Her Story: Walkthrough Guide and Discussion (Game Spoilers!)

Her Story
By: Sam Barlow


Warning: This guide has spoilers for the game Her Story. If you haven’t spent any time with the game, I suggest not looking yet. Instead, read my spoiler-free review and come back here if you get stuck or want to discuss the story with others.

If you’ve already played the game and want to see all the clips in order, you can do so here.

You can also see the full text transcript here.

***See my interviews with Sam Barlow and Viva Seifert here.***

What you’ll find here are some useful starting tips, including everything that’s on the screen when you first start the game. I also list some search terms that lead to important bits of information. Consider this also an open place to discuss the story, since it can be a bit ambiguous. If you want bigger spoilers, keep scrolling down.

I’ve posted some of my thoughts on the plot below all the tips so as to not spoil it for those who haven’t completed it yet. Also, for those who already completed the game or close to it, you can find videos of all the interviews in order here. If you didn’t play yet, I suggest waiting on them. There are also summaries of each interview, using the information we’re given and the most straightforward explanation. The further you go on this page, the more spoilers you’ll see! As I think about things more and discuss it with others, I’m adding more thoughts to the bottom. I apologize if they’re a bit of a hodgepodge of ideas at the moment. But I’ll likely keep adding and changing thoughts down there until I’m convinced one way or another of a plot point.

Starting Guide:

You can watch this little preview video I made of just the first four clips if you haven’t bought the game yet and are still on the fence about it:

The following are windows that are available from the very beginning of the game.

Readme.txt & REALLY_Readme!!!.txt:

The Readme.txt basically tells you how to play the game. It explains the search engine and user session.




The REALLY_Readme!!!.txt explains why the videos are stuck in an old “mothballed” database. In this game, Y2K actually caused some problems with the PC. Something to ponder.


Also, I think SB stands for Sam Barlow.

Query History:

All your keyword searches are saved in a list so you can go back to them at any time. But on my iPad, the list glitched out after a while and went black so I couldn’t see my search (query) history. The developer is aware of this, though, and working to fix it. Just be aware that this may happen to yours, at least on iOS devices. You may want to take notes elsewhere just to be safe.

User Tags:

You can also add your own keywords to each clip so you can find it again. You just need to type something in where it says “BLANK”. I used it to number them in the right order.

Database Checker:

If you move the archive window a bit to the right, you can access the Database Checker, which will show you how many of the 271 clips you’ve seen so far. The green spots are clips you saw and the brown ones are the ones you’re still missing. The yellow square shows the location of the last clip you watched in the entire 271-clip sequence.


Delete Session:

Be careful about pressing the button that says “Delete Session.” It sounds like it would just clear your user session, but it actually wipes your whole progress. So don’t press it unless you want to start the game over from scratch.

Rubbish Bin:

If you open the Rubbish Bin, you can find the Hack.nfo file and the Mirror game.


The Hack.nfo File:

Grace Hack? Anything to do with Grace Kelly’s death?

Cracker: Cyberghost
Supplier: The Legends
Stripper: You never seen us XXX
Packager: Illusionist

One for the moms here. Classic 2 Player strategy for lunch time gaming. Enjoy!

And is that picture of Grace Kelly?

Cracks with Class.





And thanks to dayzydee for this much clearer image of the hack file:


Mirror Game:

There’s also a little Mirror Game you can play. I imagine it’s more fun if you play with a friend than by yourself.



There’s a clock in the game that’s always set to the date 16/06/15 and the hour is always set to around 7. The minute and second hand go by the time on your PC/device. Notice there’s also a beach in the background, a theme in the story.


Gameplay Video:

You can also watch this video for some ideas on where to start. But again, it will spoil things!

Tap / Knock / Morse Code:

There are at least two clips where she appears to to be using tap code. I’m not sure what she’s saying, but you get the clips if you search “Hannah Eve” and “Tap Code.” Reader George translated them in the comments section as “LOVE U” and “BYDHANNAN,” or probably BYE HANNAH.

This does lead to questions about who the messages were for. If it’s multiple personalities, they could be communicating with each other. But if they’re twins, how would they get each other’s messages?



There is an ending, but you can continue playing afterwards to find any clips you were missing. So don’t worry about ending the game too early.



