Dark Fear: All Achievements

Dark Fear
By: A Majothi (Arif Games)


If you’re playing Arif Games’ Dark Fear and want to try to get all the achievements, this list will show you what you need for all of them.

If you need any other help with the game, try my step-by-step walkthrough.

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Lost Property – Find gold in the well
Innovation – Combine two items
Dealing More Pain – Upgrade your weapon
Being Careful – Purchase protective clothing

Let’s Go Fishing – Receive fishing rod
Mendhi Protection – Purchase a tattoo
Secrets In The Walls – Discover the secrets in the walls of Carrigberg house
Mathematical Mind – Solve the mathematical puzzle in Carrigberg house

Giving Closure – Give Gunter closure regarding Victoria
Entomologist – Collect some fireflies
Florist – Pick flowers from the ice queen’s gardens
Seek Out The Truth – Meet the witch in the mountain

Pond Fisherman – Catch a crawfish
Blood Suckers – Collect 3 vampire bats
Rare Fish – Collect 2 salmon and 2 eels
Cat Hunter – Collect 3 jaguar pelts

Perfect Kill – Win a battle with 100% perfect strikes
Worm Killer – Defeat the crabworm with 100% perfect strikes
Lycan Hunter – Defeat the werewolf with 100% perfect strikes
Hellborn – Defeat the guardian with 100% perfect strikes

Master Hunter – Hunt every type of animal
Master Fisherman – Catch every type of fish
Devil In The Trees – Defeat the forest devil
Emily Is No More – Defeat the porcelain doll

The Last Of The Barlows – Defeat Mr Barlow
A Titan Falls – Defeat the Guardian
I Know You – Find out who the old man in the photo is
Completionist! – Complete the game with a full score and all achievements

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  1. Press2play

    Didn’t get lycan hunter does that mean I have to play the game all over again from the start? Wth.

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