Facility 47: Walkthrough Guide

Facility 47
By: InertiaSoft


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, help, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Facility 47 by InertiaSoft. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Read the letter on the ground. Then, zoom in on the icicles and tap them until one breaks off. Use the icicle to reach the key near the bottom of the door of the locked gate. Then use it to reach the key. Use the key to unlock the door.






You can also watch the video I made for the first part of my walkthrough that takes you through all the free content (steps 1 – 32):

2. Go through. Rummage through the dumpster until you find an empty paint can. Take it over to the barrel of fuel and put it on the ground next to it. Open the top of the fuel can. Zoom out and go right and get the hose pipe . Use it to siphon the fuel into the bucket, then take the bucket of fuel.





3. Go back to where you found the hose. Pick up the hex wrench and lift the fuel cap to put the fuel into the generator. Close the cap.


4. Go back to the first room. Use the hex wrench to open the fan and take the fan belt.



5. Go back to the generator and place the fan belt on the gears. Then press the green button to power it up.


6. Go back a screen and press the green button near the door to open it. Go through.


7. There’s something in the ice by the fire extinguisher, but we can’t get to it yet. So continue on ahead and through the next door.


8. Continue ahead. Look at the radio and take the power button. Take the bleach off the cart. Then go through the doorway to the right.




9. Zoom in on the couch and take the E. Miller Lvl. 2 Key Card from the wallet. Then take the dart from the table. Go to the TV and place the power button on it. Also, insert the VHS tape. Go behind the TV to check if it’s plugged in. Move the box and you’ll see that it is plugged in. So something else is wrong with it. Make sure to also look at the calendar on the wall.







10. Go through to the kitchen. Pick up the salt shaker and knife. Read the note on the fridge. Then, go to the stove and turn on the electricity for the electric tea kettle. Turn it on and then take it once it’s boiling.





11. Now, quickly, go back outside to the fire extinguisher. Pour the boiling hot water on the ice next to it and take the bear keychain. If you take too long to do this, the water will get cold and you’ll have to heat it up again.


12. Go back inside and use the key card with the card reader on the door. The key code is a bit difficult to get. It’s Elliot’s date of birth, which you can get from the calendar. It says his 41st birthday is on June 14, 1978. Subtract 41 from 1978 and you get 1937. So the key code is 061437. Punch that into the keypad and press ENTER to open the door.



13. Go through. Look at the notes on the fridge. Then use the bear key to unlock it. There are some chemicals in there. Go to the back of the room and slide the glass up and take the flask. You can fill it with chemicals. Go through to the next room.






14. In this new room, go to the desk and pick up the paper weight. Also, move the papers to see a recipe to make a DIY corrosive agent. There’s also a diary here you can read.





15. Let’s go make that corrosive agent. If you put anything in your flask already, empty it by the chemical waste disposal where you picked up the flask originally. Then add the three chemicals that match the symbols on the recipe. Last, place the flask back where you found it (there’s a fan there, so it’s well ventilated). Pour the salt and bleach into the flask and it should turn green. You now have a flask full of acid.





Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. Matteo

    Hello everyone and tanks for the guide but..why it’s incomplete?.. I’m stuch in front of pc and can’t find the right password!!..

      1. elliot

        How do you get tv working

    1. Mawi

      Password is 201214

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I got the 20 and 14, but where do you get 12 from? Not even sure if I know what cubicle 2 is.

      2. AppUnwrapper

        Is it “step 1 and step 2” = 1 2? That seems weak.

        1. Bentley

          12 is the number on the flush in the toilet 2 !! Forgive my bad english ( I am french) and thank you so much to help me to discover new games and avoid being stuck too long.
          This one is quite pleasant even it is hard to find something good after playing the room 3 !

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Ohhhh! A “cubicle” usually refers to an office cubicle. Not a very good clue! It should have said “stall 2” and I might have thought to check the bathroom. Thanks for the tip! I’ll add it to the walkthrough.

            1. SJ

              Not in the UK it don’t. You don’t expect a British developer to Americanise their games, do youΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼? Although some do and that annoys me – I mean, whyΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼?

              The main thing that bugs me with this game is the developer hasn’t done much – if any – research; I’m wandering around with a 3.5″ floppy. In 1978. The 3.5″ floppy disc wasn’t introduced until 1982, and not in common usage until 1984; in 1978 computers were only just beginning to transition from 8″ single sided, single density to 5.25″ single-sided, double density.