Search Terms / Keywords:

Fairy Tale
Princess Diana
Grace Kelly

Important Videos:

If you find clips that offer vital information, you’ll notice some flickering and sounds, brief changes to the screen, even a reflection. At some point, the game will decide that you’ve gotten enough info to see the ending. A Chit Chat icon will appear. If you open it, SB asks you if you think you understand. Type “Y” for Yes and “N” for No. You can accept it whenever you want, but don’t worry — you can always continue after to find more clips. But watching the credits will unlock some admin controls for you.

Sarah’s Reflection:

Those playing on an iPad might not notice Sarah’s reflection as much as other players. I barely did when playing on my iPad Air 2. So I was surprised to see how clear her reflexion is on my iPhone 5. It also shows up very frequently. I took a snapshot of it for those who can’t make it out:


Chit Chat:

FYI, it doesn’t really matter if you answer SB’s question in Chit Chat as Yes or No — Yes basically takes you straight to the credits, while No lets you continue playing and watch the credits when you feel like it. But you won’t be able to use any Admin commands until you watch the credits.




Admin Commands:

Make sure to watch until the end of the credits!
After you see the credits, you can enter “admin_random” for a random clip and “admin_unlock” to unlock the ability to view 15 clips instead of just 5!

(Someone also found an admin code that unlocks all the clips at once, but I think that ruins the game.)


A reader also pointed out the command “admin_share” — this seems to email your search history to the developer, perhaps for a future “word cloud.”

There’s also “admin_delete” which will delete your progress — so careful!

I’m hoping that there’s another code that we need to find that will unlock some bonus footage or information. There are a lot of little details and inconsistencies that might be part of some elaborate in-game treasure hunt.

Videos of All Clips In Order:

I put all the video clips in order and separated them according to each interview. You can see them here, along with the guitar song, “Dreadful Wind and Rain.”

I also put the summaries/explanations of each video with them, and the lyrics to “Dreadful Wind and Rain” on that page to clean this one up a bit.

Continue reading for some more thoughts and many questions.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to page 2 of the walkthrough or click here.

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I tried to decipher the knock codes and I think I might have succeeded. THE FOLLOWING MIGHT BE A SPOILER SO READ AT OWN RISK:

The clip where she says “What are you doing talking about Eve?” She codes: “LOVE U”

The second clip, where she is talking about the knock code and it having been used by prisoners of war, I got her coding: “BYDHANNAN” however I think this should be BYE HANNAH. Either the actress messed up the coding or I interpreted it wrong.

I hope you find it helping or at least interesting!


The second code is not BYDHANNAN, but if you use the tap code backwards it says “FUQHANNAH”

-> Fuck you Hannah.


Or it could mean “build your dreams Hannah. good night..”


When I reverse the code I get FUQMANNAN instead, so…


I thought the knock code sequence where she has her head down (interview 4) might be evidence to support multiple personalities. It seems like she’s signaling back and forth between her two hands.


While the split personalities theory is intriguing and occurred to me once or twice I think the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of the Twins hypothesis. There are simply too many strange variables to account for for it to make sense they are the same person. The tattoo, the oddball shifting of their drinks, wildly internally inconsistent stories of what occurred in various areas. The bruise, as well as Eve mistaking which cheek it was on. Bruises do not vanish after only two days; she clearly had simply lost track in the myriad of details they had to keep. There’s… Read more »


At first I was sure that Eve pointing to the wrong cheek meant that there were definitely twins. HOWEVER, after going back over the clips and listening about how “Hannah” didn’t care for the mirror that was given to her as a gift- “Eve” cherished it. “Eve” even made the comment about the mercury glass and how it was perfect for someone who doesn’t like to look at their own reflection…then bizarrely holds the mirror up to her face. I believe THAT right there, solidifies the idea of a split personality. “Hannah” got punched on the LEFT side of her… Read more »


I absolutely agree with you. While I was working my way through the tags I was confused and creeped out, but after putting it all together and watching them chronologically twins just make sense. There was a build up, an almost hysterical denial by Hannah – then I assume Hannah fled and Eve took her place in a sense of futility or justice. Doesn’t make much sense considering that Sarah was “what mattered”, but in a guilt/justice way she is atoning for sleeping and getting pregnant with Simon’s child. Then Sarah would still be raised by Doug and Elenor or… Read more »


WARNING: SPOILER HEAVY!!!!!!! I still have a few videos to unlock, but here’s my take on what happened: So, we know that the nurse lied about one of the twins dying and secretly kept her, Eve. Eve was locked away in the nurses house, which apparently is just across the street from Hannah and her parents house? She’s not allowed to leave, but she sees her “reflection” freely leaving the house, having birthday parties, etc. Eventually Eve escapes somehow and lives in the attic, occasionally coming out to pose as Hannah. When they are teenagers, they begin sharing boys, like… Read more »


