Her Story: Walkthrough Guide and Discussion (Game Spoilers!)

Her Story
By: Sam Barlow


Warning: This guide has spoilers for the game Her Story. If you haven’t spent any time with the game, I suggest not looking yet. Instead, read my spoiler-free review and come back here if you get stuck or want to discuss the story with others.

If you’ve already played the game and want to see all the clips in order, you can do so here.

You can also see the full text transcript here.

***See my interviews with Sam Barlow and Viva Seifert here.***

What you’ll find here are some useful starting tips, including everything that’s on the screen when you first start the game. I also list some search terms that lead to important bits of information. Consider this also an open place to discuss the story, since it can be a bit ambiguous. If you want bigger spoilers, keep scrolling down.

I’ve posted some of my thoughts on the plot below all the tips so as to not spoil it for those who haven’t completed it yet. Also, for those who already completed the game or close to it, you can find videos of all the interviews in order here. If you didn’t play yet, I suggest waiting on them. There are also summaries of each interview, using the information we’re given and the most straightforward explanation. The further you go on this page, the more spoilers you’ll see! As I think about things more and discuss it with others, I’m adding more thoughts to the bottom. I apologize if they’re a bit of a hodgepodge of ideas at the moment. But I’ll likely keep adding and changing thoughts down there until I’m convinced one way or another of a plot point.

Starting Guide:

You can watch this little preview video I made of just the first four clips if you haven’t bought the game yet and are still on the fence about it:

The following are windows that are available from the very beginning of the game.

Readme.txt & REALLY_Readme!!!.txt:

The Readme.txt basically tells you how to play the game. It explains the search engine and user session.




The REALLY_Readme!!!.txt explains why the videos are stuck in an old “mothballed” database. In this game, Y2K actually caused some problems with the PC. Something to ponder.


Also, I think SB stands for Sam Barlow.

Query History:

All your keyword searches are saved in a list so you can go back to them at any time. But on my iPad, the list glitched out after a while and went black so I couldn’t see my search (query) history. The developer is aware of this, though, and working to fix it. Just be aware that this may happen to yours, at least on iOS devices. You may want to take notes elsewhere just to be safe.

User Tags:

You can also add your own keywords to each clip so you can find it again. You just need to type something in where it says “BLANK”. I used it to number them in the right order.

Database Checker:

If you move the archive window a bit to the right, you can access the Database Checker, which will show you how many of the 271 clips you’ve seen so far. The green spots are clips you saw and the brown ones are the ones you’re still missing. The yellow square shows the location of the last clip you watched in the entire 271-clip sequence.


Delete Session:

Be careful about pressing the button that says “Delete Session.” It sounds like it would just clear your user session, but it actually wipes your whole progress. So don’t press it unless you want to start the game over from scratch.

Rubbish Bin:

If you open the Rubbish Bin, you can find the Hack.nfo file and the Mirror game.


The Hack.nfo File:

Grace Hack? Anything to do with Grace Kelly’s death?

Cracker: Cyberghost
Supplier: The Legends
Stripper: You never seen us XXX
Packager: Illusionist

One for the moms here. Classic 2 Player strategy for lunch time gaming. Enjoy!

And is that picture of Grace Kelly?

Cracks with Class.





And thanks to dayzydee for this much clearer image of the hack file:


Mirror Game:

There’s also a little Mirror Game you can play. I imagine it’s more fun if you play with a friend than by yourself.



There’s a clock in the game that’s always set to the date 16/06/15 and the hour is always set to around 7. The minute and second hand go by the time on your PC/device. Notice there’s also a beach in the background, a theme in the story.


Gameplay Video:

You can also watch this video for some ideas on where to start. But again, it will spoil things!

Tap / Knock / Morse Code:

There are at least two clips where she appears to to be using tap code. I’m not sure what she’s saying, but you get the clips if you search “Hannah Eve” and “Tap Code.” Reader George translated them in the comments section as “LOVE U” and “BYDHANNAN,” or probably BYE HANNAH.

This does lead to questions about who the messages were for. If it’s multiple personalities, they could be communicating with each other. But if they’re twins, how would they get each other’s messages?



There is an ending, but you can continue playing afterwards to find any clips you were missing. So don’t worry about ending the game too early.



Search Terms / Keywords:

Fairy Tale
Princess Diana
Grace Kelly

Important Videos:

If you find clips that offer vital information, you’ll notice some flickering and sounds, brief changes to the screen, even a reflection. At some point, the game will decide that you’ve gotten enough info to see the ending. A Chit Chat icon will appear. If you open it, SB asks you if you think you understand. Type “Y” for Yes and “N” for No. You can accept it whenever you want, but don’t worry — you can always continue after to find more clips. But watching the credits will unlock some admin controls for you.

Sarah’s Reflection:

Those playing on an iPad might not notice Sarah’s reflection as much as other players. I barely did when playing on my iPad Air 2. So I was surprised to see how clear her reflexion is on my iPhone 5. It also shows up very frequently. I took a snapshot of it for those who can’t make it out:


Chit Chat:

FYI, it doesn’t really matter if you answer SB’s question in Chit Chat as Yes or No — Yes basically takes you straight to the credits, while No lets you continue playing and watch the credits when you feel like it. But you won’t be able to use any Admin commands until you watch the credits.




Admin Commands:

Make sure to watch until the end of the credits!
After you see the credits, you can enter “admin_random” for a random clip and “admin_unlock” to unlock the ability to view 15 clips instead of just 5!

(Someone also found an admin code that unlocks all the clips at once, but I think that ruins the game.)


A reader also pointed out the command “admin_share” — this seems to email your search history to the developer, perhaps for a future “word cloud.”

There’s also “admin_delete” which will delete your progress — so careful!

I’m hoping that there’s another code that we need to find that will unlock some bonus footage or information. There are a lot of little details and inconsistencies that might be part of some elaborate in-game treasure hunt.

Videos of All Clips In Order:

I put all the video clips in order and separated them according to each interview. You can see them here, along with the guitar song, “Dreadful Wind and Rain.”

I also put the summaries/explanations of each video with them, and the lyrics to “Dreadful Wind and Rain” on that page to clean this one up a bit.

Continue reading for some more thoughts and many questions.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to page 2 of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. George

    I tried to decipher the knock codes and I think I might have succeeded. THE FOLLOWING MIGHT BE A SPOILER SO READ AT OWN RISK:

    The clip where she says “What are you doing talking about Eve?” She codes: “LOVE U”

    The second clip, where she is talking about the knock code and it having been used by prisoners of war, I got her coding: “BYDHANNAN” however I think this should be BYE HANNAH. Either the actress messed up the coding or I interpreted it wrong.

    I hope you find it helping or at least interesting!

      1. Jamie

        By the way, for anyone who cares to play the wind and rain song it looks like in the beginning she might be fooling around with caddD or Dsus4 hammers for the finger picking but once she gets going it’s just D A and E (em? Maybe.) you could look up guitar tab reading and the chords (looks for the open version, not barre. Ouch I say to barre on a classical guitar! That rhymed hehe) and once u know basic positioning (as close to the frets to your right without actually touching them – that’s how you get a clunk noise) it should take u ten minutes to play along.

    1. Ragnar

      The second code is not BYDHANNAN, but if you use the tap code backwards it says “FUQHANNAH”

      -> Fuck you Hannah.

      1. Guydude

        Or it could mean “build your dreams Hannah. good night..”

      2. Tommy

        When I reverse the code I get FUQMANNAN instead, so…

    2. n0d

      I thought the knock code sequence where she has her head down (interview 4) might be evidence to support multiple personalities. It seems like she’s signaling back and forth between her two hands.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I’m not sure about the signaling between hands. But I agree that the knock code makes the most sense with split personality. Otherwise, how do the two sisters get each other’s messages? Maybe that doesn’t even matter. But it is one of the stronger arguments for split personality, IMO.

    3. David

      While the split personalities theory is intriguing and occurred to me once or twice I think the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of the Twins hypothesis. There are simply too many strange variables to account for for it to make sense they are the same person. The tattoo, the oddball shifting of their drinks, wildly internally inconsistent stories of what occurred in various areas. The bruise, as well as Eve mistaking which cheek it was on. Bruises do not vanish after only two days; she clearly had simply lost track in the myriad of details they had to keep. There’s also the Glasgow trip, which clearly happened while Hannah was still in town. Hannah had a driver’s license and Eve didn’t, which is why she was carrying no identification when she hit the taxi.

      Could someone theoretically have arranged all of these elaborate mistakes to create a pretend twin for the purposes of this deception, whether doing so purposefully or as part of a mental illness? Yes. I think it is much more likely that Eve really did exist and actually did grow up in her sister’s attic. She most likely killed their parents so she could feel safe and free in the home and not have to hide. She killed Florence so that no one would stop her from going to see Hannah or reveal her secrets.

      Hannah was starting to get exhausted of the two of them always being together, sharing everything, being part of one another. She seems honestly worn down by it and happy to have Simon to herself in the videos where she speaks of their marriage and time together. She also clearly snapped when she lost that, when it was discovered that Eve had slept with Simon and now carried his child, taking away the only thing which was truly hers. So she killed Simon and Eve jumped in to help her get away.

      Eve did innumerable things, not the least of which was cover for the murder of Sarah’s father. it isn’t surprising that they’d ask if Sarah understood why her mother, Eve, did what she did.

      I do like the split personality theory and eve nthe clever woman idea, but it just seems too wildly implausible for a single person to have been able to put in this level of effort while making mistakes in so many places two people coordinating would likely make mistakes and one person never would. It’s very natural to touch a place which recently was sore. That is actually a difficult mistake to make, the knowledge of pain is stored in your reflex memory as it pertains to safety – pain indicates something is wrong.

      Another person doesn’t have those memories.

      I do think both sisters are mentally ill. Eve is a psychopath and by the time this story begins Hannah has snapped as well.

      As I’ve said, none of this completely discounts the split personalities theories, but it does get to the point where the split personality theory requires a pretty intense suspension of disbelief.

      1. Elyse

        At first I was sure that Eve pointing to the wrong cheek meant that there were definitely twins. HOWEVER, after going back over the clips and listening about how “Hannah” didn’t care for the mirror that was given to her as a gift- “Eve” cherished it. “Eve” even made the comment about the mercury glass and how it was perfect for someone who doesn’t like to look at their own reflection…then bizarrely holds the mirror up to her face. I believe THAT right there, solidifies the idea of a split personality. “Hannah” got punched on the LEFT side of her face…but when looking in the mirror it would have been her RIGHT side. So “Eve” touching the right side of her face makes perfect sense. I’m not buying the whole “fast metabolism” thing either as an excuse for the bruise, that she gets them all the time and they “come an go”. Malnourishment can cause bruising. I believe amongst other MAJOR psychological issues, anorexia is playing a role in all of this. Hannah drinks coffee black, no sugar…no calories, lots of caffeine. She also doesn’t like mirrors. Eve does. Eve also puts sugar in her tea, maybe cream too at one point?
        Also…the tapping. It was as if when one hand was tapping, the other was actually responding. When Hannah was talking to herself I believe that’s actually when Eve came out to “take over” for that session. I actually minored psychology (not an expert)…BUT I’ve studied quite a bit on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and it seems the person’s other personality will show up in times of extreme stress. Hannah’s personality is pretty subdued, calm, nervous…whereas Eve is waaaaay too overly confident, delusional (the fairy tales), narcissistic, etc… .Also you’ll notice that BOTH Hannah and Eve have this weird obsession with palindromes. Hannah mentions how she didn’t want to name her daughter “Ava” because it was a palindrome. Eve also mentions them numerous times.
        There’s something else that happened that sparked my interest. In one clip Hannah admits to “hating” her “friend” Eve and how she actually tried to kill her by drowning her. So this actually brought out another instance which supports the split personalities. I think in the beginning, when they were younger, they WERE twins and at some point the “evil” twin actually DID kill the other and took on the persona of Hannah (the shy one), the trauma of this brought the dissociative personality disorder to surface. I’m actually starting to wonder now if the evil twin did kill the other one….then Eve isn’t an alternate personality but Hannah is. Ahh!
        Eve seems to be somewhat of a serial killer, the way she smirks while talking about killing the moth in the dollhouse, that CREEPY song she sings (joyfully), how Hannah’s parents both mysteriously died from mushroom poisoning even though her father was some type of mushroom expert (I noticed how Hannah seemed to be genuinely confused when she was explaining that…then at the end of that clip it seems like she realizes something – as in, Eve did it.). Also, her losing the baby makes sense (another traumatic event). Eve was promiscuous, caught an STD and got pretty sick from it apparently. Certain STD’s can cause infertility and miscarriages if not treated properly.
        Another thing that was said in passing that I feel is significant was the cat door. Hannah says someone who’s thin would be able to fit through. She’s obviously thin.
        I also wonder if the blonde wig plays into the idea of ANOTHER personality, a Rapunzel/princess one. Her obsession with fairy tales and princesses would seem more likely than not that there’s another personality stashed away in there and we just haven’t learned her name yet…or I haven’t gotten to it yet. That may be reaching, but this story is crazy.
        Anyways, that’s my theory as of right now. Split personalities. I’ve read several people translating the first video session of tapping to be something like “BYEHANNAH” and “LOVE U”. I’m not up on that tap code though…what she’s tapping in the final confession video? Same thing?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I think you mixed up Hannah and Eve a few times here? It’s a bit confusing. Because Eve took the coffee black, no sugar. Hannah had tea with sugar.

      2. SweatLoveBeer

        I absolutely agree with you. While I was working my way through the tags I was confused and creeped out, but after putting it all together and watching them chronologically twins just make sense. There was a build up, an almost hysterical denial by Hannah – then I assume Hannah fled and Eve took her place in a sense of futility or justice. Doesn’t make much sense considering that Sarah was “what mattered”, but in a guilt/justice way she is atoning for sleeping and getting pregnant with Simon’s child. Then Sarah would still be raised by Doug and Elenor or foster care if Eve was in prison and “officially” killed her father.

        I suppose she accepted the identity of “Hannah Smith” and went to jail, while the actual Hannah was free, since “Eve” didn’t even exist to the law in the first place, not registered at birth, etc. I’m not quite sure if they couldn’t have done a huge search for Hannah and/or register an Eve, it might be a plot hole in either the game’s logic or mine.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I still think Eve believes she’ll go free. She’s pretty cocky in that last interview. I think she only came in because she didn’t think they could really arrest her. Also, she wanted to tell her story. But I guess we’ll never really know if she actually got to go free.

      3. Brittany

        Exactly this. He is totally the father

    4. Mike


      I still have a few videos to unlock, but here’s my take on what happened: So, we know that the nurse lied about one of the twins dying and secretly kept her, Eve. Eve was locked away in the nurses house, which apparently is just across the street from Hannah and her parents house? She’s not allowed to leave, but she sees her “reflection” freely leaving the house, having birthday parties, etc.

      Eventually Eve escapes somehow and lives in the attic, occasionally coming out to pose as Hannah. When they are teenagers, they begin sharing boys, like Carl. Eve sleeps with Carl, breaking the “rules”. Each twin is better at some things than the others. Eve is the better driver. Also, Even is good enough at guitar and singing to get booked at a local bar, where Simon comes to meet her later in her blonde wig, and becomes fascinated with her. The police find the guitar in the house. The question Hannah about it, first asking if Simon played. Hannah states he did not. So, the police arrive at the conclusion that the guitar must belong to Hannah (through the first few interviews, they think Hannah and Eve are the same person). Fortunately for Hannah, Eve and Hannah tried to be the same in every way possible, so she actually does know how to play (but she’s not as good as Eve, remember Eve plays professionally). So, she is able to more-or-less pull off playing a song for the officers.

      So, surrounding Simon’s death, here’s how it went down:
      Simon has been seeing Eve secretly at the bar where she plays for some time. He actually ends up sleeping with Eve and getting her pregnant (magic sperm). Hannah finds out and poses as Eve one night, even wearing her wig. For Hannah’s birthday, Simon had given her a mirror that he custom made “one of a kind”. Unfortunately, the night that Hannah poses as Eve, Simon gives Eve the exact same mirror.

      Hannah loses it, shatters the mirror and slices Simon’s throat with it. Afterwards, Eve somehow manages to calm Hannah down and the two work together to hide the body “temporarily”, they want it to be found later once they set a concrete alibi (Eve having been out of town, saying it was Hannah), so they could come under suspicion and quickly clear that suspicion. The idea was for the police never to know that Eve existed. Once the police catch on to this, the jig is basically up. This is where Eve is confessing to what actually happened in the final interview.

      If I think of anything else I’ll share it, but I think these are the details that seem pretty clear from the videos I’ve seen so far.

      1. Mike

        Correction to one thing I mentioned, it is Eve playing and singing, maybe “down playing” her ability a bit since Hannah has never performed and should be a novice.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I don’t want to say anything while you’re still working things out. 😉

      2. Maarten

        quote: Eventually Eve escapes somehow and lives in the attic – If not mistaking i remember listening to a video where she explained that she was 8 years old when her midwife, Florence, died of an accident by falling of the stairs. Was this an accident? 🙂

  2. Chris


    Is there a special ending video (the missing archive)? I know the Chat window… but I wasn’t sure if there was a specific means to access the “missing” footage that the DB claims exists. I got the chat window, but then when I log out it just rolls credits.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m still missing a few clips, but the yellow one moves around, so I don’t think it’s a real clip.

      1. Julian

        I think the yellow one indicates the clip you just watched, not a missing clip.

      2. Kris

        I think the yellow one just indicates where in the timeline the last clip you viewed is!

    2. chunkylefunga

      There’s a wad of videos that cannot be found by searching.

      admin_random is the only way to find them.

      They are videos of the answers to the lie detector questions. The videos simply say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Hence why they are impossible to find. Even with admin_unlock unlocked.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You can also search “yes” or “no” with the quotes around them. 😉 But yeah, it’s tricky.

  3. Mark

    spoilers spoilers spoilers!!!

    Does anyone know how to use the ADMIN-RANDOM. and UNLOCK command it tells you to use at the end of the credits? I can’t figure out where to enter it.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh crap I didn’t notice that. I didn’t pay close attention to the credits. Will take a look again.

    2. Matt

      I won’t reveal all, but here’s the key thing: it should be an underscore, not a dash.

    3. Simran

      Just put them into the search bar, admin_random brings up a random clip, admin_unlock increases your search results to 15

  4. Thomas


    I figured out how the codes that are mentioned at the end of the credits work. Still don’t know about the missing volume though. Type admin_random to view a random clip, it tends to show clips you haven’t seen before but not always. The other code is admin_unlock increases the amount of clips viewable at once from 5 to 15. There may be other commands “admin_” is the beginning of any command.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      OMG! I’m kind of torn on whether I want to use that to find the last few I’m missing or stick to doing it the “right” way.

    2. rik.yan

      I think the missing volume is the “detective’s video footage” as written on the readme by SB. The same reason why we dont hear/see the detective asking the questions.

      1. juanso

        I think there’s actually a missing volume. I’ve done some research and i’ve seen a couple of weird things. If you go into the game’s folder (i.e: E:\Program Files (x86)\HER STORY\HerStory_Data\StreamingAssets”) you can see all the videos. Here you can notice 2 important things…
        1) There’s only one video with extension “.mov” (D305.mov) wich is a copy of D305.avi but without sound. I dont think this is the missing volume, but it’s just weird that its there.
        2) If u check the correlation between the names of the videos, you realize D is the day, the next number is the day number, and the last 2 numbers are the number of the video. Then D305 would be “Day 3 video 05”. According to this logic, there’s a missing file, specifically the D716, files go from D715 to D716 directly, therefore there’s a video of Day 7 number 16 that is missing.Now the real question is, where is it? how can we possibly find it?

        1. juanso

          i meant videos go from D715 to D717 directly*

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Ahh I played on iOS. I had to organize my clips in the game, the hard way. 😛
          But I’ll use iExplorer later and see if the iOS files look similar. Would be cool if there’s something in there that we just haven’t figured out how to unlock yet.

          1. juanso

            I think there’s going to be something that proves the double personality theory in the missing video. Interestingly, D715 and D717 are both lie detector parts. Please keep me if the same happens for iOS version.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              iOS may look completely different, but I’ll definitely report back on my findings.

          2. juanso

            Actually, i just checked lie detector videos, there’s a span of 4 seconds between each video, probably for the detective to make the questions. Same happens between D715 and D717 videos, therefore its not very likely that D716 is between these… I dont know what to think now.. but definitely something smells fishy here..

          3. Shaqmeister

            Although, by my reckoning too, there is a span of only 3-4 seconds between each of the lie detector clips that we have, there is a gap of 12 seconds from the last “No” to the clip where Eve asks “I can take this stuff off now?” I’m on iOS, so I don’t have access to the clip files directly, but it seems to work out as 12 seconds between D717 and D718. Can anyone verify this?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Ok you’re right. Nice catch. Please let me know if you find any others with a longer gap. I’ll make a list

        3. AppUnwrapper

          Sadly, I can’t seem to access much of anything on iOS, other than the save file (should be thankful for that — often it’s hard to find!).

  5. Mark


    with the last few I think it’s impossible to get without using admin unlock as they are literally one word either “yes” or “no” from the lie detector..

    Both words appear way more than the maximum 15 entries

    Hope that helps

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Good to know — thanks! I guess I’ll be using it after all!

    2. Yolo

      You can find them by searching “Yes.” or “No.” with quotation marks to find a literal match.

  6. admin_unlock

    I can verify that there is at least one other admin command: admin_delete . THIS WILL DELETE YOUR PROGRESS AND RESTART THE STORY. Seriously. I’m only mentioning it to verify that it’s possible there are other commands than admin_unlock and admin_random.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Weird. You can do that by just deleting the session (I did that by accident, thinking it would refresh the videos I added to my session — not wipe my whole progress).

  7. Zappy

    I would say that she is split personality, and in a way, the final words as you finish the game, point to that.

    But the issue of the tattoo throws my theory for a loop.

    Some of the other things she says also throw my theory for a loop, but I believe that in many ways, Eve is a pathological liar.

    1. Ria

      I think, I don’t blame her at all. The way she was raised and went about her life. She didn’t even realise it was her birthday until she saw her ‘reflection’ wearing a birthday hat. Hop she considered herself as non-existent, and didn’t socialise effectively at all through life. And when she did it was met with more hardships, which lead to the interviews. Her life is like a hole, and she has no self worth and by the seems of it, not means to live as ‘someone’ or ‘herself’. She lived for Hannah. Maybe that’s why she named her daughter after Hannah’s miscarriaged baby, so that this child who was supposed to be named Sarah can still walk on the earth, although the child will not be Hannah’s.

      It sounds strangely similar to Eves upbringing. The child that Florence couldn’t have. The child that was supposed to be Eves, but is named as Hannah’s. She seems incredibly scarred, and broken, unrepairable.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        It’s hard to blame Eve for anything. I find her so damn likable, even knowing that she likely killed all the parents she ever had! I know we don’t see what happens after, but I want to believe that she got away with it and got to live her own life (maybe raised Sarah?). I do wish I knew more about Sarah, though.

        1. Ria

          Yes, you can’t blame her at all. She’s probably the only criminal that I can honestly say that I don’t blame her for a single thing. She wanted to protect the only significant thing in her life. Even when she saw Hannah from across the road as her ‘reflection’, this was so amazing for her and she needed her in her life. I totally feel for her. This would be a great movie I think.

          Yes, I’d love to know about Sarah. He upbringing, her life. Who was she realised by, what’s her take on the situation. Who does she blame, who does she love, how much does this affect her. Just so many things I’d like to know.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            I was hoping the Sarah thing would make more sense and be clearer when I organized all the clips. But I still feel like I don’t even know what she’s supposed to be trying to understand. It’s especially hard not knowing the context — like, was she raised by her mother or did she only learn about her from these videos?

          2. Ria

            Its confusing. I’d love to talk to the creator of this game, would be soooo interesting to know about the ‘why’s’. I guess this is a game that’s open to interpretation and imagination.
            She may of even have been raised by Hannah. Who knows where she is or what’s happened to her since then. Maybe Sarah was raised by her and she left Hannah when she discovered what happened to her father, or maybe Hannah posed as her real mother and Sarah discovered the truth.
            Who knows. Eve said that they had the baby to think about. Maybe Eve wanted Hannah to seek Sarah out after she was born. Maybe that was what they meant; maybe, in the end, it was all for Sarah, this child that gave Eve a stamp on the world.

            Itching for some kind of sequel!

            1. AppUnwrapper

              And if we go the split personality route, it means she likely went through the foster care system, bc Hannah/Eve would have ended up in prison or an insane asylum. 🙁

              I kind of like the ambiguity, even if we may never know the truth. But I wouldn’t be disappointed if someone found a hidden Easter egg that reveals more about Sarah. 😉

          3. Sarah

            I played Her Story on PC and the achievement for completing the game is called “Reflection” and references Sarah “cross[ing] the road” so my working theory is that Hannah’s baby actually survived but she suspected Eve of poisoning her due to her increasing instability over their separation and she gave Sarah up to protect her. If “SB” is Eve’s child, then Sarah watching the clips and then crossing the street to meet SB mirrors Eve reading the diary and then crossing the street to meet Hannah.

            (I’m also convinced that Eve killed Hannah to take her place sometime before the July 3 interview but I don’t have evidence to back it up yet aside from how smug she is about “getting it right” on the lie detector test)

          4. Sarah

            If the player was a blank slate and not a character in the story I’d assume so but idk assuming that Sam Barlow is a character in his own game is too meta for me I guess lmao. Like if it was just the dev saying “do you understand what you saw” I’d say ok but SB is addressing Sarah directly.

            (Side note: Sarah is my actual name and I thought that the game had somehow pulled it from my windows log-in or something so at first I was freaked out but thought it WAS addressing me until I remembered that Sarah was what Hannah and Simon had planned to name their baby)

            1. Incognito


  8. Oddfellow

    In case you guys are really stuck and want to have a look at the videos, go to the installation folder.

    Somewhere like

    Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\HER STORY\HerStory_Data\StreamingAssets

    All are there.

  9. CJ

    I’m going for multiple personality disorder for these reasons.

    1. The only question she gets wrong on the lie detector test is her own name “Eve”
    2. She says “Run your fingerprints they’ll match” There might be more to this but even identical twins don’t have the same fingerprints. So if they were one and the same thats because she is the same person.

    1. Hrmm...

      But doesn’t she say “Hannah” in the lie detector test? I think there’s a video of her starting the test, and they ask her name, and she says Hannah Smith, and then says “whoops” and it cuts out. So I think she’s actually two people (though I did have the split personality thing for a while too). Or she specifically faked the test to lie there, but in the lie detector test itself she doesn’t say Eve, she says Hannah, pretty sure.

      1. RΓö£Γòórd

        I don’t consider that a convincing argument against split personalities. The Eve personality is convinced that her name is actually Eve, and that she’s just pretending to be Hannah, even though she’s of course also actually Hannah.

      2. Sam

        I want to say she faked it on purpose. She wanted it to be read as a lie. I think the way a polygraph works (because it reads your pulse) is when you speak there’s a spike in the test (like how you aren’t supposed to talk when you’re having your pulse read or your blood pressure taken) and then there’s the body’s reaction to the truth or lie. There would have been a huge area where she spoke that would’ve been all crazy causing it to read as a fail. When she realized she’d been caught she had to come clean. I’m not sure what I believe, I really liked the split personality theory. And there’s no reason for the tattoo to disprove it, she’s always got long enough sleeves to cover except after the coffee spill. The bruise gets problematic but to be honest I hardly noticed it until something was said so it very well could have been makeup covered. Definitely feel free to correct the lie detector theory, I certainly am no expert and could totally be wrong.

    2. Ria

      She says her name is Hannah (in my eyes) deliberately for the test to prove its worth. If she lies about her name, and the test reviels that she has indeed lied about this, yet highlights that everything else was true, then the test would be trustworthy. I personally believe that she knew and hoped that this would come back as a lie. I don’t think she necessarily came clean because she got found out, she had been caught, but I think she layed the bait. She was calm, almost as if she had a plan that had worked, or that she’d successfully carried out something and that she was at peace and she had no reason to lie anymore. Maybe she wanted to share her story; she claims to be non-existent, yet I believe she wanted to get her story across.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I agree. I think at this point she wanted someone to tell her story to. And she felt invincible, since Hannah had gotten away. So she kind of wanted to get caught and yet be considered trustworthy with the information she was about to divulge.

        1. Ian K

          I’m going from the start again. I can’t believe that there’s nothing unlocked at the end. If there isn’t it’ll be cruel.

          1. Ria

            Yes. I’m still wondering about that hidden archive. Really do hope it turns out to be something! I’ve seen all the other clips -.-

    3. jingxi

      hannah do not has a fingerprint because she burned her finger in the oven accidently and eve did not know that

    4. Drakkarn

      There is a simple reason why it CANNOT be multiple personality disorder. There are two days where they where short sleeved shirts. One day she has a tattoo on her left arm, the other she does not. It is not a new tattoo. This is proof that they are NOT the same person.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Agreed. But I suppose someone can try and argue that it’s a fake tattoo?

        The main reason I don’t think it would be multiple personalities is that all the differences between them would have to be faked…just so they can be explained away? It makes less and less sense the more I think about it. The twin scenario, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense based on all the little details.

        1. AwkwardAsylum

          Actually, about the tattoo and what not, she could’ve gone to the extent of covering it with makeup. The same with the bruise. I’m not trying to argue with what you believe happened. I just want you to see all of the possibilities.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Yeah, that’s true. But if she’s not a twin and she’s covering up a bruise, wouldn’t she cover it up initially and not have the other personality come in?
            The split personalities idea gets very confusing with these things.

            1. Alyssa S.

              With the multiple personalities, I think it gets confusing because the twin theory means everything the girls do is calculated. But with multiple personalities, it’s a disease, so a lot of the indescrepancies aren’t intentional actions that seem nonsensical to us; they’re unintentional slip-ups of a mentally insane person. So if a personality change was triggered (by a question, a photo, something she saw), then the other personality wouldn’t have any opportunity or awareness of things that would set them apart. Like the tattoo, after spilling coffee. And I think the bruise can be explained by assuming that in Hannah’s mind, Eve has hit her, and since Eve is her “reflection,” she sees it on the wrong side. Because the only way Eve can see Hannah is if she looks in the mirror. And even in her imagination, the only image of Hannah she would have would be a reflection, since our minds can’t create new things that we’ve never seen. Like with dreams. A room might be colored and lit very differently from its actual appearance, but it’s still a room you’ve seen, either in real life or in some other form. So any image/hallucination of a fight between the two would appear from a reflected view rather than a front view as we see people who are not ourselves.

    5. Strawberry

      They should match,if you watch the interviews with them being twins in mind the first time they take finger prints and the one who says go ahead they’ll match would be one in the same.

  10. Emma


    I’m hooked!!!

    I took the anti glare off but before I did, I noticed after hatching one clip about Hannah – her reflection came on the screen. Freaked me out a little bit!

    1. Oddfellow

      There’s a lot of spoilers here regarding the reflection, careful not to read them. Because for me that was the best part of the game 🙂

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Ha yeah. It’s also more noticeable in older devices. I didn’t notice it as much on my iPad as on my iPhone.

      1. Ria

        Glad I did it on my iPad then as it still freaked me the hell out. Never playing this game on my phone! Covered my screen with my hands during most new clips haha and I saw her in my sleep!

        1. jingxi

          cute like domino ;D

  11. Phil Parma

    While I’m on the multi-personality side of the fence, there is another differentiator that’s woven into the story; tea (with sugar), which is strongly linked to Hannah, and coffee, which is preferred by Eve. Working back from that, you can infer which twin/personality is giving each of the interviews. At one point, if I remember correctly, she asks for a coffee with sugar, which may add another layer of complexity.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, there are definitely a lot of things that point to twins. To me, I think if it’s not twins, she worked very hard to convince the police that she is. But I’m not sure why she would do that. So twins still make the most sense to me.

    2. Oddfellow

      At the start I was with the multiple personality more than the others, but the bruise made me convert to the twins idea.
      Search for bruise
      there’s actually a video 2 days after the one with the bruise where she doesn’t have any bruis, where she goes “The bruise? I have a fast metabolism, so I heal fast”. And she actually touches the wrong side of her face.
      Also there is a video where she eve says the hannah was always fatter, and she does look fatter, specially in the videos with the shirt (might be just from the hair cut)

      And my current theory is that eve did not only killed simon, but also killed hannah. There was some video that made me think that, I don’t really remember which. I’ll search and try to paste it here.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Yeah, split personality doesn’t make sense with that unless she was purposely trying to convince the cops all along that she was a twin. She would have had to make a fake bruise and then pretend to not know the side of the face it was on, etc. She would have to be pretty damn clever for all that. Also, why?
        So twins still makes the most sense.

        1. RΓö£Γòórd

          I think it’s rather that the split personalities themselves believe they are twins, i.e. they are both split personalities of the same person, but also imaginary friends.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Could be. But that means they went as far as faking the bruise and tattoo to convince themselves of it?

        2. l32uigs

          Considering mirrors it does sort of make sense. When you look at a reflection and you lift your left arm, it looks as though your reflection is lifting it’s right arm.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            You mean with the bruise and Eve touching the wrong side of her face?

      2. AppUnwrapper

        I’m still trying to figure out who’s in each interview, though. It seems like there’s some role-playing going on, even when we think we know who it is.

        1. ProfessorSpark

          I always felt that the when she had her hair tied up it was Hannah and when she had her hair down it was Eve.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            At first I wasn’t sure about that, as it seemed too convenient. But looking back on my notes and the videos, I think you’re right!

      3. AppUnwrapper

        Also, the watch thing, I guess, was just to buy them time while they figured out how to get away with the murder?

        God I love that we may never know. It gets stuck in you head this way.

      4. PM

        Im rooting for split personality theory.

        We can see the bruise is on Hannah’s left cheek.

        And the ‘supposed hannah’ who is actually Eve, touches her right cheeck (wrong side of cheek)

        This game/ story has a strong theme of mirror/symmetrical/ palindrome and reflection in it.