              Yes, it may sound pedantic, but it makes the game implausible.

  2. Bill

    I just bought the android version. I was progressing right along up to the gear puzzle outside. I tried to save game. When I came back and hit “continue”, it returned me to the correct screen shot, but all items were gone. Does the ios version have this glitch?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I haven’t had any problems like that. But the game automatically saves. There’s no manual saves, as far as I know.

      1. Bill

        However, you have ios version. Right?

          1. Bill

            Ok. All is fine. Bad download I guess. Did a new install. All works fine now.

  3. Jami

    I’m stuck at getting the cogs in right position. ???

    1. Ryan

      Im stock with cogs as well… What’s the right position? Thanks

    2. Vin31

      Same here

    3. Brenda

      Me too! It keeps saying they are turning in the wrong direction. Grrr

  4. Bob

    The code is:
    20 (dart board)
    12 (toilet tank Roman numerals XII in cubicle 2)
    14 (hazard label on tank in gas chamber matching colouring on calendar)

  5. Mawi

    Stuck in the map puzzle with the yellow and green film in the map room and also if anyone have solved the “ONION” clue to get the code for the infirmary would be great…. Thanks ….. Also stuck on getting samples… I got ” SAMPLE A ” in the same room where the syringe is and the ” SAMPLE B ” where the big crab at the bottom of the tank is.. Found ” SAMPLE D ” but stuck on how to get it out of the ice…. If anyone have reached where I am now , help is appreciated

    1. Ashley

      How did you get to the map puzzle? I am also stuck on the onion password.

      1. mawi

        map room is in building number 2, left path from when you go out from the garage, you would need to open the bunk bed room in the first building to have everything you need to open both doors of building 2

        1. Robin

          what do you need? I have the matches…

    2. Ashley

      For the ONION, find the period table of elements!

      1. Hesperia

        Pal you are a genius

      2. Cameron


    3. Ron

      From where u get sample D

    4. ......

      You need to find the red tape and put into the player and it will show where you need to go. You need a glow stick to get into the tiny hole. Then you get the ice pick to get the worm poiΓÇÖs sample

  6. Mawi

    Let me know if I can be of help to anyone as I need more people to be where I am at for more chances to find out what I missed…..

    1. Brenda

      I need help with the gear puzzle please

  7. Dyablo

    Does anyone have the code for the lvl 5 door i got the card but can’t find the code???

    1. Mawi

      Level 5 door as in the door at the top of the first building?

      1. Dyablo

        Yes 🙂

        1. Mawi

          Ok stuck there also….. Found a way of getting the centipede or shrimp out of the ice?

          1. Dyablo

            I haven’t found them

            1. Mawi

              If you found three films for the map in the map room and arrange it so the coordinates matches on the film and the map , it says ” level 5 access ” , maybe you can figure it out cuz I am stumped… Lol oh match the square coordinates “k2” “j8” and “h4” also maybe missing another film?

              1. Vin31

                Can u help me out with the cogs part?

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  It’s annoying me, too. I’ll try to figure it out this morning, though.

          2. Dyablo

            Where’s the shrimp and the centepide?

            1. Mawi

              Lifted from the crane in the pool room….. In order to lift the crane you have to maneuver it using up , down , left , right…… GoT to count from the window downstairs inside the pool

              1. zpvoh

                How do u enable the view from downstairs? I can’t seem to find a way to defrost the window

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  I’m not there yet, but sounds like you need the ice scraper.

  8. Drumact8

    Onion stands for elements in the periodic table. Use the periodic table in the frozen lab to get the combo

  9. Ayush

    Where did u get the level 5 card?? And also where’s the frozen specimen D?

  10. Dyablo

    Is giving me a headache but can’t stop playing 🙂

  11. jozef

    What is code for “ONION” please

    1. lexa200685

      O Ni O N ( 8 28 8 7 ) code

  12. Dyablo

    Thanks let see if i can get it 🙂

  13. Swoe

    The code to the lvl5 door is 123640. If you match those films, you get a shape that matches the key pad. Then follow the arrows. 🙂

    1. Ayush

      Where was the access card?

