            1. Kasandra

              The vase tells me ΓÇ£you donΓÇÖt know what you want look harder and meet me in lamascus againΓÇ¥. What do I do about this?

            2. KA

              The vase tells me ΓÇ£you donΓÇÖt know what you want look harder and meet me in lamascus againΓÇ¥. What do I do about this?

        2. Meta Finder

          No excalibur, 13th century, first playthrough. I think it is the machine the vase talked about during the crusades. That would also explain presence of the skeleton – It is also a homonculus.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            I just got everything up until the actual tricking the devil part and updating the walkthrough. The machine and the corroded air is Excalibur. I got it even when I already had Excalibur. I was still able to find it again. But you’re right that the symbols are part of the solution to tricking the devil.

          2. AppUnwrapper

            At least, I know I got that screenshot right before getting Excalibur. Maybe it shows other times, too. I think it was the Fire door.

            1. Thecactigod

              Did you get him?

              1. AppUnwrapper

                The devil? Still have to get through 300 years before he returns. I decided to sleep instead. Will get it done today. Hopefully it’ll go as planned.

            2. dsad

              Kloc doesn’t appear for me
              I gave him strawberries

  3. Harbinger7

    If you say no to everyone after the death wish, after 100 years the devil will show up again and basically say that he’s impressed you lasted so long without killing anyone, so he will remove the curse. Doesn’t count as tricking him though.

    I’m about 90% certain that it involves the symbols listed on the timeline at years mentioned by the white witch. It seems like a path through the dungeon.

    Has anyone tried using the death wish to kill the dog? I’m not willing to go back and play the game a third time right now, haha, but I’d be curious.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t think you can ever answer “Yes” to the dog. But the symbols in the dungeon sounds like a good idea. Will try that (I so hate that dungeon).

      1. Harbinger7

        There is one point that you can say, “Yes” or “I agree” to the dog. He will say something like, “Woof wififiwi woof.” You can then say, “I agree” or “No”, and saying yes randomly lowers two stats.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          But I don’t think “I agree” counts as “Yes?”

          1. Harbinger7

            I’m still pretty convinced that the dungeon holds the answer, but the dog might be a good backup plan to try if the dungeon doesn’t work. I was wondering if maybe you meet a skeleton in the dungeon that you can say “yes” to. Skeleton is already dead, and it’s not you, so it should work right?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              The dog can get you to the dungeon without having to say “Yes” to anyone. So my plan is to try and push the end off as long as possible and explore the dungeon more. But time moves so fast down there!

              1. Harbinger7

                The good news is that once you make it into the dungeon with the death wish still intact, the time doesn’t really matter anymore, right? You don’t really have to get back out, you just have to trick him while you’re there. I’d take it nice and slow down there so you don’t hit a trap of get killed by a skeleton. That would suck.

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  I’ve never tried going down there with the Death Wish on. Is that true? I would think it works the same? But that would be great if it doesn’t.

                  1. Harbinger7

                    You only actually die in the dungeon by trap or skeleton, so even if your stats are all zero, you can keep exploring as long as you want, as far as I know.

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      Oh really? I guess I’ve been so stressed by the timers, I’ve been acting hasty down there. 😛

                    2. AppUnwrapper

                      I just died by running out of everything. :/

  4. Furra

    The key opens the door behind the air door in the dungeon and that’s it.

  5. Harbinger7

    Does anyone know what the symbols are on the timeline that correspond to the dates the white witch gives you? Maybe we can post them here for others to try?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I posted photos at the bottom on the page. The tricky part is getting screenshots in the dungeon when I’m on a timer!

  6. Harbinger7

    I also forgot about he vase. While you’re on a crusade, the vase asks you if there is something lost that you want restored. Perhaps this is a way to bring something the devil killed back to life?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Damn. Not sure I got that from him. I’ve only had him ask me a few times if I want my youth restored. Or maybe those are connected.

      1. Harbinger7

        It only occurs while you’re on a crusade and you say no to ending the crusade. I got it once while saying no for 100 years to try and trick the devil that way (doesn’t work). However, I didn’t have whatever it was he thought I should have to give him. This presents a problem though, because that makes it sound like you have to get something (probably from the dungeon) and then get it to him, all while on the insane crusade timer. :/

  7. No

    Maybe you have to kill someone and then bring them back after with the life machine from the vase/frozen blood?