        Consider this, hannah has a bruise on her left cheeck, but when she looks into the mirror (i suppose this is the way she imagine Eve to be, ever since she was young) the image in the mirror, who is actually Eve, will have a bruise on her right cheek. so eve touches her right cheek during the interview.

        She could have use make up to cover up the bruise, or the strong metabolism reasoning might be true? Lol

        Just my 2 cents

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, I loved how much that little touch on the wrong side of her cheek said. 🙂 Very small and might not even be noticeable some people, but it carries so much meaning.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Also, notice how long it takes the detective to even ask the twin question. I guess he sort of buys the fast metabolism explanation? Or just lets it go he can hear more from her?

    3. Kimberley

      Yes the sugar thing had me reviewing everything too

  12. Eve

    Defintley same person…you just don’t see tattoo with Hannah.

    Also seems like she killed her parents with mushrooms

  13. Bryter

    In the last Interview she says: “Can you arrest someone who doesn’t exist?”
    So I’m all for that split personality – thing.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      She doesn’t exist because she lived in the attic her whole life and they shared a life. That’s how I understood that line, at least.

    2. Nic

      Eve doesn’t “exist” because there’s no record of her. Officially, she died at birth and was raised in secret, so there would be no birth certificate for her. She doesn’t exist in the system.

      If Eve were a different personality, surely she would believe herself to exist just as much as the Hannah personality and wouldn’t make that remark.

  14. Jenmak

    +1 for split personality too.

    I was on the fence between the two theories. But then I realised Hannah told the story about how her and Eve were picked up by the police as teens and her parents had to come and get her.

    That did it for me. If they were actual twins, the parents would have saw Eve then and there at the station. But they never did.

    Other physical evidences, bruises, tattoos can be explained as covered up or fake.

    Guess she was that Crazy.

    Sarah finally understood why her mother (Hannah/ Eve) did what she did.

  15. Ryan

    This is my theory so far:

    Hannah HAD a twin, Eve, who she was insanely jealous of an drowned. But, even came back in the mirror on her birthday. Since then, she’s been going back and forth between the personalities. Then, after Hannah killed Simon (because he realized his wife was batshir crazy), Eve took over and Hannah went away.

    This theory has some kinks, though. Perhaps unlocking the rest of the videos will reveal more.

    1. Ryan

      *Eve came back in the mirror. Autocorrect

    2. Ria

      It’s interesting, and helluva creepy to think of it this way! I’m not convinced of the split personality theory as I was whilst going through the game and putting my thoughts together, but this does freak the fudges out of me!

    3. jingxi

      That perfectly explains why hannah looks like that she is staying in a madhouse with no face in credit 2:05

  16. Mark

    I’m sure it’s split personality.. How would someone live in an attic all the time without anybody else knowing??

    1. Ria

      It’s a game. It’s weird I know, but what game doesn’t have their fair share of flaws.

    2. Nic

      Anne Frank’s entire family did it for a long time…

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Not quite sure that’s the same thing, but I see what you mean.

        For me, the weird part is when she’s living in the attic after Hannah already moved out.

  17. Bigfatpigs

    Iv’e noticed, at that she has said for her coffee (on 27/6) “as long as it’s black and strong, I’m good”, then on 2/7 “milk and sugar” and on 30/6 tea with sugar. (she has said these things a couple different times)

  18. TEST

    search up “coat” they yse the same story!

    1. Ken


      Interestingly enough, when they both tell the “coat” story (search that term) about Simon not being home, one of them says she called Eric, then Simon’s parents; the other says she called Eric, and then called Doug and Eleanor (which must be Simon’s parents).

      Additionally, the last thing she says in both videos is that after speaking with Simon’s parents/Doug and Eleanor, she then called the police. Well, if you search for “Simon parents”, the character in the orange suit mentions that after his mum (Eleanor) mentioned old stuff… sad stuff… it made her think of stuff in the basement (nursery stuff, etc…), which made her go down there, where she noticed some boxes out of place; she then grabbed a torch, went back down, looked around and found “bin bags” (garbage bags), which she opened… only to find what inside…

      DING DING DING! Simon’s body!

      Now, she said BAGS, plural…

      So does that mean he was cut into pieces in order to fit into multiple bags, or was he double-bagged (LOL!)?


      1. AppUnwrapper

        I noticed that, too. Didn’t think too much of it, though. Maybe she meant that there were some bin bags and he was in one of them? It was a cover story, anyway, so maybe she couldn’t keep her facts straight?

  19. April

    I am going with split personality as well. But I think her personalities thought the other existed as a twin. My personal theory is that Eve was more the person Hannah wanted to be. However, I think Hannah also knew Eve could get her into some trouble. There are periods of time she loses and I think that may be when she transitions – like when she fell asleep on the car trip and when her parents were sick. I think Simon found out she had an alter ego and liked the adventurous side of her, so he played along. Then I think he realized how serious she was and became worried. I’m kind of thinking he was trying to show her that she was only one person with the mirror and that was why she became so angry.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh she does talk an awful lot about falling asleep on the car trip. Didn’t even think about that.

  20. Jake

    I’m leaning towards the two personalities, as the “mistake” about the bruise seems so amateurish, not just getting it on the wrong side but forgetting that it even existed and not applying makeup when she made such a big deal about how they would always duplicate injuries as a child.

    The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that it sounds like Simon’s throat was cut with a shard from a mirror that he made, but the mirror they examine is clearly intact. That supports the idea that there were two mirrors, but it’s possible Simon just saw the Eve/Hannah distinction as a game and really did want “Eve” to be around instead of Hannah.

    1. Phil Parma

      I thought the mirror she examined was a shattered piece of a full length mirror?

      That being said, I definitely agree about the split personalities. I wonder if it’s some sort of missing twin syndrome, with Eve having died at birth, strangled by Hannah’s umbilical cord. Indeed, it might go some way to explaining why Simon’s gift of the mirror is so upsetting to her (especially if you consider the contributing factors of her earlier miscarriage and subsequent pregnancy).

      1. AppUnwrapper

        The mirror looks like a hand mirror. Not sure if the glass is shattered maybe? I thought it was, but maybe I missed a detail.

        1. Ria

          Well, supporting the idea that she is a twin. One mirror was given to Hannah as a birthday gift. The other was given to Hannah, as she was dressed up as Eve wearing her blonde ‘performance wig’. Hannah wore Eves blonde wig pretending to be Eve, upset that Simon got Eve pregnant, and probably with the tormented thought that Simon likes blondes (Hannah mentions that he likes to drink with Helen at The Rocks and that he likes blondes).

          1. Broodex

            I’m going with split personalities which could be more than 2. 1 of which is a confused middleman. My reasoning is because of all the different ways and types of drinks she asked for. Plus the story about them getting arrested together but her parents not getting mad because it was her friend eves idea “how can you process someone who doesn’t have records / who would go to pick eve up. Also, last but not least…. She talks about how they would take test based on who was better at what in school but, how would someone constantly in hiding be able to attend school enough to get educated in the first place. If only one of them was going to school regularly then the other wouldn’t be any better in certain subjects even if the one going to school sucked at it and if they split school time like every other day I’d doubt either one of them would be particularly smart in general… Plus, if they were just switching back and forth between who went daily or whatever, they’d have to start like right away in like kindergarden or else one of them would be at a major disadvantage of missing basic learning tools. Also, they talk about reading all the time… How would a child stuck in an attic all the time learn how to read? I don’t think a 2nd younger child would have the ability / know how to teach things such as reading to another child.

          2. Broodex

            Also, the diary they kept in order to let each other know what happened when one of them took over and the attic is just a metaphor for where the one personality was when the other was out to play. This would also explain the use of morse code to one another at the table. It happened during one of the few times when the character looked stressed which could be why they were able to transition in and out to respond to each other with it so quickly. it was essentially her sub conscious talking to itself without even realizing it.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              What do you mean about responding to each other quickly with the tap code? Hannah used it several days before Eve.

              Btw, the split personality theory would open up some other options, such as them transitioning on the same day. Is that what you mean? Maybe putting her hair up or changing outfits on the same day was also a change in character?

            2. Jessica

              Another supporter for multiple personalities here. There are several clips that indicate that she may have transitioned during the interview from Hannah to eve or vice versa because she looks at the camera confused and asks if the camera is recording. Both times this happens during an interview and she obviously would have been told from the beginning that the sessions were being recorded. I did not notice this until I watched all the clips in order.

              I also think one of the beginning clips supports multiple personalities because she talks about her diary and how she had to write in it in great detail to make sure “everyone is on the same page.” When researching multiple personalities for my psychology classes, when an alternate personality takes over, there are gaps in the other personalities memories. The other personalities are resting in a state of unconsciousness so to speak. She is always stating that she doesn’t remember certain things or it is hard to remember that far back and maybe the reason why she doesn’t remember those details is because the other personality had taken over.

              1. AppUnwrapper

                Maybe I should start a poll. 😉 See how many people favor one theory over the other.

          3. Broodex

            I mean one just eve just being able to say Bye to hannah assuming the msg was reciprocated

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Oh I see what you mean. If they’re split personalities, the message can get across. If they’re two people, they would never hear each other’s messages. Good point.

          4. Broodex

            Idk why the word “one” is in there. Its almost 6am and I haven’t slept, lol.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Lol is the game causing you sleep deprivation, too? We might need a support group!

          5. Broodex

            I just ended up having way more fun with it than intended. I was expecting to just load it and mess around but ended up getting hooked until I locked in my own theory. I hope one day they give a definitive answer. I’d pay another $5 for the lost recording if it gave us an answer.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I hear you! Same happened to me. I was planning to just play 5 minutes at first to see what it’s like and couldn’t walk away.

              It’s rare for me to be interested in behind-the-scenes or extras for anything, but I would totally pay to watch Sam Barlow and Viva Seifert discuss the game. I’m not sure I want proper answers, though. Maybe just a bit more info about Sarah and her life.

          6. Broodex

            That’d work too

      2. Jake

        You can see it when she puts the mirror down (search “in his throat”) and then for the rest of that day’s interview. I think it’s a small, hand-held mirror as you can see the handle there for it.

  21. Ian K

    I think she confuses herself which personality she is when talking about Oxford. I’d be of the opinion that she’s a split personality.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is she confusing it or are they purposely doing that?

      I guess I’ll re-watch those clips. But remember, the whole idea was to buy them some time so Hannah could disappear before the whole twins thing comes up. She seems awfully confident in the final interview that there’s nothing they can do to her (Eve).

      1. Ian K

        So they’re going with a double jeopardy kind of defence? Or both claiming to have done it?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          After watching it all in order (granted, I still may have missed some small nuances — there’s a lot of info to take in!), it seems to me like Hannah killed Simon out of jealousy, called Eve to cover it up (changed the time on his watch so it’s set to while one of them was in Glasgow). Then they buy some time for Hannah to disappear and Eve continues to play her to the police. The detective starts to catch on, she denies the whole twins thing at first, but then when Hannah is safe, Eve comes out with everything because she knows she can’t be arrested. I’m not 100% sure where they switch out if this is the case.
          If it’s split personalities, well, she’s screwed. But she may believe it enough herself that she doesn’t realize.

          I think it’s going to come down to analyzing the really tiny details to figure out which one it is…if there even is a clear answer.

          1. Steve

            Eve is not safe – you can definitely be arrested for things like lying to the police, obstructing an investigation, and helping a murderer escape.

            Why do people think Hannah escaped anyways? The last we see of her, she tries to open the door of the interrogation room, but it’s locked. Then in interview 7 Eve says she’s “gone” but not where to.

            1. Steve

              Well, other than the fact that Eve acts smug and happy in the clip I mentioned.

              Still, in another clip you can find of Eve with the keyword “gone” she says the whole reason for the conspiracy to hide the murder was to protect the baby. And given what I said above (obstructing justice is a crime), Eve would still end up in jail, and she’s the one carrying that baby (regardless of whether you think they are twins or not).

              If they are twins, and she was telling the truth that the most important thing was to protect the baby, wouldn’t the best plan be for Hannah to turn herself in?

              1. AppUnwrapper

                Shaqmeister pointed out that maybe Eve was only pretending to be the pregnant one so Hannah could escape with the baby. I’m still not sure I buy that, but it does seem like a possibility.

              2. Shaqmeister

                @Steve – Ask yourself the question, what actual evidence do you have that Eve is the one that is pregnant? That she tells us a ‘story’ in the final interview where she’s the one that got pregnant by Simon? Eve has been telling us a lot of stories? Eve’s whole life is one big story?

                Being sick in the third interview? Is that evidence?

                And what do you think that the police had said to Eve at the start of that interview, that led to Eve’s response “Oh, it tastes fine to me.”? Do you think it might be something like “Is that coffee all right? It looks like it’s got a nasty film on it. Do you want me to get you another?” Easiest thing to slip an emetic into your own drink.

                No. Hannah and Eve came into the police with a plan. They told us themselves, something along the lines of “We wanted suspicion to be directed at us, so that…” I think that plan had to change, and I think that the key bit of evidence that made it so that they couldn’t both finally hope to get away with it, was the speeding camera.

                Anyway, once the plan changes, then it all comes down to their having to think of a way to protect Sarah, Simon’s child – she’s “the only thing that matters.”

                How is it even possible to think that the ending, which sees Eve as the one that the police have in custody and are arresting, has any sense as a plan to protect Sarah, if Eve is the one that is carrying Sarah?

                Hannah and Eve are two clever, clever women. They haven’t gotten away with the big lie all these years if that wasn’t the case. Ok, so they couldn’t get them both off the rap, but what makes you think that they haven’t gotten away with it now?

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Btw, my interrogation of Sam Barlow is back in progress and there have been some enlightening responses.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              Well, I think we’re supposed to either assume she escaped or that Eve killed her.

      2. Ian K

        Also both women (with and without tattoo) describe Simon as their husband.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          She was still pretending to be Hannah at that point. Just said she got a tattoo to express her individuality. I don’t think she explains the actual tattoo until the last interview. So basically, until Eve is outed, she’s pretending to be Hannah. So it’s challenging to figure out when she’s actually Hannah and when she’s Eve pretending to be Hannah. This is why I can’t get the game off my mind. 😛

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Before watching everything in order, I thought it might be split personalities, but after watching it all in order, I think the twins thing makes more sense. Especially with the black eye and tattoo. It wouldn’t really fit into their plan to fake that stuff.

          1. Doug

            Unless her (single person) plan was to create the impression that there were twins, and then blaming the “other one,” as a way of getting out of being arrested. I was totally on “Team Twin” but I think I’m coming around to “Team Split.”

            1. AppUnwrapper

              The only problem is — as someone pointed out — if she’s just one person, the story wouldn’t be enough to keep her out of prison.

        3. AppUnwrapper

          I updated some things near the bottom of the post. I’m working on writing little summaries for each interview.

        4. AppUnwrapper

          Basically, if they’re not twins, then they don’t get away with murder. I don’t like that ending. 😛

          1. Ian Kjust

            Just thinking. Is it ever stated that they are twins or that there are actual twins? Still missing a bucket of clips, but won’t mind a spoiler.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Oh sorry! Didn’t realize you were still missing clips. But yeah, that’s the story she tells at the very end.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              So what people are debating is whether they’re really twins or just someone with split personalities who thinks she’s twins.

  22. TheDemko

    I got the impression of split personality as well. It was the bit about Hannah/Eve’s parents dying, and her intimating very clearly that they were murdered. Then, Eve basically said she woke up and that she had ‘slept right through it’. I’m pretty sure Hannah took over and killed her parents, and Eve knew nothing of the plan. It was just another time that Hannah broke ‘the rules’. Plus, a lot of self-aware MPD sufferers do internally discuss ‘rules’ regarding their behavior. When they can step in, when they can’t, etc.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I think that could still work both ways. Hannah wasn’t home to stop Eve from killing them, so that’s why she blamed herself (at least to the police — not sure how much she actually cared). Eve snuck the death cap mushrooms into their food (since they learned about them from their father).
      Eve just wanted to be alone with Hannah so she doesn’t have to hide quite as much. At least, that’s what I get from it.
      I’m not sure we can completely disprove either scenario. 😉

      1. Ian K

        In the knock code scene, why would she address herself in the third person “why have you being talking about Eve?” That scene is confusing my wee brain slightly and leading me to split personality.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          She didn’t know she was being filmed. I didn’t think it was weird at all. She was scolding herself using her name. She wasn’t supposed to talk about Eve, but she really likes talking and can’t help herself sometimes. 😉

          1. Ian K

            Any thoughts on the whole reaction to the mention of twins and fingerprinting? And if her hand was burnt on an oven would that not take off the prints?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Hard to tell. I mean, if you can burn off your fingerprints, it has to be really bad for it to permanently remove them. Like, you can get a cut on your finger and any scar would show up in your prints. But can you scar your entire finger? Ouch!

              I still need to rewatch the fingerprinting stuff. It depends who was saying it and therefore whose prints were being checked. So many little details!

            2. AppUnwrapper

              As for the mention of twins, I think she just wasn’t ready yet for them to find out. She still needed them to think they were one person so Hannah could get away (that’s my theory, at least).

      2. Ria

        I was also thinking that the parents were murdered somehow. Why would an expert pick dodgy mushrooms killing two of them?
        So suspicious when they mention how they both knew what to look out for, therefore they both knew what not to pick. Especially convinced of your scenario, I think a dud mushroom was picked deliberately. Way too suspicious for two people to die of mushrooms from an expert.

        Also, I’m a bit concerned about Florence’s death. Maybe Eve was that eager to see her ‘reflection’ that she didn’t care for Janice. It’s clear to be that Eve is slightly messed up though. Who knows what really happened to the diseased…

        1. Ria

          P.S. Don’t ask me who Janice is. I keep having to avoid writing Janice for Florence!

        2. AppUnwrapper

          It’s heavily implied that Eve killed their parents with the mushrooms. Since they would have learned about different mushrooms from their father. She said the police never checked the attic. And Hannah wasn’t home to stop Eve, so she blames herself a bit for their death. I don’t think Hannah wanted them to die, but Eve was tired of always hiding. With the parents dead, they can just live alone and she could come out of the attic.

        3. AppUnwrapper

          And yeah, I think Eve also killed Florence so she could leave and be with Hannah.

  23. Alyssa S.

    I’m in favor of the split personalities theory. I’ve read a lot about pathology and mental illness, and it’s very rare that only two personalities exist. A third personality is commonly discovered at times when the person feels threatened, either outward danger or an inward threat to the personalities’ separate yet intwined existences. Notice that at the time Hannah became pregnant, Eve worried about their becoming separate people. She says that during the same year as her miscarriage, her parents are found dead. Both Hannah and Eve tell this story, noting that their father would never have chosen those poisonous mushrooms. Both of the girls look genuinely saddened and suspicious of the circumstances. They also both do not remember their being sick, just their bodies being found.
    A solution to the problem of the personalities becoming separated would be Simon and Hannah living in their own house, with Eve “living in the attic.” The death of Hannah’s parents opens up that possibility and maintains the system Hannah and Eve have been building since childhood. I think the third personality took care of this obstacle for the girls.
    However, the fact that the girls cover up Simon’s death to protect Hannah would pose a problem to my theory. Maybe Hannah is serving as the problem solver. Simon discovers his wife in a bar, wearing a wig and thinking she’s someone else. Eve says he brought her to the house, almost “like he wanted to be caught.” Maybe he was checking to see if his wife was where she was supposed to be. If they could be in the same place at the same time. He gives Hannah the mirror when she is dressed up as Eve, trying to tell her they are the same person; Hannah feels her system being threatened; she kills Simon to maintain the balance between the personalities. Eve confuses the police, believing she’s saving her “sister” and “their” baby, as they both refer to the unborn child as being “ours.”
    I also would agree that it’s possible Eve could have been real. Hannah could have killed her. Drowned her, as she described herself. The concept of a human little girl living unnoticed for close to a decade is very hard to believe. Did they shower at the same time to avoid the suspicion of taking two showers a day? Did Hannah sneak entire meals up to the attic three times a day? Did Hannah’s parents, described as not being rich, buy twice as much shampoo, conditioner, tampons, and underwear as they would for one girl? It doesn’t make sense. Also, the name Eve, having been chosen by “Florence,” because she planned to use it for her own child, is a palindrome just like Hannah. If she had taken the name from Eve’s real parents, this might make sense. But for the two twin girls to have been given two palindromic names independently of each other, is just hard to swallow as fact. This game provides too much symbolism with regards to mirrors and reflections for me to believe it’s a mere coincidence.
    Eve also mentions that her “reflection” would go “on adventures” while she stayed in the same place. Eve could be stuck in the mirror, looking back at the real girl who can turn from the mirror and continue a life outside of it, whereas Eve only existed when they looked in the mirror. One day, she “went across the street.” She stepped out of the mirror and used Hannah’s life as her own.
    The tattoo, I think, must have been Simon’s way of knowing his wife was suffering from a mental illness. We may not know whether Simon wished to assimilate the two or be with the Eve personality over the Hannah personality, but he most likely tried to take some sort of action, and that’s why he was killed.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Interesting ideas.

      But how do you explain her being in Glasgow at the same time she killed Simon? And the bruise? Why not have them match like they used to, if she’s trying to pretend she’s one person to the police? And the tattoo shows up one day after there was none. Again, she’s trying to convince the police up until the last interview that she’s one person. Why do all that? The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that they’re twins scheming a way to cover up the murder and they screw up a few things.

      1. Ian K

        Unless something was unlocked at the end, I don’t think we’ll ever know the full story.
        However, the reason I’m going with the split personality, is because, in my opinion, it’s harder to cover steps and easier to make mistakes. If there were two working on the same project or aiming for same end result I think it’d be easier done.
        As for the Glasgow part, nothing to say she couldn’t have killed and then drove.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I think if you watch all the videos in order, you might change your mind. 😉

          I started summarizing them also. The bruise/tattoo/Glasgow just don’t make sense if it’s split personality. If they were one person, they wouldn’t need work so hard to pretend to be one person.

          1. Ian K

            Well the character could be along the lines of Di Caprio’s scenario in Shutter Island.

            Any significance with the reflection of the face in the screen?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              You haven’t gotten to that point yet? Then you should be playing more! 😛

              1. Alyssa S.

                It may just be me not really knowing how long it would take her to go back from Glasgow, but it seems like she lost time. She says it was about nine when she stopped the car and fell asleep, and the next time she gives a specific time, she says it’s three and she’s back at the house finding Hannah with Simon’s body. She tells the story about hitting a taxi and then going to the hospital, with the added detail that she had no identification, which made the taxi driver angry. So if you assume this is true, the only information you could gather from the hospital would be that an unidentified woman came into the hospital around nine after a fender bender. So although that would provide a kind of an alibi, even if they found the taxi driver and he said Eve was the woman he saw, that’s not solid in the least. The evidence they show her is understood to be a traffic camera photo of her driving past somewhere, probably Glasgow. So they have a photo of her there, but they can’t confirm how long she was there. When she fell asleep, it’s possible she transitioned in that moment and drove back.

  24. Ria

    (SPOILERS! Read at own risk!!!!)

    My take on this game…

    Firstly, I loved it! So unique and I love solving things.

    I believe that Hannah and Eve are twins. I did contemplate Hannah being a bit psycho and believing she was two people. She seemed so calm for someone that had just killed someone too. But with the evidence against them, in my eyes, they are twins. The whole Eve driving to Glasgow then explaining this to the police, I suspected this early on, not long after I queried them as twins, it would make sense to explain what you know best.
    I can imagine that the rehearsed statement was from reading their diary. One would have an interview, then write it down. The other would read it so they both had their facts right. Unfortunately for them, it was a bit too spot on.
    I felt that when Hannah revered to Eve often, and quite unwantingly as if she was a burden. Like she was hinting about some flea on her back. How she mentioned about being alone on her honeymoon, and just Simon and her on her wedding dance, time to herself at his parents house, then talking hatefully about ‘her friend Eve’, also Simon wanted to call their baby (Simons and Hannah’s) Ava, and Hannah said she didn’t want a symmetrical name, it was too much like Eve’s. I saw all sorts of emotional references from both of them, such as envy, hate, distance, longing, delusion, stress, panick, happiness, love etc.

    At once, and I’m still not entirely sure, but I thought that Eve had actually killed Hannah, or Hannah killed herself when she mentioned that she isn’t coming back. I’ve swayed more towards her leaving, but it would be more permanent if she’d died, then she’d never be caught… I thought Eve wanted to keep Hannah away from Sarah, but maybe not.

    In my eyes, Sarah is definitely Eves child. Eve loved Hannah, probably knew what Hannah would have named her baby, which was Sarah. I was surprised to discover that we were in fact acting as Sarah.
    Also, when asked ‘do you know why your mother did what she did’ (something like that) I don’t think this makes it look like it was Hannah’s kid, I think it refers to covering up the murder, pretending to be Hannah, why did she feel as though she had to continue this way etc I think it’s a question about many acts that Eve herself committed.

    I was a bit confused as to why a date mentioned on there was (something)/06/84 as opposed to 06/94. I think this was an error, a spoken error, not the text date on every video. Maybe it was supposed to be an example of how under pressure they were at the up interview.

    I don’t think Eve really thought that she would not to get arrested, because of her absent identity. The police would not simply say, you’ve assisted with a murder, committed fraud, but have no identity so we can’t take you in. She asked for a lawyer. Also, she was raised and practically lived most of her life in an attic, what’s a jail sell got on her! However, there were some rather silly things such as Hannah’s parents never visiting the attic, nor did the police when her parents died, yet there was clearly a big investigation. But you know, every game lacks common sense some place, and you need to faulter a little to fit every desired scenario in it seems.

    About the morse code, if it says good bye Hannah, I’m thinking she could either be dead or alive. But if it did mean F U Hannah, then I’m thinking she’s dead…

    I love how this game is open to interpretation. You can see how people’s brains are working, really working on those cogs! Have to say though, when Hannah’s face pops up on the screan after you watch particular clips, that really disturbs me, as does when the music starts to play. I actually woke up after seeing Hannah’s face pop up in my dream, a lot scarier and possessed! Scared the sh… Out of me! This game truly disturbed me in ways! Especially at night haha its not scary, just creeps me out and makes me walk around with the lights on.

    Great game. Apologise for any spelling mistakes. It’s late, and there’s too much to mark haha.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you referring to 1984 when her parents died and she lost the baby?

      1. Ria

        Yes I am. That would make her over 100 years old right? Unless I’m just over tired!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          What do you mean? 1984 is only 10 years earlier than 1994. I didn’t notice anything from the 1800’s, so not sure if you found a typo?

          1. Ria

            Yes, of course, of course. Definitely just over tired! I was obiously not processing 1980’s thinking it was 1800’s! Was wracking my brain over this for ages thinking it was an error. Way to young to be going senile! Thanks for sharing a bit of common sense with me haha!

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Haha no worries!
              I’ve been sleep-deprived for three days bc I was putting those videos in order. So my brain’s not fully functional at the moment, either.

              Glad to know I’m not the only one obsessed with this game, though. 🙂

  25. April

    I’m still thinking split personality. I think she spent a lot of time in the attic when she was young and played with her doll house and read fairy tales. I think Eve was created from the fairy tale Rapunzel. I think she became Eve by putting on the long blonde wig and used the story of Grothel to create Eve’s mother, Florence. Also, I think she came up with the story about trying to drown her sister from the “traditional ballad” she sang. Again, I think Simon discovered she had two personalities and he liked Eve because she was more adventurous and unpredictable. When Hannah discovered he liked Eve more, she became enraged. I’m curious about whether both girls had an STD. It really makes sense to me that she is one person at odds with her personalities. I also agree with the possibility that she was a twin, but that her sister died at birth from having the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Perhaps her mother told her and even blamed her some for it and that is where the drowning notion came from. I love hearing everyone’s theories!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What about it all being a story made up by a very clever woman to try and get away with murder? Planning every tiny little detail so her story is convincing? My only problem with that theory is I’m not sure how Sarah fits in, what she would be trying to understand about her mother.

      1. April

        I was under the impression that Sarah was trying to find out why her mother killed her father.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          But that only works if Eve/Hannah are the same person. Since Eve is Sarah’s mother and Hannah killed Simon. If they’re actually twins, I don’t know what she’s supposed to understand about what Eve did.

  26. Alyssa S.

    I think that instead of a fake tattoo, it could be a real tattoo that’s covered up. Like how men with female split personalities will put on makeup and women’s clothes, but wash the makeup off and change clothes while transitioning between personalities. I’m not sure how much of the clues I see (like the not-so-believable alibi and the fact that a lie detector test isn’t admissable in court) are just flaws or unintentional clues in the game. But a tattoo can definitely be covered up. And it seems rather convenient that her coffee, which was sitting on the table, falls on her shirt so that her very prominent tattoo can be seen and noted. Again, might be just the setup of the game and not a clue

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh I’m 100% with you on the spilling the coffee. It seemed intentional to me, too. But I thought maybe it was to change the topic.
      It feels like every little tiny detail was intentional. I mean, this is one carefully-crafted game. And the acting seems convincing enough to me that I think all the nuances mean something, even if it’s not always 100% clear what it means.

  27. Nancy Drew

    Thanks for putting the videos together in order, I finished the game and then watched them in order here before I drew a conclusion.

    I believe it’s multiple personality disorder. There’s no way that Eve spent more than half her life living in an attic without Hannah’s parents knowing. That seems absolutely ludicrous. The tattoo looks fake, it’s all shiny, real tattoos don’t have a sheen. The bruise could either have been real and then covered up or it was fake all along. Hannah seems embarrassed to talk about her childhood friend Eve and then seems to have a transitional moment to talk to Eve during the interview. Eve can’t stop using “we” when talking about Hannah, herself and the new baby. Eve repeatedly says, “I don’t exist” and I think that may be the only honest statement she makes. Sad story but it’s more likely than a lifelong secret attic twin.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh I caught those “we”‘s, too.

      The tattoo looking fake, though — it *is* a fake tattoo (for the game) — I guess the question is whether it intended to look fake?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I’m still trying to understand what happened to Sarah in either scenario. I so wish we were given more info than that. Hoping maybe someone discovers a hidden Easter egg that tells us *her* story!

      1. Nancy Drew

        When I finished the game and they asked me if Sarah understood why her mother did what she, I wrote yes and got the same answer as you writing no.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, the no just seems to give you more time before you see the credits.

  28. JJ

    Split personality……………

    Seconding the wholly unlikely idea that you could live secretly in the attic of an inhabited flat for years.
    How you could be educated and sub for lessons. Clearly the personalities are different so others would have noticed teachers etc.
    The initial pregnancy caused unbalance in the Eve personality in which she notes sleeping with multiple people and contracting an STD
    An untreated STD can in some cases increase the likelihood of miscarriage…
    Loss of the baby triggered further instability and resulted in the murder of parents

    If the Eve twin was real she would have co existed with the corpses for many days – noting the reference to the forensic etymologist. yuk

    Wouldn’t the Hannah twin have addressed the doubts about the mushroom ingestion from the father character…………..

    I think I might have noticed a stranger even covered in a veil at a family funeral … just saying

    Assuming the impulse to drown her friend at the beach occurred between real people when did that “holiday” occur? How would the attic twin have attended a family holiday. Hannah left the family home to get married and the honeymoon was the only night they had together. During most of the intervening years presumably Simon didn’t know about the hidden sister. I think she wanted to rid herself of the other personality and it is not a real occurrence but thoughts.

    Sarah is Hannah/Eves baby and is seeking to understand how her mother killed her father

    The alibi is lousy at best especially given time of death would be way before the watch was reset. According to the narrative of “Eve” if its real the Hannah sat with the body all day in shock. Police would use time of death estimated by the coroner surely?

    The hand mirror in the bag looks whole but the glass could be entirely shattered leaving only the frame.
    Meaning there could have been one mirror not two

    Newly acquired tattoos do have a sheen but would be more raised and sore. Could be a fake as discussed

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahhhh these are all really good points. Now I’m leaning back towards split personalities. Much more depressing version of the tale. But it definitely would explain the Sarah part, which I think is much more difficult to understand if they’re twins.

      Damn. Just when I thought I’ve watched the clips enough times, I feel compelled to look through them again!

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Ok, you guys are starting to convince me. I think the main reason is because I can’t figure out what Sarah’s story is if they were twins. Because as twins, at least one of them would have gotten away and probably would have been able to raise her. So why would she need to watch these videos? But if it’s split personalities, her mother is likely in prison or an insane asylum and Sarah went through the foster care system. So now, as an adult, she’s watching the videos to understand why her mother gave her up.

    3. AppUnwrapper

      Not too many people seem to be entertaining the idea that she’s just a really clever woman who fabricated this whole story and planned out every little detail so the police would believe her twins story at the very end and let her go. I kind of like that idea, but not sure how Sarah fits in with it.

    4. Abi

      Just a note, the game seems to be set in Portsmouth, which is a city on the South coast of England and has a large beach called Southsea Beach. Hannah/Eve could very well have grown up a stones throw away from the beach, they could have sneaked out together, or met up there whilst Hannah was pregnant and living with Simon.

  29. JJ

    Oh PS the windows in the family home were hard to open. Was that because they were poorly painted and couldn’t be opened. Or painted over to avoid staring at your “reflection”

    What happened to Domino the cat.

  30. Oddfellow

    How to get the 100% achievement.

    Btw, in case you didn’t manage the 100% achievement, an “easy” way is to search for blank. Since all videos are default marked with BLANK the will all show.

    Then gradually remove blank from the keywords, keep searching, keep removing.

    P.S. What about the missing volume? any luck? Maybe it will be a sequel? 😛

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sadly, there are no achievements on the iOS version. 🙁

      But that’s a clever trick that I feel really stupid for not thinking of. When I was numbering and organizing all the clips in my “user session,” I searched for them based on keywords I remembered. I could have just typed in BLANK, since I was removing that from each one as I added it to the string. Especially when I was down to the last few and couldn’t remember what they were. Man, I that would have made my life so much easier. 😛

      As for the missing volume or other secrets, I’m hoping someone might still find an “admin” command that brings up some hidden Easter egg.