  14. Matteo

    The password for level 5 :go to 2b laboratory and put togheter the artic map than put over the acetate pages following the coordinates in every foil..the result is 123640..password ..gotcha;-)

  15. Vin31

    Where should I use batteries ?

  16. Vin31

    What’s the password for briefcase?

  17. Francine

    Use a match ( found in the kitchen I think) to lit the lamp in the red tent and change the battery of the cassette player. The code for the briefcase is 2513

    1. Vin31

      Where in the kitchen?
      And how did you got the briefcase password?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Where did you get the match? I can’t find it.

    3. Robin

      match was in bunkhouse botton bed

  18. Matteo

    To defrost centipede sample you need something warm…did you see a firecamp in a red tent?

    1. Francine

      Yes! Now I have 4 samples. E still missing. I know where but I don’t know how to get it.. I cannot stop playing this game!!

      1. Matteo

        Remind me the “animal” off the stampe E..because I just finish the game and can’t come back to see it!

        1. Francine

          The big one ( a whale??!) I found a cavern/ dig but no rope or anything for the moment to go further. Thank you for your help

          1. Mawi

            Rope is in the trunk in the cave….. Use ice pike to break latch…..Puzzle needed to be solved to open the trunk….. Hint…. All the hands has to fit on ALL Sections….. :)……. As for the cogs puzzle… ( you need 5 cogs to solve it ) hint ; when arranging the cogs and turning it on…… Place all the cogs and turn it on TIL it gets stuck ( means doesn’t go either way ) THAT MEANS THE LAST COG YOU HAVE PLACE IS CORRECT , now work yourself backwards from that til you get it turning the right way…. ( sorry for no diagrams )

          2. ClippedNinja

            Use ice pick axe to break the lock on the tool box in the cave ^^ there you will get the rope~ Then you will beable to go down and find the whale. Hope it helps!

      2. Joel

        How do you get the stove to bug in ice
        Or how to get ice to stove???
        Also, how does one light the path to the other part of fame??

  19. Mawi

    I got all the samples…. Need help on how to solve the colour sequence…. Thanks in advance

    1. ClippedNinja

      remember that x= orange and y= pink. So therefore how many orange and pink you find in sample A has 4 oranges and 2 pink, so x=4 and y=2. The colour is yellow ^^ you will later use the colours in order to type it out on that card puncher thingy in the room.

  20. Dyablo

    Yellow,blue,purple yellow,red

    1. DimiX

      Thank You!!!

  21. jozef

    Someone Give me the code for onion

    1. lexa200685

      O Ni O N ( 8 28 8 7 ) code

  22. Vin31

    Where can I get The matches box?

    1. ClippedNinja

      in the guys bunk/bed there’s a box of matches

  23. Francine

    Finished! Good game with an interesting scenario. Thank you all for your help. Sorry Vin31 I just cannot remember where I found the match..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ve been going in circles. Can’t figure out what I missed. Any chance you can help?

      1. Francine

        I don’t know where you are but it seems you did not go left far enough outside to find the main lab with the map and a lot of others things to do??

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Where else can I go? I found a locked building I couldn’t get into yet and then a snowy area the game wouldn’t let me past.

    2. Axell


      What I m supposed to do with the ΓÇ£unknow compoundΓÇ¥ ??

      1. Homer

        An device with OPEN and ENTER button at the left side, put the “unknow compound” inside once you set the temperature from -3 to -5 (set temperature use valve above this device)

    3. Anup

      How did you go ahead with the oscilloscope and red box which says pull? Thanks in advance.

  24. Vin31

    Where’s the bed? And batteries how to use them?

    1. Lavonda

      The bunker is by 4 b lab. You have to use the ladder and go through the vent in the ceiling to get into the bunker.

  25. Axell

    What I m supposed to do with the “unknow compound” ??

    1. lexa200685

      In lab 3, on the unit press the open button and insert the unknown substance

  26. Robin

    How do i get in the dormatory?

  27. zpvoh

    What do i do with the punch card? stuck here..

  28. Huynh

    How to get sample D ?? pls help me

    1. Francine

      You must go in the other room under the pool to see where the sample is . Then use the lever up down right left ( look at Mawi answer above ) to drive the sample until it goes out of water ( forgive approximate English!). I manage after several back and forth to localize the shrimp stuck in ice after each move..