Correction to one thing I mentioned, it is Eve playing and singing, maybe “down playing” her ability a bit since Hannah has never performed and should be a novice.


quote: Eventually Eve escapes somehow and lives in the attic – If not mistaking i remember listening to a video where she explained that she was 8 years old when her midwife, Florence, died of an accident by falling of the stairs. Was this an accident? πŸ™‚



Is there a special ending video (the missing archive)? I know the Chat window… but I wasn’t sure if there was a specific means to access the “missing” footage that the DB claims exists. I got the chat window, but then when I log out it just rolls credits.


There’s a wad of videos that cannot be found by searching.

admin_random is the only way to find them.

They are videos of the answers to the lie detector questions. The videos simply say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Hence why they are impossible to find. Even with admin_unlock unlocked.


spoilers spoilers spoilers!!!

Does anyone know how to use the ADMIN-RANDOM. and UNLOCK command it tells you to use at the end of the credits? I can’t figure out where to enter it.


I won’t reveal all, but here’s the key thing: it should be an underscore, not a dash.


Just put them into the search bar, admin_random brings up a random clip, admin_unlock increases your search results to 15



I figured out how the codes that are mentioned at the end of the credits work. Still don’t know about the missing volume though. Type admin_random to view a random clip, it tends to show clips you haven’t seen before but not always. The other code is admin_unlock increases the amount of clips viewable at once from 5 to 15. There may be other commands “admin_” is the beginning of any command.


I think the missing volume is the “detective’s video footage” as written on the readme by SB. The same reason why we dont hear/see the detective asking the questions.


I think there’s actually a missing volume. I’ve done some research and i’ve seen a couple of weird things. If you go into the game’s folder (i.e: E:\Program Files (x86)\HER STORY\HerStory_Data\StreamingAssets”) you can see all the videos. Here you can notice 2 important things… 1) There’s only one video with extension “.mov” (D305.mov) wich is a copy of D305.avi but without sound. I dont think this is the missing volume, but it’s just weird that its there. 2) If u check the correlation between the names of the videos, you realize D is the day, the next number is the… Read more »


i meant videos go from D715 to D717 directly*



with the last few I think it’s impossible to get without using admin unlock as they are literally one word either “yes” or “no” from the lie detector..

Both words appear way more than the maximum 15 entries

Hope that helps


You can find them by searching “Yes.” or “No.” with quotation marks to find a literal match.


I can verify that there is at least one other admin command: admin_delete . THIS WILL DELETE YOUR PROGRESS AND RESTART THE STORY. Seriously. I’m only mentioning it to verify that it’s possible there are other commands than admin_unlock and admin_random.


I would say that she is split personality, and in a way, the final words as you finish the game, point to that.

But the issue of the tattoo throws my theory for a loop.

Some of the other things she says also throw my theory for a loop, but I believe that in many ways, Eve is a pathological liar.


I think, I don’t blame her at all. The way she was raised and went about her life. She didn’t even realise it was her birthday until she saw her ‘reflection’ wearing a birthday hat. Hop she considered herself as non-existent, and didn’t socialise effectively at all through life. And when she did it was met with more hardships, which lead to the interviews. Her life is like a hole, and she has no self worth and by the seems of it, not means to live as ‘someone’ or ‘herself’. She lived for Hannah. Maybe that’s why she named her… Read more »


In case you guys are really stuck and want to have a look at the videos, go to the installation folder.

Somewhere like

Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\HER STORY\HerStory_Data\StreamingAssets

All are there.


I’m going for multiple personality disorder for these reasons.

1. The only question she gets wrong on the lie detector test is her own name “Eve”
2. She says “Run your fingerprints they’ll match” There might be more to this but even identical twins don’t have the same fingerprints. So if they were one and the same thats because she is the same person.


But doesn’t she say “Hannah” in the lie detector test? I think there’s a video of her starting the test, and they ask her name, and she says Hannah Smith, and then says “whoops” and it cuts out. So I think she’s actually two people (though I did have the split personality thing for a while too). Or she specifically faked the test to lie there, but in the lie detector test itself she doesn’t say Eve, she says Hannah, pretty sure.


I don’t consider that a convincing argument against split personalities. The Eve personality is convinced that her name is actually Eve, and that she’s just pretending to be Hannah, even though she’s of course also actually Hannah.