      1. Ria

        I used the BLANK method too. I tried writing that on here yesterday, but for some reason the post didn’t turn up!

        Instead of just removing the BLANK, you could have labelled them in sequence there and then since the videos turn up in sequels from interview 1 through to 7. I labelled mine 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 etc. then Inteview two would have been 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and I did this for all the videos so I put the interview number first so I could ensure they were all in order easier 🙂

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, I spent waaaaaay too much time doing it the hard way. Not to mention that there’s a bug that caused my Query History to turn black at some point, so I couldn’t browse through my old searches while organizing them. I could have saved so much time using this method.

          Not sure why your post didn’t turn up. All your others seem to be going through. Was there something in it that my spam filter might have caught?

          1. Ria

            It might be possible that I didn’t post the comment like I thought I did. I’ll let you know if it ever happens again. For now, who knows.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              If you ever notice your comments not showing up, just send me an email and I’ll check my spam folder for them. 🙂

      2. draculito

        I don’t think the missing volume is accessible from the game.
        By the way, I would say the missing volume is about Hannah’s interview (if split personnality or if twins theory and not killed).

        I’ll post my own thoughts when I’ll be done with all the posts here (quite interesting). There are pro and cons, but I’d go with the split personnality theory too.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          It would be cool if there’s actually something to unlock, but I’m starting to doubt it at this point.

  31. Ria

    I was thinking, that although this is one of the best games I’ve ever played (honestly), I would have liked more of a game feel to it. I just feel like the credits started rolling, and I haven’t really achieved anything. I was waiting for something else to happen which is why I waited until I found every video, but nothing really happened.

    Ways I feel it could have been more game like is,

    With every interview you have to find evidence that Hannah killed Simon, or not, that she’s a twin or that she is as nuts as a lot of you assume. Maybe it could have been open to a few ideas for example you can only write yes or no on the ‘chit chat’ bit where you state whether you’re done or not, maybe it could have been made so we have to write a particular word out of a few that would actually work, can be typed, cancelling out letters that don’t create any of the preprogrammed words that you could use, for example you could maybe write ‘twin’ or ‘double act’, or ‘insanity’, or ‘unstable’, or even ‘innocent’, and then an additional box pops up where you have to drag a supporting clip from each interview that supports these suspicions.

    Just an idea that leaves it open to interpretation as it clearly already is.

    I guess a few issues that this idea would have is that it asks for Sarah’s opinion on why her mum did what she did, as opposed to do you think you’re auntie/mum is a cold blooded killer. I generally wasn’t expecting to be Sarah when I originally finished the game however and thought that I would need to use the clips to some reference.

    Maybe even having the option to speak to her mum in prison (if she did intact end up there) would have been interesting. Or typing in key words could have unlocked additional content like letters, additional interviews, Florence’s diary pages, Hannah’s and Eves diary pages, collectables like the blonde wig, the mirror (both mirrors – broken and whole -, baby scan photos, photos of there home, wedding pictures etc. would have been cool 🙂

    Still a great game regardless though.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I somewhat agree. But I think we would all be less obsessed with it if the answers were easier to come by.
      I don’t know about you, but “Eve” was one of the first keywords I entered. I got it from one of the MURDER clips that mentions her tattoo and how it’s a palindrome. Eve led me to Hannah, and then I think I finally searched Simon. So I got the split personality idea first and then a few minutes later, thought “twins!” I think most people search Simon first, then Hannah, and then eventually Eve. But that mention of the tattoo caught my attention and I forgot about everything else I heard. That was the moment I got hooked, and I love that every few minutes had me rethinking what I already knew. Sure, the game could give us more answers. But I’m not sure I want them. I sort of do, but also don’t. 😛

      I do agree more info about Sarah at the end would have been cool, though. Something that might not give too much away, but could make more sense of why she’s there in the first place. Or is that one of our clues to interpreting everything?

      1. Ian K

        Maybe I missed it along the way but is Eve actually introduced officially in it? Hannah states her name and address but do we actually ever see Eve?

  32. dianalee rode

    I am a strong proponent of the split personality theory. I think there never was a Hannah. She said her mother wanted her first daughter to be called Eve. That’s why the lie detector said the error was her name. Hannah’s tattoo (which I think is a fake in the story) to make her individual acutally were made up of components related to Eve in the Biblical story. Eve is the real person, however she was mentally ill from childhood and developed a reflection personalilty to go with a palendrome name. Hannah didn’t want her child to have a palendrome name like Ava becasue she didn’t want her daughter to develop a reflection personality as well.
    Hannah, the internal good girl and conscience, wanted to be rid of Eve, (who may have murdered the midwife across the street). I’m thinking she tried to drown herself in an attempt to kill Eve, but that is not easy to do, she blacked out, her body fought to survive, and Eve/Hannah lived. Hannah would never have been unfaithful to Simon. Eve was the aggressor and sedusor of men, even after her marriage to Simon, and the murderer of her parents so she/Hannah could escape Simon’s parents’ ordered household and Eve wouldn’t be regulated to the attic, aka have to be so carefully hidden because there were other people present. I’m actually suspicious as well that Eve somehow caused the miscarriage because it was so important to her that her and Hannah’s life continue as a reflection and her delusion wouldn’t support this when there were physical differences.
    I don’t think there is anyway Eve got away with her murder of Simon who actually loved and married Hannah. I think she was institutionalized. I am hoping her daughter was given to a loving aunt or uncle or someother such family member to raise and that she had a happy, healthy childhood.
    That could be my delusion talking. 🙂

  33. Diane

    as far as the theory that she is a clever person just trying to get out of it by fabricating the whole thing and blaming a make-believe twin, at the very least it seems the woman at the end could be charged as an accessory after the fact, so I don’t think she would be scot free even if she wasn’t charged with the murder. But also i think it would be hard to set up the entire backstory to prove her existance. Meanwhile, a mentally ill person who already is living with delusion could be equally deluded in thinking she could get a way with it when in reality she cannot be completely acquitted….

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Good points.

      I still like it as a possibility, though. She’s playful at the end, teasing that none of it may be real, that it’s just a story. So what if she really means that? And she just feels confident enough to be able to joke about it.

      1. Kaitlynn Nguyen

        Actually, most of Eve’s behavior, including the conjectured murder of Florence and her parents, strikes me as the classic signs of a sociopath. Most sociopaths plan and play out a set course of action, and show signs of relaxation and confidence when it finishes according to their plan. To quote Hannibal Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

        As such, it’s possible that Eve is real and a sociopathic killer. However, she kills like most sophisticated sociopaths, carefully and with premeditation. Simon’s murder appears to be a crime of passion, and as such, does not fit Eve’s M.O., thus making Hannah the murderer. If Eve is NOT a sociopath, then she has nothing to gain by killing Simon, either.

        Therefore, if they’re separate people, the plan was never for both of them to get away scot free. In fact, if Eve is a sociopath, which is likely, given her penchant for telling stories and potentially pathological lying, then she has but one goal: to safeguard the most valuable thing in her life, the only person she’s ever truly felt companionship and togetherness with: her sister, because if Hannah goes to jail, there’s no Eve. She doesn’t have a life outside of Hannah, and Simon, and with Simon gone, if Hannah were to be convicted, where would that leave Eve, a woman without an identity, or even an idea of self-worth?

        So she does the one thing she does best: spin a story that will make her an accessory to murder at worst, and at best, will leave so many holes that attorneys will be crying for reasonable doubt, but yet allow her sister to get away. Is Eve really pregnant? No one knows. There’s so many things we aren’t told about the case; perhaps she was, and the child was given up for adoption, and is trying to figure out why, a quest that has led Sarah to the police station to look into her mother’s arrest, to find out why she was abandoned as an infant, why her mother chose to protect her sister over her.

        1. Kaitlynn Nguyen


          Forgot to add a few things: While a bit far-fetched, Eve did grow up with Florence, a trained midwife. She would know the effect a fennel overdose would have for Hannah’s pregnancy. It’s unlikely, but not inconceivable, that she actually did poison her sister in order to restore balance and parity between the two of them.

          Eve’s entire life has been spent chasing her sister’s ideal and attempting to be her in order to have a life…Everything she does is planned carefully, even the seduction of Simon – she practically admits to being a practiced temptress from a fairly young age on, and everything she does is methodical. Killings made to look like accidents and natural cause, or, if nothing else, untraceable. Perhaps she orchestrated this final plan to give herself up voluntarily in order to finally have someone pay attention to her…Eve, not her as Hannah, the way Simon was doing, and have a chance to tell her own story, however fictionalized it may be.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            If she did want attention, that might also explain her spilling the drink on herself to take off her shirt and reveal the tattoo. It’s still unclear why she would do that if she was trying to protect Hannah. But she still tries to go along with the story during the 5th interview. That 5th interview is an odd one, both from Eve’s behavior and the police’s.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          True, I’m not sure what Eve would do without Hannah if she killed her or Hannah got arrested. Unless she now gets a social security card and a license and starts being her own person?

  34. Glo

    To be honest I hadn’t even noticed the split personality possibility. But one think that strikes me as strange is that the chat asks SArah if she now understands why her mother did what she did. But Eve is supposed to be her mother right? So if they were twins Eve hadn’t done anything wrong. Hannah killed her father (SImon)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, that’s what has me stumped on the twins scenario. Trying to figure out what she would have needed to understand if the twin story is real.

      1. Ria

        I still think this is referring to the assisting Hannah and letting her go, and the whole swapping over thing in the interviews. She already explains what Hannah did and why (if Hannah actually explained the truth to Eve). If there was an after story then we might understand this better.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Btw, I asked Sam and he said he wanted to leave the part with Sarah ambiguous for the player to fill in the blanks how they wish. Everything about the crime itself should be clear, though.

          Assuming he’s being truthful about it, there’s no hidden file to find.

          1. Ria

            I kind of want to know what clear is, like what his idea is but I don’t want to ruin everything, like my idea, or the fact that everyone else’s ideas seem to play with mine or finding new things to ponder!

            Well at least we know there’s nothing much else to ponder about Sarah?

  35. Nancy Drew

    Eve said they went through all the childhood diseases together. Chicken pox causes fever and needs to be attended to by a doctor. I can’t imagine two 7 year olds clever enough to switch it up “parent-trap” style while they have chicken pox and fevers without being found out.

    Such a good game!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What’s your take on it all being a clever plan from a sane woman to convince the police that she’s a twin and the twin killed Simon and ran away?

      1. Doug

        My take now is that this is exactly what’s going on. She even talks about their plan to ‘throwing suspicion on ourselves and then disprove it’ (not an exact quote).

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, I recall her talking about buying time with the watch/Glasgow thing, but not really caring if it sticks long-term.

  36. Nancy Drew

    It’s possible that she is just a very clever person. At one point Eve admits to planning part of it, finding the body later, the bit about the watch and wanting to become a suspect. Either way she wants to get off easy by convincing the police she’s not the killer but her evil twin is or that she is actually crazy. She’s set them up to believe either theory and they wouldn’t be able to get a clean conviction.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      My main problem with the non-multiple personalities theory is that I don’t know what Sarah is supposed to understand from them. That’s bugging me.

  37. Michèl

    Thanks for your effort of bringing together all pieces! Though I loved the beginning I have to admit the end was a little bit of a chore for me…

    Or better: I didn`t even notice that I had reached the end, ignoring the chat window after initial attempts to enter something in the text window had failed.

    In the end I really wanted to be more police officer than just “bystander” and do some more investigation than just sit there and watch. 🙂 So, the ending felt a little bit unsatisfying for me.

    Although I thought about the split personality/ twin thing as well, I think it doesn`t even matter, because in the end neither woman would have left the police station so soon after being a suspect in a murder case. And the game limits the “police work” just to the detectives who listen to her, this way it could be that she is either super smart or has a split personality. But in real life there would have been investigations outside of the interrogation room and as soon as you ask other people questions about either one I think the whole artificial facade would crumble… 🙂

    So, what I really want to say is: Don`t think about this case too much, in real life she would never get away with that. 😉

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Well, they did interview Eleanor and Doug. She mentions that they said the police were asking a lot of questions about her. So if no one else knows their secret, their story can hold up.

  38. Crocell


    The split personality theory is interesting but I believe twins make more sense, partly because of the fingerprints.

    Hannah’s fingerprints are taken during interview 2. Interview 4 strongly implies that the police ran fingerprints in the house and found unknown ones (Eve’s). If they were split personalities, they would have the same fingerprints.

    I believe Hannah and Eve were overconfident. Because of their alibi, they expected to both get away with the murder, and to live together with their baby. They didn’t expect the police to run fingerprints in the bedroom (or maybe they didn’t know twins have different fingerprints), They had been able to fool everybody their whole life, they didn’t expect the policemen would notice their differences.

    After Hannah’s blunders in interview 4, they realize the truth will be discovered, and Hannah flees while Eve covers for her to give her time.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ohhhh good point about them maybe not realizing their fingerprints would be different.

  39. kate

    I think the childhood holiday and the police station stories seal it as muliple personality or fabrication.

  40. Monk

    She didn’t say they were on holiday, just that they were at the beach. They live in Portsmouth which has several beaches. Need to review the police station story because how could they both get picked up and taken home without it becoming obvious that they are twins…

    I’m still leaning towards twins though.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just re-watched that clip (this game is seriously never leaving my iPad) and she says “So they came and picked us up and took me back to Portsmouth. My mum picked me up from the station. But, I blamed everything on my friend, Eve, so my parents let me off.” Perhaps, for whatever reason, only Hannah was taken to Portsmouth? And her parents still never saw Eve — so she just blamed everything on a friend they never met. Not sure what would have happened to Eve, though. How would she get out of the station?

      Ahhh crap.

  41. Monk

    Also, what makes me lean towards the twins thing is the whole bruise, face touching thing. If someone hit you in the face hard enough for it to bruise, you’d remember what side of your face it was a couple of days later. If, however, you saw someone with a bruise on their face and then had to pretend to be that person, you could easily touch the side of your face that mirrors how you would have seen it on them. Also people saying about how if the girl wasn’t let out by Florence she wouldn’t have learned anything, she says that Florence taught her at home, so I don’t think she would be much behind other kids at school, and when eve lived in the attic, they could have easily taken turns to go to school and then used the diary to catch up on what was missed.

  42. Mo

    I just finished the game and spent the last half hour reading all your comments…
    i cant sleep anyways, and i am just… i dont know… not scared, but something like that. its better with lights on right now…
    im german, so please excuse my writing or missing english skills.
    one of the best games i played in a long long time, if u can call it a “game” – it left me with this weird feeling, something similiar to the one i had after watching fight club as a kid.
    i like all your different approaches to the story. in the beginning i thought twin story. but after reading all the comments, i am now more on the multiple personalities site… i think… but it is still too fresh… so here are my two cents:

    as for the sarah part at the end, which raises so many questions. my initial reaction was:
    her mother killed herself und now sarah is trying to find out why. somebody, maybe the detectitve who investigated the case at the time, tried to help her out, giving her access to the files. im not familiar with the foster care system in the states – is it possible she later found out who her mother was? (in germany it is, i think). if eve/hannah had multiple personality disorder, she would probably ended up in the asylum and maybe killed herself later on.

    also i think we are missing the whole fairy tale, dollhouse, rapunzel, blonde hair storyline a bit in the discussion.
    i like the idea that eve actually was a real friend in her childhood and she drowned her (maybe causing the syndrome) and then later created/mixed that story with the dead twin/sibling she may have overheard her parents talking about. (another person she “murderd”) Put in all the lonely time in the attic reading all those fairy tales, playing with the dollhouse – suddenly a reflection appears in the opposing house. (wouldnt it be odd, if her parents gave away a second child to the woman who lives across the street? wouldnt they want to have her be someplace far away?) She than killed the midwife who imprisoned her (or maybe florence was made up too) and her parents for giving her away. (i think the mushroom way to kill sounds very fairytale-like, i.e poisonous apple etc.)
    Maybe Sarah has MPD as well (i dont know if u can inherit it?) and SB is trying to help her to deal with all that. As they seem to know each other (SB is waiting outside after she loggs out) they may have met by accident and SB recognized her from the investigation… or what if the S stands for Simon…
    im getting carried away…… I WANT A SEQUEL !!!

    so much for now… i have to watch all the videos in the correct order and make up my mind…. too much stuff flying through my head… but its great if i game/book/movie can still do this stuff, even when one is getting older…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I can honestly say that in the years since I started this site, this is the most fun I’ve had with it. I love reading everyone else’s interpretations and seeing that there are others losing sleep obsessing over this game like I am. 😛

      As for Florence and Eve growing up across the street…. Their mother didn’t give Eve away to her. Their mother thought Eve was strangled by Hannah’s umbilical cord and didn’t survive. Florence realized she was alive (I may need to re-watch those clips) and snuck her out of the hospital, then homeschooled her so no one would notice. She wrote about it in her diary and that’s how Eve found out.

      But as Eve herself admits, this could all just be a story and nothing more.

      It feels like every word, every motion, every prop has purpose, so it makes me want to keep watching everything over and over. Help! 😛

      1. Mo

        oh yeah… you are right… totally forgot about this.
        but isnt there also a clip where eve/hannah states that the parents gave away the sick child and kept the healthy one?… or maybe i am just too tired… have to watch the clips again

        1. AppUnwrapper

          There are a lot of details in the Florence story. But I’m pretty sure they thought she was dead.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Florence lived across from them. She was the midwife and told Eve’s mother that she was dead, even though she wasn’t. Basically, she kidnapped Eve.

          1. Ria

            Yeah, Florence took Eve with her. Eve basically has the idea that her real mother didn’t care, and that, after discovering she was dead, they were happy for Florence to clean (her) up. She knows that her mother wasn’t expecting twins, and thinks that she wanted the birth to continue to be perceived only as a happy occasion. Since she wasn’t expecting twins, she wouldn’t have told her family and friends otherwise, therefore she acted as if Eve was never born.
            But Florence didn’t simply clean up the mess, she took this baby that was in fact alive, and she named her Eve, which is the name she was hoping to name her first child, if she ever were to have one (Florence’s husband is said to have died and that pretty much ruined her future family plans).

    2. Alyssa S.

      I agree about the rapunzel story and the dollhouse being a little missing from the discussion. I just had a thought. What if the house “across the street” was the dollhouse? Eve describes it in such detail, how big it is and how realistic it is. She “lived in the attic.” So did the dollhouse. It was kept there and never moved because of Hannah’s attachment to it. I also wonder about the hair-cutting story Eve tells, saying how she always used to cut her hair to match her reflection, and Florence would hide the scissors. Hannah, obsessed with the story of rapunzel, cuts her hair to match. And the “reflection” Eve sees has short hair, so in her mind she cuts her own hair to match. Maybe this story comes from a true version in which Hannah’s mother is alarmed at her cutting her hair constantly. It could have been a notable detail about the hair because it was an early sign of her illness.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        There’s two solid hours of footage. This would become a dissertation if I write about every every single aspect. 😉 But happy to discuss it when people bring it up.

        Yes, Hannah cut her hair short as a child and Eve wanted to cut hers to match. She also compares her adoptive mother (Florence) to the witch locking Rapunzel away, so it’s not much of a surprise that she would have killed her (I don’t believe for a second that she just tripped down the stairs — Eve pushed her).

        The song she plays later — “Wind and Rain” — also mirrors her jealousy of Hannah.

        Perhaps the blonde wig Eve wears to meet Simin is also to make her feel like Rapunzel.

        1. Alyssa S.

          Oh yeah, goodness I didn’t mean you messed up. I started sorting through the clips and gave up out of frustration about an hour in! I think that her killing Florence, her witch, was symbolic of Eve coming out as a personality. It was her “coming of age.” I still think there’s a third personality of which Hannah and Eve aren’t aware. She/he came out during Hannah’s first pregnancy, and she/he came out when Simon discovered Hannah’s illness and Hannah killed him. And Eve failed only one question: her name. But she didn’t say her name was Eve and register as telling the truth. When she said her mother called her Eve, she wasn’t hooked up to the lie detector test. The third personality cleans up the messes. Fixes the big problems. She/he worked hard to confuse the police and save all of the personalities.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Ha! Introducing a third personality is hurting my head a bit. 😉

            So you think the final interview she’s playing a third personality? Why call herself Eve, then? I’m not sure there’s a convincing argument for three personalities.

            1. Alyssa S.

              Yeah there’s not much evidence for it, but to me that seems logical. With MID (multiple personality disorder), it’s rare, basically unheard of, for only two personalities to be present in the mind of the patient. And think about it. Why, all of the sudden, is Eve so forthcoming with the information about Simon’s death? Because Hannah got away? It would make much more sense for them to flee after stumping the police. A confession after all that work is like a super illusion monologuing. It’s pointless and works against the whole idea of the plan. Hannah and Eve tried to hide Simon’s murder with the use of Eve’s “alibi.” When that wasn’t working, when their two personalities were too distinctive, the third personality found a solution in the confession. She changed her tune because she changed plans. Now, the tattoo still trips me up, but I still stand by my earlier theory that it’s because Eve and Hannah thoroughly believe they are different people that this mess-up happened.

              1. AppUnwrapper

                What would the third personality gain by doing that, though? She’d be in the same position as the others. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this theory, but I’ll think about it more.

                1. Alyssa S.

                  Well, Hannah and Eve’s plan wasn’t working. By taking over and confessing, something Hannah and Eve seemed to have no intention of doing, the third personality found a way to escape. When Hannah’s parents were killed, I’m wondering if the third personality did it to keep the girls “living together” in the house they grew up in. She/he acted again to protect them from being exposed and possibly broken up, as the third personality would think they were different people as well, and thus Hannah’s arrest would mean being separated from Eve.

                  1. AppUnwrapper

                    But if they think they’re separate people and Hannah/Eve aren’t in on her plan, how would she be saving them? They would need to be in on the plan or it wouldn’t work.

                    Whether they’re really twins or split personality, Eve confesses because she planned it out with Hannah. Hannah got away so she can divulge. But if the third personality is doing it without Eve’s or Hannah’s consent, then how would it work?

                    1. Alyssa S.

                      Well we don’t know what happens after the last clip. The first time I’m proposing the third personality interfered, it never came to light exactly what happened to her parents except that they died by poison and the girls had a hard time accepting it as an accident. This second time, with the confession, it’s a much more direct interference, which to me makes sense because the disease seemed to be worsening with the affair and Eve’s growing desire to live more individually, causing conflict that wasn’t previously there. The situation escalated; drastic times, drastic measures. Maybe the aftermath of the confession, what Hannah and Eve did with what the third personality did, is the thing Sarah wants to understand. The disease shows no sign of slowing down, and as MID progresses, one personality tends to absorb the rest, whether that personality is the original or not. So perhaps Sarah is trying to understand what happened to send her mother into such a spiral, a descent into madness. Why did her mother suddenly confess? Why did her mother start to change drastically, become someone else permanently, maybe hurt someone else she loved? These tapes are the evidence of the beginning of the end for Hannah and Eve. Maybe Sarah wants to understand how it all happened.

                    2. AppUnwrapper

                      Oh. Hmm. Hadn’t thought of it that way. Interesting idea.

                      They have been violent with each other before, though. When Hannah tried to drown Eve and also when she punched her extra hard when she was supposed to give her a matching black eye.

                      (There still remains that question why they wouldn’t have tried to match the black eye in the interview — and if they’re the same person, it means they went out of their way to cover it up for the Eve interviews.)

          2. Alyssa S.

            Well if we assume the theory that Eve was originally Hannah’s real life twin and that Hannah drowned her, that would explain the one instance of violence. The other instance, that happened because of Simon and because of Eve becoming more of an independent person. Which later led up to Simon’s death and the coverup. So the third personality interferes after all of the conflict culminates, just like when Hannah got pregnant and wanted to have Simon to herself. In my scenario, the third personality doesn’t step in until after Hannah miscarried, which is after a period of initial conflict between the girls. So she/he only appears when the girls are thoroughly backed into a corner, so to speak. Not just at any sign of conflict.
            Now, the bruise? That still stumps me. I think there’s a lot of evidence for both the twins theory and the multiple personality theory, both with several missing pieces. To me, the multiple personality theory (whether two or three personalities) seems to fill in the most gaps.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, the problem with the bruise is that it makes most sense if they’re twins. But even then, why not try to cover up Hannah’s? Would the police have noticed somehow?

              1. Alyssa S.

                Yeah exactly. If they were planning the whole thing, why would they overlook such an obvious detail. Unless Eve and Hannah weren’t allies, and when she said her sister wasn’t coming back, she meant it in a much more definite way.

          3. Kate

            I think if we accept the multiple personality theory that there’s a case for a third personality as well, particularly as you say because this is typical of MPD and I’ve read that one personality is often a negotiator/ mediary character. Even the artwork with the three Hannah/Eves in red, white and blue could be a very subtle hint 😀

            But I don’t think the third personality is the white-shirted Eve, for some reason during one viewing I started to think it could be the personality in the red/orange jacket. (and not just because it’s the only time either of them wear a bold, completely contrasting colour and the rest of the time they wear a shade of blue and/or white), there was something else that made me wonder this but I need to go back and view them yet again!

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, I wonder what the colors of the outfits mean. It’s been nagging at me, but I haven’t been able to figure it out. Most of the outfits are a shade of blue, then two white shirts that look very similar and one bright red suit? What does it all mean?!

          4. Ria

            There have been a lot of convincing arguments of Eve and Hannah being one person, however, I think the lie detector doesn’t convince me. If she had a split personality then it might be possibly that the lie detector test would come back as truthful, if Eve is really convinced at times that she is Hannah. Also, I think she would have been a bit more in denial about being told that she is lying. If someone was ill enough to claim to be someone else and really believe this, surely they wouldn’t turn around and say that the lie detector works, she may have been more doubtful, or even distressed?

            This game is such a brain sore!

    3. Ria

      By the way, your response to this game is exactly like mine. Slept with the lights on for two nights! Just talking about it right now makes me anxious since its night!

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Lol! I haven’t slept with the lights on, but last night was the first time I got a full night’s sleep in about a week.

  43. Mo

    I just started watching all the videos in the correct order, just a quick question, the one that I find most compelling right now. (i am somewhere in the middle of the third video)

    Why does the interrogator starts to show her pictures/drawings of fairy-tales? She hasnt yet talked so much about the dollhouse/attic etc. She just mentioned her childhood addiction to this stuff very briefly… she doenst seem to be very surprised…

    first thought: she isnt really at a police station, she is still delusional and at a psychiatrical institution. She made up everything: the murder, the whole story, we dont know (yet) what is real and what not. The policemen are actually doctors. Also the last Sequence, if i remember correctly, seems like a very “white” room…

    maybe i should finish watching, get some sleep and order my thoughts… hope its ok to write this raw ideas… ha

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I was wondering about those, too. And the guitar — why did they have her play that? But I didn’t really think into it too much. It’s all very strange, obviously for an interrogation. Most of the time, she sounds like she’s just telling her story to someone, and eagerly. She gives much more information than the police would ask for. So yeah, the drawings and the guitar need some explaining. Hadn’t considered that this is all an insane asylum, because we have to at least believe the the computer we’re looking at is telling us the truth, and that says it’s police interrogation videos (I guess I should re-read that, too!). So many details.

      1. Alyssa S.

        I meant villain, not illusion

      2. Ria

        Maybe the police had already been investigating and had a few suspicions, although I’m not sure how they would have done this. Still thinking this theory through.

        The guitar part was strange. The asylum idea is an interesting take on the game.

        Also, what gets me is if you don’t want to be seen as a suspect, why make yourself sound unstable in anyway? She talks about Eve and how she wanted to drown her. Although maybe she instantly regretted it since she tried to cover it up as a love hate relationship and she asked herself why she’s talking about Eve. A lot of people get carried away and think ‘what did I say that for’.
        Also, some of the things they ask her make me wonder. Going back and forth from asking to go over where she went, what she was doing – to asking less serious and seemingly (though who could tell) unrelated things like, playing the guitar, looking at the pictures. Maybe they were trying to be casual, so she didn’t realise she was a suspect, to see what she does next.

        There’s so many suspicions that are just cancelled out by other suspicions!

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Just had a thought — maybe they found the drawings in the house when they were looking for evidence and then asked her about it?

      1. Mo

        thought so too, but it seems like she has not seen those before, could be simons…
        im making a lot of notes while watching, i will order them and maybe post them later… i am really hooked, its 5 am here -.-

        you are right though with the police computer… just checked

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I haven’t gotten much sleep this week between organizing the videos, recording them, and then just obsessing over the story. 😉

          Yeah, it’s not clear where those drawings came from.
          Side note: I saw Sam Barlow mention that the detective’s questions exist. They have them. But I don’t know if they’ll ever release them.

          1. Mo

            while we’re at it
            thanks for all the work you put in, really appreciate it….
            … where are my manners -.-

            down to the last sequence….

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Haha no worries. I’m the one who decided to do it. 🙂

      2. Ria

        Ah I just wrote a post about this above. Should have looked down a bit as I deleted some of it as it wasn’t making much sense, but this makes more sense.
        I was thinking, how could they have done a previous investigation in her home following the bruise as a suspicion, but if there is now a body then they would have done an investigation of the house.

    3. Kate

      I started to wonder this at some point too – there’s something playing on my mind about the way she checks (on two occasions) whether the camera is recording, the way she becomes very concerned about giving the ‘right’ answer to the picture tests and the comment she makes about the ‘different room’ in the final interview. But it’s so easy to read too much into every moment of this game which is what makes it so fascinating and wonderful!

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I think Sam Barlow will have a lynch mob at his door if it turns out that anything in the game was a slip-up or unintentional. The way we’re all reading it, we’re assuming every single detail is intentional and has a purpose. What if we’re wrong? :/

      2. AppUnwrapper

        Btw, speaking of outfits… I haven’t mentioned this before, but what if there was some way for them to switch places on the same day, like they did that the movies?

        When in the red suit, she throws up and comes back with her hair back. I have to check how much time passed in between those clips, but maybe they found a way to change places, but share the outfit?

        And maybe Hannah spills the coffee on herself because she’s muddy on the details and needs an excuse to go switch places with Eve?

        1. Kate

          That is such a brilliant point! It’s almost as if they’re telling us how they’re getting away with it as the interviews go along. The constant references to switching and stories lend a huge deal of credence to the idea that either Eve, Hannah or both of them (if they are really are twins) plotted the entire thing with an unproven twin or insanity plea defence in mind.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. They can’t predict every little detail, every question the detectives would ask on a certain day, so maybe they had a way to swap if something went wrong? And the cops wouldn’t even consider the twins option until it’s too late to do anything about it.

          2. AppUnwrapper

            Btw, I added more thoughts to my post, past the videos. I’m trying to organize it better, but for now it’s a lot of rambling.

  44. Ian T

    There’s a few observations I can add that I haven’t seen brought up yet.

    The pictures are likely a thematic apperception test. Wikipedia will probably explain it better than I can but basically you’re shown ambiguous images and asked to make up a story about them. The idea being that you fill in the blanks of the story with your own experiences and end up talking about yourself without realising you’re talking about yourself.

    I don’t know about the rest of the world, but In England if you go to prison for a crime you didn’t commit and are later found to be innocent we’d call that a miscarriage of justice.

    The hiding in the attic for years doesn’t seem to add up, and mirrors the rupunzel tale a little too nicely, but that doesn’t have to be true for there to really be twins. If Eve murdered her parents, for example, perhaps that would be a good time for her to put on a wig and hide her identity.

    Finally, and I’ll have to check the videos again to be sure, I think the cup/glass that Eve leaves for the police to take prints from was held only in her right hand. This is the hand that Hannah said she had burnt so if Eve burnt her hand to match then there may not have been prints to take.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh ok. So it’s not so strange for the police to do that?

      Never heard the term “miscarriage of justice” before — here in America it’s likely just called “oh well. Whoops!”

      I do agree that Eve killed their parents so she could live in the rest of the house with Eve instead of always in the attic. But it was the same year that Hannah lost the baby. That means they were, what? Seventeen? I have to double-check. I think people are having a hard time accepting that she spent her time up to that point living in the attic. But I’m still willing to believe it.

      I need to go over the fingerprints videos, too. I think by the time we’re all satisfied, we’ll have the whole thing memorized. 😉

      1. Ria

        Well if Florence did infect kidnap a child and happens to live across the road from the real parents, then it doesn’t surprise me that she kept her hidden. She’d obviously would have been arrested for it if this were discovered by police. Similar things have happened on this Earth o it’s not exactly unheard of.

        Living in the attic for the rest of her upbringing, well she didn’t know much different, and she was in the home of the person that fascinated her the most, also being allowed to leave once in a while to swap places with Hannah. I think Eve would have been very psychologically affected by the time of her reunion with her sister.

        Only thing that makes me wonder is how did Hannah get Eve from downstairs, all the way into the attic without the parents seeing or hearing. I assume she went through the cat flap, can’t remember what is mentioned on this.

        Also, if Hannah and Eve could see each other from across the street and understand their resemblance, then surely their parents would have noticed at times. And for them, it would have been the same as looking at their own child, and with the mothers knowledge that she gave birth to twins, a lot would have played on her mind I could imagine. Also knowing that her midwife lived there too.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          They do mention the cat flap a lot — and how a skinny person might fit through. It’s meant to be an alibi, that maybe the killer got in that way. But maybe it’s also a reference to how she got in and out without making too much noise. Good one!

          Do we ever get the names of Hannah’s parents? I think we don’t. Maybe they were the sort of absent parents that wouldn’t have noticed much? Always busy? Although, her father taught her to recognize different mushrooms, so that doesn’t sound like someone who ignores their kid.
          Something to ponder.

          1. Ria

            I don’t recall ever getting the name of Hannah’s parents, I’m certain we didn’t.

            It’s probable that they exchanged places during times they were most busy, or maybe they just didn’t think anything suspicious was going on. I’m there eyes, it’s probably just ‘oh, Hannah’s going to the attic, now Hannah’s coming out of the attic’.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              It’s a bit strange that we never get their names, though. She mentions Simon’s parents by name several times. It’s weird that that got left out.