  8. Harbinger7

    I think it will be a lot more clear once someone is able to find their way through the dungeon using those symbols.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I tried but they didn’t show in that order. Might have to be under the Death Wish curse for it to work. Almost seeing the devil for the last time again, so will try it.

  9. Thecactigod

    The vase must have something to do with it. Has any use for the machine he shows you been found? I can’t imagine there is no use for it.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Which path gets him to show you a machine? None of my answers to him have led anywhere useful.

      1. Thecactigod

        He either randomly shows up or I haven’t been paying enough attention. I just finished the game for the first time so I have to get back to that point to be any help.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I’ve seen the vase so many times and I can’t imagine what choice I missed. Argh!

          1. Thecactigod

            Did you give him the frozen gem thing

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Funny. Just after I sent that comment, I got the right path for that message. But I didn’t know what I need to restore. Damn.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              I posted a video of my meeting with him but not sure what to do if I see him again. I’m now on year 2149 Bc I said I wasn’t tired and I don’t know how long it will let me keep going.

              1. Thecactigod

                have you ever governed more than a century?

                  1. Thecactigod

                    also whats with that letter that the dog brings back? it’s signed “P” and I think there is 1 other letter that is signed “P” but I cant remember when.

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      That was the spy. I think the pigeon brought it, no?

                    2. Thecactigod

                      “That was the spy. I think the pigeon brought it, no?”
                      replying here because it wont let me reply to yours.

                      yeah I think the dog brought the one I said and the pigeon brought the other one about the black bird

                    3. AppUnwrapper

                      Yeah the black bird I think shows up after the Seer tells you that the black bird is a bad omen (or something like that)?

                1. Kane Heiss

                  101 is my high score

  10. Harbinger7

    I ruled for 105 years once, but that was my longest. The devil never comes back after your last chance following the 1998 visit and saying “No” to your ghost. I take it you weren’t able to enter the dungeon while the death wish was active?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I was able to (via the dog), but I died before I could get anything useful done. You can still die down there with the death wish actives

  11. Finite

    I found the symbols in the dungeon in the corresponding order. However, once i entered the door that was before the satanic stars, I fell into a trap! But, what I believe is to be true is that you need to find a TORCH in the TREASURE CHEST in the GOLD ROOM. Although you may find a key to unlock the door in the Air room, I think that if you keep going back to the Gold room, you will find a torch. The torch allows you to discover more rooms that you could before. I also have seen that once you find the torch, there are these “cracks” that seem demonic when you enter certain rooms that follow the Witch’s sequence. I’m still trying to figure it out but I figured that if I could get this out, then maybe more people can follow. Good luck!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I’ve gotten the torch and the cracks but I always die before I have a chance to make real use of them. Damn time limit…

      1. Thecactigod

        Okay so i went in the dungeon, got a key, then fought a skeleton and won. I went into a triangle door and it showed this message

        After that i went into a water door and all it did was make the message “wait what just happened” appear with the same doors showing. I went into the other door and it showed a new symbol. I went in that door and there was a chest with an Excalibur in it. Then i exited the dungeon. Nothing happened after that but i was able to recreate my steps so try it and see if its the same for you

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Did that give you an objective or anything? I’ll try it. I’m still on my game with the Devil gone Bc I’m trying to get the Spy to reappear and tell me about the hats again. I fudged it up the first time.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          I was trying to follow the Seer’s directions for the sword, but never saw Earth in time. I’ll try your way.

  12. Harbinger7

    I think it was confirmed that Excalibur had nothing to do with tricking the devil. It just gives you the advantage in duels.

    What are you talking about with the spy and the hats though?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I encountered a bug, apparently. Kept me from getting the Hat objective when I found out who the terrorists are. 🙁

      1. Thecactigod

        somebody on toucharcade did it, were on the right track with the dungeon symbols and the the years

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I just played past year 2594 to get the 100 death achievement and I couldn’t even manage to get Excalibur in all that time. I really hate the dungeon. 🙁

          1. Thecactigod

            I just went in the dungeon for like twenty minutes straight and didnt figure iut anything except there is definitley a already plotted “map” for the dungeon in that there is no randmoness to it and if you take one path every time you will always get the same rooms and chest items

            1. AppUnwrapper

              But you don’t always start with the same rooms in front of you…?