I want to say she faked it on purpose. She wanted it to be read as a lie. I think the way a polygraph works (because it reads your pulse) is when you speak there’s a spike in the test (like how you aren’t supposed to talk when you’re having your pulse read or your blood pressure taken) and then there’s the body’s reaction to the truth or lie. There would have been a huge area where she spoke that would’ve been all crazy causing it to read as a fail. When she realized she’d been caught she had to… Read more »


She says her name is Hannah (in my eyes) deliberately for the test to prove its worth. If she lies about her name, and the test reviels that she has indeed lied about this, yet highlights that everything else was true, then the test would be trustworthy. I personally believe that she knew and hoped that this would come back as a lie. I don’t think she necessarily came clean because she got found out, she had been caught, but I think she layed the bait. She was calm, almost as if she had a plan that had worked, or… Read more »


hannah do not has a fingerprint because she burned her finger in the oven accidently and eve did not know that


There is a simple reason why it CANNOT be multiple personality disorder. There are two days where they where short sleeved shirts. One day she has a tattoo on her left arm, the other she does not. It is not a new tattoo. This is proof that they are NOT the same person.


They should match,if you watch the interviews with them being twins in mind the first time they take finger prints and the one who says go ahead they’ll match would be one in the same.



I’m hooked!!!

I took the anti glare off but before I did, I noticed after hatching one clip about Hannah – her reflection came on the screen. Freaked me out a little bit!


There’s a lot of spoilers here regarding the reflection, careful not to read them. Because for me that was the best part of the game πŸ™‚

Phil Parma

While I’m on the multi-personality side of the fence, there is another differentiator that’s woven into the story; tea (with sugar), which is strongly linked to Hannah, and coffee, which is preferred by Eve. Working back from that, you can infer which twin/personality is giving each of the interviews. At one point, if I remember correctly, she asks for a coffee with sugar, which may add another layer of complexity.


At the start I was with the multiple personality more than the others, but the bruise made me convert to the twins idea. Search for bruise there’s actually a video 2 days after the one with the bruise where she doesn’t have any bruis, where she goes “The bruise? I have a fast metabolism, so I heal fast”. And she actually touches the wrong side of her face. Also there is a video where she eve says the hannah was always fatter, and she does look fatter, specially in the videos with the shirt (might be just from the hair… Read more »


Im rooting for split personality theory. We can see the bruise is on Hannah’s left cheek. And the ‘supposed hannah’ who is actually Eve, touches her right cheeck (wrong side of cheek) This game/ story has a strong theme of mirror/symmetrical/ palindrome and reflection in it. Consider this, hannah has a bruise on her left cheeck, but when she looks into the mirror (i suppose this is the way she imagine Eve to be, ever since she was young) the image in the mirror, who is actually Eve, will have a bruise on her right cheek. so eve touches her… Read more »


Yes the sugar thing had me reviewing everything too


Defintley same person…you just don’t see tattoo with Hannah.

Also seems like she killed her parents with mushrooms


In the last Interview she says: “Can you arrest someone who doesn’t exist?”
So I’m all for that split personality – thing.


Eve doesn’t “exist” because there’s no record of her. Officially, she died at birth and was raised in secret, so there would be no birth certificate for her. She doesn’t exist in the system.

If Eve were a different personality, surely she would believe herself to exist just as much as the Hannah personality and wouldn’t make that remark.


+1 for split personality too.

I was on the fence between the two theories. But then I realised Hannah told the story about how her and Eve were picked up by the police as teens and her parents had to come and get her.

That did it for me. If they were actual twins, the parents would have saw Eve then and there at the station. But they never did.

Other physical evidences, bruises, tattoos can be explained as covered up or fake.

Guess she was that Crazy.

Sarah finally understood why her mother (Hannah/ Eve) did what she did.


This is my theory so far:

Hannah HAD a twin, Eve, who she was insanely jealous of an drowned. But, even came back in the mirror on her birthday. Since then, she’s been going back and forth between the personalities. Then, after Hannah killed Simon (because he realized his wife was batshir crazy), Eve took over and Hannah went away.

This theory has some kinks, though. Perhaps unlocking the rest of the videos will reveal more.


*Eve came back in the mirror. Autocorrect


It’s interesting, and helluva creepy to think of it this way! I’m not convinced of the split personality theory as I was whilst going through the game and putting my thoughts together, but this does freak the fudges out of me!