  45. Jj

    Check the credit sequence the blue t shirt wearing Eve/Hannah is shown in separate (non sequential) images with the tattoo on both left and right arms. Guess one could be a mirror image. Adds to the whole reflection symbology

    What do you see in the reflected images I was using an iPad so only discerned strip lights and a possible ? Human face. What did I miss?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m on an iPad, too. I didn’t really think to dissect the credits. I mean, if we start on that, the list of names could have some hidden message!

      1. Oddfellow

        A lot of the films in the credits are inverted, you can check by looking at the bookcase.

        I think it’s just the all reflection symbology from the developer.

        And Jj, if you didn’t get the reflected images on the screen, you what I thought was the coolest thing in the game. Figuring out who “you the player” is. Specially after seeing the reflection, and wondering what it was.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          The reflection just isn’t as obvious on the iPad until you get the Chit Chat and find out who you are. But on my iPhone, I could see the reflection quite often between clips and sometimes even while watching one.

          1. Oddfellow

            I’ve played it on the pc, and for me it was very obvious.

            But The reflection has different “obvious” values, some times it’s more visible, some times is less.

            I think it depends on which video you watched. there seems to be some videos that just show a small silhouette, other where you can clearly see the face.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, I emailed Sam about it when I noticed the difference between my two devices and he said the iPad renders it differently (or something like that). I initially thought it was just that the iphone 5 takes a tiny bit more time to load a video than the Air 2, so that’s why it was more obvious. But it seems to be more than that.

              I just posted a photo of her reflection for those who couldn’t make it out. Took it from my YouTube video, though so not the best.

          2. Oddfellow

            Btw, the picture you posted of the reflection is really really not obvious.
            The one you get on the PC is super obvious.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I’ve seen clearer than that one, but I can’t remember where and if I was recording at the time.

          3. Oddfellow

            You only get it in certain situations in the game.

            I don’t have it recorded, the only way to get it is restarting the game 😛

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I think I still see it sometimes when I play an old clip (on my iPhone). But maybe not the really clear ones, you’re right.

              And yeah, so not restarting again (I already did once, when I was down to the last 15 clips!). The game is staying permanently on my iPad. I suppose I could start again on my iPhone just to get some footage of the reflection? Does anyone care enough for me to take the time? 😛

            2. AppUnwrapper

              I just got a much better photo after playing one of the “Diana” clips. Added it to the post. 🙂

        2. Jj

          Ah thanks the reflection is Sarah

    2. AppUnwrapper

      It’s weird that the iPad doesn’t show the reflection as much as my iPhone does. I mentioned that to the dev. I’m not sure if he can do anything about it. But I barely noticed the reflection while I was on my iPad.
      But yeah, it’s Sarah’s reflection in the computer screen. On my iPad I only saw it after answering the Chit Chat. But on my iPhone, I saw it a lot more often, between clips.

      1. Jj

        Thanks for posting the pics v kind

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Sorry I didn’t get a better one. It’s hard to snap one while playing and I can’t recall if I was recording when I got a clearer image of her.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          I just got a much better photo after playing one of the “Diana” clips. Added it to the post.

  46. Kevin


    One thing I’d add about the whole “it has to be two people because one of them was in Glasgow” theory – I think the Glasgow story was a lie. I say this because there’s one video where they show her a map, and she points out Princes Street, and says that’s where she was. Well, I think they did this to catch her out – there’s no Princes Street in Glasgow 🙂 There is one in Edinburgh, however.

    Now, this could be a genuine mistake on the part of the dev, but what I personally think is that the police gave her a map with a blow-up of a city centre, said “Point to where you were”, and she points out Princes Street. What she doesn’t know is that they gave her a map of a different city altogether, and thus by being so certain she was in Princes Street (which doesn’t exist in Glasgow), she’s actually blown her own alibi out of the water.

    Maybe !

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ohh. Damn. I don’t know anything about UK streets.

      I did Google it just now and there’s a Princes Square in Glasgow? And a West Princes Street?

      Something to ponder…

  47. Oddfellow

    A friend found another admin_ command


    Seems to try to send an email to [email protected].

    So I don’t know what this is suppose to do, but I sent it anyway 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oooooo I think I have an idea of what it does. 🙂
      Sounds like it emails the developer all your search words so he can make a word cloud out of all the keywords players used.

      1. Oddfellow

        Yeah. I thought about that after. makes total sense.

        The developer should ask people to do it 🙂

  48. Mo

    Hello again, i have finished watching all the clips in the correct order now and have something like 4 pages of notes in front of me, but I dont tink it will be of great help, or possible to post here. So I wrote down some coffee-induced ideas I had, trying to explain what I was thinking.
    I probably mixed in some theories I read in the previous comments I found plausible, so this are not exclusively my own thoughts.
    I have a strong feeling that the most obvious explanation the game gives us (the twin solution) has to many flaws und unexplainable logical errors, as many people here already demonstrated. So I decided to start with a fact check if a multiple personality or a clever hannibal-sociopath like approach has some substantial ground.

    My first question is: Is it theoretically possible that Hannah and Eve are the same person?
    The trip to Glasgow is the first nut to crack: Her story about driving off in the night, headed north should not be so hard to check for the police. Somewhere there should be a nurse, a taxi driver, a traffic camera, a baker, a garage worker or something else who would remember her or could otherwhise confirm the trip. Would it still be plausible if they found nothing? And what would that make of her alibi, which is the cornerstone of the whole plan? If this was the plan all along, why didnt she bring some sort of ID to make sure? My take is that she, cold blooded as she is, calculated that someone of the above mentioned would remember her and didnt bring her ID on purpose Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöñ because if someone did, that would be almost conclusive proof she didnt plan it. The phone call was probably to a land line as Simon only uses the cell for work and she cant remember the number in her head and therefore would not be traceable. But maybe she was seen. They would have probably treated her in the hospital and/or make an exception for a pregnant woman, probably remembering such an event. (remember how she even asks several times if they have checked with the hospital?) Were there security cameras in hospitals back in ’94? To make sure she bumped a taxi and went on to buy breakfast.
    Let me have a look at the timeframe now:
    We have the barmaid Helen who places Simon in The Rock at Friday night. Nobody saw him on Saturday, as he missed his appointment with Eric in the afternoon. It would have taken 14 hours of driving time alone to get to Glasgow and back (checked Google Maps), plus maybe 2 hours for the hospital check up and that means no sleep at all, which is possible… (me writing this is proof enough haha)
    As the police called in a forensic entomologist for the deceased parents, which the police believed to be an accidental poisoing, we can assume, for a murder investigation, they would at least call in some sort of ME to determine a more or less exact time of death (lets say +- 1 or 2 hours) and not solely rely on the watch. So she could have used the watch to favor the possible time of death into her direction, making use of that 2-4 hour frame. (She could also have drugged him somehow, plugged him in the trunk, drove to glasgow killed him there or on the way and then drove back… which seems highly unlikely, as the police would surely have some guy to dexter the blood spatter in the living room, which should be there after a cut-throat mirror attack.)
    So for her alibi to be coherent, we have to also look at the time she could have left the latest in Portsmouth and still make it to Glasgow. She mentioned the garbage truck waking her up, which is, lets say, somewhere around 5 or 6 in the morning, so lets assume there is proof of her beeing at the hospital between 6 and 7 the earliest for here story to stick. That means, she could have left Portsmouth at around midnight. This means that Simons official time of death should not be earlier than 2 or 3 am. Taking into account the above mentioned time frame in combination with the tampered watch, which sets his death lets say at around 2 o’clock in the morning, she could have killed him at midnight, and than raced to Glasgow (remember she said she sometimes drives too fast, probably already justifying a speeding ticket in advance) and make it to the hospital in time. So as far as the visit to Glasgow, she could really have been there, even if Eve and Hannah are the same person.

  49. Mo

    is there a max number of spaces i can post? 😀

      1. Mo

        i tried posting the whole document/text but it didnt show, so now i am trying to post it in pieces. hope thats ok?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ohhh ok. Yeah, go ahead. 🙂 I’m not sure what the word limit for a comment is.

  50. Mo

    Hello again, i have finished watching all the clips in the correct order now and have something like 4 pages of notes in front of me, but I dont tink it will be of great help, or possible to post here. So I wrote down some coffee-induced ideas I had, trying to explain what I was thinking.
    I probably mixed in some theories I read in the previous comments I found plausible, so this are not exclusively my own thoughts.
    I have a strong feeling that the most obvious explanation the game gives us (the twin solution) has to many flaws und unexplainable logical errors, as many people here already demonstrated. So I decided to start with a fact check if a multiple personality or a clever hannibal-sociopath like approach has some substantial ground…

  51. Mo

    …My first question is: Is it theoretically possible that Hannah and Eve are the same person?
    The trip to Glasgow is the first nut to crack: Her story about driving off in the night, headed north should not be so hard to check for the police. Somewhere there should be a nurse, a taxi driver, a traffic camera, a baker, a garage worker or something else who would remember her or could otherwhise confirm the trip. Would it still be plausible if they found nothing? And what would that make of her alibi, which is the cornerstone of the whole plan? If this was the plan all along, why didnt she bring some sort of ID to make sure? My take is that she, cold blooded as she is, calculated that someone of the above mentioned would remember her and didnt bring her ID on purpose Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöñ because if someone did, that would be almost conclusive proof she didnt plan it. The phone call was probably to a land line as Simon only uses the cell for work and she cant remember the number in her head and therefore would not be traceable. But maybe she was seen. They would have probably treated her in the hospital and/or make an exception for a pregnant woman, probably remembering such an event. (remember how she even asks several times if they have checked with the hospital?) Were there security cameras in hospitals back in ’94? To make sure she bumped a taxi and went on to buy breakfast.
    Let me have a look at the timeframe now:
    We have the barmaid Helen who places Simon in The Rock at Friday night. Nobody saw him on Saturday, as he missed his appointment with Eric in the afternoon. It would have taken 14 hours of driving time alone to get to Glasgow and back (checked Google Maps), plus maybe 2 hours for the hospital check up and that means no sleep at all, which is possible… (me writing this is proof enough haha)…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Didn’t they have a photo of her? Or was that the speeding ticket in February on that romantic trip with Simon?

      She kept asking if the hospital can confirm she was there. Too bad we can’t hear their responses. 😉

      1. Mo

        yeah the foto was six month earlier in february, but it was in portsmouth i think, they asked her because according to her time sheet at work, she was there.

        i still have some follow up to that text, but wordpress tells me it would be a duplicate post, which is weird, because it doenst show it and its less spaces than the one i posted before… i keep trying 😉

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ahh sorry about that. I’ll check if it got stuck in the spam folder. But usually duplicate posts are only if it’s exact — changing just one letter should allow it to post.

          1. Mo

            thanks a lot, dont want so spam 🙁 doesnt seem to work.
            would it be possible to simply send you the text via mail und you somehow post it as comment if it is not too much too ask, would love to hear some responses to that. maybe also just delete this conversation as it has nothing to do with the topic if u like 😀

          2. Mo

            have you found something? i waited some time, but still nothing happens if i try to post it…. wondering where it goes -.-

            1. AppUnwrapper

              lol yeah I just checked. They all got sent to spam. I removed them from there and just want to make sure I don’t let a bunch of duplicates through.

          3. Mo

            holy crap im sorry…. i think i just found out….
            really am sorry…

            1. AppUnwrapper

              No worries! It was just tagging all your posts as spam, so I never even saw them. At least *all* your posts aren’t getting stuck there or I’d have no reason to even check. :/

            2. AppUnwrapper

              I approved your initial long post but can’t find it now. Do you see it?

              Edit: Looks like it’s there. Is that everything? Should I delete the others?

          4. Mo

            yeah i see it 😀

          5. Mo

            yeah the rest can be deleteted, the rest of the text i havnt tried to post yet, i will only do it once, promise 😀

  52. Mo

    As the police called in a forensic entomologist for the deceased parents, which the police believed to be an accidental poisoing, we can assume, for a murder investigation, they would at least call in some sort of ME to determine a more or less exact time of death (lets say +- 1 or 2 hours) and not solely rely on the watch. So she could have used the watch to favor the possible time of death into her direction, making use of that 2-4 hour frame. (She could also have drugged him somehow, plugged him in the trunk, drove to glasgow killed him there or on the way and then drove back… which seems highly unlikely, as the police would surely have some guy to dexter the blood spatter in the living room, which should be there after a cut-throat mirror attack.)
    So for her alibi to be coherent, we have to also look at the time she could have left the latest in Portsmouth and still make it to Glasgow. She mentioned the garbage truck waking her up, which is, lets say, somewhere around 5 or 6 in the morning, so lets assume there is proof of her beeing at the hospital between 6 and 7 the earliest for here story to stick. That means, she could have left Portsmouth at around midnight. This means that Simons official time of death should not be earlier than 2 or 3 am. Taking into account the above mentioned time frame in combination with the tampered watch, which sets his death lets say at around 2 o’clock in the morning, she could have killed him at midnight, and than raced to Glasgow (remember she said she sometimes drives too fast, probably already justifying a speeding ticket in advance) and make it to the hospital in time. So as far as the visit to Glasgow, she could really have been there, even if Eve and Hannah are the same person….

      1. Yas

        Didn’t Eve/Hannah admit to changing the watch time to their favour, and even take pride in that it was “her touch” and idea to do so?

        I’m still leaning towards twins, especially considering the fingerprints. We could argue that Hannah/Eve faked just about anything if we choose to believe it, but I’m pulled towards the twins idea.

        In that case, though, I wonder what Sarah is trying to learn about her mother in the first place…

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, she did admit to changing the watch, once she was ready to confess the whole story.

          And the fingerprints are the big deciding factor for me, too. If they’re one person, what fingerprints were the cops talking about?

          1. Yas

            Yes, and there does seem to be genuine panic when fingerprints are brought up, as if they didn’t anticipate it at all. I don’t know what to think anymore, this story is so complex (in a good way!).

  53. Andrew

    I read most of this very interesting discussion. Personally, I tend to believe mental illness / effort to get rid of the accusation by creating the impression of twin interpretation. If you add to the arguments mentioned here the most important thing for me (I do not think it have been explicitly mentioned here) – the name of the game, I think is evident that the story shows the sad story of only one character (the woman on screen). If they were twins, the name of game would probably be “Their Story”. Yet I am fascinated by the possibility of multiple interpretations, when there is no clear evidence excluding one of the versions.
    Nice day to all 🙂

  54. MGD

    I think she murdered her husband and then constructed the whole ‘Eve’ story to get away with it. There are enough clues about fairy tales and stories and such.

    One pedants point, she says Simon’s wallet is full of lottery tickets, but the lottery didn’t start until Nov 94. So that isn’t possible.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Holy crap. Had no idea about the lottery. I wonder if that’s an oversight on the developer or something we’re supposed to notice — I’d like to think the latter (hopefully!).

  55. Mo


    Ok, now on to the next question: Is the tattoo real or not?
    It almost has to be. In a normal investigation the police would have probably been able to see through a fake one (literally). The first time we saw and she mentioned the tattoo is in the fifth interrogation on first of July, (EDIT: due to sleep drepreviation I initially thought 1. of July is independance day in the US, and revealing the tattoo that same day, the token of her individuality seemed almost to iconic to be a coincedence, unfortunately I couldnt be more wrong… still would have been nice though…) when she “accidentally” spilled the coffee and the tattoo was revealed.
    The day before, on June 30., wearing a short sleeved, white and blue floral top she clearly appears to be ink free. So there is no way the tattoo was applied within the one day in between without leaving marks of that procedure. The only explanation, if the two women would still have a chance to be one, is that she covered it up with some sort of make-up. This area is not really my strong suite, but im going out on a limb, arguing that its possible to do that. I watched the two sequences prior to the first of July in which she wears the short sleeved cloth and I found something – it may be a bit of a strech, but anyways. Im not sure were the interrogating officers sit, as there at least sometimes seamed to be two but you may notice that she always places her drink on that left side the tattoo later appears on (even though she is right handed as you sometimes can observe), the body language, and she never really touches that area…

    …She probably expects to be recorded, and when she is alone in the room, she moves her arms almost always in a way, that there is no clear sight too that part of the arm. She even lays her head into the crook of her left arm and the use of the knock code may also just have been a distortion. If I were an Officer watching the tapes later, I would look at her face while she is talking to see signs of emotions or a possible lie, but when there is a break and she would sit rather still, the chance of detecting something out of the ordinary might be higher. So if that was all a plan and the tattoo really was covered by make-up, it was an integral and necessary plan to let the officers discover on their own that there were two different women. (and also: if there were two women who were so good throughout their whole lifes to look exactly alike Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöñ wouldnt they probably realised that the tattoo was a huge visual difference between them and they would have at least agreed upon wearing long sleeved cloth all the time?)
    This explanation is not as waterproof as i would like it to be, but I still think its enough to entertain the possibility of a Hanevenah.
    (by the way: I think the way she holds those cups almost like a dear thing and her whole body language is also something worth taking a look into, maybe I will circle back to that later on)…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      So it still could be one really clever woman. 😉

      I think the fingerprints are the big issue. I posted a bit about it at the bottom of the page. Someone pointed out a few things to me that make the split personality thing hard to swallow.

      And yeah, the bruise/tattoo should have been managed better by her/them *unless* they wanted the police to eventually come to the twins conclusion.

      1. Mo

        for the clever woman: im not yet sure what I will find at the end of my journey, still have to do some thinking and working through the plot. The problem with the clever woman I see at the moment: She actually would get caught in the end – she is not innocent, stating to the police that she actually helped her sister cover up a murder and pointing the police towards her as the killer of her parents and florence… but i have a solution for that, but its very raw, have not thought it through: What if there were actually triplets? The third one framing the two others as she exits completeley stealthy, the way she entered. It would contribute to something else I found in my notes: there are several numbers of 3 partials: She names three different illustrations: Rapunzel, Eagle, Finger, talking about a fairy tale (beginning, middle, end) and so on. Interesting part: “HER” Story, Hannah Eve and the third one, let us call her Ruth…

        1. Mo

          or Hannah and Eve are actually the same person with, Ruth or lets change that to Reinier so its also a Palindrome beeing the actual twin…

        2. AppUnwrapper

          I agree, the clever woman doesn’t make sense. I should probably toss that theory out. You can’t confess to all that and not get locked away. 😉

          The idea of triplets is similar to the third personality. Both ideas make my head hurt. 😛

  56. Mo

    as for the fingerprints, it took me some time, but i have a take on them, still thinking about there beeing hole i dont see… judge for yourself:

    PART 3

    Now to the Problem with the fingerprints: lets see what actually has been said on tape:
    “Fine. I never had my fingerprints taken before. I once burned my hand in the oven.” She says that in the second sequence, and then seems to walk outside to get her fingerprints taken.
    The next three mentions are all from the fourth sequence:
    “Fingerprints?” rubs the fingers of her right hand together. “Yes. Yeah. I would have cleaned them. I changed the sheets too. Were the fingerprints in all those places?”, “Could they have been my parents fingerprints? I’m not sure how long they last for but… is that possible?”
    So she seemed really nervous, (intentionally) rubbing her hand, refering to the story she told earlier about burning her hand. It appears as if the police found fingerprints that were almost like hers, but not completely, as it would be the case with identical twins. Her question regarding her parents seemed almost helpless, fishing for a way out.
    And the last one on the sixth sequence:
    “Really, Go on then. Take the cup, run your fingerprints. They’ll match. Fuckin Idiot.”
    Here is the question: if Hannah and Eve both exist, wouldnt they have anticipated the police looking for fingerprints? I mean every child knows the police does that sort of thing, even back in ’94. Wouldn’t they have tried to erase as many as they could? But instead she answers (playing nervous) “… in ALL those places?” If they didn’t know that the prints of identical twins are not exactly the same, why is she already so nervous at the second sequence? Why would she have tried to burn her hand? And most importantly: Why only the right one? (as prints on each finger differs from the other nine)
    Maybe it was like this: Hanevenah intentionally burned only the right hand, as it partially destroys the prints for a short time (but they will grow back), she then, on purpose plants so many prints with her newly altered fingertips that the police will have to find them. Leading them to believe exactly what she wants them to as her fingertips will slowly grow back, not beeing the same, or more of the old one when she gets her prints taken the first time and probably already completely healed at the second time. “… “They’ll match. Fucking Idiots.” Which they will not as she knows, but she has to pretend, as she is still acting in the role of Hannah. (but as the tattoo is already revealed, the detectives know she “must” be Eve) But that is exactly what will give her later the proof that the women living in the house, cleaning the bedroom was not her, but her (nonexisting) twin-sister and frees her from any suspicion.

    1. Mo

      i know… maybe its not a perfecct explanation, as i dont know in what way a burning will actually alter the prints… but i still find it to be a better explanation as the other solution has bigger holes and more unexplainable contradiction… so the only other logical explanation beeing: the story ist not as good written as I (we) hoped it would be, which I find to be repelling so I will try to make stuff up 😉

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I know. I responded to another comment that if it turns out there is even the slightest detail that was off or unintentional in the game, Sam Barlow will likely be lynched by an angry mob. The game seems so well-designed and planned out with all these tiny details, that we’re all assuming he didn’t make a single mistake. But what if we’re wrong? 🙁

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I added more about this at the bottom of my post. Someone pointed out to me that interview 6 is likely Hannah. Then it would make sense that the fingerprints match. If not, she could just be bluffing, hoping they won’t do it. But also, Eve is so relaxed in both interview 5 & 7, that it leads me to believe 6 is Hannah. She’s nervous about something, very agitated. Eve never gets like that — she’s too confident.

      I’m also considering now that they might have had a way to swap places DURING an interview. They can’t predict everything the cops will do or ask, so maybe they planned a way to swap the same way they did at the movies? For instance, when she throws up from morning sickness and comes back with her hair up — maybe they swapped places in the bathroom (and shared the same outfit). And then interview 5 could be starting as Hannah, then she panics for some reason — maybe she can’t answer the police’s question or thinks something might be coming up where Eve is needed, so she spills the coffee and uses it as an excuse to change, only Eve comes back instead?

      1. Mo

        I realy like that idea, but I would still prefer it the MPD way, as she also spilled the coffee on purpose in my eyes, to reveal the tattoo, which is part of the transformation process, so she left the room, gathered herself, changed her dress, and returned as Hannah.
        Picking up the Reinier idea, what about the last room? where she seems so completely invulnerable, even though she actually compromises herself. The change of scenery, the change in attitude, completing the cyclus of the three. Three Kills, 1 Evil Witch, Two Parents, and in the end the three multiple personalities itself, which is completed as Reinier, the fiddler kills all three in suicide teching each a lesson: “Dont know if anybody really changes, you just become more yourself” for Hannah, “you cant rely on confidence to get through everything” for eve and “people that die leave some kind of magic behind” for reinier – which is what Sarah has to understand, as it is what “her mother” has done, she beeing the magic…

        ok this got out of hand….

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I don’t think Sam Barlow wants us to come to a conclusion! That may end up being my conclusion. 😛

  57. Mattias

    Im actually leaning towards twins. There are subtle hints pointing towards MPD, but i think its Eve that is written that way just to confuse both audience/player and virtual cops… I dont have anything “concrete” to support this and the hole thing about the attik swap period (10years?) sounds silly I do admit.
    And ofc maybe the hole point of the game is to arrive at this ambigious conclusion. You just dont know, that is SB’s intention.
    One other possibly scenario, far fetched maybe, is that Eve or Hannah (We dont really know who survived right!) wanted Simon/sister for herself and setup the confrontation, knowing her sister is abit unstable, and the meeting would ensue voilence. Removing either would enter some sort of Status Que.
    Elaborate I know but it is a game.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Assuming we trust what Eve said (everything hinges on that, doesn’t it?), she’s pregnant and had to survive at least long enough to give birth to Sarah. So I think Eve, at least, had to survive this whole ordeal. She might still have ended up in prison — that we won’t know.

  58. Mattias

    Maybe both Simon and Sister is dead…

  59. Kate

    I watched a few more solution and gameplay videos last night and I’ve realised I’m completely obsessed with this conundrum as well! From the start I was a very strong proponent of the multiple personality theory, particularly as I think there’s a few elements that are harder to explain if they’re two separate people, but last night I became convinced it was actually all very straightforward and they really are just twins. Then today I’ve seen people wondering if it’s even a proper police interrogation at all and they’ve already determined she’s crazy and are interviewing her as both characters from her asylum for further evidence….and I think what I love about this game is that it works on all of these levels. You can successfully argue for all the main theories: twins, MPD, deliberately calculated MPD/’invisible’ twin story, total fabrication by an unstable mind: you can truly find your own conclusion and the evidence to support it.

    But as I love a good mystery and a good debate I’m still trying to find that one little spark that might definitively prove that they can/can’t be the same person and I’m loving all the discussions on here. I noticed that in the interview where she’s wearing the bright blue t-shirt and we assume she’s Eve that when they ask her if she’s ever cheated on Simon she immediately says ‘you asked that yesterday’ yet the previous interview was with Hannah (as far as we can tell) but of course that lends itself to either theory as well, as do so many other moments….it’s infuriating and addictive at the same time!

    One thing that definitely struck me is that if I was Florence the baby-stealing midwife and I lived across the road from the people I stole that baby from, IΓÇÖm pretty sure I would try to move away because that situation was just a disaster waiting to happen! On that note though, forgive me if this has already been discussed in detail but I was just pondering this theory after last night when I became convinced they were twins again:

    Aside from all the mirrors and the fairytales, one of the other biggest themes of the story, in fact the one associated with the mention of ΓÇÿher storyΓÇÖ, is the idea that a mother will go to any lengths to have and keep a child. Florence was so desperate for a baby she stole one right from under another motherΓÇÖs nose and hid her away. At the end of the interviews Eve says that she decided that Hannah was more important to her than Simon. Since Hannah lost Sarah all those years ago and was declared infertile, Eve could have decided to take the fall with the police so that Hannah could raise her baby Sarah instead and that would explain the comment ΓÇÿdo you understand now why your mother did what she did?ΓÇÖ

    But does anyone think that would actually be feasible? How would Hannah get guardianship of the baby? I just like the idea of Eve as committing this selfless act after years of resenting Hannah for deviating from the rules but IΓÇÖm not sure it works in practice.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wow lots of good thoughts here. It is funny that Florence didn’t move away. But she also wasn’t wealthy, just a poor midwife (I think), so that might be more difficult than it seems.

      As for them repeating the same stories or knowing that something was asked the previous day, that would fit with the diary thing. They each wrote in the diary what happened on their interview and the other one studied it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to keep everything straight.

      My problem with Hannah escaping and not Eve is that Eve’s the one who’s pregnant (at least from what she told us). She hasn’t given birth to Sarah yet, so yeah…how would Hannah get ahold of her without being arrested? If Hannah got away, I don’t see how she could have raised Sarah. Not sure what happened to Sarah if Eve didn’t get away — either foster care or maybe even Eleanor and Doug raised her?

      Btw, that reminds me of the TV show Dexter’s finale. It bothered me that a wanted killer was able to raise his son — how could she possibly raise a child on the run?

      1. Kate

        I think Sarah is the biggest question of all really. Unless we assume all the way through that Eve is always playing as Hannah but it’s actually the other way round? Although wait, that doesn’t make sense either….yep definitely think that the real mystery to be solved is Sarah rather than either Hannah or Eve. Whichever way you look at it they’re either twins and basically telling the truth, a split personality or one sister covering for the other. But none of those scenarios neatly explains what happened to Eve (or indeed Hannah) once the cameras stopped rolling and subsequently who raised Sarah. At the point she starts watching the videos does she even know that she had a real/fake auntie? It’s her story that’s driving us crazy! 😀

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Exactly! Any scenario I think of comes back to “but then what about Sarah?”

        2. AppUnwrapper

          So let’s see. Sarah either: was raised in foster care or by Eleanor & Doug, now came looking for answers 20 years later.

          Or she was raised by Eve and maybe Eve never told her the story? Maybe Sarah found her diary?

          Ahhhh so many questions!

  60. Ryan


    Okay, so I was very skeptical of the multiple personalities idea and was leaning more towards that they were really twins until I decided to do some research into real life multiple personality cases and came across The Three Faces of Eve, a book and film from the 50’s. This might be nothing but I thought it was an interesting connection.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ohhh good point. I forgot about that. May just be a red herring to throw us off or a nod to the book/film…or maybe it actually means something.

    2. kate

      It also reminded me of Primal Fear if anyone has seen that?

      1. April

        Yes, I saw that movie. Very good comparison. I can see why it would remind you of that.

  61. Sam

    Sorry if this has been mentioned already…but if you remember that game in that trashbin…You are playing alone with two different colours, and in the end one color beats the other…I think that’s symbolism: One person dealing with two personalities, and in the end one will come victorious (Eve beating Hannah)…so yeah, split personality stuff….

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Could also mean they’re twins and Eve killed Hannah. 😉

  62. Jeb

    Just one item of note: there’s a reference to princess di’s divorce being “last year” (meaning 1993), when she was actually divorced in 1996, 2 years after these videos were recorded. Probably a minor oversight on the dev’s part, as I don’t know what it’d mean otherwise? Maybe one video faked after the rest of the timeline?

    Oh, and on the fingerprint piece – using the black coffee is Eve and sweet tea is Hannah as a guide, it’s Hannah that offers fingerprints each time. Moreover, the “fucking idiot” occasion was the first time Hannah had her hair down – perhaps in the twin theory, they were worried the police were onto the ruse via hair, and this was to throw them off?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ohhh damn I didn’t catch that. I guess the game isn’t perfect? 🙁
      But there is the fact that in this game, Y2K actually caused problems. So what if other things are different, too? Not sure why he would change that year, though.

      1. Jeb

        To be fair, Y2K did cause problems in the real world as well, crap government systems (like, I don’t know, police systems) being good examples. Typically, stuff would get mothballed, as this system appears to have been, primarily because it was cheaper than paying [your choice of big consultancy] to fix the system!

        Either it’s a mistake, or it’s there on purpose – and for the script to explicitly call out Diana’s divorce as 1993 doesn’t feel like a mistake to me… Need to rewatch (been playing it all through with my gf tonight – 3am here now :S ), but I’ve got to believe there’s something there…

        1. AppUnwrapper

          It’s crazy, isn’t it, how he crafter such a seemingly perfect game that we really don’t want to find any mistakes.

          I did find a repeated word in the captions that I reported to him — but that’s a genuine typo and could easily be ignored. I just hope we’re not dissecting things that have no meaning. :/

          1. Jeb

            To be honest, out of game for a second, if you were making a game like this and referred to a historical event, if you didn’t know when it occurred, you wouldn’t specify a time, surely? That statement of last year says to me that either a) the creator got the date screwed up in his head and didn’t check (really don’t think that’s likely) or b) it’s intentional, and perhaps an obscure clue…

            1. AppUnwrapper

              True. But it can’t be something like she got the date wrong if it hadn’t happened yet. So can’t really attribute it to a character’s mistake. Will think about it, but that’s a hard one to explain away if we’re going to trust the computer footage at all (like the dates on them).

            2. AppUnwrapper

              I added this to the bottom of my post. I’m curious if anyone comes up with an explanation.

            3. AppUnwrapper

              I got a response from the dev about this. So it does sound like it was on purpose. But I’m not sure whether the possible theories he offered are meant to help or mislead. 😉

            4. AppUnwrapper

              This was his response:


              * She’s made a Freudian slip, and is referring to the separation
              * Her Story takes place in an alternate world slightly different form ours (did you notice that the dates and days don’t match our reality?)
              * Time-travel”

            5. AppUnwrapper

              Also, Grace Kelly died in 1982 in our world. In the game, she says it was the year before they met Simon. They were seventeen when they met. I’m half asleep and can’t think whether the dates add up.

          2. Jeb

            The separation did happen in 1993, so the slip idea (referring to the separation as a divorce) could have legs. It’s interesting how she has noone else in her life that’s been through a divorce – Eve’s adoptive mum / kidnapper was a widow from an early age, both Hannah/Eve’s and Simon’s parents are still together to the end, even Hannah is a widow rather than divorced. Seems odd for a Freudian slip to occur with a word she has so little experience of – perhaps there was divorce on the cards for H and S? Perhaps I’m reading far too much into this? *shrug*

            1. AppUnwrapper

              There’s still the fact that the lottery wasn’t around till November, so how did Simon have those tickets? I think Sam’s being misleading. I doubt he would be so forthcoming with the answer.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Based on the hair, you think there’s any possibility that when Eve threw up, Hannah took her place in that interview? Like they swapped outfits in the movie theater?

      I’m also wondering if the spilt coffee might have been a way to swap places, too.

      1. Jeb

        I dunno on the hair thing – kind of figured it’d be a natural thing to do while vomiting! I’m not too keen on the switching mid-interview theory – I appreciate it’s alluded to in the stories, but everything (coffee, tattoo, hair up to the “fucking idiot interview”) seems to match with one person per interview. I want to watch over a couple of things again – the story they both told identically had some subtle differences in hand movements, etc (Hannah gesticulated a lot more than Eve), and I want to see if that carries through the other interviews…

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Good point. Hannah does seem to use her hands a lot more, seems more fidgety than Eve. Eve is usually pretty relaxed.

          1. Zail

            Eve is not that hard to spot. She is psychopathic and coy, death doesn’t really phase her and she really doesn’t feel guilt for her actions, thus she is calm.
            Eve behaves more like a rebelious teenage girl and is very open about her sexual habits to the detectives. It is worth noting that Eve talks about loving her “reflection” and saying that it is her.

            Hannah on the otherhand feels guilt for her actions and is unsettled whenever death is brought up (much like one would expect). She tends to keep a more propper image: drinks tea, hair tied back, likes to keep sex private. I cannot even recall her swearing. When Hannah talks about “her reflection” she refers to it as something she dislikes.

