Facility 47: Walkthrough Guide

Facility 47
By: InertiaSoft


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, help, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Facility 47 by InertiaSoft. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Read the letter on the ground. Then, zoom in on the icicles and tap them until one breaks off. Use the icicle to reach the key near the bottom of the door of the locked gate. Then use it to reach the key. Use the key to unlock the door.






You can also watch the video I made for the first part of my walkthrough that takes you through all the free content (steps 1 – 32):

2. Go through. Rummage through the dumpster until you find an empty paint can. Take it over to the barrel of fuel and put it on the ground next to it. Open the top of the fuel can. Zoom out and go right and get the hose pipe . Use it to siphon the fuel into the bucket, then take the bucket of fuel.





3. Go back to where you found the hose. Pick up the hex wrench and lift the fuel cap to put the fuel into the generator. Close the cap.


4. Go back to the first room. Use the hex wrench to open the fan and take the fan belt.



5. Go back to the generator and place the fan belt on the gears. Then press the green button to power it up.


6. Go back a screen and press the green button near the door to open it. Go through.


7. There’s something in the ice by the fire extinguisher, but we can’t get to it yet. So continue on ahead and through the next door.


8. Continue ahead. Look at the radio and take the power button. Take the bleach off the cart. Then go through the doorway to the right.




9. Zoom in on the couch and take the E. Miller Lvl. 2 Key Card from the wallet. Then take the dart from the table. Go to the TV and place the power button on it. Also, insert the VHS tape. Go behind the TV to check if it’s plugged in. Move the box and you’ll see that it is plugged in. So something else is wrong with it. Make sure to also look at the calendar on the wall.







10. Go through to the kitchen. Pick up the salt shaker and knife. Read the note on the fridge. Then, go to the stove and turn on the electricity for the electric tea kettle. Turn it on and then take it once it’s boiling.





11. Now, quickly, go back outside to the fire extinguisher. Pour the boiling hot water on the ice next to it and take the bear keychain. If you take too long to do this, the water will get cold and you’ll have to heat it up again.


12. Go back inside and use the key card with the card reader on the door. The key code is a bit difficult to get. It’s Elliot’s date of birth, which you can get from the calendar. It says his 41st birthday is on June 14, 1978. Subtract 41 from 1978 and you get 1937. So the key code is 061437. Punch that into the keypad and press ENTER to open the door.



13. Go through. Look at the notes on the fridge. Then use the bear key to unlock it. There are some chemicals in there. Go to the back of the room and slide the glass up and take the flask. You can fill it with chemicals. Go through to the next room.






14. In this new room, go to the desk and pick up the paper weight. Also, move the papers to see a recipe to make a DIY corrosive agent. There’s also a diary here you can read.





15. Let’s go make that corrosive agent. If you put anything in your flask already, empty it by the chemical waste disposal where you picked up the flask originally. Then add the three chemicals that match the symbols on the recipe. Last, place the flask back where you found it (there’s a fan there, so it’s well ventilated). Pour the salt and bleach into the flask and it should turn green. You now have a flask full of acid.





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147 thoughts on “Facility 47: Walkthrough Guide

  1. Megstar

    I thought I took the knife from the kitchen but its not in my inventory Is there another place it could be?

  2. Shelley

    Where did those batteries suddenly appear from in your inventory? One picture they are not there, the next one, there they are, but there is no mention of them either. Thanks.

  3. Ty

    I can’t get the computer to unlock the safe…..it tells me it’s still locked….where am I going wrong with this? I’m talking about the safe with the other cog…clicked “#5” in the list of actions..but again, I’m still not able to unlock the safe. Any help would be appreciated.


  4. Ty

    Can’t open the biostorage from the computer…hit 5 and it still tells me that it’s locked. Where am I going wrong with this?

    Any help would be appreciated.


      1. Celia

        I have the same problem, I hit 5 and enter on the computer, the screen says status unlocked, but I cannot open the Biostorage door,
        Am I doing something wrong?
        any help would be appreciated…

  5. Eric Riley

    I don’t understand how you came up with 123640 from the acetate. I don’t see how the arrows equate to those numbers. Would you please explain? Thank you.

    1. Rahna

      You take the squares from directly below the ‘start’ to be the dials on a keypad – the arrowheads tell you which numbers to stop at + which direction you move in.

  6. Sherry

    My knife went missing from my inventory after I open the drain in the toilet.. after purchasing the full story, I realise i still need to knife to open the toaster plug to get the fuse.. will appreciate any help on this! Thanks!


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