That perfectly explains why hannah looks like that she is staying in a madhouse with no face in credit 2:05


I’m sure it’s split personality.. How would someone live in an attic all the time without anybody else knowing??


It’s a game. It’s weird I know, but what game doesn’t have their fair share of flaws.


Anne Frank’s entire family did it for a long time…


Iv’e noticed, at that she has said for her coffee (on 27/6) “as long as it’s black and strong, I’m good”, then on 2/7 “milk and sugar” and on 30/6 tea with sugar. (she has said these things a couple different times)


search up “coat” they yse the same story!


SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Interestingly enough, when they both tell the “coat” story (search that term) about Simon not being home, one of them says she called Eric, then Simon’s parents; the other says she called Eric, and then called Doug and Eleanor (which must be Simon’s parents). Additionally, the last thing she says in both videos is that after speaking with Simon’s parents/Doug and Eleanor, she then called the police. Well, if you search for “Simon parents”, the character in the orange suit mentions that after his mum (Eleanor) mentioned old stuff… sad stuff… it made her think of… Read more »


I am going with split personality as well. But I think her personalities thought the other existed as a twin. My personal theory is that Eve was more the person Hannah wanted to be. However, I think Hannah also knew Eve could get her into some trouble. There are periods of time she loses and I think that may be when she transitions – like when she fell asleep on the car trip and when her parents were sick. I think Simon found out she had an alter ego and liked the adventurous side of her, so he played along.… Read more »


I’m leaning towards the two personalities, as the “mistake” about the bruise seems so amateurish, not just getting it on the wrong side but forgetting that it even existed and not applying makeup when she made such a big deal about how they would always duplicate injuries as a child. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that it sounds like Simon’s throat was cut with a shard from a mirror that he made, but the mirror they examine is clearly intact. That supports the idea that there were two mirrors, but it’s possible Simon just saw the Eve/Hannah… Read more »

Phil Parma

I thought the mirror she examined was a shattered piece of a full length mirror?

That being said, I definitely agree about the split personalities. I wonder if it’s some sort of missing twin syndrome, with Eve having died at birth, strangled by Hannah’s umbilical cord. Indeed, it might go some way to explaining why Simon’s gift of the mirror is so upsetting to her (especially if you consider the contributing factors of her earlier miscarriage and subsequent pregnancy).


You can see it when she puts the mirror down (search “in his throat”) and then for the rest of that day’s interview. I think it’s a small, hand-held mirror as you can see the handle there for it.

Ian K

I think she confuses herself which personality she is when talking about Oxford. I’d be of the opinion that she’s a split personality.


I got the impression of split personality as well. It was the bit about Hannah/Eve’s parents dying, and her intimating very clearly that they were murdered. Then, Eve basically said she woke up and that she had ‘slept right through it’. I’m pretty sure Hannah took over and killed her parents, and Eve knew nothing of the plan. It was just another time that Hannah broke ‘the rules’. Plus, a lot of self-aware MPD sufferers do internally discuss ‘rules’ regarding their behavior. When they can step in, when they can’t, etc.

Alyssa S.

I’m in favor of the split personalities theory. I’ve read a lot about pathology and mental illness, and it’s very rare that only two personalities exist. A third personality is commonly discovered at times when the person feels threatened, either outward danger or an inward threat to the personalities’ separate yet intwined existences. Notice that at the time Hannah became pregnant, Eve worried about their becoming separate people. She says that during the same year as her miscarriage, her parents are found dead. Both Hannah and Eve tell this story, noting that their father would never have chosen those poisonous… Read more »


(SPOILERS! Read at own risk!!!!) My take on this game… Firstly, I loved it! So unique and I love solving things. I believe that Hannah and Eve are twins. I did contemplate Hannah being a bit psycho and believing she was two people. She seemed so calm for someone that had just killed someone too. But with the evidence against them, in my eyes, they are twins. The whole Eve driving to Glasgow then explaining this to the police, I suspected this early on, not long after I queried them as twins, it would make sense to explain what you… Read more »


I’m still thinking split personality. I think she spent a lot of time in the attic when she was young and played with her doll house and read fairy tales. I think Eve was created from the fairy tale Rapunzel. I think she became Eve by putting on the long blonde wig and used the story of Grothel to create Eve’s mother, Florence. Also, I think she came up with the story about trying to drown her sister from the “traditional ballad” she sang. Again, I think Simon discovered she had two personalities and he liked Eve because she was… Read more »

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