          2. Jeb


            Think there’s one counter to this which is Interview 6, which I strongly believe to be Hannah explicitly pretending to be Eve. This interview starts strangely with the hot drink type:

            “Coffee I guess. Milk and Sugar”

            Every interview before, Eve has drunk black coffee (even making a joke out of it early on with the “sweet enough already” line), while Hannah has drunk Tea with milk, 1 sugar. This is a different order altogether – it feels like following interview 5 (where Eve becomes antagonistic with the interviewer – phrases like “This other person doesn’t exist.” etc – and the first time we see the tattoo, which was a right royal fuck up by the twins, due to the spilt coffee) they were starting to realise that the police were onto their scheme. They discuss, and realise they’ve been ordering tea and coffee differently, as well as the hair thing. Hannah goes in, orders coffee and wears her hair down – even swears at the interviewer (“fucking idiot”) when asked for fingerprints a second time. Looks like the scheme worked to some extent though – Hannah provides her fingerprints twice, when the police think they’ve got them by asking both Hannah and Eve for them (so they won’t match).

            For reference, based on the notes my gf and I put together, we reckon that the order is:

            Interview 1, 18/6/1994: Eve
            Interview 2, 25/6/1994: Hannah (Fingerprints originally taken)
            Interview 3, 27/6/1994: Eve
            Interview 4, 30/6/1994: Hannah
            Interview 5, 1/7/1994: Eve (the cock up with the tattoo, police begin to realise)
            Interview 6, 2/7/1994: Hannah (pretending to be Eve, fingerprints offered)
            Interview 7, 3/7/1994: Eve (Hannah’s done a runner / been killed)

            Got a bit more to discuss, but that’s got to do with now, got a client call in a moment, so got to run – final note: could this be the trailhead for an ARG? Look up Unfiction for a bit of detail.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Btw, I need to check again, but in the 7th interview, I don’t think she ever asked for a drink? It seemed to just appear. I’ll double-check, though, in case I just overlooked it.

              And I agree that 6 is Hannah. Very good point about them thinking the police are onto them.
              But then Eve comes out with the truth the next day, so the question is what happened to Hannah? Why are they suddenly ready to spill everything?

              Will look up ARG and Unfiction to see what you mean.

        2. Zail

          To be honest 6th being Hannah was the very first thing that I thought for the exact reason you gave “Coffee with Milk and Sugar”.
          I changed because I believed that there were more things pointing to Eve (Hair down, necklace, coffee and swears). I think that this change was the wrong choice.

          “Coffee with Milk and Sugar” was the easiest thing to slip up in the interview. It also means that the two had planned the interviews much more than initially expected. Which makes more sense with how different with how Hannah and Eve clothed and had their hair.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            It also begs the question, though — did they ever want the police to figure out they were twins and, if so, how soon? They could have easily avoided these problems by always wearing long sleeves and wearing their hair the same way. The drink, sure, that can slip up. But planning out their outfit and hairstyle beforehand seems like it should be very basic *unless* they want the police to catch on.

            1. Yas

              Eve(?) admits at some point in the last interview mention that they wanted to be suspected, right? Maybe not in the sense that each interview was suspect to be different, but that they wanted to be suspected of the murder initially to prove their innocence instead of suspicions lingering for a while.

              Maybe they were just confident that nobody would notice otherwise “big” things (hair, clothing), since nobody else ever seemed to throughout their lives.

  63. Kit

    I’m wondering if there’s any chance Sarah is Hannah’s child she was said to have miscarried at age 17 (she was 8 months pg). Could Eve have coordinated something to steal her baby and hide it away? The game seems to imply Hannah is Sarah’s mom in a few ways, and I’m not sure what year it’s supposed to be in the game but it doesn’t seem modern enough that a girl born in 1994 would be old enough to process all this (it seems like the game is set a few years after Y2k? But maybe I missed something.

    1. Zail

      The year in game is 2015, I cannot remember a more precise date than that.

  64. Zail

    I am surprised that no one brought up the fennel. Do we think that it was an accident or that someone had a role to play in it’s use?

    1. Mo

      I think, like almost everything, the fennel hast to play some role or is somekind of clue.
      also her statement “commenting from the sidelines” in the same scene as they were cooking with eric and diane i think? there are a lot of interesting paraphrases like that

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure what you mean?
      Did I miss something about the fennel? It only came up when they were cooking for Eric and Diane.

      Btw, just noticed… Eric & Diane, Eleanor & Doug. Think it’s just a coincidence with the E & D?

      1. Zail

        “”During pregnancy,fennel seeds are safe in small amounts (for example when added to your mealsor if you drink fennel tea for upset stomach), but pregnant women should avoid medicinal amounts of this herb because it can cause miscarriage.

        High doses of fennel stimulate the uterus into contraction, causing blood loss and possibly pregnancy loss. -“”

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I guess Eve could have known about that and played a part in the miscarriage. But cooking with it wouldn’t really be considered a high dose.

        2. Mo

          wow… nice detail, i think there is something to it

        3. Mo

          on the other hand… we dont really know if she was pregnant at the time, and it was simon who got the recipe from MasterChef, so she had to get it for him and says she “had to find it” or something.
          But maybe it was actually Simon who poisoned her with fenel to cause the miscarriage?

          1. AppUnwrapper

            So Simon didn’t want the baby?

            Crap. This is keeping me from sleeping yet again. It’s almost 6 am and I’ve been up since 4 am with this, when I meant to go back to sleep. 😛

            Gonna do some research on the dates after I get more sleep and my brain is functioning better. I think there’s something big we’re missing there.

            1. Yas

              There’s even an achievement dedicated to the fennel comment, which may be a subtle nudge at it being meaningful. How do we know if we’re reading *too* much into things, or if little details like this really were deliberate?

              1. AppUnwrapper

                I’m conducting an email interview with Sam at the moment. I’m considering taking questions from readers for it. But not sure he’ll give a straight answer for those types of questions.

  65. Mo

    here some things from my notes I found interesting:

    what do you guys think about the diarie?
    it is used so damn often, so many people have one ore use them. same with “rules” and “stories”

    she got a speeding ticket in february and saying it was six month ago? but the investigation takes place in june? is it a coinidance dates dont work out (see lady die, the lottery ticket)

    antoher question: hannah/eve stated that she had been in the cellar she found simon in a week ago or something, eventhough she said they “never go there”. why?

    I think their birthday (date) is quite important, a lot of stuff happens on her “birthday” – she sees the reflection for the first time, simon is killed

    “Guess mother was happy for Florence to clean up, take away the evidence that this was nothing but a happy occasion?” that made me believe at some point that her mother was somehow conspiring with florence. also she intonates it weirdly ” mother had A(!) happy child”

    than again: why is the police showing her pictures/illustrations of fairy tales so early in the investigation? (i think this might be some proof to her beeing actually beeing interrogated in an insane asylum or someplace else)

    At somepoint when hannah/eve come back home that night she states one time simon had brought take away, the other time that it was birthday tea

    “the perfect mirror for someone who dont want to see his reflection” and then she looks in the mirror.

    she stated that when she arrived at the door she first knocked. Why knock at your on home? As i was watching it the first time, I sometimes thought simon was killed in his parents house. is there a possibility that they deliberately make us assume certain stuff, that they actually never really say? (for example, she never really says, that the went to the concert with eve, only referring to “us” and than later she only said to have layed it off on eve)

    at some point hannah says: “i did not had sex with all those guys” – so the police would have a list or some names of those guys?

    also hannah says that her partents felt ill, like they had the flu, the night they went to bed before they died. so she somehow had to be communicating with them that same night?

    the lie detector: she tries to cheat the first time? “yes, my name is hannah smith”, eventhough she should only answer with yes or no

    smashing the moth with a copy of the arabian nights: seems odd to mention such a little detail

    “the only one anger you could have against yourself” also sounds weird to say that after admitting that there are two persons

    “and all the stories we’ve been telling each other?… Just that…. stories”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh crap. I typed something out to you and WordPress glitched up. See…it even messes with my own comments. :/

      I was trying to say that the wrong dates definitely mean something. They were definitely intentional. Sam teased me with these:


      * She’s made a Freudian slip, and is referring to the separation
      * Her Story takes place in an alternate world slightly different form ours (did you notice that the dates and days don’t match our reality?)
      * Time-travel”

      But I don’t think he would be so forthcoming. I think it’s more likely that we’re being lied to by the PC and those dates on the videos might be wrong. But not sure why that would be.

      These all open like 15 new cans of worms. Makes me wonder if we’re on some treasure hunt that will lead to a proper reveal. I mean, there are so many little details that you miss if you don’t examine everything so closely. So maybe the eventual reward would be some admin command that unlocks a file with some new information? To confirm we figured it out? I hope so.

      1. Mo

        hmmm interesting…..
        we did not talk about much all the other stuff thats on the pc
        *the southeast constabulary (logo), maybe giving us a hint where sarah lives? is it a real thing?
        *the watch, what does yours say? mine: 16/06/15, right now its almost 10 minutes to seven on it
        *the grace hack, the “picture” in it, there is an ircchannel #ghack somebody been there?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I need to somehow get some sleep (not sure how after all this mindf***ery), but going to compile all these things into a list so we can start checking things off. My guide needs some organization.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          My clock says 16/06/15. The orange hand is on 3 and the yellow is right before 7. The orange is the minute hand, so 6:15.

          Think there’s any significance to the colors red, orange, yellow?
          Also, it’s a beach. Keep coming back to that.

          This is going to take some serious sleuthing.

        3. AppUnwrapper

          Going to do a complete overhaul of this post today. Hoping that organizing all the info will make it easier to sort through and find answers.

          1. Mo

            sleep tight 😀
            one more thing, in the REALLY_readme.txt it states three years ’99 and the flood in ’97, im going to see if i can find something on that and the logo of the police department as well.
            it also stated that the tapes got “mothballed”, i made me think of the moth that came in the dollhouse, which is the dearest place of hannah/eva – could be a clue where or how to find new stuff?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I think I’m kidding myself about the sleep. 😛 This game has been the cause of about a week’s worth of sleep deprivation now.

        4. AppUnwrapper

          Oh the clock seems to keep proper time, since it was 6:15 am when I checked it. So I think we can safely ignore that and focus on the date and other details.

        5. Jeb

          Just with the police logo, the South East Constabulary doesn’t exist (not hugely surprising to be honest – they’d probably get in trouble for using a real logo) – the real police force for Portsmouth is Hampshire Constabulary. One slight oddity is that Portsmouth isn’t in the South East – it’s definitely in the South (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampshire_Constabulary for a map which lays it out).

          I don’t know, just seems odd to call it the SE Constab…

    2. Kate

      This is from the Wiki entry for Arabian Nights – some food for thought here too with the themes of infidelity, sisters, brothers and the concept of telling stories to delay execution (or in this case arrest/resolution):

      ‘The main frame story concerns Shahryar, whom the narrator calls a “Sasanian king” ruling in “India and China”.[5] He is shocked to discover that his brother’s wife is unfaithful; discovering his own wife’s infidelity has been even more flagrant, he has her executed: but in his bitterness and grief decides that all women are the same. The king, Shahryar, begins to marry a succession of virgins only to execute each one the next morning, before she has a chance to dishonour him. Eventually the vizier, whose duty it is to provide them, cannot find any more virgins. Scheherazade, the vizier’s daughter, offers herself as the next bride and her father reluctantly agrees. On the night of their marriage, Scheherazade begins to tell the king a tale, but does not end it. The king, curious about how the story ends, is thus forced to postpone her execution in order to hear the conclusion. The next night, as soon as she finishes the tale, she begins (and only begins) a new one, and the king, eager to hear the conclusion, postpones her execution once again. So it goes on for 1,001 nights.’

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Interesting. Especially with the theme of telling stories/tales.
        And virginity, unfaithfulness….

  66. JJ

    THE ATTIC – is this an analogy for her (Hannah’s) own mind?

    No one goes there even her parents the home owners, the police don’t search it when investigating the parents death, dolls house that’s improbably large – too large to fit, re enacting fairy stories. Her ? imaginary friend lives there un- noticed. ………………..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      True, it is strange that no one ever checks up there, even the police.

  67. Mo

    Just checked, in the readme.txt it says that there was a flood in ’97, if you check wiki it says that the flood was actually in 2000.
    could it bee that the Y2K bug mess up the data…. I dont think, because the date is part of the video und i dont think could be edited by mistake

    1. AppUnwrapper

      An alternate reality seems to sci-fi-ish, though, no? And if it were something like that, everything could be brushed off as “things are different there.” Would be too convenient. I think he may be trying to lead us to think that way but it’s something more grounded. At least, I hope. I don’t want this to lead to some silly “it was aliens!” revelation.

    1. Mo

      Aso the hint at the of the readme: “Take your time”

      1. AppUnwrapper

        So many things could just be taken at face value…or dissected. I really hope this all leads somewhere.

      2. Mo

        if its not some sort of paralell universe, but the time has been tampered with, if 1997 is 2000 that would mean that 1999 when the the video files were transfered was 2003, so the whole Y2K think would be a lie…. i thought from the beginning that that was somekind of a lame explanation…

        1. Mo

          I think there are some more files to access, maybe the detectives videos or something else…

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Thing is, would anyone be able to hack those or just access them through the Steam folder like they did the video clips? Is it possible for the developer to hide something in the game that can’t be uncovered by going through the source files?

          2. Mo

            what about the faces that we see? is it game mechanic or something part of the story…. so it would be somesort of hallucination sarah has?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Btw, anyone watch the TV show Wayward Pines? Their web series has a character named Sarah Barlow. Would be some seriously f***ed up shit if this game is related to the show somehow.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          And if that’s true, who’s lying to us/Sarah and why?
          Seriously better not be aliens. 😛

          1. Mo

            i’ve never seen the sarah reflection, only one of a male person

            1. AppUnwrapper

              What do you mean? The reflection you see isn’t the same as the one I posted?

            2. AppUnwrapper

              Also, in light of these latest revelations, I think the credits may be worth examining more closely, as well. There are some links in the pre-order list. What if some those lead to something, vs just being promo for those sites?

          2. Mo

            ah it seems like the same one, my screen is messed up sometimes…
            did you had the ones with the police sirens as well?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah but only after finding a video that reveals a big plot point. The reflection seems to stick around, though. On my iPhone, at least. Hard to see it on my iPad.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              So, it would seem sleep has evaded me once again. Gonna have some coffee and start sorting through things. Also gonna make a video of the credits so I can pause at any point — can’t do that in the game.
              I want to get this whole page in order so when new folks come along, they’ll be able to easily see what we’re already working on.

              1. Jeb

                Just as an aside, the Steam version has all videos (including the credits) in AVI format in the directory – it’s only a couple of quid on Steam so might be worth picking up to access those files 🙂

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Btw, there’s something about the music in the credits that gives me chills. The whole thing feels so wrong, but purposely.

                2. AppUnwrapper

                  Btw, I’m rarely on my PC — I use it mostly to record/upload videos. I do all my work on my iPad/iPhone. So I want to make that video to have it on YouTube for easy watching anywhere.

            3. AppUnwrapper

              I’m wondering if it’s worth wiping my save on my iPhone so I can see if anything pops out at me. My iPad has all the clips numbered and in order, so that’s staying as is.

  68. Stevie

    It seems nobody on here has answered the BIG GAME QUESTION which is asked by the person in the CHIT CHAT thing …

    Personally, I’m going with dissociative identity disorder. But I don’t know how that links to “what her mother did” and “why she did it” …

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Well, the problem with that is Eve is supposed to be her mother. So if we take the twins thing at face value, what did Eve do that Sarah needs to understand? With the split personality, it makes more sense because then her mother killed her father and that’s what she wanted to understand.

      We’ve not decided definitively on either scenario. Also, a ton of other weird sh*t is going on with wrong dates and other details, so we may not be able to even answer that question properly until we understand all the little details. I’m still hoping it’s like a treasure hunt, that if we follow the clues it will lead to some secret file that will finally reveal the truth.

  69. Mo

    just watched the credits, its interesting how they turn from beeing normal into black and white and look like beeing slowly distorted and destroyed. the black and white also made me remeber when Hannah looks at the pictures they show her in the beginning and she asks: “Are one of them in colour?” is that a figure of speech, or might she not be able to see colours?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I also find the credits music very unsettling. Maybe it’s just me, but it gives me chills.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Also, I thought I saw a couple of clips that I didn’t recognize from the game, but I could be mistaken.

      1. Mo

        yeah there is at least one clip, from the last sequence, where she sitzs in a different angle, or the camera is in another position. i like the music a lot, creates a fitting atmosphere, but yeah, a little chills 😀

        thought the same about the transcript… tried to find some text files in the directory of the game from which maybe the subtitles were loaded, but im not so good with computers…

        1. Mo

          actually i mistyped, she says: Are any of THOSE in colour”

          1. AppUnwrapper

            She’s also wearing the brightest outfit when she looks at those. Not sure if that means anything. It is a weird question to ask, so definitely worth keeping in mind. It appears nothing in this game is an accident.

          2. Mo

            yeah i thought so too, so bright an flashy of an red/orange.
            its probably noteworthy as she usually only wears blue and white.

            also something we havnt discussed: she is stating that she stays with a friend.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              She could just be referring to Hannah? Or just a way to get the police to stop asking?

              Good god I can’t imagine the amount of planning that went into all these details. I had no idea that every single little thing would mean something.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          I like the music, I just think the music together with the images give off this weird vibe (purposely). I’m having a hard time putting my finger on it, describing exactly why I find it so creepy.

        3. Phil Parma

          On the mac version, you can unpack the app and look at the video assets, which comprise 272 files plus the credits. Alas, the 272nd file is just an audio-less dupe of another clip in a different format. So the game doesn’t seem to be hiding away a missing archive’s worth of undiscovered footage, unless it’s been done very cleverly.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Weird. I wonder what the deal is with the duped file. Maybe it’s part of something that only shows in its full glory if you unlock it in-game?

    3. AppUnwrapper

      Oh you’re right. Why did she ask that? I thought it was odd, then forgot about it.

    4. AppUnwrapper

      I think it would might madness to try, but a transcript would probably be so useful. But oh so time-consuming.

    5. Sarah

      In one of the clips where Hannah talks about fairy tales, she talks about a book they used to have that had tissue paper between the image plates, and she talks about how the plates were in colour and so beautiful. I think that question is just a reference to that.

    6. dazydee

      Also she said Simon had a long grey duffle coat,… like Paddington Bear.

      But Paddington’s coat always been blue, hasn’t it?

      And Paddington Bear comes from the “darkest Peru”. The only indigenous bear species of Peru is the spectacled bear.

      Aren’t the glasses of simon a recurring theme?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Maybe she just meant the style of the coat?

        I think the glasses were meant to make us temporarily think Simon could also be a twin. Bc he had thick glasses and didn’t always wear them. If you need thick glasses, you probably can’t see without them.

  70. Mo

    TAKE YOUR TIME — some facts on the time shenanigans:

    * The speeding ticket was in february, Hannah says that was six month ago.
    * the lottery startet in November ’94 (Simon has lots of tickets in his wallet)
    *ladi dis divorce was ’95 (announced) and ’96 (executed) Eve states that the divorce was “last year”
    * in the REALLY_Readme!!!.txt (who puts special characters and uses _ in a file name at the same time? ODD) SB tells us that there was a flooding in ’97 which actually occured in Portsmouth in 2000
    * Grace Kelly died in ’82, the year before she met Simon, they were 17 when they met
    * The time stamp in the video footage tells us the interrogation took place in June and July ’94

    Do we have other time data???

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Well, it was July when she said February was six months ago, so isn’t that technically true?

      1. Zail

        They are in Jully, honestly I would not spare too much much thought on it. People often exaggerate about time when talking in the manner.

      2. Mo

        well “technically” only is the ticket was on 1st of February 😀 but yeah… this would not be an error

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Don’t forget the date on the PC, 16/06/15.

      Thanks for putting all that together — very useful. I’ll add it to the guide.

    3. AppUnwrapper

      Btw, my clock says 6:25 now even though it’s 9:25 here. I thought this morning that it was showing my time. Now I don’t know what it’s showing. Time spent in-game?

      1. Mo

        Well the minutes also work out with realtime on my pc, not the hours, the differnce between them was 5 hours this morning, i gonna check again

        1. Mo

          well i did the minutes still work out, but in the game it is now 6:50 a couple hours ago it was 6:13 –seeems like the games clock always stays between 6 and 7, maybe indicating the time sarah is accessing the pc?

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Ahh you’re right. The minute hand seems to stay with real time and the hour stays around 7. That has to mean something.

          2. AppUnwrapper

            There’s definitely something with the time. Maybe the clocks are broken? The date on the videos are all wrong? It didn’t actually take place in 1994? So cryptic!

          3. Mo

            yeah probably, as it would take sarah at least a couple of hourse to watch all the footage and find them, it is odd, that it seems odd not to move at all…

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, the videos take almost exactly 2 hours to watch from beginning to end.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              What if it’s a reference to them setting Simon’s watch to when Eve was in Glasgow?

          4. Mo

            that actually is a brilliant thought… matched perfectly with all the time errors.
            should have seen it earlier… very nice!!!

            1. AppUnwrapper

              We all come to different conclusions from different things that stand out to us. That’s why it’s nice to brainstorm together. 🙂

          5. Mo

            they manipulated the time on the watch, so why shouldnt it be the time on the camera?

          6. Mo

            uh yeah that too 😀 but i ment the time/date on the video tapes. but i think it would only make sene if they were manipualted before the footage was shot (the internal time on the recording device), because i think afterwards it is part of the video itself. which doesnt mean that all the videos could have been recorded much much later and than dated back or even replaced the old ones whole or partially

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Good point. Not sure how the time on the videos could have gotten changed even if a flood messed with things.
              What in the world is with all the weird dates? It can’t be time travel. That would feel like a cop-out.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              Btw, the fact that the game didn’t actually give specific wrong dates, I think it’s more likely that the videos took place at a later date, as opposed to some alternate timeline. Since they were only the wrong dates in relation to the time stamps on the videos.

              Could someone hack the time stamps? Would that be possible?

          7. Mo

            i dont know how this stuff technically works, but the question is: is the timestamp part of the video, so actually part of the image that is shown for 1/24 sec, or ist, like todays digital versions, attached in somesort of meta data – than it could be changed later on

          8. Doug

            Not a hacker, but I did shoot video back in the day… you know, when we had tapes, and the like 🙂

            Timecode is usually generated on the camera through the camera’s clock, and then is recorded onto an invisible track on the video. You can also add it after the fact with dedicated equipment, but police equipment would definitely use the camera method. Different formats do it different ways; it’s possible it could be overwritten later.

            What we’re watching is probably a “window dub” where the timecode information (and the room and case number) are output from the original source tapes onto a copy that includes a visual representation of the metadata (the boxes we see). That could be faked, but it would have to be done at the time the window dub was created.

            It’s possible, of course, that we’re not watching a window dub, but the source material with a data overlay generated by the playback device (like what the DVD player or player software does with subtitles). Again, though, you’d have to manipulate the data on the source material to change the display.

            Having said all that, the near-constant 3 second gap between all videos renders the timecode-analysis angle… challenging. If we can’t trust the time between the clips, then we can’t trust the absolute time of any clip. And there are clearly breaks (coffee, vomit) where the break would be longer than 3 seconds even if people weren’t changing places physically.

            I think this issue, like so many others in this excellent project, will be left open to interpretation.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, I’m not sure how we can figure out for sure whether someone tampered with the times. 🙁

            2. nonlinearmind

              As I played the game and logged the clips and time codes, and matched them to their location in the database grid, I noticed something peculiar with timecode. A series of segments is out of order and in the wrong blocks of the database. Clip D171, with segments on database blocks 193-201 has timecodes from 14:18:33 to 14:20:33. The proceeding video segment had a time code of 14:36:56. This is the only instance I found of this in the game. I’m not sure what it means, if anything.

          9. Doug

            You can’t, and that’s probably the point. This is a game where, I believe, there’s no clear answer, by design. People want to find “the answer” in a missing video, or an easter egg, but I don’t believe it exists.

            For one, it would lessen the player experience because much less would be up to interpretation. Second, it would destroy this whole metagame that we’re playing on this site: trading theories, replaying the tapes, sharing our impressions, and telling friends to play the game.

            Did twins Eve and Hannah trade places after Eve threw up during the interview, or did Eve shift personalities? Did someone mess with the timecode on the tapes? Does Florence’ body have a footprint on the back from being kicked down the stairs? Possibly… but I don’t think we’ll ever know “for sure” unless SB tells all, which I’m betting won’t happen for a long while, if ever.

    4. AppUnwrapper

      Btw, couldn’t the flood just be a flood in the police department and not a newsworthy flood?

  71. Mo

    i found a nice website that lets you check which day of the week it was in different years (for instance ’94)
    so the first interrogation was on 18/06/94 which was a saturday
    Murder was a Friday, she called the police on Sunday– in the first interrogation she says “He wasnt back this morning… So I came see you.” So it should be a Sunday…

      1. Mo

        I checked some more, the 18th of June was a sunday in the following years:
        1978, 1989, 1995, 2000, 2006, 2017

        2000 surely sticking out with the link to the Y2K Bug, but also 1995 is interesting because it would explain the lottery thing….. i gonna maybe check out when there were huge pots in the lottery — as it could explain why he had so many tickets?!)

        But of course if the year is wrong, so could be the date

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I hope the lottery thing isn’t hinting at time travel (ie. He bought lottery tickets bc he knew the numbers). I really want this to have a non-sci-fi explanation.

          1. Mo

            wouldnt he only need one if he knew the numbers?

  72. Mo

    also might be relevant:
    the freedome of information act passed in 2000
    also SB states, that “no one has touched them (fottage) since” (after they got mothballed)

    1. Mo

      also the game clock tells us its 16. June 2015 with the game beeing released at 24. June 2015 (according to steam) So why is that? If we as players, are Sarah, sitting there in front of the screen, why doesnt it uses the systems time, to actually make it more believable?…

      so u are right…. at the moment a lot of stuff points at time travel, sound intriguing with the fingerprints and the double personality… but yeah i would also prefer a nun sci-fi ending

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Yeah I was wondering, too, why the year and month would be the same as the game’s release but the day is earlier.

        I’m guessing that these little clues might lead to some admin commands that will reveal more. I hope that’s the case.

      2. AppUnwrapper

        Btw, is it just me or does the hack file say “hack.nfo”? Or is there an “I” I’m missing?

        1. Jeb

          Yeah, don’t worry about that – nfo files are the standard info files in warez packages – have been for years (since you could only have 3 characters in the file extension). I feel like there’s something more to that game, but I’m damned if I can find out what it is…

          1. AppUnwrapper

            The hack.nfo must have something in there, no? I can’t imagine he *didn’t* hide something in there.

      3. AppUnwrapper

        Any idea what L.O.G.I.C. might stand for?

        Also, the fact that these files were all digitized to “preserve evidence” and “allow you to work more efficiently” makes me think that the flood may have scrambled some things like the dates. Kind of a commentary on what happens when you rely too much on technology?

  73. Mo

    yeah i was thinking about L.O.G.I.C too, but have no idea
    also about the only thing on the timestamp i dont understand:
    DI 00524P
    and the hard drive (and seriously, why is there a refresh button?)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The refresh button lets you keep the database checker open and compare the locations of different clips. It was an invaluable tool when organizing the clips (since I did it the hard way) to make sure I wasn’t missing any.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Check out the hack file, btw. Lots of D’s, M’s, N’s. Something about lunch and mums. There’s gotta be something useful in there.

      1. Mo

        the headline: Grace Hack

        the names:
        Cracker: Cyberghost, Supplier: The Legends, Stripper: You never seen us XXX, Packager: Illusionist

        and the discription:
        One for the moms here. Classic 2 Player strategy for lunch time gaming. Enjoy!

        Than this weird picture of grace kelly made out of characters (which i think is normal for cracks)
        und the end: Cracks with Class.

        Cant be a coincedence that grace kelly is mentioned in the interviews and there is such a file on a random pc….

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, I mentioned that about Grace. What’s Grace Kelly gotta do with all this?

          Btw, should we be pulling Sam Barlow into this? He kind of put himself in the game with the SB.
          If so, there’s a Sam Barlow High School named after some guy from the 1700s I think.

          1. Kate

            do we know the time on Simon’s watch or are we just guessing from the glasgow timeline?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I don’t think it’s ever explicitly said.

              I still think the clock on the PC being stuck around 7pm might be related, though.

        2. kate

          I think this is just sheer coincidence and Grace Kelly was included because she both married a prince and has a tragic demise but there are a few similarities to her film Dial M for Murder. That is also about a plot to murder an unfaithful spouse but the plot goes wrong because of a stopped watch. The plotting husband then tries to frame someone else before admitting defeat and confessing.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Wow. So many references in the game.

            That stopped watch — any thoughts on why the computer clock has the hour hand stuck around 7?

            I still think there has to be something in that hack file, but my brain is mush from lack of sleep.

  74. Mo

    something just hit me like a hammer:
    the clock on the pc we are working on tells us that it is 2015.
    I dont think even the PCs at a small police station or whereever we are runon such a small screen with an operating system pre windows 95, isnt that weird?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, it is weird. Unless they couldn’t move the files to a newer PC? Not sure.

      1. Mo

        yeah, could be an explanation. i like the idea of hackers having something to do with it. why are there cryptic text files on the screen? why didnt sb tell her that stuff over the phone or something?
        suddentlich the chit chat window appears? who is that person? isnt he waiting on the other side of the street afterwards?

  75. Mo

    oh and i almost forgot, the address she mentions the lives on: 31Gladstone Street doesnt exist….

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh really? Didn’t even think of that. Might be so no one goes and visits the place to bother the person actually living there? 😉

  76. Mo

    yeah…but even the street doesnt exit, there is a street called that in portsmouth, but it is in the states 😉

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Uh oh. Does that mean we’re back to the alternate universe theory?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I’m pretty sure any suggestions Sam gave are not possibilities.

    3. AppUnwrapper

      Wait a second. What if it’s not taking place in the UK?

      1. Mo

        yeah… otherwhise it would be a really long ride to glasgow xD

  77. Mo

    ok here is another take on the story:
    sam barlow brings him self into the game with the acronym sb. As for Sarah (whose reflection in the screen we frequently see, whose place we take as player and participant in this game) we are slolely reliable on the information he (the developer and helper/guardian of sarah) gives us. We move into a “world”, a defined place, the computer, which we as players but also Sarah in this case uses to recieve information. Our first instinct is to trust everything he tells us – because he put in all the work and effort to make this information/game accessable for us. But everything he created/presents to us could be swayed by him, there is no piece of data, that could not have been corrupted. “Everything seems to work”
    Simply from the textfiles on the screen we can figure out that something is wring, that he is not telling us the truth or somebody has fed him false data. (the flood actually happened in 2000 not ’97), he points out the footage has not been compromised (which it must have had, as the date mentioned on the tape cannot be true) “figured this would be enough”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The problem with that is, why even bother trying to understand anything, if everything could be wrong?

  78. Mo

    he also has to have some computer expertise, as he is, out of nothing, able to make a chat programm appear on our screen. So he has to be good with computers…. who would have thought that? xD so he could have used that technology knowledge, as Hannah/Eve did, to alter time parameters to confuse us.

    All we know for sure: Our name is Sarah, we are searching to understand something about our mother (sounds a bit freudian), and SB pretends to help us.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That doesn’t seem like much lol. We have to have something to rely on and compare facts to. Otherwise it’s all just a bunch of nothing.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I guess we need to figure out if he indeed did lie about the dates on the videos somehow. And if so, what would the real dates be and how does that change things?

  79. Mo

    What if the whole game is some kind of homage to his mother (SBs), making people think about their relationship towards their own mums, as this is what the game is actually about (Hannah/Eves mother, both of them beeing mothers both to a miscarriage and a born child = Sarah, a bad mother in Florence, the Mother of Simon, with whome Hannah/Eve talks on a daily basis, Hannah/Eve doing everything, even murder to protect a child, “nothing is more important than family”) and the game being a mataphor for a life long attempt to understand this relationship – destined to never really be solved? And in the end, makes us quit the computer screens and go outside…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hahaha. It doesn’t seem like he wants us to quit. I think he wants us to think about this foreverrrrrrr.

      1. Mo

        yeah way to much details, false leads for that. but i liked the idea 😀

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Btw, the app description says they take place in 1994, so how can that be a lie?
          I really don’t get why the dates of those events are all off.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          I’ve got it! SB = Sonnuva Bitch and we can’t trust anything he says. 😛

  80. Mo

    btw: i’ve been in the #ghack irc channel the whole day, nothing happened, no one entered, nothing there 🙁

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Maybe at a specific time? Sometime around 7?

  81. Ria

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but the part where (supposedly) Eve in the blue top, mentions about Simon going the the press conference and the hotel staff mentions that he was there instead, and Eve doesn’t mention this. She admits to being there saying that she used a false name.
    Of course, currently she’s pretending to be Hannah, so of course if this is a time when Simon (possibly) cheated on Hannah with Eve then it may have been Eve there with Simon, hence why a different name to Hannah’s was used. Eve may have even used a different name to her own whilst wearing the wig, especially with the fear that Hannah may have found out about the cheating.

    Also, with the speeding ticket, is it possible that they used this to determine if Hannah and Eve were different? Maybe they were trying to catch her own because of their suspicions that they were different people. I’m not sure if her stating that she doesn’t remember something so long ago would support this, since even I might have trouble remembering things a few months ago. But you never know.

    I’ve been reading through the opinions that I haven’t read, but I haven’t read them all so apologies for any duplications!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      No one’s mentioned this yet and I haven’t really thought about that trip much myself, but that’s a good point. I need to think about this more.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Btw, for those of you reading, do you find the post itself easy to read through? Any suggestions how you think it could be better?

  82. Jennifer

    I played the game a few days ago, I watched the interview videos in order (thanks for compiling and posting those!) and I’ve just finished reading through all of the comments here to see what everyone else thought. I probably should have taken notes as I read XD I have a lot of smaller random comments based on things other people have mentioned, so IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll try to bring them up coherently as I write my interpretation of the game.