  29. Inglourious

    After all i choose to answer the call, but for the other ending I am forced to play all the way again?! 🙁 no thanks, the game was a bit challenging in the riddles, fun to play, any good advice what similar quality game I should play on android

  30. Daniel

    What to do with the punch card, anyone please help me

  31. Anup

    Finished. Feww!

    1. nagesh

      After everything cannot get out of lab getting message : Decontamination procedure failed , (can’t makeout circuit ) please help me [sorry for bad english ]. Thanks in advance

  32. Collin

    How to get all the samples I have sample A and B

  33. Collin

    Where can I find sample C D and E
    And I got something in the pool how to defrost it

  34. Robin

    The answer for the crane is DRRRRURURUULLDLLLUUU

      1. Robin

        Just missed the DR in the beginning….

          1. Victoria

            Guys, can anyone help?! I’ve got the punch card..what’s next? Can’t get to the snowy place..says “cant see anything..: bla bla

  35. Robin

    need to unfreeze the thing in the pool room and find this cave or cavern…help!!!

  36. Eddie

    I finish… Very cool… Tks 4 all

  37. Idkwid

    Done! Great game! I need another

  38. Robin

    Help…got all the samples…punch card…now am stuck in room 3b with it stating decontamination system fail…tried changing temp -3 to -5…hint is use dropper to turn samples pink but can’t get out of room to do it…..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You can pull the handle on the gauge again to open the other door.

      1. Robin

        I’m stuck to i’d have to start over…get the centipede from the ice pool room out and up…go outside…head for tent when you get to the sign click to the left of it and you should find the cave…have to use the shovel to dig…solve the puzzle on the box…every spot needs a hand…use ice pick to break lock on box…glowsticks are somewhere in there too to see down the whole…get drill also….drill into whale get speciman…climb out….go to ice pool room…use ice pick on centipede…take chuck to tent to melt….get sample…go back…put specimens in…get punch card YBPYR…then somehow i got stuck in room 3…best o can tell ya now cause i can’t retrace my steps…help me anyone!!!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah I somehow missed the excavation site even though I thought I tapped that area a dozen times. So got all 5 specimens now. Trying to solve all the color puzzles in the lab.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Again, to get out of room 3, you pull the lever onside the door that makes the steam come down from the ceiling. That opens one door while closing the other.

        3. AppUnwrapper

          Oh I see what you mean. I just got to that part.

  39. nagesh

    After everything cannot get out of lab getting message : Decontamination procedure failed , (canΓÇÖt makeout circuit ) please help me [sorry for bad english ]. Thanks in advance

    1. Robin

      thats where i am….stuck…pulling handle doesn’t help…

  40. BR

    Well done guide! I only had to consult it twice but it was bc I forgot what I was supposed to be doing after I’d put the game down, and I was easily able to find the place where I left off. Thanks for all the good work! I chose to stay, but I’m hoping they make a sequel to the game based on the most popular choice.

    Thanks again.

  41. SERMGA

    This game would make an excellent movie!

  42. John

    Just downloaded and started playing on iPad. Clue for PC code on my version is wrong. For the first two numbers clue says “Between 1and 4” on the dart board this gives you the digits 18 which don’t work. Thanks to this walk through was able to get correct (20) answer. Hope I don’t have any more of these problems.

  43. Nikki

    I can’t find the cave! Been outside and headed for tent and clicked all round the sign, where have I gone wrong?

  44. Aldo Mario

    Have someone finished the textual adventure in which you are imprisoned in a cell?
    Is that the hidden surprise promised by publisher?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure. Was disappointed I couldn’t go back and play that more after completing the game.

  45. Geoff

    The BioHazard safe isn’t opening even though the status on the remote screen says unlocked.
    I’m running the android version using a kindle fire. (2015)

    1. Geoff

      I got it sorted, you have to swipe down on the handle to open it. (even though it’s a tap when it’s locked)

      1. K

        I tried both way’s (tap & swipe ), neither one works for me. Argh! (also a kindle fire, but a 2013).