              1. Thecactigod

                I guess there are a few designated starting rooms and you start in one at random. But I’m saying if you really wanted you could map out the dungeon

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  I totally would if there was no timer. It’s so damn stressful in there. 🙁

  13. Zeus

    I think you need to get strawberries for the skeleton from the executioner when he mentions that he wants to grow them but I don’t know how. Also the skeleton talks about victor who has big red eyes who is in the dungeon, who I presume is the devil.

  14. Podeste

    SO, when I found the torch, I was able to start the path with the six symbols, but I was so excited I failed.
    There has to be a sequence to find the torch right ? Seems that Gold door equals Chest, Arsenic is so frequently a trap, and apparently Air room is the door to get out. Other observations ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The torch is in the same chest as the key, but not sure what causes you to get one over the other.

    2. Thecactigod

      The torch is not im the same chest as the key. There are multiple paths to the key but I think only one path to the torch.

    3. Podeste

      Yeah, it’s kinda random. I found the torch a second time but did get in a trap somehow (I don’t really understand how I failed this time). But I will try my best to get to the dungeon every time I can.

  15. Michael

    This is super interesting, if you talk to the seer, one of his messages is “at the end of all things, the islderill play his role”

      1. Michael

        Islander will play his role**

  16. Michael

    Also I think there are enough conversations about the islands (from jester and the crow) that it must be connected

  17. Zallenz

    I finally figured out how to actually trick the devil- (Spoilers)
    first, go to the dungeon and keep going into gold doors (avoid arsenic) until you find the torch. Then go into doors in this order: Fire, arsenic, acid, the broken wall opposite gold, the one OPPOSITE OF THE PENTAGRAM, then the pentagram. You’ll talk to a friendly skeleton, don’t run away from him. he’ll mention strawberries at some point then let you leave the dungeon.
    After that, start a crusade and when you get to talk to the vase, reincarnate the strawberry.
    Go back into the dungeon and find the friendly skeleton again, and give him the strawberry. He’ll leave the dungeon and help you out in the main game occasionally.
    Then, when you meet the devil again, say no to everyone until the skeleton appears to help you out, and say yes, and you’ll get the good ending!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Nice! I’ll add this up on the walkthrough and confirm it and add screenshots once I manage to do it myself (not having good luck in the dungeon).

      1. Harbinger7

        Confirmed the first part and met Kloc. Just gotta get the stupid ruby and start a crusade now.

    2. Thecactigod

      Can’t get a crusade to start 🙁

      1. Harbinger7

        I started the crusade and then couldn’t get the freaking frozen blood in 600 years… I seem to have the best luck starting a crusade while the silk road is going.

  18. Harbinger7

    Just saw this on Touch Arcade; I think he has gotten farther than any of the rest so far:

    “Her numbers correspond to icons on the game’s main timeline Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γòó fire, arsenic, acid, gold, pentagram, pentagram. Follow those doors in the dungeon Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γòó except for gold, break the wall instead, and for the first pentagram, take the *opposite* door.

    That leads you to Kloc the skeleton, who tells you his story: he was an islander who fell afoul of a powerful mage. And the Mage knew he liked strawberries, so he made all the strawberries disappear.

    Go back to the vase spirit. What he regenerates for you is a single strawberry ΓÇö The One!

    Go back into the dungeon and bring the strawberry to Kloc. This releases him, and he becomes your ally, assisting you during the game.”

  19. Harbinger7

    FYI – You can restart your game by touching the screen with two fingers for five seconds at the king’s death screen (after any death).

  20. Harbinger7

    I couldn’t get the option for the frozen blood in 600 years… I’m done, haha. Hopefully someone will post a video of the good ending, or at least a series of screen shots.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Weird — I think I’ve gotten it every game so far.

      1. Thecactigod

        I tricked the devil! Hooray

          1. Thecactigod

            Yeah once i knew how to do it it was hard to mess up. Still havent gotten the first ending though

              1. Thecactigod

                I assumed. Im still missing 3 other deaths other than that one. Also looking through them i see
                “fading memory of another dimension” i dojt remember getting that one. Did you get it? It doesnt fit with the rest

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Yeah that’s the first death. It has a different heading under the list than it does when I got it. Not sure why.