    IΓÇÖve got to mention the clock before I forget. I am pretty sure that June 16th between 6-7 PM is when Simon was murdered. IΓÇÖm estimating the June 16th date based on the time stamp in the video and assuming she reported him missing two days after she hid the body (he was last seen on Friday, and then she reports him missing on Sunday the 18th). I also could have sworn that she mentioned breaking the watch so it froze at 7 PM to match her alibi, but I canΓÇÖt remember which video that was.

    And I think the days of the week not matching the actual dates is meant to indicate that the police camera could have been set to the wrong year by mistake. I think if anything that rules out time travel because even if somehow Hannah went back in time to take the fall for herself, the days of the week wouldnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t change 😛 And if the interviews are stamped with the wrong year then that could explain any other discrepancies that people noticed like the flood (and for some of them like DianaΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s divorce maybe she was misremembering things from her childhood because her mind was forcing the details to resemble her fairytales).

    Anyhow, for the major question, my general impression from the game is that they were twins, and I still feel that way after seeing the videos in order. However, it’s definitely ambiguous and multiple personalities would make sense too (I found the idea of a third personality to be especially interesting). I could have misunderstood or misremembered some of the videos, but here’s what I think most likely happened based on how I saw things:

    I believe the Florence story could have happened with Eve being home-schooled and forced to hide. I could also believe she killed Florence because she found out what Florence had done and wanted to leave the house to meet her sister. (So far, my only real confusion with this is why she wouldn’t take the diary to her real parents as proof and instead went along with the hiding in the attic plan, but she was 8, so maybe that sounded more fun? Or maybe she knew they’d realize she killed Florence?). It was also many years later that sheΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s telling this story to the police, so she may have remembered it more like her fairytale than it actually was (or perhaps intentionally exaggerated the similarities to confuse the detectives about whether she was telling the truth).

    Eve hiding in the attic for 10 years seems implausible, but it really doesn’t sound like Hannah had a close relationship with her parents. Also, I remember Eve saying that it was a home birth, so if the mother was on painkillers or just out of it from the stress and the father wasn’t there, they might not even know about Eve (alive or dead). Who would really expect for their kid to actually be twins pretending to be the same person? If the parents were very busy and distracted all the time, they probably just wrote off inconsistencies as “I must have missed something” or “I’m losing it” rather than “my kid has a doppelganger.”

    And I definitely think their claim is that they switched places a lot so Eve would be going down to meals half the time and whichever girl it was would eat a lot right in front of the parents because she missed the previous meal. And the same with school. It sounded like they took turns going to school, filled each other in on the details, and whoever stayed home alone had free run of the house or could go out and do stuff (probably using the cat flap due to lack of an extra set of keys). I definitely donΓÇÖt think Eve spent the whole time in the attic.

    The attempted drowning could fit into this if one of the girls pretended to go to school until the parents left and then they both went down to the beach together (or if their parents were off somewhere and both girls were free to come and go).

    The time they got caught going to the concert is ambiguous, but from the way the story is phrased, it sounds like the police only took Hannah back to the station near her parents’ house (that part fits with either version of course, twins or multiple personalities). However, Eve was the daring smooth-talker who has no problem lying, so I believe she could have easily told the police a false name and address so they’d take her somewhere else. Then she could sneak off or escape and make her way back home without the parents picking her up. And since Hannah brought up “her friend Eve” to her parents, the parents wouldn’t think twice about it when the police say she was caught with someone. So I don’t think that incident is definitive proof of multiple personalities because it also works if Eve is a resourceful sociopath (which I think she probably is, especially if my suspicion is right that she killed the cat).

    So fast-forward to Hannah getting pregnant, her parents forcing her to marry Simon, and suddenly Eve has lost everything that she had. She’s jealous of the baby (probably because she wanted to remain identical to Hannah rather than actually wanting a baby) but she can’t get pregnant and ends up getting sick with an STD that she probably canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t get treatment for since she Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║doesnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t exist.Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ And of course Hannah’s happy now that she got Simon all to herself and is drifting away from Eve, and it seems pretty clear to me that Eve blamed their parents. It seems like a perfect sociopathic solution for Eve to kill the parents and then Hannah will inherit the house and move back in so that everything can be “normal” again. Hannah probably was shocked about the mushroom poisoning and mentioned it to the police before she realized Eve did it, so that could be why they both make a point to say it in the interviews (to match whatever Hannah was on record saying before).

    And then Hannah doesn’t really want to go back to how things were so Eve gets the blonde wig, moves out, gets her tattoo and starts to be her own person. Maybe she intended to entrap Simon or maybe it was pure chance (he sounded like an alcoholic and was partial to blondes, so I think she could have intentionally chosen to sing somewhere he was likely to go), but in any case they have the affair and Hannah freaks out when she realizes that Simon is the father of Eve’s baby. That’s when Hannah and Eve fight and Eve gives Hannah the black eye. Eve drives off because she doesn’t know how else to handle it without killing Hannah, meanwhile Hannah pretends to be Eve and kills Simon, and then Eve gets back and sees what happened (I believe that the Glasgow trip happened and wasn’t premeditated, but they realized it would make a good alibi after the fact so they broke the watch to make sure it was right in the middle of EveΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s trip).

    I think from there, their initial plan was to simply pretend to be the same person, report the body, and then use Eve’s alibi to avoid being a suspect. However they kind of messed up and revealed too much in their interviews so the police kept questioning them and at some point they must have realized that the police suspected they were twins. Hannah mentioned Eve, and she was a lot less collected in general so I think she forgot to cover up the black eye (rather than leaving it there on purpose). Whether through luck or intent, it’s Hannah who gets fingerprinted both times (and I do think the reference to other fingerprints is meant to indicate that Eve has distinct prints which were found in the house and didn’t match Hannah’s). They asked about the speeding ticket (which sounds like something Eve would do) and it happened while Hannah was on record being at work, which hints at them being two people (or at least that Hannah has experience faking an alibi…) Hannah even explicitly brings up that she’s staying with “a friend” (which is also how she refers to Eve in two other stories where she brought Eve up, and she never mentions having any other friends) so the police probably could have just followed her home and seen Eve if they thought to do that. That black blazer interview definitely came across to me like Hannah trying to take on Eve’s mannerisms in case they fingerprinted her again, so she must have known by that point that the police knew.

    As for whether they switched during the red suit interview when she threw up, or the coffee-spilling, IΓÇÖm not sure. ItΓÇÖs definitely possible in either scenario (twins or multiple personalities) so it doesnΓÇÖt necessarily support twins, but I suspect she did switch when she spilled the coffee. The police found the guitar in the attic and Hannah claimed it was hers because they knew it wasnΓÇÖt SimonΓÇÖs, but it was really EveΓÇÖs guitar. Then I think that the police thought she was lying and asked her to actually play the guitar to prove it was hers, so she spills the coffee and then Eve comes back to play that song and show itΓÇÖs really her guitar. But she was probably planning to switch into the same (long-sleeve) shirt as Hannah if she had to switch, so she was unprepared when Hannah used the coffee-spilling as the excuse to switch. Therefore she only had a short-sleeve shirt and accidentally revealed the tattoo (which I think is supposed to be real, although it does look fake because the actress obviously isnΓÇÖt going to get the tattoo just for the game).

    Hannah might not have even known about the tattoo since Eve got it after she moved out. I think EveΓÇÖs initial excuse of expressing her ΓÇ£individualityΓÇ¥ was the truth and she wanted something for herself that Hannah couldnΓÇÖt have, so she might not have told Hannah even after they started working together to lie to the police. Eve seemed to accept that they were individuals at some point after moving out and getting pregnant, and she never mentioned getting rid of the pregnancy to ΓÇ£matchΓÇ¥ Hannah. This contrasts with her reaction to HannahΓÇÖs pregnancy where she was thrilled at the miscarriage because they were ΓÇ£alignedΓÇ¥ again, and the fennel thing definitely struck me as odd so I think other people are right that itΓÇÖs a hint Eve may have poisoned Hannah to cause the miscarriage. However now itΓÇÖs Eve who accepts being herself and Hannah who needs them to be the same person for her alibi to work, so Eve might not be trying as hard as she was before. It seemed to me like Eve was the one with the plans and was largely responsible for their ruse working all those years while Hannah was always messing up and breaking the rules, so if Eve isnΓÇÖt 100% into it this time then that could explain the mistakes.

    So, after the black blazer interview where the police explicitly accuse her of being two different people, Hannah and Eve know that their original plan failed and theyΓÇÖre not going to both get away clean. HereΓÇÖs where I see two different paths depending on how evil Eve really is. If she truly cares about the baby, then they probably decide that Hannah is the better mother so Eve intentionally draws things out longer to give Hannah a chance to escape. Then after she gives birth in prison, the baby would go to SimonΓÇÖs parents and Hannah could probably kidnap her at some point.

    On the other hand, if Eve is more self-serving (which I think is probably the case), then she killed Hannah and hid her somewhere she wonΓÇÖt be found. That way she can pretend to the police that Hannah escaped (they canΓÇÖt charge Eve with murder if they think Hannah is still alive) and Hannah wonΓÇÖt be able to accuse Eve of anything with a heavier sentence (like killing their parents). She can do her time for helping to cover up the murder (after having made it clear she had nothing to do with the murder itself and only found out about it afterwards) and then when she gets out she can collect Sarah from SimonΓÇÖs parents and go wherever she wants.

    And then at the end, asking Sarah if she understood why her mother did what she did, in either case Eve did a lot of bad things and most likely served prison time, so I think that question definitely fits even if Eve is a separate person who really didnΓÇÖt kill Simon.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m still reading, but had to stop and say that I feel dumb for not wondering why she never said, “Hi mom and dad — I’m the daughter you thought you lost!” I mean, since she’s a twin, they would have had to accept it.

      1. Jennifer

        Yeah, exactly 😛 The only thing I can think of is either Eve was so sheltered that she decided to just trust Hannah’s judgment, or else Eve liked the idea of “not existing” and being able to get away with things.

    2. Yas

      This is pretty much exactly what I thought as well. Thank you for expressing it so coherently!

  83. Mo

    I really like Jennifers version, it makes sense and seems coherent for most parts.
    I think that both twin and MPD theories have their difficulties, with the twin approach probably beeing the more consistent.

    But it still does not answers the most pressuring question for me right now:
    why did someone feel the necessity to alter all the time perimeter? The (changed) videofiles make us believe both the murder and her birthday(s) accur on June 16th, also the year mut be off. WHY????? 😀

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks! 🙂

      Your reference to it also being Hannah and Eve’s birthday just made me realize a possible reason someone might alter the timestamp on the videos (assuming it was intentional). This is a bit conspiracy-theory-ish, but the age of Eve’s daughter is tied to when the crime took place as Eve was pregnant during the interview. What if Sarah isn’t really Eve’s daughter, but is close in age, so the year was fudged to convince her that she’s the baby Eve is pregnant with in the video?

      From the years that Mo previously posted where the days of the week match up with the dates, 1995 seems the most likely year to me. Even if Sarah was born on the run and doesn’t know her own birthday due to lack of birth certificate, she would probably know how old she is within a year or two. She would know the year was wrong if according to the video there was a 5-10 year difference from when she was born and when Eve was pregnant. So I think even without any conspiracy, the most likely year of the crime was 1995 (unless Sarah already knew the year was wrong and why, but that isn’t mentioned in the readme’s which detail the other errors with the database so I’m thinking her friend didn’t notice the wrong year or was hiding something from her).

      On the other hand, if she has a birth certificate and knows how old she is but doesn’t remember her mother, then changing 1995 to 1994 might trick her. She could do the math and see that Eve being pregnant in 1994 lines up with her own birthday and would accept that she’s watching her mother, whereas if she realizes she was born before the interview takes place in 1995 then she would know she isn’t Eve’s baby. The crime occurring on her mother’s birthday was integral to the motive and what happened, so the day and month had to stay the same even though the year was tampered with. While the days of the week don’t match up with the altered year, that’s not something Sarah would probably notice or even check upon unless she already had reason to suspect the date was wrong.

      As for why someone would go to that effort, I’m really not sure. I don’t think anyone in the story was particularly rich, so it doesn’t seem like someone would want to trick Sarah into getting an inheritance so that she could be swindled out of it. There might be a more personal reason, but the story doesn’t really highlight anyone who would have a motive to do this. The one with the most obvious opportunity is her friend on the chat box, but there’s no context who that is or what their intentions are, so I’m not going to speculate too much unless more context is revealed about that character.

      I suppose it’s possible Eve had a miscarriage too and then she and/or Hannah stole a kid because she refused to accept losing another baby. That actually makes more sense if Hannah is still alive and they considered her escaping to be better for the baby (if Eve had already miscarried and Hannah was planning to steal an infant and run off with it). But then the friend on the chat box would need to be working together with one or both of them to fool Sarah, so that still raises the question of why and how do they know Hannah and/or Eve?

      Also, I’m sure there would have been news stories about the murder when it took place, so Sarah could probably look up the real date of the crime if she didn’t know it already. That’s why I’m leaning towards the wrong year being a technical error rather than intentional. However I hate to say anything in the game is meaningless because I’m sure it was all put there for a reason, but what?!? 😛

      And I thought of a reason for the bright orange suit but I forgot to include it in my overly long post before. It could be different in different places, but just from walking around in general I would say blue and white are very common colors for people to wear, so Hannah and Eve may have wanted to kind of blend into the crowd and not draw too much attention to themselves on days 1-2. I’m assuming Day 1 is all Eve and that went well, and then Day 2 is all Hannah and she messed up by revealing too much.

      At that point they might have decided to risk preparing for a switch on Day 3 in case whoever was answering questions felt too uncomfortable with it. That bright orange suit really stands out and I highly doubt anyone at the police station was wearing the same color that day, so it probably drew people’s attention to her outfit rather than her. Then if she did actually sneak off to the bathroom to “clean up” after puking, she could swap clothes with her sister and people would be too focused on the orange to notice that she’s a little different (and it certainly makes sense for her to get her hair out of her face when she’s throwing up). Meanwhile the other sister would presumably have a neutral outfit and maybe a wig and she could slip out while everyone was still paying attention to the one being interviewed.

      Then when that worked, they may have decided to go back to being neutral and not draw attention for the remaining interviews so they went back to blue and white, but then the coffee incident happened. It’s possible that small blue shirt wasn’t even hers. Maybe it just happened to be something the police had lying around and they let her borrow it so that she could finish the interview and go home in a clean shirt (and therefore they discovered the tattoo). So then they realize that the more formal suit-style outfits have become associated with Eve, and then Hannah-pretending-to-be-Eve wears the black suit-style outfit to carry the illusion a bit longer. And finally Eve doesn’t care on the last day and just wears something normal 😛

      I am having way too much fun over-analyzing this 😀

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I’m personally starting to lean towards the mistakes just being mistakes. Diana’s divorce can be chalked up to her confusing separation with divorce. The lottery tickets I think was just an oversight. I don’t know that I would think to check what year the lottery was started if I were writing a story.
        Otherwise, the only other year it can really be is 1997, since then it would make sense with Di’s divorce. It would at least have to be sometime after 1996 so she could have known it.

        As much as I want to believe that every little detail in the game is perfect, unless we find some glaring mistake with a date that no one could have possibly gotten wrong, I don’t see how the messed up dates would make any sense.

        1. Shaqmeister

          I don’t know if this is another ‘error’ or a false fact or what, like the reference to Diana’s divorce which shouldn’t have happened yet.

          Both Eve and Hannah refer to having gone on a first date with Simon to see Tom Cruise in Risky Business at the Odeon Cinema (presumably, in Portsmouth). I’m calculating that this should have happened in 1983, from piecing everything together around that time. Only thing is that, whilst RB did have a release date in August 1983, this was the date of its release in the US. As far as I can see (Here, on IMDb, and here, on the website of the British Board of Film Classification), this film doesn’t appear to have had a cinema release at all in the UK??

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Maybe they’re not really in the UK? But why? That might explain the lottery thing, but not much else.

          2. Shaqmeister

            I don’t think that we need the additional complication of thinking that they might be in the US. I think the information that we have about the lottery might just be an error of research on SB’s part. Maybe he just looked at the year and didn’t think to go into it more precisely. Likewise, I think that the fact of Risky Business not having been released in the UK – if this indeed the case – might just be an oversight of seeing that it was released in the right year, but forgetting that the whole thing of world-wide simultaneous release in a modern day phenomenon, most likely brought about by the fact that so much is discussed on the internet, so we all have to get it at the same time or miss the surprises.

        2. Shaqmeister

          … or, of course, it could be deliberately-planted internal evidence that Hannah and Eve are themselves fabricating a story and introducing their own errors, for the same reason, so that we can catch them out.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Any thoughts on the fact that Simon had a mobile phone in 1994?

              1. AppUnwrapper

                It seems a lot of things keep pointing to 1997. Except for the actual days/dates.

      2. AppUnwrapper

        Also, it just occurred to me. Why were they so convinced they were infertile? Women have miscarriages, but that doesn’t necessarily make them infertile.

        1. Crocell

          I don’t remember what is exactly said but here is how i understood it :

          -Hannah had a medical check-up after her miscarriage, and doctors told her it made her infertile.

          -Eve tried very hard to get pregnant around Hannah’s wedding and didn’t succeed, so she wrongly assumed she was infertile.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Yeah I forgot about all that. Just chalk it up to my lack of sleep and thinking waaaay too much about this game. 😉

          2. David

            She had a miscarriage at eight months. That is rare and often causes infertility because of complications with what is essentially a full grown baby.

          3. Scotch

            Bearing in mind that the writer of this game has worked on Silent Hill, I believe the following theory would be in keeping with his style.

            “People who die tragically leave magic behind.”

            Eve died at birth but lives on in Hannah’s body. Hannah is not crazy, she is totally aware that Eve takes over and does evil things and has gone to great lengths to cover for her actions. They can see each other when they look in a mirror, they look like a mirror image of each other, they are ‘mirror twins’ in the same body. Hannah even tries to drown herself to kill Eve and stop her doing any more evil.

            Eve is very keen to establish her own identity because she “does not exist” this is why Hannah’s hair sometimes looks like Eve’s, she doesn’t have time to change it back when the police pick her up. Eve gets a tattoo to spite Hannah, knowing that they share a body. It is very easy to assume that Hannah would cover the tattoo – actors do this all the time for movies.

            Eve killed their parents, she is vengeful and angry. Hannah said she wishes she was home, she could have done something, she could have stopped Eve?

            Hannah knew that Eve would try to kill her husband so she drove to Glasgow to get her as far away as possible. There is no other rational explanation for driving to Glasgow. Eve drives back and kills him.

            It seems very unlikely that this is just a straightforward story of twins or a woman with multiple personalities. If either of those where true then the police would have figured it out pretty quickly. Also, it would have been easy for them to explain what happened to Sarah, the whole reason she’s looking though this police computer is to discover that Hannah and Eve are in the same body, there’s no way she would believe it otherwise.

            There’s probably more that fits with my theory but it’s 5am and I can’t think any more.

      3. AppUnwrapper

        As for switching places, someone pointed out that there’s only 3 seconds between each video. I never bothered to check that, but it kind of makes me sad. I thought the spaces between videos might lend clues to what the detective questions are or what happened between them. But 3 seconds for every single video? Too exact. Also, not nearly enough time to switch places. So I don’t know that that theory could work for either the puking or the spilt coffee.

        1. Jennifer

          Oh, I didn’t think to check the exact time in between each video either. However, I agree that 3 seconds is too precise and there’s no way the detective could ask meaningful questions in such a short time. That definitely seems like an error, whether it was a developer error or whether a character messed up when playing with the timestamps. And it seems equally ambiguous to me with the lack of the detective’s questions. I originally assumed that was just to avoid having to record another actor so that the game’s focus would be on Hannah and Eve. But if the developer is encouraging the conspiracy theories related to the time stamps, then maybe the detective’s questions went “missing” because he would have referred to the date at the start of each interview?

          I also think the lottery is probably a small developer error, and I think it’s reasonable for someone to confuse a separation with a divorce so I don’t think too much of that even if it is meant to be an error on the character’s part.

          For the infertility, I thought Hannah said a doctor told her that she was infertile after the miscarriage and then she was married to Simon for another 10 years and didn’t get pregnant again. For Eve, I think it was a combination of not getting pregnant during Hannah’s pregnancy and then assuming that the doctor’s diagnosis applied to her as well because of how in-sync the two of them were.

          Eve says in the last interview that she got the tattoo after she moved out of Hannah’s house because it had become weird for her to live in the attic while Simon was there (it’s around 29:30 in the video). I don’t think she ever intended to show the tattoo to the police. It was probably a mistake on Hannah’s part to wear the short-sleeved shirts (maybe Hannah didn’t know about the tattoo) and then (assuming the 3-second intervals were an error), if the police gave Hannah a short-sleeved shirt to change into after the spilled coffee, Eve would have no choice but to wear it if she wanted to continue the act.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            I thought I saw him mention somewhere that the detective questions/footage actually exists. That’s why I was surprised that there’s only 3 seconds between every video. I was hoping that it was more precise, based on each question.

          2. AppUnwrapper

            And yeah I forgot Eve was sleeping with every guy under the sun, getting STDs.

            As for the tattoo, what I mean is…why didn’t the cops ask the twins question the second they saw the tattoo that wasn’t there the day before?

          3. AppUnwrapper

            I just checked a few videos and it seems some have 3 seconds and some have 4. So maybe there are some longer ones somewhere?

            1. Jeb

              Yeah, the 3 second thing we noticed as well – particularly there’s only 3 seconds between Eve agreeing to the polygraph and her being hooked up to it – my gf thought it might just be a timer, rather than the time, but I don’t know – that one was a bit odd…

              1. AppUnwrapper

                Yeah, disappointing. I was hoping more attention would have been paid to that.

                Unless we are supposed to believe that something messed with the times, like a hacker. But but there really doesn’t seem to be any solid reason to believe that.

              2. AppUnwrapper

                I’m actually writing up some questions for an interview with Sam, but I doubt he would answer anything related to plot. I also don’t think I want to publicly ask him “did you make mistakes?”

          4. Zail

            Another thing that popped up. It has always been on my mind the two girl’s expresions and details when talking about the death of their parents. I have always jumped to conclusions and thought that Eve killed the parents. However I do not think that is so certain.

            We hear that Hannah was not near her parents when they died. We also her a detailed explanation of the suspect mushroom. She also seemed rather upset at the event. However she does make the comment later when she gets a job “don’t poison the kids”.

            Now we hear that Eve is around the parents at the time. However when talking about the Death Caps she has an expression like she is trying to work it out herself. We know that the girls are better at some things and if taught to identify something on a single day then there is no guarantee that it was passed on. It could have been simply that Eve grabbed the mushrooms thinking they were okay and ended up killing her parents by mistake.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Interesting thoughts. I did notice that face Eve made when she mentioned the mushrooms.
              But why would Hannah want to kill her parents? She didn’t have any problem with them.

      4. AppUnwrapper

        Also, I need to double-check if she says anything about when she got the tattoo. Bc surely the cops noticed that it wasn’t there before. And a new tattoo would be red and swollen.

  84. Zail

    “Now you understand why your mother did what she did” While it could be the muder of Hannah or Simon, have you ever thought that this is Eve that we are talking about? That she has killed fairly casually to stay close to what she felt as family that she would be rather likely to do so again?

    I think that is is very important that it is around the time of Eve’s birthday which is often when everything happens with her.

  85. Mo

    I believe (hope) the 3/4 seconds between the answers cannot really be a mistake… but more evidence that someone tampered the time. Especially taking into account how important time (simons watch, birthday dates, “take your time” comment from sb, the clock on the desktop…) is to the story. While developing it, they had to somehow manually enter the time and dates to edit the video. (desciding on dates, days in between, different times) It would really be a huge and easy to avoid mistake for the developers to make… i think (hope).

    I also had the idea the time has been altered to make up for something. So I like Jennifers proposal it has something todo with Sarahs year of birth. I dont think the person sitting in front of the pc is actually Eve, cause the reflection we see seems to be a much younger person).

    I am also thinking about other people mentioned in the story: Eric and Diane, SImons Parents, Carl, etc… maybe there is something we have missed.
    Also the Y2k Bug beeing kind of a lame explanation for the videos beeing scattered. We can assume from the .txt files that someone told SB that story, also the date of the flood… which seems to be incorrect as well. So someone inside the police force lied to SB, making it possible that someone inside the p╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓┬Ñolice tampered with the dates? so it would not have to be a hacker or something. They would have all the access to make that possible. So now we just need a reason, why he/she did it?!

    I send an email to the developer and asked about the time “mistakes”, maybe I’ll get an answer, lets see.

    1. Mo

      does someone has a screenshot of the chit chat conversation? somehow it doesnt appear in my game anymore and would like to take another look at that.

  86. Mo

    this page is getting so rediculously long, i forgot to check, but i dont think so 😀 ist it possible to spread this whole thing and the comments over a couple of sites maybe? when i open this on my iPhone I have to scroll for years. thx in advance

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I already moved the videos to a new page, so I should probably delete them from this one. I can’t move the comments. But I can add pagination if you think that would help. It breaks it into pages with little numbers on the bottom. It’s not ideal if you want to figure out exactly which page to jump to, though. :/
      Maybe I can break it up into starting guide/theories/questions. It’s hard to figure out what should go where lol.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I’m open to suggestions if you have an idea how I should split it up. I just don’t want to confuse people.

      1. Mo

        yeah… i dont know either, on pc its probably better if you leave it like it is – cause its much easer to search through the whole document via ctrl+f – when i am looking for something someone posted… so maybe just leave it like it is.
        i just tried on my iphone on the way and realized how much we have already written about that game 😀

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I moved all the clips to the other post. Do you think I should have my summaries/descriptions there, too, and leave this page for everything else?

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Ok I think this is what I’ll do.
          The videos and summaries are on their own page now. I’m going to expand on the summaries to make them more detailed. A transcript would be awesome, but also insane.

          I’m going to add more to the “starting guide” so it includes everything you see on the screen when you first start.

          Then the theories and unanswered questions, inconsistencies will be below that (or on its own page).

        3. AppUnwrapper

          How’s it look? I added all the files for easy access. Need to work on the rest more.

  87. leafspring

    I just ‘finished’ the game and read most of what was posted on here (great stuff, also thanks for compiling the interview videos).

    I pretty much entirely agree with Jennifer’s great write-up but what I can’t figure out is that particular chit-chat sentence, “Now you understand why your mother did what she did?”.

    Not only do the videos not provide any explanation for anything Eve possibly did, they don’t even contain anything that even *needs* any explanation from Sarah’s point of view.
    The only thing I can think of is that Eve did something after all this went down that is related to what happened but is not know to us. I have a pretty difficult time coming up with anything, though.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, that’s the main thing that has me stuck with the twin scenario. It makes more sense with multiple personalities, but I don’t like the multiple personalities theory for other reasons.

      1. leafspring

        Even with the multiple personalities, the video doesn’t really provide anything that could further any understanding on Sarah’s part.
        The only question Sarah might have is why did she (as multiple personalities) kill Simon and while the videos do answer that, the explanation is pretty straight-forward and nothing you need 7 interviews and hours of video for.

        1. jj

          I guess it could illustrat that Hannah/Eve split personality was very mentally unwell. Something that might be helpful and horrific in equal measure for a daughter. Perhaps she gave her up to avoid harming her or was forced to because of incarceration. Either way I thought she was supposed to understand the person/split person thing and how her mother had more than one face so to speak.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Yeah, I think the Sarah question is much clearer if you go with the split personality theory over the twin theory.

    2. Shaqmeister

      @leafspring. I’m unsure about why you would think there is nothing in the sequence of video clips for Sarah to learn. What’s wrong with the idea that she had everything to learn? That she had never known her mother, most probably through adoption? Indeed, this very fact itself might argue strongly for the split personality hypothesis, as you could imagine that Hannah/Eve might then have been compelled to give up her child at birth, whereas the same would not necessarily be the case were she to be convicted and imprisoned. Either way, everything points to Sarah being on a quest to find out, not only what her mother did and why, but who was this mother she had never known.

  88. Mo

    Some more thoughts on time:
    What do we know from what was actually “said” in the interview:
    1) Simon was killed on a Friday
    2) The first Interview takes place on the Sunday after
    3) The month should be around 6 month after the speeding ticket in february, so probably June
    4) The year must be after ’94 due to the lottery discrepancy, making the freudian slip, referring to the separation, implausible.
    5) Taking the “Ladi Dis divorce last year” testimony – the videos true date must be in 1997 (the year the “flood” allegedly messed up the tapes)

    Did I miss something? Its already 3 am here…. but it seems like everything actually works out so far….
    Therefore I am getting more and more convinced that someone insinde the police force tampered the files…
    6) Sarahs year of birth therefore must be late in 1997 or early 1998, if Eve was really pregnant and Sarah is not actually Hannahs first miscarriage
    7) Sarahs must be 17 und will get 18 in a couple of month. Maybe her not yet beeing an adult explains why SB filled in the Freedom of Information Act sheet for her? (actually i am wondering how that did not stand out to me earlier)

    7) Sarah gets access to the files in 2015

    1. Mo

      jesus, should habe checked it before posting… forget the last 7) und put the conclusion between 5 and 6 to the end 😉

      1. Mo

        my theory continues:
        the mysterious police officer gets cautious as he gets the information somebody is digging in the old files, deleting the detectives questions (as they maybe showing something?), and dismembers the other footage, making it harder for someone to get complete insight. As he needs some explanation for this, he remembers the flooding of the old archives.
        (i found a need fact on the Internet: The whole Y2K problem was known already in the 80s, but it got more public advertence due to a reissue by McGraw-Hill under the title “The Year 2000 Computing Crisis” in 1996 – so as the case happened in 97 they could have used that already back when the tapes were recorded as some sort of cover up story).
        it is still unclear to me as to when and why the tapes were modified, but it seems there are some valid hints….

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I’m starting to just think they were mistakes on Sam’s part. I’m still thinking about it, but not sure how this theory can be proven.

          1. Mo

            right now I believe in a sequel “his story” :D, including the detectives question, solving all the mysteries 😉

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Btw, Sam told me the stuff after the crime is supposed to be left up to the player. So I don’t know that we’ll get answers to all the ambiguous stuff.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          I still think he may have just mixed up the separation with the divorce and neglected to check when the lottery began.

        3. AppUnwrapper

          Do the days of the week in the game match those from 1997?

        4. AppUnwrapper

          Sam’s response about the dates now has me wondering again. He’s aware of it and not calling it a mistake. Hm….

  89. Mo

    which response do you mean? no the dates do not match in 1997, mich when the year was changed, so can be the day and month

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just that he offered up the info about the days not matching. Still, he might just not want to admit to any mistakes. 😛

    2. AppUnwrapper

      If the dates don’t match for 1997, then I really have no idea. :/

  90. Mo

    and what do you think of SB filling out the Freedom of INformation Act Sheet?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Didn’t really think much about it.
      I think my mind, when I started playing, just assumed SB was supposed to be a cop or something, so he filed for that as maybe something he’s used to doing. Didn’t really bother me at the time. Maybe need to read up more on the Act.

  91. Mo

    if he was a cop, he could have easily got access to the files, therefore i think he cannot be. to my knowledge the act is a law in the uk that every citizen has the right to get access to all his personal files that are stored somewhere on behalf of the government. and so probably also to the ones of deceased relatives.

    why does it confuse you that the dates dont match?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It confuses me because in our reality, Princess Di got separated in 1993 and divorced in 1996. If the days don’t match the dates from 1994 or 1997, then don’t we have to just accept the developer made some mistakes and forgot to check what days those dates fall on? Either that or the dates are wrong *and* Hannah/Eve doesn’t know what year it is. It all gets a little too convoluted.

  92. Mo

    no I dont think so, if someone changed the year on the tapes, they could have also changed day and month? actually they had to, and maybe made a mistake doing so – if it was a perfect crime, we would never be able to figure it out?!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Btw, the game was released shortly before Independence Day — red, white and blue. 😛

  93. Glopear

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but on the credits there is a shot of the character with the tattoo and it has switched to the other arm (its now on the right, usually on the left). This surely means its a fake and therefore the split personality theory is correct.

    Also if the police were unsure about them really being twins, they would have obviously just got them both in the room at the same time.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The credits show a lot of reversed footage. I think it’s just to go with the theme of mirrors and reflections.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      And I’m still not sure why the police didn’t ask the twin question when they first saw the tattoo that wasn’t there the day before.

  94. Shaqmeister

    Okay, the database was mothballed in 1999, because of the Y2K bug. Surely, for this reason, it was going to be hit by the bug, or it wouldn’t have needed to be mothballed. We’re viewing it post-Y2K, so the date on the clock that looks like 16/06/15 must be something else. What date would a Y2K-vulnerable program be intending to show post Y2K, that actually shows as 16/06/2015?

  95. Shaqmeister

    In your walkthrough section some thoughts about the plot, you put forward three possible scenarios, which we may summarise as:

    1.) Hannah and Eve are twins;
    2.) Hannah and Eve are two personalities of the same woman;
    3.) Hannah is faking it (which could apply to either of the above, really).

    I would say, however, that 3.) should be discounted. As evidence, in the 7th interview, ‘Eve’ fails the lie detector test on only one question: when she was asked if her name is Hannah. It is inconceivable that she would not have been asked “Did you kill Simon?” Also, this can’t have been one of the questions that she answered “Yes” to, or she wouldn’t then have been able to ask “Did I prove I’m innocent?”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Good point. I actually thought of removing that completely. Maybe I’ll put it in parentheses so people know it’s been considered, and explain more why it wouldn’t work.

  96. Shaqmeister

    There’s obviously been a lot of discussion, here and elsewhere, about the time stamp dates on the video clips not matching up with the days as worked out from Eve’s account in the first interview. This has led many to start questioning whether the dates haven’t been altered in some way. Eve (if it is Eve), says in the first series of clips, something to the effect of “He went missing on the Friday, didn’t come back on Saturday. I waited all day. He still wasn’t back in the morning (Sunday) and wasn’t back at dinner time. It’s getting dark, again. So I came to see you.” This appears to be a span of two days until she visits the police. But, the interview date is 18/06/1994, which is a Saturday. It doesn’t add up. Or does it?

