Reigns Walkthrough Guide: How to Get Excalibur

By: Devolver Digital (Nerial)


This guide will show you how to find Excalibur in Devolver Digital & Nerial’s Tinder-like kingdom management game Reigns on iOS, Android and PC. It will make it easier for you to win duels.

See the list of objectives here.

How to Get Excalibur:

If you follow the dog, have him lead you to the caravan. You may have to meet the Seer a few times before this becomes an option, but eventually you should be able to choose “King?” then “Sword?” and then he’ll describe the sword to you:

“Bright and shiny. Forged from earth with fire, water and acid.”





There are doors with those names in the dungeon (Pungeon). You can get there also through the dog or other ways. Once down there, there are different paths that could lead you to the right door. You will likely have to fight the skeleton first. I think you should avoid Arsenic because it’s often (or always?) spikes). If you find the Gold door, open the chest and take either the key or the torch.

Tip: The Neutral door leads to the Gold door!


Hopefully the Earth door will show up soon. Once you see the Earth door, go through it, then the Fire door, Water door, and Acid door in that order. Then you’ll see a door with a strange symbol on it. Go through and open the chest to get Excalibur! It will make duels easier to win and persists from year to year. Even if you die in the dungeon, you’ll still get to keep it. But it disappeared eventually for me.



You can also watch this video on how to find Excalibur:

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  1. Thecactigod

    Are there other items that persist throughout the whole game besides the excalibur and the loaded dice?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Excalibur doesn’t last for the whole game (at least it didn’t for me). It eventually disappeared, even after getting it twice at the same time.

      1. Thecactigod

        Oh yeah i forgot. Do the loaded dice also dissappear?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          They might. I don’t use them much when I have them, so I don’t pay close attention. I have had those persistent items get replaced by new ones, though, when I have over four. That might even be what happened to Excalibur — I’m just not sure.

        2. Xyke

          yes don’t use it to much or else you will of having to much money

  2. Neptuna

    Just a nice little detail: you can actually kill the dragon with excalibur by choosing to fight it. If you do that, you still die, but the picture of death would be as if you died of old age, and the text will be something like: “You killed the dragon with excalibur, but were heavily wounded. You are buried with honors, like a real hero.”

  3. A Player

    You don’t have to meet the future telling guy to get the sword I wasn’t getting him so I decided just to try the dungeon without seeing him first and I still got the sword I want to try it it but I’m not getting cards with options to duel.

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