                2. AppUnwrapper

                  Oh there are two with that name, I just looked at the photo. That one is gotten by dying of old age.

                  1. Thecactigod

                    Acually i have three with that name. It must just default to that after a while

                3. AppUnwrapper

                  Only one I’m missing is for tricking the devil. Still keep screwing up the damn dungeon. 🙁

                  1. Thecactigod

                    How are you screwing up? The skeletons the trap or the timer?

                    1. Thecactigod

                      For the skeleton i find i have the best luck just always attacking.

                    2. AppUnwrapper


                      Also frustrated because I’ve only seen who the terrorists are in one of my four games and it didn’t even count as the objective. I think my game is bugged/corrupted. Not sure why else I wouldn’t get it.

                    3. Thecactigod

                      I didnt even know there were terrorists

                    4. AppUnwrapper

                      How many objectives have you completed?

                    5. Thecactigod


                    6. AppUnwrapper

                      That’s how much I had without tricking the devil. All I really was missing besides that is the terrorists (which bugged out), the 200 year reign, and the Writer, which I can’t figure out.

                    7. AppUnwrapper

                      Oh wait 35. I forgot that I also didn’t last 100 years yet.

                    8. Thecactigod

                      Yeah im also at 35 missing the same ones. The writer must be part of the terrorist storyline

                    9. Thecactigod

                      Nice! Now you have to meet the vase and meet him again!

                    10. AppUnwrapper

                      Yep! Hopefully I can get this all done before the Devil returns.

                    11. AppUnwrapper

                      Arghh!! I had it! Took video and everything! Then the game bugged out on me! Such a glitchy mess!

                    12. AppUnwrapper

                      Ok got the strawberry again. Onwards!

                    13. Thecactigod

                      Should be smooth sailing after you give it to kloc

                    14. AppUnwrapper

                      Yep! Now just gotta wait for the devil. 🙂

                    15. AppUnwrapper

                      Now just need to wait over 300 years for him to return. :/

  21. Harbinger7

    Were you able to get screen shots and/or a video? I can’t wait to see it! Also, the writer one is when you have the minstrel write an epic war poem. He will offer to write different songs, but if you keep saying no, he will eventually offer up the war poem epic.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah thanks for that! I’ll likely play again to record the dungeon with Kloc, so I’ll try to get that and the Hat on that playthrough. I don’t know why that one’s being such a pain.

      I still need to get the devil to appear again (300 years to go) and hopefully Kloc won’t let me down!

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm I feel like I must have gotten the epic war poem? Or maybe not. I’ll try again in a fresh game. Sigh.

    3. AppUnwrapper

      I got screenshots this time Bc I screwed up before I could get video. Will play again and get video.

    4. AppUnwrapper

      I think the Writer is bugged for me along with the Hat. The only option he offers me besides the usual is to write whatever he wants, and I don’t get anything for that.

    5. AppUnwrapper

      So I dunno… The Writer is apparently related to a printer. I don’t think I’ve seen that and not sure why. Driving me nuts.

  22. MisterV

    Aw shit.
    I did everything just in the nick of time, got all the ingredients by about 1920. How is it so hard to get to the goddamn dungeon all of a sudden?
    Anyway, after the last devil appearance… Kloc just doesn’t show up, even though kings were dying like flies due to always saying No. And I didn’t accept his help before. Ffffuuuuu

    Also I think I tested that if the answer isn’t “yes”, but like a choice between two different things, it doesn’t count for the death wish.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, it has to be Yes. But I personally try to stick to swiping only left at that point so I don’t accidentally swipe right to a Yes and mess it up.

      I tricked the devil after this third appearance in one game (after the year 2000) and after his second appearance in another. So I think that might have just been a case of bad luck for you? Seems like it should make sure he appears after you did all that work, but I really don’t know as I haven’t had any problem myself with it.

  23. Mark

    Slightly unrelated, but I am having difficulty with the 100 years reign achievement. I die of old age all the time, sometimes at 45, but at the latest at 73. How do I halt the aging process? So far all I’m doing is following the doctor’s advice, but that seems to have little impact.