    I’m going to suggest that there is only a problem, if we assume that the first clip we see is what she means by “I came to see you.” What if she is going over an earlier interview? Look at the internal evidence. The “It’s getting dark, again” doesn’t have to mean “It is getting …” It could just as easily be an abbreviation of “It was getting …,” and suddenly the whole thing is in the past tense.

    Think about it. The first interview time stamp says 19:17 hrs. In the UK, in June, it is not going to be getting dark for at least another two hours. She must be referring to an previous interview. Then, maybe this is the missing volume?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That’s some crazy territory we’re entering, since I’ve no idea how we’re supposed to test these theories. If these all led to some admin command that revealed something…but it’s seeming unlikely.

      1. Shaqmeister

        Don’t you think that, in a mystery puzzle like this one, the test of any theory is whether it answers one or more questions, without introducing any new ones? In a well-crafted story with a mystery element, every detail should be introduced for a purpose. We haven’t found any extra volume, although we are told one is missing and, like you, I think it is extremely likely that there is one to be found. And we’re talking about a missing ‘volume’, not just a clip. So, why are we given this information then? My suggestion, then, is simply that it is there to help solve another big question, why it appears that the days and dates don’t add up. For me, this gives us two things. 1.) It brings us back on track by derailing us from the fruitless task of searching for something that very likely isn’t there, and 2.) It resolves what appears to be an internal inconsistency in the only evidence we have, and takes us one step further to being able to avoid distraction through thinking that the whole thing goes deeper than it actually does – that someone, somewhere, has tampered with the evidence by changing the date stamps on a video recording. All of a sudden, I’d argue, my attention is turned back to what we do have – Her Story, with less distraction.

    2. dazydee

      My theory for the timestamps:

      The interviews were taped with a camera using a (tape) cartrige. I think it would be rediculous, is someone would start and stop the cameras or switch between recording devices during the interview in a timely fashion, so that only her testimony is recorded in them neat chunks we can now watch thru the database.

      Rather it is taped in one shot and then the detective and suspect parts are copied to another format seperately. It not implausible, that the time stamp on the video is not from the camera, but from the transfer to a backup or onto an archive format (you know, them big rolls…). That would explain the 3-4 sec between each and (almost) every video.

      And that the internal clock of a video device resets (or was never set, due to technical ineptitude or lazyness…). Heck, all 4 digital cameras I own are not set to the correct date 😀

  97. Shaqmeister

    A thought about the inconsistency from Diana’s divorce having been mentioned, when this happened after 1994 and shouldn’t have been known about (although, of course, it could have been at least suspected at the time that it would eventually happen).

    Didn’t I read somewhere that the Dev had responded to @AppUnwrapper on this point by suggesting it might have been a Freudian slip? I like this idea, because a Freudian slip is that internal imp that jumps up to force us to give ourselves away just when we’re trying hard to ourselves from saying something we want kept secret.

    Here’s might thought.

    Have you wondered why, in the second interview, Hannah is talking about the fact that she has just got a job at the primary school “to contribute?” Why isn’t she still working at Ernst Brothers, with Simon? Why did she leave? We’re hearing all the time about affairs and sexual promiscuity and “not wanting to share Simon.” What if Simon was being shared, not (just) with Eve, but with Dianne? What if the Freudian slip is Hannah disclosing her own sadness over the thought of having to divorce Simon, and what if his murder was actually her calculated solution to this little problem?

    I was always struck by how, in the fifth interview, Eve responds “Simon and Eric arguing? … You should ask Diane.” Why not “ask Eric?”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahhh good points. He did say that (it’s near the bottom of the post among the questions).
      That whole thing with her getting a job as a lunch lady has been nagging at me. So it could be that they were having problems long before Eve ever did anything. Maybe that’s the real reason Simon strayed.

      But Hannah mentions Helen, as far as “Simon likes blondes.” Was Diane blonde, too? Or is that only to get us thinking about Eve’s blonde wig?

      1. Shaqmeister

        I don’t think we’re told anything about whether Diane is blonde or not. From a character-naming point of view, why is the name ‘Diane’ chosen for Eric’s wife when there’s already a ‘Diana’ on cast, if not to temp us to make some sort of a connect. It also makes the notion of a Freudian slip more easy to swallow, with the (near) parallel of names.

        Then there’s her fascination with Diane’s children. Why does she even mention that Eric and Diane “have two kids, really nice kids”? A touch of jealousy over this ‘fairytale’ couple with two fairytale children?

        There are other things mentioned about Diane that seem out of place, unless we suppose them to have more importance to the person mentioning them that we give: “Have you met [Eric’s] wife Diane.” “Met” seems a little out of place here. She’s fishing. She really wants to say have you “interviewed” Diane, to find out whether Diane might have said something she’d rather were not found out about.

        Then there’s the watch that Eric bought as an anniversary gift “this year.” “It would have been Diane who chose it. She has really nice taste.” Simon was wearing it when he was killed, a (special) present bought by another woman, just when he was giving Hannah (as Eve) a special present of her own.

  98. dazydee

    Bit of trivia from Wikipedia:

    “Cornerstone is a relational database for DOS by Infocom. It was widely hailed upon its release in 1985 for its ease of use, but is generally considered one of the leading factors that led to the demise of the company. In the 1980s, Infocom was widely known as a computer game developer and publisher. It developed the most popular works of interactive fiction available at the time and, in fact, can be considered a pioneer of the genre.”

    Interactive fiction… 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ohhhhhh interesting. Maybe just a nod to another game/developer he grew up on?

  99. dazydee

    One thing I can’t figure out:
    What is printed on the T-shirt she is wearing after spilling the coffee on her?

    I guess the top line to be “….. WOMEN’S TEAM”, the next something like “LEAGUE CHAMPIONS” and the football symbol.

    What does the rest say? Which year does it point to?

  100. dazydee

    The whole picture:


    NNNNNNNNNNNNND$ … ,,:+~+++?$=~~::::::,,,,.,,:,,.,.,,~DNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDD
    +++=DDNNNNN===~~~~~~NNND~~DDDDDD:~~~~~~~~~~~==++?+++++=~~=====~~~~:::,,,,,. .
    +++=DDDNNNNO7IIIIIIIIIII?ZDDDDDD:~~~~~~~~:::===++++++===~==~~~~::::,,,,,,,,,.. .
    MMM8DDM .. . C R A C K S, , ,MDD:=======~~~~~~~==~~~~~===+++==~~::,,…..:8NNMMM
    MMMDDDN ..,,,. W I T H ,,::::MDD~~~~========~~~~===========+===~~:,,,.,~NNMMMMMM
    MMMXDDN . . , C L A S S::::::MDD:~~~~======~~=~~~~~~===~~~~~~~::::::,=NNMMMMMMMM
    MMMX88N ,,,,,,,,,::::::::::::N88~~~~=====~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~::::::::,:,=NNMMMMMMMMMM

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did someone recreate that? I tried googling it and couldn’t find it.

      1. dazydee

        it’s in the code… am siffling thru some files with the editor. Most of it is garrbleish, but this was in the level0 file in clear text format.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Oh wow. So you posted the photo? Mind if I include it in my post?

          I wasn’t sure if it was really supposed to be Grace Kelly before, because it looked more like a man to me.

          Lots of Easter eggs.

          1. dazydee

            That’s just the screenshot of my (rightly sized) editor showing the content of the level0 file.

            I don’t know if I am to ask for permission since it is the work of SB. I am totally fine with you using it for this post or any other.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Nice job, though. I wonder what else you might find in there.

              1. dazydee

                in the web.config there is
                user name=”gonzalo”
                and the corresponding password.


                too bad, i am clueless about XML 🙁

                but what i am actually hoping to find are the subtitles.

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  You trying to create a transcript? That would be amazing — too insane to do it manually.

                  Gonzalo? That’s weird.

                  1. Shaqmeister

                    I can’t remember where I got this link from. It may have been on a chat board on Steam, or somewhere. It’s a .csv file that somebody datamined from the game. It basically contains the transcript but would the text would need cleaning up.


                    1. dazydee

                      start to clean it up now

                    2. AppUnwrapper

                      If you manage it, would you mind emailing it to me instead of posting as a comment? It’s better off in the main post then in the comments section. Thanks! 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Nice find. Strange, though. So the street name changed since?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Wow nice find. This is all so bizarre. Could Sam really have just missed all these things or are they on purpose? I may have to ask him in my interview, but not sure he’ll give a real answer. 😛

  101. Jenny

    First, thank you so much for taking the time to put the videos in order. After playing the game, it was very enjoyable to go back and look at the whole story line in order. Second, here’s my theory on what it was that Sarah needed to understand: I think Eve gave Sarah up for adoption. This theory would work whether Eve ended up in prison or not. This would be something Sarah would want to know about and would be something that could drive her to go on a search for information even if she did not already know any details of the Simon case. Also, it was Hannah who always wanted to be a mom. Eve only wanted to be pregnant when Hannah was. She mentions at one point not being sure she would keep the baby and I think it would have been extra hard for her to keep a baby on her own without Hannah or Simon. She is too messed up and too much of a ghost for motherhood.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Interesting point. So you think if she got away, she might have given Sarah to Hannah (assuming Hannah’s alive)?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Btw, I’m in middle of conducting an interview with Sam Barlow. I have a list of my own questions, but if anyone has any, let me know and I’ll consider including it.

  102. dazydee

    She mentions she chose Come Back And Stay as song for the first dance with Simon.

    Of course the lyrics fit thematically:
    Since you’ve been gone
    I shut my eyes
    And I fantasize
    That you’re here with me
    Will you ever return?
    I’ll have you change your mind
    If you won’t stay mine just love me forever
    Love me forever

  103. dazydee

    More Trivia:
    Grace Kelly starred in one episode of the TV-Series “The Clock” called Vengeance.

    “The half-hour series mostly consisted of original dramas concerning murder, mayhem or insanity. … The title of the series was derived from a clock which was major plot element in each story.”

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Lol I just read up on the history and differences between Reversi and Othello to see if it would shine any light on the Mirror Game. Nope. But was an interesting read.

  104. dazydee

    “Yeah that’s Simon’s watch. It was a gift from Eric. He got it this year. It was a wedding anniversary gift. Steel.”

    – The “Steel” could refer to the watch or the anniversary. So it’s a big hint or flat out statement that this year they had their steel anniversary (11th).
    – They must have married end of 83 or early 84. (They can’t have watched Risky Buisness before it’s release in August, September being the likeliest. The marriage should not have been earlier than 2 Month after.)
    – Since he got it “this year” it hints for the interview to be late 94 or early 95.

    Feel stupid for not getting this earlier…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wow that’s quite a find. I never would have thought that “steel” is referring to the year.

    2. Shaqmeister

      Wow, dazydee. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been hoping for some clear evidence that Hannah had been married 11 and not 10 years. With this one fact, I can finally have some confidence in the following timeline:

      Let’s start with the only specific year mentioned in the interview. 1984. in this year, Hannah had the miscarriage after 8 months at the end of Spring, her parents dying in the summer [439]. Suppose we take “the end of Spring” to be late May 1984. Working this back, Hannah became pregnant 8 months previously, around the end of September 1983. This happened the first time Hannah slept with Simon, on only their third date [744].

      Let’s assume they were dating each weekend, then they went on their first date in early September 1983. They went to see Risky Business at The Odeon in Portsmouth. This film appears to have had a release date on 05 August 1983 in the US, and shows a British Film Board Classification of 08 September 1983. Assuming that this was granted just prior to release in the UK, then we appear to have verified the dates so far.

      Hannah was seventeen when she first met Simon, so let’s put her as seventeen in September 1983. (This requires that there was no great length of time between first meeting and first date.)

      Wispa bars were on sale in England, in the North East only, from 1981. They went on national sale only in 1983 and would have been still a novelty when Hannah went to the cinema with Simon in September 1983.

      On one of Hannah’s earlier birthdays, she went to London with her “friend” Eve to see Bob Dylan play. The only viable tour dates for London that I can find for when Hannah was younger than seventeen, but old enough to buy tickets and travel with a friend in a taxi, are: June 15 to 20 1978, inclusive and June 26 to July 1 1981.

      With the information we have above, and with a birthday in either of these date ranges, she would have been twelve in 1978 and fifteen in 1981. If we recall that Hannah and Eve didn’t get to the concert, because the taxi driver was “suspicious because we were so young [435],” it seems likely that there reference is to one of the concerts in Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, in 1978, somewhere between June 15 and 20. Likewise, we have for Hannah’s date of birth, somewhere in the range 15-20 June 1966.

      Coming forward in time again, we know there was a “shotgun wedding” after Simon’s parents found out that she was pregnant. There are lots of descriptions of the wedding and the dress, but Hannah is never described as strongly “showing.” It is therefore likely that the wedding to place before the end of 1983, or early 1984 at the latest. They danced to Paul Young’s Come Back and Stay, which was released as a single in the UK 11 March 1983.

      As to how long Hannah and Simon had been married to the present day, there are a couple references to them having been married ten years [213, 428] and another reference to themselves as “a couple after ten years of marriage.” More specifically, there is a direct reference [334] to Simon having been given his watch, as a present “this year. It was a wedding anniversary gift. Steel.” Taking ‘Steel’ to refer to a couple’s eleventh wedding anniversary, it was their eleventh anniversary “this year.”

      From this, we can deduce that the interviews that we see are taking place in 1995! From the evidence, Simon went missing two days previous to the first interview, on Hannah’s birthday in June. If they had been married just before Christmas, then their anniversary “this year” would not have happened yet. They were therefore married early in 1984, with their eleventh anniversary early in 1995.

      The year on the date stamp of the videos is clearly wrong, out by one year. As her birthday two days previously must have been between 15 to 20 June, the month is correct. So as not to compound errors unnecessarily, let us assume that the date is correct.

      Hannah indicates, from her description, that two days ago was a Friday, which is not the case for 16 June 1994. 16 June 1995, however, was a Friday.

      So, as a providing a relatively convincing timeline, I think we have:

      Hannah(/Eve), born 16 June 1966
      Hannah and Eve went to see Bob Dylan in London on 16 June 1978 (aged 12)
      Hannah met Simon around September 1983
      Hannah became pregnant within about 3-4 weeks
      Hannah and Simon were married very early in 1984
      Hannah lost her unborn baby around the end of May 1984
      Hannah’s parents were found dead in the summer of 1984
      Hannah and Simon had their eleventh wedding anniversary early in 1995
      Simon’s disappearance occurred 16 June 1995 (Hannah’s 30th birthday)
      First interview took place 18 June 1995.

      The shift of the year by one to 1995 completely removes the inconsistency of Simon having had lottery tickets in his wallet, which weren’t on sale in the UK until November 1984.

      There still remains the one apparent problem with the reference to Princess Diana’s divorce, which has still not happened in 1995. However, with this as the only discrepancy, I think it takes on a special importance as (as Sam Barlow hints) a Freudian Slip. I think it is a reference to a divorce that can be seen as coming, but which has not happened yet. I think it refers (via the slip) to Simon (Charles) wanting a divorce from Hannah (Diana) to enable him to be with Eve (Camilla), Eve then needing to be a real person.

      1. Shaqmeister

        That should say that lottery tickets “weren’t on sale in the UK until November 1994.”

      2. Shaqmeister

        Correction 2: 16 June 1995 is, of course, Hannah’s 29th birthday (not 30th), “Not one of the big ones.”

      1. Alyssa S.

        Honestly, from reading Sam’s responses, no one is ever going to get an answer. This forum is great for bouncing ideas and theories off of people who know what they’re talking about, but personally, I think we’re supposed to just find an answer that satisfies our mind, and that is the so-called “official story.” As much as I want closure, I just don’t see us getting it. I mean, do you? I love this forum because it’s brought new stuff to light I hadn’t thought of, and the effort put into the clips being put together, that’s incredible. I love the energy of everyone brainstorming for an answer. I wish this were the sort of thing where we could have all come to a definitive solution. Honestly, I’m satisfied in believing the multiple personality theory. I think the comments about realistic DID are just that. Realistic. It seems Sam’s main intention was for both stories, or all stories that diverge from the main two this forum discusses, to be plausible. The holes we’ve found are going to stay holes.

        1. Shaqmeister

          @Alyssa S. That’s interesting. Reading Sam’s responses kind of reassured me in the other direction, that there is a definitive answer there for the finding. It’s just about following the evidence that we’re given, and trying to avoid the pitfalls that are more like speculation than proof.

          Like you, I was for a while committed to the ‘Split’ camp’s idea that Hannah and Eve were the same person. But, now I look back, I can’t find the slightest bit of evidence to prove that they are one.

          In contrast, I feel there is proof that they are twin sisters, and this is most clearly demonstrated in the following facts:

          1.) someone matching Hannah’s likeness was caught on a speed camera in Oxford whilst someone with Hannah’s likeness was time-clocked into Hannah’s place of work in or around Portsmouth (which her colleagues must have confirmed to the police).


          2.) Someone matching Hannah’s likeness was identified by staff as having checked in with Simon to a hotel in Oxford, 80 miles away, at the same time.

          Of course, we’re not spoon fed every detail, but there are some things that only have one explanation. If the police hadn’t got confirmation from the hotel staff that the woman with Simon matched Hannah’s description, then there would have been no need at all for Eve’s subsequent confession “Ok. I confess. I was there with Simon.” She would have just answered something like “So, he was there with another woman. But what’s that got to do with me? As you’ve said yourself, I was in Portsmouth at the time, skipping work and running a speed camera.”

          This is a deduction, based on the evidence that we are given. I don’t, then, agree that there aren’t solutions to be had. I think that there are, and that there is one definitive answer to the question “So… you think you know why your mother did what she did?”

          If there wasn’t, this would be the dumbest of questions.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Btw, if you guys have any really good questions that you think Sam would be willing to answer, let me know. I still have a few more of my own for him. And I’m seeing about bringing Viva into it, too, although I haven’t really thought about what I’d ask her — so if you have anything, I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

          2. Shaqmeister

            Sorry, in 1.) that should be “caught on a speed camera in Portsmouth,” not Oxford.

            1. Alyssa S.

              Well I agree that there is an answer, but as Sam said, it’s up to us to choose it. The premise of his making this game was to put the power in the hands of the player rather than the creator. So for Sarah, a character in the story, obviously there is a truth for her because the story to her isn’t a story. But if we think about the whole piece as being a malleable work, we can create the reason for Sarah to ask that question. Also, if we keep in mind that a lot of players probably did not find all of the clips before settling on what they understand to be the final conclusion. And that’s the beautiful thing about this game, but also the frustrating thing about this game. Sam said he has what he “supposes” would be considered the “official story,” but he said that the focus is on the characters and that the story changed a lot as the actress worked with the script. It’s like a real investigation. You’re given certain pieces, and they could come together in many ways that make logical sense. But depending on how you investigate, how you receive the information and in what order, you can get a completely different result that feels to you like the ultimate truth. And that, I think, is the real idea Sam wants to convey. The power of this investigation is in our hands. We’re investigating this case. We’re deciding who’s guilty. And it asks kind of a string of unspoken questions: “Can I live with my choice of truth? Am I confident in my own judgement? Could I take action on this matter and feel totally sure I’d done the right thing?” I believe that’s why this seemingly tame story, compared to the disturbing things we see in entertainment today, is ringing so powerfully in our minds and puts us on edge.

  105. Shaqmeister

    As evidence that Princess Diana is somehow key to the whole solution of this story, consider the following.

    We have references to Grace Kelly and an .nfo file with a picture of Grace Kelly. She doesn’t seem that relevant in herself, but I’d argue there are striking parallels that hint we should be looking closely at Princess Diana’s part in the story.

    Both were touted in the press at the time as having had a “fairy tale wedding.” Both died in a car accident under suspicious circumstances (as reported, that is; the great likeliness in both cases is that the suspiciousness is an urban myth phenomenon). Maybe there are other parallels also?

  106. Mamamac

    Wow, there are a lot of comments here, and I haven’t read through all of them, but I’ll state some reasons on why I support the multiple personality theory:
    1) In multiple personality, usually the main personality tends to be more submissive, while the secondary personality tends to be more dominant. (i.e. Hannah is the main and Eve is the secondary, which is also why Eve didn’t come into the picture until she was 5..everything before that was probably fabricated by Eve later on based on the story of Rapunzel–she herself admits she’s not sure about the details)

    2) About that TATOO. Notice it appears after Hannah’s last interview (in total, Hannah only gets interviewed twice) She said the tattoo is a symbol of her identity. From then on, Eve dominates her split personality, as if she has destroyed Hannah in her mind.

    3) About the BRUISE. Eve is really into disguises (such as a wig) and it’s pretty easy to cover up a bruise with makeup, perhaps because she didn’t want to be perceived as weak. Perhaps seeing Hannah’s bruise on one side, she hit herself on the other side (like other self sabotage she did in the past, like with the hairbrush) and covered both up with makeup. Perhaps on 6/18 when Simon is reported missing, he has not yet been killed yet, and the lethal argument between Hannah and him occurs between 6/18 and 6/25. (wherein she gets the bruise)

    4) The twins theory doesn’t support natural things like how their period starts and stops at the same time. Perhaps because Eve continued to have sex and caught an STD after Hannah was already pregnant, this led to her miscarriage. The twins theory is also a bit deranged–why would anyone go to such great lengths to live a single life? (especially when they had such a love/hate relationship, and their secrecy required Eve to remain “hidden” most of the time) And for five year old children to come up with such a complex plan seems a bit farfetched.

    5) I suspect that both Hannah’s parents and Simon suspected her multiple personality. That would explain why Hannah could blame “Eve” for her misdoings. It also might be why Simon had an “affair” with Eve and never mentioned the marriage–it was like a little role play for him. Him giving the disguised Hannah the second mirror was probably a test to see if she would finally confess to having multiple personalities.
    In both cases, when Hannah faced a traumatic moment about the identities, she killed the people closest to her who knew about the identities.

    6) The twins theory doesn’t at all support the tapping, her mumbling to herself, etc.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Based on the transcript I posted, we actually know now that interview 6 is indeed Hannah. So I’m thinking there really is something to the fingerprints. She must have suspected the cops would ask for them that day.

    2. Mamamac

      Oh, I wasn’t clear about the tattoo. She got the tattoo sometime between 6/30-7/1. Looks rather fresh, right? Not like a tattoo that was eight years old.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Well, I think a fresh tattoo would have a lot of redness around it. So not sure how she could have gotten it that day or the day before after the interview.

        1. dazydee

          Yeah, look up photos of fresh tattos on the net. They are red, swollen, they seep ink, it would show.

    3. Mamamac

      I think she offered her fingerprints because the detective mentioned his twin theory. Twins don’t have the same fingerprints so she wouldn’t have so willingly given them if they were really twins. And if the fingerprints did in fact not match, it seems it would’ve been mentioned in the next interview. Not sure how the transcript proves that Hannah was the one in interview 6. She seems to behave in a more Eve-like way. I still see the tattoo and her stating: Hannah is no longer.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        So how would you explain the fingerprints the police asked about that were of a close relative to Hannah?

        And the transcript I posted was pulled from the source files. They say either Eve or Hannah by each interview. It says Hannah by the 6th interview.

        1. Mamamac

          Maybe Simon did take other women as lovers. (like Helen the barkeep, whom he saw that weekend) Hannah mentioned the possibility of her parents (who used to live there). Or it could’ve been fingerprints from Hannah’s burned hand. Even if Hannah is the 6th interview, she is wearing dark long sleeves, perhaps intentionally to cover up the tattoo. She is also very eager to leave, like she’s totally disengaged from the whole thing. It wouldn’t be surprising if the two personalities were battling each other since the Friday night of Simon’s disappearance.

          1. Shaqmeister

            Personally, I think that it is pretty clear that “Helen the barkeep” is, in fact, Eve.

      2. Scotch

        Mirror twins. also called Mirror Image Twins. are a subset of identical twins and are identical twins with opposite features. that is one will be right handed and the other will be left handed. One quarter (1/4) of all identical twins may be mirror twins. These mirrors are literally reflections of each other and may possess matching or almost matching fingerprints and share the same DNA. They result form a late split of the fertilized egg at around 9-12 days. The one mirror may or may not have situs reverus or situs inversus. This is where the organs will be on the opposite side of the body. heart being on the right. etc

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Oh interesting. With all the mirror/reflection references in the game, this sounds like a huge possibility.

        2. dazydee

          Nice info!

          I was wondering about the handedness ever since I noticed that she used the left hand for marking Princes St.

          1. Shaqmeister

            What other evidence is there, that anyone has picked up, from the point of view of handedness? She (Eve) is playing the guitar right-handed, but then that’s not that unusual. My niece is left handed but strums a right-handed guitar. She learnt that way simply because left-handed guitars are harder to come by.

    4. AppUnwrapper

      I agree the tap code doesn’t make sense as twins — unless they were just playing around.

      I think there are some holes in either scenario, which is why we’re still debating it. 😉

      1. Shaqmeister

        I don’t think that the tap code is any evidence against them being twins. We are all prone to whispering things under our breath or making statements to people who aren’t physically there. Having learnt the tap code, we only have to see this as Hannah “tapping under her breath.”

        1. AppUnwrapper

          True. I think it could have just been habit or playfulness since they didn’t expect the detective to translate it.

  107. Scotch

    Bearing in mind that the writer of this game has worked on Silent Hill, I believe the following theory would be in keeping with his style.

    “People who die tragically leave magic behind.”

    Eve died at birth but lives on in Hannah’s body. Hannah is not crazy, she is totally aware that Eve takes over and does evil things and has gone to great lengths to cover for her actions. They can see each other when they look in a mirror, they look like a mirror image of each other, they are ‘mirror twins’ in the same body. Hannah even tries to drown herself to kill Eve and stop her doing any more evil.

    Eve is very keen to establish her own identity because she “does not exist” this is why Hannah’s hair sometimes looks like Eve’s, she doesn’t have time to change it back when the police pick her up. Eve gets a tattoo to spite Hannah, knowing that they share a body. It is very easy to assume that Hannah would cover the tattoo – actors do this all the time for movies.

    Eve killed their parents, she is vengeful and angry. Hannah said she wishes she was home, she could have done something, she could have stopped Eve?

    Hannah knew that Eve would try to kill her husband so she drove to Glasgow to get her as far away as possible. There is no other rational explanation for driving to Glasgow. Eve drives back and kills him.

    It seems very unlikely that this is just a straightforward story of twins or a woman with multiple personalities. If either of those where true then the police would have figured it out pretty quickly. Also, it would have been easy for them to explain what happened to Sarah, the whole reason she’s looking though this police computer is to discover that Hannah and Eve are in the same body, there’s no way she would believe it otherwise.

    There’s probably more that fits with my theory but it’s 5am and I can’t think any more.

  108. Alex

    Amazing work with the timelines; I’ve become obsessed since learning about this game and this discussion thread seems to be the most active i’ve found.

    Only thing I have to add currently is the interview (7) with “Eve” explaining the whole backstory there are very noticeable beach noises (waves, seagulls) in the background. I’m confused as to why they would be so audible in the interview room when none of the other interviews seem to have such apparent background noise…Thoughts?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ugh I just found this in the spam folder. Sorry! I didn’t notice those sounds, but there are a lot of beach references in the game, so could be just one more?

  109. Shaqmeister

    Twins, or two personalities? Her story appears to be so cleverly crafted that is remains possible to argue strongly for either. But then, what about the speeding ticket:

    As far as the police are concerned, Hannah was caught on a speeding camera in February and the (Eve’s) explanation was that she had just popped out for something from work briefly. In fact, so briefly, that she didn’t log her absence from work on her time sheet. Obviously, the police had checked her time sheet for that day, which showed that she was at work.

    Hannah lives in Portsmouth. The great likelihood is then that she works in, or somewhere around, Portsmouth.

    The police are clearly using the speed camera photograph as evidence to question how it was possible that, at the same time, a woman, presumably matching Hannah’s description, was identified as having had a “dirty weekend” in Oxford with Simon, over 80 miles away.

    I’m not sure how this ‘evidence’ would be reasoned away by the ‘multiple personality’ camp.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I still wonder why the cops waited so long to ask the twins question (I do love how the game threw that back at us, though — like we’re mad for thinking it 😉 ). Shouldn’t that have come out at some point during interview 5 when they saw the tattoo? Those are some very patient detectives.

      1. Shaqmeister

        Maybe I’ve read/seen too many detective/police stories but, isn’t it often the case the the detectives hold back deliberately from letting the person being interrogated know that they have a crucial piece of information, in the hope that the person may then incriminate themselves in some way? If the detectives were to let out too soon that they think that Hannah and Eve are twins, the likelihood is that this would lead them (if they are twins) to tighten up there story even more.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          But if they asked for fingerprints during the 5th interview, they wouldn’t have had the chance to change places again.

  110. bikeguy25

    I think EVERYONE is completely missing the most LOGICAL answer……The mother would clearly know if she delivered twins….You don’t forget giving birth and then somehow lose one of your children who somehow then sneaks in to your attic and lives there for the next X amount of years……..

    Now on the otherside there is NO SUCH THING as multiple personality disorder as described in this game or as you see in the movies. There is not 1 documented case of a MPD where there is actual “Transitions” from one personality to the other and they live as different people not remembering anything until they transition again; however being a game I doubt they were following that information if they were using the MPD card.

    I think they were twins or extremely close looking sisters and one of them suffered from severe mental illness.

    The game was very unique and different which i think made it so entertaining. With a bigger budget (5.00 for the game is a steal) and some polishing this type of gameplay or game could start a new trend in games. I can see a RPG game with “Real” acting such as this.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Well, Florence (the midwife) told their mom that one of the twins died in childbirth. Maybe she had no reason not to trust her?

      But yeah, there does involve a bit of a leap of faith for either story to be believably.

      1. Shaqmeister

        “Eliminate the impossible then, whatever is left – no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

        I think it’s important not to confuse ‘impossible’ with ‘improbable’. Sure, the story of Eve’s birth and early years, if Eve is a real person, has a degree of improbability about it, but it’s not impossible. In itself, then, this mere fact cannot be used to swing the verdict either way, on its own.

        Instead (according to the maxim above), the focus should be on looking for impossibility in the story. For myself, the only place where this stands out most clearly is in the speed camera photo and the clandestine romantic weekend in Oxford. To my mind, unless it can be shown how this can be resolved under the multiple personality theory, it’s ‘twins’ all the way!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I need to watch the Oxford videos again and get back to you.
          Might need a proper timeline to keep this all sorted.

          1. Shaqmeister

            Timeline = good! Surely it’s the starting point of all investigations. If you haven’t got the ‘when’ then you can’t even get to the ‘where were you on the night of…” This is the reason I had spent so long trying to resolve the apparent inconsistencies in the days and dates from the first interview. (Search page for “1995!” for my solution to this little problem.)

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, the inconsistencies make it harder to get everything in order.

            2. AppUnwrapper

              I was just laughing to myself over the idea of a conference about double glazing.

            3. AppUnwrapper

              Btw, the wording on some of the clips where she talks about going inside seem weird to me. For instance… Clip 20: “When he comes in, if he’s in the house.” That’s a strange way to put it. Obviously if he comes in, he’s in the house. Am I missing something here? The other times where she talks about coming home are also worded oddly.

              1. Shaqmeister

                I think that’s just a use-of-language thing (maybe a Britishism?). To me it makes sense as “When he comes in, if he’s [staying] in the house.” If he’s going out again, then he wouldn’t take it from his back pocket.

              2. Shaqmeister

                I think, more to the point, is what comes just before these words. Remember, this is ‘Eve’ talking. She stumbles on her words, and then corrects herself awkwardly (which might explain the clumsy wording). I take the phrase before to be the kind that might have continued “He takes it out of his back pocket. Before … [we go upstairs and do things we shouldn’t be doing, because he’s not my husband.”

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Oh good point. She trails off after the “before.”

                2. dazydee

                  I think she realized that what should follow the “before…” would be to telling. Something like “.. he goes to bed”.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          So, I re-read the whole speeding ticket/Oxford part. It kind of drops off suddenly and leads into the guitar playing.

          1. Shaqmeister

            It’s not always easy to imagine what the police questions are likely to be. However, I think there are some places where it flows enough that it’s possible to get the gist of what was asked. For this section, I think it has to be something like:

            DI: Let me show you this speed camera photo, date *** February, which appears to show you, or someone who looks just like you, driving your car over the speed limit. Can you confirm that this is you?
            [526] Yeah. That’s me. But February? I mean that was months ago. What’s that got to do with Simon’s murder?

            DI: Then, perhaps you’d like to explain how your time sheet at work shows that you didn’t sign out at all, and your colleagues have confirmed that you were at work that day.
            [527] Well I don’t know. I probably had to pop out and get something. That’s why I was speeding. And that wouldn’t have been noted on my time sheet. But I really can’t remember back to February.

            DI: You can’t remember getting the ticket, then? We have records to show that it was issued to you, and paid.
            [528] Well I remember the ticket. Of course. I paid it without telling Simon. Didn’t want to get told off. And they put points on the license.

            DI: So, where were you going, miss, in such a hurry?
            [529] Like I said I think I was popping out to get something. Ran out of something. Had to go grab something. I sometimes drive too fast. If you want you can arrest me for that.

            DI: Well, that won’t be necessary…
            [530] You must be desperate for leads if you’re getting hung up over six month old speeding tickets.

            DI: Perhaps you were rushing to see your husband, in Oxford. We have reason to believe that he was there that day.
            [531] There was a conference. Something to do with double glazing. In Oxford?

            DI: Well, we have checked with the company and they say there was no conference scheduled for Oxford that day.
            [532] Are you sure? What would he be doing in Oxford if there was no conference? I remember calling him. He said it was boring and spent most of the time in the bar.

            DI: We have copies of a credit card receipt that clearly shows that he had been staying at the *** hotel in Oxford at the time in question.
            [533] And the hotel said he was there?

