Désiré – Prologue: Walkthrough Guide

Désiré – Prologue
By: Sylvain Seccia


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the iOS and Android point-and-click game, Désiré – Prologue by Sylvain Seccia, about a color-blind boy. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Open your inventory (upper right corner) and drag the scroll to Désiré. It’s the Book of Spells. You need to make a “spell to make anyone fall in love with you.” The steps go:

Make a small wooden box.
Write the name of your beloved one on an egg.
Place the egg inside the wooden box and bury the box away from sunlight for a month.

You can also see my walkthrough video here:

2. Read the sign to get a pen.


3. Walk to the right towards the beach and pick up the wooden board.


4. Go back left and open the door. Own the toolbox to get a saw, a hammer and some nails. You now have all the tools you need to make a box.


5. Open your inventory and drag the saw to the wooden board to cut it into six sticks. Then, drag the hammer to the wooden sticks to turn it into a box.



6. Go right along the beach until you find a sand castle and a hole in the sand. Open your inventory and drag the sandwich to Désiré. He’ll take the egg out of the sandwich. Then, use the pen to write a name on the egg. Put the egg in the hole.


7. Now there’s a cutscene between Désiré and this homophobic Old Man?



8. Talk to the Old Man. Learn everything he knows. Ask him how to prevent Dave from bullying Désiré. Together, the Old Man and Désiré hatch a plan to record Dave…doing something embarrassing.


9. Go through the door to the right.


10. And this is as far as you can go in the demo version. I guess we’ll have to wait for the full game to see what happens.


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Linda S

thank you!


It will not let me bury it!! I’ve tried so many times!!!!


It will put it in the hole only


When will u be posting the walkthrough for the full game?


I am stuck in chapter 1, so it would be great if you will post the update soon


Me too, looking for hints everywhere.. This game is too new ?


Managed chapter 1, was kind of funny ?


How did you het the copier card??


Yes, please tell. I have an inkling that i need to get it from Father Fouco but I have no idea how

Lord Bread

It is necessary to go to the hospital and talk to the manager about the therapist. After going to his mother for razresheniem.Nu and then think for yourself.

Lord Bread

I do not know English. I posted wrong.
But I guess who’s played will understand what I mean.


I have already been in the therapist’s office but there is no one there and i do not know how to open the padlock in there.


Here the same. Stuck at the same point.


Use the disc from Bruno”s room. He lifts weights- so take one of them and smash the lock with it


I have tried to take them, but he stops me. How do I lead his attention elsewhere?


You have to give him the book from the sailor. He starts to read that.


How do you get into the therapist’s office? The receptionist stops me?


Speak with his mother about wanting to see the therapist today.

Mahmoud ghabash

Yeah they Used hard Word even English Speaker will find it hard some word are 20 char or more


I can’t leave the old man’s room. How?


I know I’m stuck in can’t find the batteries


the batteries for the walkman? in the drawer left to his bed (“désiré’s bedroom”)


How do I put the battries in the walkyman

Сергей Николаевич Кирочкин

How to kill a louse?


Keep pointing at it for longer than just a click. When you suddenly release Desire will throw it


There is a bug in the game. It crashes in the 3rd scene in chapter 2, at least on my iPhone 🙁


Please change the quality level in option


I’ve also had that problem and left a message on Facebook for the developer. The solution is when you set the quality in options on ‘low’ then you can go further.


How do you find the sailors manuscript in Martin Lacour’s office?


talk to the sailor and give him the exchange money from buying Tilt book to the newsagent, the money from dad.


I am currently stuck at chapter 2 with mistress ruby. I have no idea what to do in there. I think i need to get into the door.


Help! I have the photocopying card, but I’m not sire how to developed the photo. How do I get the dad out of the room long enough to open that cabinet?


Use the cards from Bruno’s room and put one in Nina’s sleeve.

I know I’m supposed to ask Désiré’s mother to make an appointment for me with the psychiatrist, but she won’t give me the option. She only tells me that they’re waiting on a helium delivery.


Mum only gives me the option to ask for a balloon (playing iOS mobile) and I know I need to ask her for an appointment at the therapist. How do I do that?


Still having this issue as well. Using iOS.


You need to go to the newspapers stand and read the news about your doctor in one of the magazines. Than go to the medical clinic and afterwards to your mother.


Go back to the clinic and talk with the recepcionist, try use the elevator and she will say that you need mark one consult to use it. Go back to mum and will appear this option. I hope I help u *u*


Me too


I’m in chapter 3 and I’m stuck in èlodie’s house and I don’t know what should I do…she tells me to call the cop but there’s no phone and I don’t know what should I do with those keys and letters and I can’t get out of her house…say one knows what should I do??


I’m stuck in there too. Actually I can’t even figure out how to get in the house!


Show the letter to the dog.


Show the letter to the dog.


Thanks for the help…but now I’m stuck in chapter 4… I’m at the old mans house who collects manuscripts and he went out to talk to a woman I guess and léa is standing next to the stairs playing with the boat and when I try to get out of the house or go to the office desire says Not Now and I don’t know what to do…. anyone knows how to get through this part??

Shelley millar

How do I develop the photo?rhw sad is out the room with the arguing aunts and I have the photocopier card…


Arrggghhhh I’m on the same part I’ve got the key too so I’ve opened the cupboard and poured the flask into the tray ….. But does anyone know how to get the negative from the camera ????


Use Camera with Enlarger


From where did you get the key??


The key is to the right of the living room door.


are there a full walkthrough from desire !



How i can find a way to argument between aunts??
I put card in ninas sleeve but desire said: i want to find a way to argument between aunts…

I am having the same trouble as well!!


How do you “find a venue” for the party?
Thank you!!


How do I find batteries?!!! Been stuck for at least 2 weeks


They are in a drawer on the bedside table in Desire’s room.


How do I get the key to open the cabinet


There is no key. You need to break the lock with a weighlifting plate from Bruno’s bedroom.