Facility 47: Walkthrough Guide

46. Read the To-Do List and pick up the key that’s labeled “TOOLS.”



47. Go back outside and to where we found the ladder. The to-do list mentions the hole in the wall we’ve already been through. The toolbox is in there. Use the key you just found to unlock it and get the blow torch.


48. Go back to the tent. Use the matches on the lantern inside to light the place up. There’s a body in here with a tape recorder. Remove the dead batteries from the tape recorder and replace them with the ones you found. Then press PLAY. It will say. “Supply crate 2513.” Also, pick up the yellow videotape. You can turn on the stove, too, but we have no use for it at the moment.




49. Go back to the locked suitcase and enter “2513” to unlock it. Take the floppy disk and card writer.


50. Go back to the TV and unplug it. Use the knife to unscrew the screw like you did with the toaster and replace the worn fuse with the one you found. Now you can turn on the TV and it will work! You can also play the VHS tape with the blue marking that says “CCTV FACILITY EAST” and the yellow tape that says “EXPEDITION RECORD 12.”





51. Go back outside and take a left, past building F9. The front door is locked here, but you can go down to the pool (2-B) in the basement. Use the shovel to dig through the snow and then use the blowtorch to melt the ice on the door so you can go inside.




52. Go through the right doorway. Use the ice scraper to see remove the frost from the window. Also, lower the screen in the back of the room to find a ladle.




53. Leave and go through the room to the left. Remove the panel and solve the pipes puzzle to drain the liquid from one of the basins.



54. Look inside the basin to find….a giant spider?! Take the hammer and wire cutters.


55. Leave the room. Use the wire cutters to cut through the fence. Go through and open the thermos. Open the container of liquid nitrogen. Use the ladle to fill the thermos with liquid nitrogen. Also, red the letter on the wall.




56. Go back outside to the padlocked door at 2 Facility East. Pour the liquid nitrogen on the lock and then use the hammer to break the lock. Go inside.



57. Open the cabinet and pick up the green acetate. Then, go through the door to the pool. There’s a control panel here. One lever moves the chain left and right, while the other moves it up and down. You need to use it to navigate the rock you saw downstairs in the basement. It should go Right, Right, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Up, Left, Left, Down, Left, Left, Left, Up, Up, Up. There’s something in the ice, but we need something to break the ice.






58. Leave the pool and go through the middle door to the lab. Take the red acetate and notice the periodic table on the wall. Also, put the map of Antarctica together.




59. Connect the card writer to the PC and insert the floppy disk.



60. You need to use the arrow/number keys to move the magnifying glass to the document, covering each square on the grid to get there. There are three separate puzzles. In the first one, go around the board in a spiral. In the second and third, you’ll hit some X’s which will block your way.




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147 thoughts on “Facility 47: Walkthrough Guide

  1. Megstar

    I thought I took the knife from the kitchen but its not in my inventory Is there another place it could be?

  2. Shelley

    Where did those batteries suddenly appear from in your inventory? One picture they are not there, the next one, there they are, but there is no mention of them either. Thanks.

  3. Ty

    I can’t get the computer to unlock the safe…..it tells me it’s still locked….where am I going wrong with this? I’m talking about the safe with the other cog…clicked “#5” in the list of actions..but again, I’m still not able to unlock the safe. Any help would be appreciated.


  4. Ty

    Can’t open the biostorage from the computer…hit 5 and it still tells me that it’s locked. Where am I going wrong with this?

    Any help would be appreciated.


      1. Celia

        I have the same problem, I hit 5 and enter on the computer, the screen says status unlocked, but I cannot open the Biostorage door,
        Am I doing something wrong?
        any help would be appreciated…

  5. Eric Riley

    I don’t understand how you came up with 123640 from the acetate. I don’t see how the arrows equate to those numbers. Would you please explain? Thank you.

    1. Rahna

      You take the squares from directly below the ‘start’ to be the dials on a keypad – the arrowheads tell you which numbers to stop at + which direction you move in.

  6. Sherry

    My knife went missing from my inventory after I open the drain in the toilet.. after purchasing the full story, I realise i still need to knife to open the toaster plug to get the fuse.. will appreciate any help on this! Thanks!


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