“Her Story” Gets Its First iPhone & iPad Sale

Her Story
By: Sam Barlow


I was a little obsessed with Sam Barlow’s FMV murder mystery Her Story when it first came out. It might be my game of the year, as no other game burrowed into my head that deep. It’s such a unique and chilling experience. At five bucks, it was already a great deal, but for those who weren’t ready to take the plunge at that price, there’s really no excuse now that it’s on sale for only $1.99.

You can read my spoiler-free (as much as possible) review here and see this little teaser video I made if you still need convincing. I recommend playing with as little info beforehand as possible, but this video just shows you the first four clips without any extra input from me.

That soundtrack still gives me chills.

You can also read my interviews with creator Sam Barlow and actress Viva Seifert.

Once you’ve played, make sure to come back here to discuss the story. I’ve also put all the videos in order, but I recommend you avoid them until you’ve seen all the clips already.

It’s rare that I call any game a must-have, but Her Story is a must-have. So download it!

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  1. Whit

    Love your walkthroughs ✨🙏🏻✨
    🤓 #girlcrush

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