Broken Age Act 2 Walkthrough Guide: How to Get Shay to Fix the Hexipal

Broken Age Γäó
By: Double Fine Productions, Inc.


One of the tricky puzzles in Double Fine’s Broken Age Act 2 is fixing the broken Hexipal (robot) with Shay. Here’s how to do it. If you need more help, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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1. You need to give the fish to Carol so she’ll give you the wire. If you don’t have the fish yet, see my step-by-step walkthrough to find out how to get it.

2. The clue to fixing the Hexipal is on the spaceship. Shay knows it, but you don’t until Vella finds it. Use the clue from the family photo that Vella saw in the central control room to figure out how to rewire the broken Hexipal robot. The symbols for the Hexipal wires are different each game, so I can only guide you through this part. You’ll have to get the final solution on your own.


3. Make sure you combined the wire with the broken Hexipal. Then tap on the Hexipal to see its back. To rewire it, you tap one of the pegs (connections) in the corners of the hexagon and drag your finger to another peg. The direction does matter. Just so you can see what symbol each peg represents, connect the wires like so.


4. Now, go to the diamond charging station to the left and place the Hexipal in it. Now you can see what each connection gives you. The top row is the blue wire, the second row is the yellow wire, and the bottom row is the red wire. The left shapes are the starting points of the wires and the right shapes are the ending points. Mine looks like this, but yours is likely different. I suggest taking a screenshot or writing it down, or both.


5. So according to my symbols, my wiring should go like so:


6. Place the Hexipal back into the wiring station and he’ll charge up! If you get three blue bars and a smiling Hexipal, it means it worked. Now hand him over to Alex and let him do his magic. He’s the electronics genius you needed!




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  1. Liam

    Can you get this one for me? I have no clue how it works. The 2 triangles point up and down are 1st, the 2 right triangles are 2nd, the 3 lines in a triangle formation are 3rd, the 2 triangles pointing left and right are 4th, the equilateral triangle is 5th and the.. I’ll just call that a simple drawing of a firework. The “firework” is 6th.

  2. Tori

    Hello, I’ve been trying the hexipal wiring puzzle for days and I can not figure it out. If I were to email you a photo of my symbols would you be able to help me out?If not let me know how to figure out how to identify the symbols. Thanks!

  3. stephanie

    this seriously makes zero sense to me. According to how it’s been explained to me numerous times, your wiring system looks completely wrong, but it worked, so idk. I thought the shapes in the family picture tell you what the nodes are, 12-34-56. So to me, your wiring should be… well, completely different. This is the most frustrating thing ever omfg

    1. Sara

      I got this game yesterday a recently finished this puzzle. It reminded me of a bone puzzle from an old PC point and click game called The Dig. I had a feeling that I would find a lot of frustrated posts about it! I couldn’t resist googling it just to see 😉 Compared to the bone puzzle, this was way easy. It’s not as difficult as it seems if you do everything slowly and methodically. Here’s what I did. When I realized that randomly guessing where the wires should go, I also realized that probably wasn’t the way it was meant to be solved, so I went back to Vella’s story (notice Shay keeps saying stuff about his ship… Clue!). By the time I reached the room with Shay’s mom, I recognized the shapes from the attempted hexipal charging and the hexipal in the picture (More clues) so I wrote the symbols down in order. Then when wiring the hexipal, I wired all in one direction, diagonally in 3 rows, attempted a charge, then wrote down those symbols in order. That gives an idea of which peg corresponds to which shapes. Some wires will already match, or maybe just need the flow switched. Then, one wire at a time, experiment by moving one side of the wire at a time with the power always flowing in the same direction, and then just keep in mind that the direction of the flow will switch the 2 shapes of the same color when you attempt to charge. Just do that until your pattern matches the one from the picture.

      1. Jewel

        HOLY SHIT thank you omg

    2. Cameron

      Man did you ever figure this out? I’m on it now a year later and completely lost

    3. Myrissa

      I’m so frustrated with this I understand now to make each symbol show up . I now have ALL symbols appearing the same way in same order but still nothing happens is it maybe a bug or something??

  4. Wade

    I’ve been spending way too much time on this, but finally figured it out.

    The photo in the spaceship IS the pattern to follow. That’s why he keeps saying “If I was only in my ship….” When you set the hexipal down after a wiring attempt and it illuminates the pattern that you just made in the hexipal wires. That’s how you learn. It’s not about looking at the illuminations and using those as a guide to wire the hexipal, it’s about wiring the hexipal to get the illuminations to match the patterns in the photo. Even though appunrapper’s photo is the same as ours, you can’t use their screenshot of the hexipal wiring and assume it’s your own. The hexipals are different from game to game, not the photo. All you can do is just trial and error of different types of wiring scenarios until you get your specific hexipal to match that pattern on the photo.

    1. God

      Omg.. Wade. Thanks

    2. Brittany

      Holy crap. I’ve been looking for the answer for this for two freaking hours. Thank you!

    3. Emma

      Wade thx ur awesome and smart

    4. elli

      if i send you my symbols can you please help me

      1. Autumn

        Do you still need help? Add my discord if you Jojo^#7582

  5. Lana Harley

    I have been on this for days and I have been following the steps you gave me but it’s not working can I give you a picture of mine and you can tell me how to do it? Plz.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sure, if you email me I can try to sort it out for you.

  6. Nicole

    I don’t seem to have the wire to fix the hexipal even though I already went and got it from Carol. What do I do?

  7. Kate

    Can u help me with the wiring IΓÇÖm so confused

  8. Debbie

    I have been on this for days and am so frustrated and confused. I feel like I have tried everything and anything. If I were to email you a screenshot of my photo thatΓÇÖs on the ship, do you think you could help me. I really want to be able to finish this game, and just canΓÇÖt wrap my head around how to get this puzzle figured out.

  9. Jody

    Great guide, thank you. I love this game but couldnΓÇÖt solve it on my own I donΓÇÖt think.

    Okay so what you need to do is number the the points on the hexipal 1-6, it doesnΓÇÖt matter where you start or which way you go, just remember. Then you connect wires as follows: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6. Then plug it in. This will give you a code. ItΓÇÖs just like those codes with symbols. EveryoneΓÇÖs code is different. I took a screenshot of my code, by holding home and on/off button, then I went to VellaΓÇÖs story and took a screenshot of close up ShayΓÇÖs family photo for reference. Then look at the projection and match each number to a symbol.
    1 2
    3 4
    5 6
    So 1 is in the top left and it may or may not be a solid triangle. Maybe take a piece of paper and write down the symbol for each number.
    For Example:
    1: triangle, 2: circle, 3: square, 4: rhombus, 5: parallelogram, 6: rectangle
    Then go to the family photo
    Triangle; Square
    Circle; Rectangle
    Parallelogram; Rhombus
    So we know in this example we connect firstly 1:triangle to 3:square (blue wire)
    Then 2:circle to 6:rectangle (yellow? wire)
    Then 5:parallelogram to 4:rhombus (pink?)
    Shay will say he has a good feeling about this pattern, then connect it and youΓÇÖre all good. You just gained a friend back.

  10. jack

    why does my symbles keep changing i do all the symbles when it says it on the charging station but instead it gives me more puzzles what am i doing wrong

  11. Schenley Park

    It’s a substitution cypher. If you label each post from 1-6 (or, hell, A-F), and then connect a wire from A->B, you’ll see two symbols. One is for A and one is for B. If you were to connect A->C, you’d, again, see the symbol for A, but then also a symbol for C.

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