    Great guide btw! Not only the first, but also very clearly explained. Thanks!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m not really sure. Someone suggested it might be for eating cake and too much sugar and therefore *not* listening to the doctor. But maybe it’s the opposite? You listen to the doctor and live long enough to die of old age? It’s a possibility. It’s hard to say for sure, though. I’ve played through the game 5-6 times now and have only seen that ending maybe 2-3 times in all that.

      1. Mark

        Haha that explains it. I always take the cake. Hadn’t thought of that. After all cake is the healthiest of foods, right? 😀

        I appreciate the fast reply. Have a nice day!

      2. Mark

        Okay so I tested it. No cake eating resulted in me surviving 103 years the first time around. Seems to have a huge impact on your life expectancy. No cake for my throne occupants in future!

  24. Juanmpo

    How can I erase a save game ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      When you complete a game, it gives you the option to reset.

  25. Peter

    I reset the game by holding down my fingers at the edge of the screen, but I cant get all the cards. I always seem to have only around some number over 600 discovered. Why is that? How to get the last of the cards? I have all of the portraits.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Have you gotten all the objectives? I’m still missing a couple, so I haven’t seen all the cards either.

  26. BadIndieGamer

    Guys super important: You can go through the Arsenic door WHEN it’s opposite the Air door. It won’t have traps then. If it’s opposite the Salt door then it WILL have a trap.

    1. Reignfan

      Thought you had to say Yes to the lumuncos or the pot/frozen heart

    2. Random Nickname

      Well, i strangely got the good ending by waiting a few dozen years after 1998, the devil somehow showed up and i answered one of his questions with “yes”. I don’t know if that is for an older version of the game or just a bug, but i somehow still done it!

  27. SajelWinchesterx

    Fufilled all of the requirements 3 times and yet when the devil comes and I lower any of the four, Kloc never appears. Why is this ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure. 🙁 Both times I did everything, it worked for me.

      1. SajelWinchesterx

        🙁 damn. Is it just a luck thing ?
        On my fourth try and already gave him the strawberry before I’d passed the first millennia hoping that he’ll be more active by the time the devil shows up.

  28. I need help

    Okay now I’ve gave the strawberry to Kloc so do I have to say “No” to him until the devil comes?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m not sure if you have to, but I have heard from some that they said yes and then he didn’t return in time. It could just be a coincidence, as some have also said they said no and he didn’t show up in time. I’ve had him show up both times I played through that ending, and I said no just to be safe.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I mean, I said no until the devil came and then said yes.

      1. Neptuna

        I said “Yes” to him at least once and he still kept appearing, so it’s definitely not a one-time thing. It may have a certain limit though.

  29. KronwarsCZLP

    I accidentally said Yes to someone, when I was ment to say yes only to Kloc. What can I do now?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If the devil’s not gone for good, you can still trick him the next time he shows up. Otherwise you have to start a new game to try again.

      1. Bruh

        or you can just swipe your history. It resets your last king.

  30. stuckinreignshell

    swiping right with kloc never gets me far at all. i either kill him first or he kills me. what am i doing wrong?

  31. King Baudoin

    Once the dog gave me the Frozen Blood out of nowhere. I have no idea what triggered it.

  32. Flo

    I don’t think you must be in a crusade to get the life machine, in fact I get it in an ordinary day. But thank you so much for the help to find Kloc !

  33. O.J.

    Jesus, the amount of time the game developers expect people to use on this nonsensical grinding?! Not very rewarding playing the same scenes over and over again, this is after all quite a simple game, and you get bored pretty soon.

  34. Reverse Card

    To beat the devil, you gotta kick rex the dog, then he reveals himself as the devil. He gives you the death wish, and you have to say no to everyone until the story ends (I forget the year) or you gotta say no to everyone until you find the skeleton. Say yes to him, the devil wont be able to kill him. The skeleton says it tickles, then the devil says he cannot kill him. There you go 😛 I died a lot of times trying to figure it out too.

  35. ZiaTopo

    Thank you, I finally got to the ending. After years I still had no idea of how to do it. One thing to be careful to: because there are only four status/inventory slots, it’s possible to lose the strawberry as new items are acquired.

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