  46. Linda S

    Thanks! I had “missed” the room in #14 *slaps head*

  47. Justin

    I’m not sure if this is true, but my first thought when seeing the ONiON message was that it is NO! NO written upside down

  48. Rafid

    have anyone found out the easter egg yet?
    at the end of the game, it’s said that there is an easter egg in facility 47 facebook page…
    I did not find anything.
    so I sent a message to them asking if the text adventure thing the easter egg. they replied it’s not. it’s hidden somewhere on that fb page. it’s making me frustrated.
    where can I find it. and please if anyone did, please let me know. great walkthrough btw!

    1. Jack

      The Easter Egg is alluded to on their About page on FB. If you input the Konami Code at the ice-lift challenge, they give you a (male) bonus corpse. From my little chart here, it’s probably Miller, since Wolf died earlier, about the same time as Julia; he was mentioned as deteriorating pretty fast.

      Julia Vincent – died in the hospital area; corpse not seen
      A. Wolf – (not the bunk)
      C. Rhodes – tent?
      “Benny” Brody – bunk?; was taking some hardcore sleeping medication
      E. Miller – the ‘watery grave’???
      Jann Engelmann – (Player) corpse at end credits, watching the light

  49. Robina

    There are no keys in the ignition so I can’t turn on the headlights open the door and get the shovel, so I’m completely stuck. Guess I’ll have to redownload game?

    1. JT

      The keys are in the vehicle in the ice, enter it and open the visor.

  50. Laura

    For whatever reason my knife keeps disappearing and I can’t move forward in the game without it. Help! Is they’re another one to find?

    1. JT

      As far as I remember: no. It’s just the knife in the kitchen. Do you have it in your inventory before it disappears, and when does it disappear?

    2. Megstar

      Same thing happened to me

  51. Megstar

    I thought I took the knife from the kitchen but its not in my inventory Is there another place it could be?

  52. Shelley

    Where did those batteries suddenly appear from in your inventory? One picture they are not there, the next one, there they are, but there is no mention of them either. Thanks.

    1. Thurman Puckett

      Take the dart from the kitchen and go all the wya to the tent past the truck, you’ll see a tower go on there and tap it and you’ll see a weather balloon, use the dart and device will come out,tap it and boom batteries

  53. Ty

    I can’t get the computer to unlock the safe…..it tells me it’s still locked….where am I going wrong with this? I’m talking about the safe with the other cog…clicked “#5” in the list of actions..but again, I’m still not able to unlock the safe. Any help would be appreciated.


  54. Ty

    Can’t open the biostorage from the computer…hit 5 and it still tells me that it’s locked. Where am I going wrong with this?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Andrei

      You should hit enter and it will unlock

      1. Celia

        I have the same problem, I hit 5 and enter on the computer, the screen says status unlocked, but I cannot open the Biostorage door,
        Am I doing something wrong?
        any help would be appreciated…

        1. BlaineTheMono

          Thought so too, but try tapping on other place on the door then the handle. It opened after all.

    2. Sandro Arendse

      Press the enter button again

  55. Eric Riley

    Not seeing how you use the map of antartica to come up with 123640. Please explain.

  56. Eric Riley

    I don’t understand how you came up with 123640 from the acetate. I don’t see how the arrows equate to those numbers. Would you please explain? Thank you.

    1. Rahna

      You take the squares from directly below the ‘start’ to be the dials on a keypad – the arrowheads tell you which numbers to stop at + which direction you move in.

  57. Zoey Hui Min

    Where do you get the triangular key

    1. Rahna

      I think you find it in the bathroom. Exa

  58. Sherry

    My knife went missing from my inventory after I open the drain in the toilet.. after purchasing the full story, I realise i still need to knife to open the toaster plug to get the fuse.. will appreciate any help on this! Thanks!

  59. max

    how to open the Lab-3 ? it says its open on the computer but cant open it

  60. Wyatttheowl

    Luigi i think you missed a turn!
    Ok mario! Lol go back.

  61. Kat

    IΓÇÖm stuck in lab B3. CanΓÇÖt get the door open to exit (to go back into the corridor) and thereΓÇÖs no arrow icon to click on either. Help!! Please.

  62. AmberLynn83

    In my version of the game they changed the Cubicle 2 Hint to EcoFlush

  63. Saq

    Where do i find all the cogs

  64. Matthew

    Way to go 59 percent! My guess is that you’re mostly made up of Trump voters. Lol!

  65. Bounce

    Thanks for this great walkthrough. I don’t think i would have finished this game without it.

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