            DI: They did, miss. And what’s more, we showed them a photo of you and several of the staff have confirmed that it was a likeness of the woman he was staying there with.
            [534] OK. You got me. I’ll confess. We were there. It was a dirty weekend. Simon was going to expense it, pretend it was a business trip. I used a made up name. We stayed at the hotel. Had room service. Didn’t leave the room. It had a great view of the river and you could hear the church bells. Like you said, it was very romantic.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Right, but after she says that it had nothing to do with his murder and they’re allowed to have secrets…then they bring out her guitar. Seems like an odd place for the detectives to go. She just confessed to being in two places at once. No “so how were you in two places at once?” They wait until the next day to follow that line of questioning, giving Hannah/Eve a chance to plan things out for the next two interviews.

              1. Shaqmeister

                It’s like I think I’ve mentioned earlier. I’m sure the police have probably surmised that they are sisters even before this. But, what are they going to do? Arrest one or the other of them for having a sister? Until they can know which of them actually committed the murder, I would argue strongly that they would want to keep what they do know close to their chests and try to gather more evidence. In particular, they surely will have noticed the different handedness of the two women. Handing her the guitar is one way to check whether they are speaking to Eve today, or Hannah. Eve is left-handed, and if she starts playing the guitar left-handedly, then they know this is Eve. However, although no right-handed person would play a guitar the other way around, a good proportion of left-handers do play the guitar as a right-handed person would do. So, it was worth a shot, but it didn’t lead to anything in the end.

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  I’m reading over the transcript now and noticing things I didn’t before. It’s much easier to catch little details.
                  I initially thought the guitar was Eve’s Bc she was living with them at the time. But now I realize they still weren’t. So I guess the guitar might actually have been Hannah’s.

                  Gonna pore over the transcript some more.

                  1. Shaqmeister

                    No, it’s got to be Hannah’s. Think about it. The police must have got it from searching the house. If it was Eve’s and they had found it, then the would have found other evidence of another person living in the house, and that would have been game, set and match, methinks!

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      Yeah, you’re right. I think the fact that Hannah said it was hers but Eve was the one who played it made me think that the cops were trying to catch Hannah unable to play.

                    2. Shaqmeister

                      This is how I reason it. Let’s go with the story of the two twins growing up in Hannah’s house, having to pretend that there is only Hannah whilst swapping places all the time. As we hear later, if one of them loses a tooth, the other has to pull a tooth; if one gets a black eye, the other’s eye has to be blackened. So, if Hannah has a guitar and plays it, the other has to play it too, else one day when Hannah is out and Eve is home, their mother might ask Eve to play them a tune, or ask “why aren’t you playing, like you always do after school?” And they’d have to be able to play it with the same handedness also.

                      In fact, from what I know of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) – and I have encountered it several times, professionally – it is more likely that the dissociation would be so great that one of ‘them’ might not be able to demonstrate any aptitude in a skill that the other is proficient in.

                      And, while we’re on the subject, DID is linked to trauma. The dissociated states are usually believed to be fixated early selves stuck in a moment just prior to the when the trauma happened. Hence, they tend to be younger than the primary self and sometimes significantly so. The fixated selves don’t “grow up.” The dissociation is a defence against the trauma. I’m not saying that Sam Barlow would necessarily have investigated the condition in this detail. However, from my experience, there would be far more prominent markers distinguishing two personalities in someone manifesting DID than there would be between truly identical sisters.

                    3. AppUnwrapper

                      Good point.
                      I guess the bruise/tattoo came after Eve started becoming her own person so even though they were trying to pretend to be one, they weren’t willing to match? Been trying to understand that bit. They didn’t work very hard to look the same.

      1. bikeguy25

        The symptoms described in the link you gave me do fall under DID; however if you look at the date of copyright that was printed in it was over 21 years ago. There are cases where in traumatic events (usually always involving young children) a memory can be suppressed and forgotten and combined with DID it falls in to that category. BUT as I said there has NEVER been a documented case of someone having DID or MPD and able to function on a normal day to day basis and “Transition” the way you see in movies, television or games.

        The movie Identity with Jon Cusack and the others is solely based on the one dude having MPD but its not real.

        Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde is the most famous story/case of an instance of MPD and having no recollection of what “The other personality” does but its not real.

        It makes for good tv and good movies and in this case I believe a good game but if you can find a medically proven case involving MPD and actual people transitioning between personalities where the other has no recollection please send me the link as I would like to read it.

        I only know there is no documented case because I did a school project on it before a few years back based around Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde and then it was brought up again when I was going through police training and we were going through “Strange court defenses” where a murderer claimed to have split personalities and all medical professionals and pschologists etc claimed it was not real and the guy was faking it. Which turned out to be an act cause he was pleading insanity.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I still agree it’s most likely twins. I just think it’s hard to completely rule out the multiple personalities just bc that’s when way the game was designed.

  111. Geir

    I’m leaning towards the idea that Eve/Hannah suffers from split personality disorder.

    In the interview 03.07.94 she said as follows:
    ” we knew, i, we had an alibi. We wanted the body to be found later. We wanted to have the suspicion on us. The watch was my touch to make the alibi stuck. My sister is gone(hannah) and she’s never comming back. Can you arrest someone that doesn’t exist.

    Here she/they said early here, we, then i and then we again “had an alibi”. This shows the conflict that is inside this person. She also mentions how can you arrest someone that doesn’t exist – then probably thinking of Hannah.

    One cannot see a reflection of another person from one house to another. It’s not possible to see the identical lookalike from that distance i think. She could think of herself and the reflection in the mirror or from the window.

    Eve also had a memory problem. They both kept diary and still do to be able to keep track on each others experiences in their daily life.

    About the cup and tattoo. I see that she drops the cup on purpose probably to reveal her tattoo. Why does she do this. Probably because she really wants people to think of her as two persons instead of one. If people think that Hannah did the crime, that she was a twin and was on the run. Eve would get away with everything.

    27.06.94 – before and after she puked. She chanced her hairstyle in between here. Watch for it. Is this the change of personality or simply a random event?

    Another thing i’ve looked up is the driving distance from Porthsmouth to Glasgow. Its about 140 miles to get there and back. This would equal about 14 hours distance when driving about 73 miles per hour or so. Why make such an obvious lie ? Am i calculating this wrong? She said it only took 6 hours.

    In the last interview the ring is off. Isn’t this a symbol of the internal conflict between Hannah and Eve. Eve has fondled with this ring in many interviews. In the last one she claims that Hannah is gone. Perhaps she has gotten rid of that personality completely and therefor can take the ring off?

    I’m open for any possibility, but i lean toward the split personality.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Nice eye with the ring. I missed that. But it could just be that in the final interview, Eve is finally ready to fess up and spill all the details, so she no longer needs to pretend to be Hannah. And if the ring is a wedding ring, it would be Hannah’s.

      The distance to Glasgow — that is odd. Perhaps an oversight on the side of the developer or she just didn’t realize how far it really was.

      I agree that it seems like she spilled her coffee on purpose. I’m not sure yet why. Because at that point they seem insistent still on the fact that they’re one person.
      As for getting away with it, the only scenario I see where either of them have any chance of going free is if they’re twins. Otherwise, she just confessed to murder, so it’d just be a question of whether she goes to prison or an asylum.

      The “we, I, we” — I think that could also just mean that since Hannah killed Simon, she’s the one who needed the alibi — not Eve.

    2. Shaqmeister

      By the end of the final interview, we are told (by Eve) “My sister is gone. And she’s never coming back.” Prior to this interview, they have realised that the game is up and one of them is going to have to take the rap. For this, and for other reason, I am confident that it is Hannah, and not Eve, who is actually pregnant (hence, Sarah’s mother). This final act is their way of following up their earlier pledge that “It’s all that matters really, the baby.”

      Up to the last interview, they have been sharing Hannah’s ring simply because that has been crucial to the (weak) disguise. They have, perhaps, wanted us to believe that they might be one and the same person. But Hannah has now (physically) gone, to start a new life and bring up the baby that is “all that matters” to both of them. The ring, then, is surely going to go with Hannah as, like the child Sarah, is part of “how [Simon] will live on.”

      1. AppUnwrapper

        But Eve throws up…it sounded pretty real. And why even fake the pregnancy at that point? It was the third interview only.

  112. Shaqmeister

    Have you ever thought why so much is made of the fact that Simon’s body was found without his strong glasses, even though so much had been made of his not having been able to see very well without them?

    Well, if we take at face value the explanation that Hannah had confronted Simon dressed as Eve would dress, as a way of trying to gauge his feelings for her sister, we might suppose that she would ensure that he would not be able to notice those minute differences that even twins would betray.

    We only have to go a little further, and suppose that Hannah actually got the bruise from her agument with Simon on the Friday night, befor he stormed out to be seen in the Rock. Then as Eve, even with appropriate covering up with make-up, Hannah would want to be sure the bruise wasn’t seen by hiding his glasses.

    Again, I fail to see than any alternative explanation of their absence can be made to support the ‘Split camp’ argument.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Eve admitted to giving Hannah the bruise. Why would she lie about that little detail of all things?

      As for Simon’s glasses, I mention that near the bottom of my post. I believe it was just intended to make us think — even if only for a brief moment — that Simon might also be a twin. There was something about brothers, even. And Eve even said was wondering if he might be a different person because of how he reacted (ie. also a twin). But she then confirms it’s Simon and he’s only one person. I think Sam Barlow/the game was just having fun with us, making us consider that possibility, even though it would have made the story a little too ridiculous.
      The glasses were thick, so he can’t see without them. I think he only took them off for photos, where it wouldn’t matter.

      1. Shaqmeister

        I hadn’t, myself, ever seen anything that pointed to Simon being a twin. Are you referring to where she says “There was a Simon with me and a Simon with her. It was almost as if it was a different Simon.”? But isn’t this what we would expect to see in someone who meets that one person who is able to satisfy their longings? Hannah is shy, sexually repressed (slightly), unexciting (perhaps); Eve is everything she isn’t – probably everything he wished Hannah would be. Why wouldn’t he be different around Eve?

        As for “something about brothers,” can you point me to which statement you are referring to? My search on the transcript only shows up ‘brother’ in the first mention of ‘Ernst Brother Glass’.

        I still think the reference to glasses is crucial. “… he needs them to see properly. You know, when he has to read. A newspaper or a menu in a restaurant. Not books so much. Or watching TV. He likes TV.”

        So, whilst he can watch TV without his glasses, he needs them to see fine detail. Like when Hannah is up close and intimate, pretending to be Eve???

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I don’t think we were ever meant to seriously think Simon was a twin. But I do think some details were in there just to make us consider it, however briefly. I know it’s been a while, but remember that we originally played the game and saw the clips out of order. So if once in a while something comes that makes us wonder about Simon’s glasses and Eve thinking he was like a completely different person…. It certainly made me try to find any evidence that might lead to that. I did search brothers and you’re right, there wasn’t anything — I was just remembering how I searched because of that. So once all the clips are found and in order, you know he wasn’t a twin. But I think Sam had fun putting that possibility in there just to mess with us.

  113. Shaqmeister

    OK. So, I’ve posted a lot that, to my satisfaction, gives ‘proof beyond reasonable doubt’ that Hannah and Eve are actual twins. But there is still the big question posed to Sarah by SB via Chit-Chat. I can’t remember the exact wording, but it was along the lines of:

    “Now do you understand why your mother did what she did?”

    There are actually three questions to answer here:

    1. Who is Sarah’s mother?
    2. What did she do?
    3. Why did she do it?

    Based on my reasoning, the answer to these questions are simply:

    1. Hannah
    2. Killed your father
    3. Because she could never bear to share him with anyone else (not least Eve)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m still not buying that Hannah’s the one who was pregnant, though. Unless she raised Sarah and is therefore being called her mother?

      1. Shaqmeister

        OK. Let’s look at what the evidence is by searching for the word ‘pregnant’ and maybe ‘baby’, excluding the references to the first pregnancy.

        Eve. Third interview, having been sick. “I’m pregnant. It’s morning sickness.” Note that here, however, she is definitely still pretending to be Hannah at this point.

        In the same manner, just after “He found out on my birthday. I told him I was pregnant.”

        A reference to Rapunzel getting pregnant by the prince, having been locked up in the tower – this is more of a hint towards Eve, but as the story was handed to her to describe, this in not Eve adding detail about herself.

        Later, when Eve – still trying to maintain the ruse of being Hannah – is describing the trip up to Glasgow and the hospital, she says “when I told [the taxi driver] that I was pregnant he made sure I got to the hospital so they could check me out.” There would be records of this. So, who went to Glasgow?

        Later, when Eve is confessing, she refers to having been unable to get pregnant even at her most promiscuous.

        Then, finally, there are all the references to Eve getting pregnant by Simon’s “f*&%ing magic sperm” and the whole account stemming from that.

        But what of this whole final ‘story’? Are we to believe what Eve is telling us? She’s pretty much lied all through, early on, pretending to be Hannah. What could be the purpose of her lying now?

        Well, what about this.

        The police are clearly convinced at this point of the existence of two sisters. Eve has just given an account of two sisters, *one* who is the killer of Simon – Hannah – and *the other* who is pregnant with Simon’s child. It’s this, *and only this*, that Eve needs the police to believe. They will then do tests and prove that Eve is not actually pregnant and, assuming that they have been taken in with Eve’s story, will suppose that they have been lucky and that they *actually have Hannah, the murderess*, whilst the sister who is pregnant (who is really Hannah) escapes. Eve will do the time *as Hannah*, whilst Hannah will get to bring up her child, “the only thing that matters.”

        To suppose otherwise – to suppose that Eve, who is the one being charged and who will do the time (if not for the murder, then at least for perverting the course of justice, helping a murderer to clean up a body, etc.), is the one that is pregnant with Sarah – is ludicrous, as a strategy for putting the unborn baby first.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          It’s an interesting point. I need to think about it more. But some points–

          She failed the lie detector as Hannah. I know it was likely on purpose, but the cops would likely assume she is not Hannah at this point.
          Especially if they take her prints. I’m still not sure if the cops found fingerprints on the mirror and could consider that the murder weapon? Even though Eve says they have no murder weapon. Or did they only find the intact mirror and somehow got rid of the broken one that was used to kill Simon?
          My point is, when the cops take Eve’s fingerprints, what will they learn from them?

          1. Shaqmeister

            Following on from the point about the police being sucked into the ruse and thinking that Eve is actually Hannah, have you wondered about Eve’s reaction to saying her name is Hannah at the start of the polygraph? She shouts and cusses and gets herself all worked up, so that very likely she has got herself in that physical state that would show as suspicious even if she were telling the truth. Looking over the recordings, if the police were to suspect that they actually had Hannah in custody, I don’t see that the polygraph results would be taken to contradict this. They’d just say “she worked herself up. She wanted us to believe she wasn’t Hannah.”

            The whole thing around fingerprints, however, is a different matter.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              But they have Hannah’s fingerprints. And Hannah has a birth certificate, social security #, etc. She “exists.” The second they take Eve’s fingerprints they’ll see they don’t match. So I don’t see how she can fool them into thinking she’s really Hannah.

              1. Shaqmeister

                Sure, Hannah has a birth certificate and a social security number and all the rest. But how do the police know that the person that gave the fingerprints early on – and that don’t match with the fingerprints of the woman they now have in custody – belong to the person that was issued with the birth certificate, the social security number, etc. Neither Hannah nor Eve had had their finger prints taken before. They now have two sets and they are different. But, who is to say which is which? Remember, they both drove on the same driving license, so ‘papers’ don’t really prove anything.

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Right. That’s why I brought up the mirror. I guess they got rid of the broken one somehow, the one that Hannah used to kill Simon? Because if Hannah’s fingerprints had been on that, they’d know that Whoever’s fingerprints were on there would be the killer. But I guess without that, the prints don’t matter so much.

                  1. Shaqmeister

                    I don’t think it’s necessary to doubt everything that Eve says in the last interview. Certainly, very near the end when describing the clean-up operation, she admits “We bagged up the broken mirror, her clothes.”

            2. Shaqmeister

              Okay, the prints – and I know that I’m at risk of pushing this too far; I just don’t see what the whole deal is with Eve and Hannah’s plan, if it wasn’t to ensure that Sarah was not brought up as a prison baby thinking that her mother killed her father.

              What can the police ever tell from the prints, even if they take Eve’s after arresting her. It will show only that they are different from the ones taken previously and that there are two sisters. You might think that they could then go to Hannah’s work place and compare the second prints with the ones that they will find there, and find them different also. But what would that tell them? The sister’s have lived a life of the one pretending to be the other, and I can’t see that there’s any place – even Simon and Hannah’s home – where they could say with certainty that “these are Hannah’s prints, these are Eve’s.”

              1. AppUnwrapper

                Good point. I hadn’t considered that Hannah might have really been pregnant and Eve was lying in the end. I guess because her story at the end is all we really have. And if she lied about that, she could have lied about everything. Which I guess is also the point — is she a trustworthy narrator? We assume she has nothing to lost at this point so we trust her. But once we start doubting, what can we believe?

                1. Shaqmeister

                  And don’t forget that Eve’s whole life has been a lie. If anyone – and I mean anyone in the whole world! – is going to appear convincing when lying, it’s going to be Eve.

                  1. AppUnwrapper

                    Btw, any insight as to why they didn’t do a better job from the beginning trying to look the same? Or why Hannah didn’t just cover up the bruise altogether?

                    1. Shaqmeister

                      Again, we can’t doubt everything that Eve says in the final interview, or we’d never be able to solve anything. I think that the answer to your question probably lies in 768:

                      “We knew I, we, had an alibi and we wanted the body to be found later. We wanted to have suspicion on us, so we could then disprove it…”

                      But don’t forget also that this is a game, and we have to have some chance of seeing clues from piecing together small clips at a time. If it all looks too obvious, then that’s probably part for our benefit as much as for the storyline itself.

                    2. AppUnwrapper

                      True. We’re definitely supposed to start noticing the twin/split personality thing early on. I was already playing with both ideas within the first 5 minutes of playing. If we saw them in order, we wouldn’t suspect anything until much later, like the cops.

                    3. Shaqmeister

                      Just to add to this. Think back to how they have lived their lives swapping places, the risky games they used to play like being undressed one minute and then appearing to have dressed in seconds. They’ve managed to keep that going for decades, so I think that they must feel that they are pretty good at not being found out, even when suspicion is pointed at them.

                      I think that there idea was to make it look like sisters, or look like MPD, in the arrogant belief that there would be no way to prove it. They’ve always been able to cover their tracks, so why not now.

                      With this in mind, I think there downfall was the speed camera photo. Then, after that, they had to change their plan and decided that Eve had to take the rap to let Hannah get away with the baby.

                      As to it being Hannah that is pregnant, the key clue for me was in the drinks.

                      Although it’s Eve who says:

                      I shouldn’t even be drinking coffee with the baby. It’s been hard trying to give it up. I think they say you can have one cup.

                      the middle sentence – “It’s been hard trying to give it up” – is just about Eve not liking tea and not wanting to drink it just to prove the point. She only ever has “one,” and that should be okay.

                      Hannah, however, being the one that is actually pregnant, is not going to take the risk. She drinks tea only, except when it’s not available, and then she doesn’t look easy about it, if I remember correctly.

                    4. AppUnwrapper

                      Hmmmmm. Good point about the coffee. I’m starting to see how your theory might work.

  114. John

    in the Glasgow story she says she was wakened by a garbage truck going by right? I’m not sure about the UK, but here in the U.S., there’s not typically garbage pick up on Saturday. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything but I noticed it.

    1. Ben

      Even in the US, it depends on where you live what day your garbage gets picked up. So I imagine it can’t be that different in the UK.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Yeah I don’t think the garbage thing gives us much.

  115. Verbose Rhetoric

    When I first finished the game, my first thought was to think back to the third episode of the anime Paranoia Agent. Harumi/Maria just seemed to remind me of Hannah/Eve. Has anyone else seen that episode?

    Then I started thinking that maybe a folie a deux was in play.

    Then I started thinking it was dissociative identity disorder. It took me two days to go through all of the comments and read what others had said. I too came to many of the same conclusions.

    It is easy to get mired in the details (and actually quite fun), but when you start to look at the whole episode it becomes clearer that there is a purpose there.

    That purpose is to present enough evidence that both leading theories (or more) are possible. Statements are vague enough; there is an extra story here or there and we don’t truly know when the deception is premeditated.

    This game is nuanced and something that speaks to my soul. It is a game that was designed to live in the forum of discussion. Its intention was never to be solved but to be eternally debated.

    I’ll try to collect more of my thoughts to share later. Loved this game.

    1. Goggen78

      What about the hairstylechange in one single interview. The hair style changes after she pukes. Will this be enough to support a multiple personality disorder?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I briefly considered that they might have switched places during that interview (mirroring the date at the movie theater where they kept swapping dresses). But between the time stamps (which apparently weren’t given much attention to begin with) and the transcript that says it’s Eve the whole interview, I scrapped that theory.
        And I don’t think putting her hair up after puking would be enough to support multiple personalities — it makes sense to want your hair out of your way if you’re throwing up.

        1. Verbose Rhetoric

          Ignore the transcript for a second since it mentions Jenn and Holly so we can’t completely trust that the information in there was meant to be seen as there could be remnants left over from previous iterations of the game.

          Also ignore the time stamps. I always understood the time as an artifact of the digitizing process. There is always roughly 3 seconds in between clips. After puking, she has her hair up and is sitting perfectly back in her chair, which would have taken more than 3 seconds.

          So the actual time between clips is unknown. My guess is that a considerable amount of time passed and that maybe she went to the restroom and then came back and sat down.

          What’s great about this scenario is that it works for several theories.

          1) She is a twin. In a moment of panic she used puking to make the switch just like their date with Carl.

          2) She is one person with two personalities. She pukes, goes to the bathroom, and becomes the other personality after looking in the mirror.

          3) She knows she’s just one person and her plan all along is to make others believe that there are two of her so she drops subtle hints like the hairstyle to cast doubt.

          BONUS: Speaking of the time stamps. She mentions that she gets morning sickness at what appears to be almost 9pm. That’s strange isn’t it? It made me think of the old cameras and how they would flash 12:00:00AM when you first turned them on. Someone else mentioned that they had 4 cameras and none of them were set to the proper time. So let’s assume that the time is wrong. I offer that it is off by 12 hours. So it’s not actually 9pm on 27/06/94 but it is instead 9am on 28/06/94. With this logic, we go back to the first interview and can see that it’s not 8pm on 18/06/94 but instead it is 8am on 19/06/94 (which was a Sunday). Haven’t checked to see if this holds up for the rest of clips, but it’s just something that I noticed and thought I’d share.

          1. Verbose Rhetoric

            I meant to say that it is not 7pm (1900 hours), but instead 7am.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Speaking of time. Have you been to Sam’s blog before? Are the dates intentionally wrong on there? The latest post is dated January 2015 and I didn’t notice it there a week ago. Wondering if anyone else did.

          2. AppUnwrapper

            I considered the third scenario, but it would be a pretty poor plan, since there is no actual twin. So the story wouldn’t really help her.

  116. Ben

    I was on board with the multiple personality disorder at first, but by the end of the game, I was not. But that’s not to say you can’t apply both theories to the same events. It’s pretty brilliant in that aspect. MPD requires much more explaining than what information we are given, it requires you to ignore many things like bruises, tattoos, weight gain, etc, it requires you to fill in gaps with your own theories, to the point you have to throw out half the narrative (since every part of eve’s life would not be real, and half their accounts are delusions ) to support it. There’s a part where they were talking about dating Carl and they said they had to switch in the theater bathroom, changing into the same dress multiple times. That fits twins exactly. Someone with MPD is going to be there taking off her dress and then putting it back on?? On the other hand, Eve talking about taking turns in the atttic and then when Hannah got married, Eve continued to live in the attic and snuck out. Attic could mean Hannah’s head. It’s great that it provides for both interpretations. Just, to me, it makes more sense it was twins. There’s less inconsistencies. There’s just the trouble of figuring out which twin is which and did what and that fact we have no idea what happened afterwards. Eve still could have been arrested. Would’ve been a lot of legal hassle with the lack of birth certificate and SSN and all.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I completely agree. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense that they really are twins.

      But Sam said he wanted us to fill in the rest of the story ourselves (what happens when the videos end) so I don’t think we’ll ever have an answer for that other than speculation. Even the answer to SB’s question to Sarah is hazy.

      1. Andreas Draganis

        I agree, the split personalities theory doesn’t hold up at all. Of course, there’s the obvious counterevidence such as the bruise/tattoo disappearing/appearing from one day to the next, fingerprints having been found in the house from someone other than Hannah or Simon, the two identical mirrors etc.

        But other than that, this theory just – as you say Ben – destroys so much of the narrative. If they’re twins, everything falls very beautifully into place when Eve shows up on July 3 to tell their story and confess everything. It is very likely that she is telling the truth, because the police asks her 8 control questions while she is strapped up to the lie detector, before she starts telling her story. Also, it makes sense that she would tell the truth at that point without worry, since she is innocent. Also, again, if she is telling the truth, everything starts to make sense in light of her story: It finally separates the true story of how events unfolded from Hannah’s and Eve’s made up story that was designed to give Hannah an alibi.

        By constrast, if the split personality theory is true, more or less everything Eve says on July 3 is a lie, and the actual truth is hidden behind a hopeless mess of lies and MPD-based hallucinations. The girls trying to match wounds, bruises, loss of virginity, pregnancies? Pure fiction. Changing dresses in the cinema? As you said: Makes no sense. Eve renting a bedsit, singing in a nearby bar, and meeting Simon there? Pure fiction. The doctors telling her she is fertile, but then she somehow isn’t? Of course it could happen that the doctors were wrong, but it’s totally unneccessary for the narrative. Unless they’re twins, in which case it makes perfect sense.

        I could go on!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Also, the fact that she was caught on camera with the speeding ticket at the same time as being seen in Oxford in a hotel (and admitted to it) points very strongly to twins. How else could she have been in two places at once?

          Also, those lines like “I can’t be in two places at once” wouldn’t be quite as ironic if she really can’t!

          Still not sure why the cops drop lines of questioning just when they have her basically admitting to being two people. Is there a reason in interview 5, that they let her go instead of asking for fingerprints right then and there?

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Also, if you read my interview with Sam & Viva, I get the sense from them that this whole split personality thing was an unintentional red herring.

          1. Andreas Draganis

            Exactly, the Oxford trip is another piece of evidence simultaneously weakening the MPD-theory and strengthening the twins-theory.

            I’ve read it, yes. Great job on that interview!

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Thanks! 🙂 I’m wrapping up the interview with both of them soon. So if you have any questions for them, now’s your chance!

  117. Verbose Rhetoric

    The question that still nags me is why do we believe anything she says at all?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      We don’t have to. 😛
      But “her story” is all we have to go on.

  118. Andreas Draganis

    Great summary of the remaining mysteries! I have a question which is nagging me, and I’m wondering what other people’s take on it is. I haven’t seen much discussion about it, even though it feels very important: When did Eve decide to betray Hannah?

    You touched upon it above, when you ask whether or not Eve spills the coffee intentionally. But whether she did or not, she doesn’t seem at all bothered to show the tattoo afterward. She is also perfectly happy to reveal that she got it eight years ago, even though she must know that that piece of information completely shatters the illusion that Hannah and Eve are one and the same person.

    But at the same time, Eve seems to be faithfully sticking to her and Hannah’s lie on June 27, when she pretends to just have found the body, and also reveals the alibi, i.e. the Glasgow story. If she was already intent on betraying Hannah, why not just turn her in then and there?

    So did Eve decide to betray Hannah somewhere between June 27 and her next appearance at the police station – July 1? Or right at the moment when she spills coffee? In any case, why? Perhaps she realizes that her double life with Hannah is destructive for her, and will be destructive for her future life with Sarah. Perhaps that is what Sarah is supposed to understand?


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Very good question. It really did seem like the spill was done on purpose (and yeah, she says she got it eight years ago — it still bothers me that the cops didn’t ask “are you twins” right then and there). I thought at first that maybe it was part of their plan, but Hannah is clearly flustered in interview 6. So maybe she didn’t know Eve would do that. It does open up a whole bunch of other questions if that’s the case:
      What did Eve hope to achieve with it?
      Why the sudden change of heart? Did she then kill Hannah?
      Perhaps Eve decided all that matters is her and her daughter, but didn’t realize she could still be arrested for what she’s done, even if she didn’t kill Simon and doesn’t have a birth certificate, etc? Maybe that’s what Sarah’s supposed to understand?
      Every possible answer just brings up more questions!

      1. Andreas Draganis

        Yes, the fact that the police doesn’t immediately ask more about the tattoo is very weird! Perhaps the police doesn’t quite remember how Hannah/Eve was dressed in previous interviews. Perhaps they’re hazy about whether she had a tattoo before and feel they need to go back to the tapes and check? Perhaps just an oversight by Sam Barlow? (hopefully not!)

        I don’t think Eve killed Hannah. She clearly planned the whole fake story and alibi with her, and at least for a while faithfully went through with it.

        I think Eve has a strong desire to come clean about everything in the last interview – no more lies. Perhaps she will go to jail for hiding the body and lying to the police. But that’s not like going to jail for murder. I think Hannah left the country, killed herself, got arrested, or something after the interview on July 2. In any case, she is “gone, and she’s not coming back”. I think it is even possible that Eve is alive and out of jail when Sarah is searching through the archives.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          The detective questions *might* shine light on those weird parts where they seem to stop questioning just when they’ve got her in a corner. But if we do ever see those, think it will be some years down the line. :/

          I like to think they both got away, too. But it makes the whole Sarah question odd. If she was raised by either Hannah or Eve, couldn’t she just ask them what happened instead of seeking out the archives?

        2. AppUnwrapper

          And if Hannah got away, then what was Eve’s plan when she spilled the coffee? And why would Hannah be as flustered as she was after that? If Eve still cared about Hannah at that point, then it doesn’t make sense for her to double-cross her.

          1. Andreas Draganis

            Perhaps Eve didn’t want to tell Sarah about Hannah’s and Eve’s disturbing past. But now Sarah feels old enough to know the truth and finds the archives, perhaps without Eve’s knowledge.

            I think Eve’s story is very interesting: She is initially frighteningly obsessed by living her “merged” life with her twin (even more so than Hannah ever was). If she actually did cause Hannah’s miscarriage and killed their parents just so that Hannah/Eve could be the same and together again, this is even more true. But she changes completely during the six months of living together with Hannah and Simon. During this time, Eve somehow realizes that that old way of life with her sister is over. She gets a tattoo (that says a lot!) and moves out, and seems to finally get rid of all ambitions of merging her life with Hannah’s ever again.

            Yeah, it’s odd that Eve betrays Hannah, and it remains a mystery when exactly she makes the decision to do so. Perhaps in the end, Eve decides that the chance of finally living her own life, and Sarah, and the desire to finally begin telling the truth, becomes more important than continuing to lie to protect Hannah.

            I think we’re in highly speculative territory here, and perhaps the developer meant it to be this open to interpretation, but it would be nice to know what the “official” story is. As I understand from the interview, Sam has one in mind. Perhaps the question I would ask Sam is how elaborate his “official” version is, how much of our questions Sam actually has answers to. But I guess you kind of already asked that question, and got a question revealing he will never (in a sober state) reveal them :).

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Reading the transcript again for the 7th interview (so much in there!). Eve says she was living in the attic still when Hannah and Simon got married and moved in with his parents. How was she sneaking around when Hannah wasn’t living there anymore? How would she get in unnoticed? I wonder if Eve killed her parents because they started to suspect? (although, someone pointed out — why not just come clean? Wouldn’t they welcome the daughter they thought was dead?)

              Lots of strange stuff surrounding their parents. They’re never even named, but minor characters — even the cat — are named.

              Fighting the urge to bother Sam with some of these questions. 😛

              1. Andreas Draganis

                Yeah, I’ve wondered about that as well. It feels like sort of a weak point in the story. Eve lived alone with her parents, eating, showering, going to the bathroom, while somehow remaining unheard and unseen. This went on for a little less than a year, I believe (Hannah had a miscarriage at about 8 months, and then after “a few months” more, her parents died). Perhaps she stayed with various boyfriends etc. during this time, but still, feels like somewhat of a plot hole!

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Unless we run with the idea that her parents were hardly ever home? I know Eve said they wouldn’t have been able to afford the dollhouse. So maybe they were both working all the time to try to make ends meet, out of the house enough for it not to be a problem?
                  But an absent parent wouldn’t take their daughter mushroom picking. So I don’t know….
                  I still keep coming back to the point about her parents never being named. It’s really bugging me.

                  (Trying to think of a way I can ask Sam about this that isn’t too prying. 😛 )

                  1. Andreas Draganis

                    Yeah, I guess it is possible. Though it seems that the story could just as easily have been that she moved out and got a bedsit, realizing that she couldn’t follow Hannah/Simon and move in with Simon’s parents, nor stay at home with her own parents and remain hidden. Would fit in nicely with the rest of the story.

                    I think minor plot holes are inevitable in such an elaborate story. Sam could easily just have forgotten about certain things (he already admitted to being a little careless about the time differences between clips), or let slight inconsistencies remain just so that a story would be possible at all. For instance, why do Hannah/Eve think that they can get away with acting as one person to the police, even though such an obvious discrepancy as the bruise will be in plain sight? Eve’s fast metabolism excuse is hardly convincing. The reason is probably that anything else would have required a significant re-write and removed an interesting clue in the mix. Given the huge complexity and depth of the story as a whole, I can live with it!

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      Yeah, I was thinking the same. If Hannah/Eve were smarter about it and never showed he bruise/tattoo, then the only time we would suspect anything would be when we see the last interview clips.

                      I’m not sure how that would have worked out, actually. What if the only clues to them being twins was in the last interview, because they did such a good job covering it up the rest of the time? Would it have been more or less interesting that way? I’m not sure. Now I kind of want to ask Sam if he ever considered that!

                2. AppUnwrapper

                  I wrapped up the interview so I wouldn’t be tempted to ask these questions. 😛

                  1. Andreas Draganis

                    I think he’d be reluctant to give away anything and puncture the mystery around the game, given the huge amounts of heated discussion the game is inspiring on forums such as this one :).

                    I’ll catch up on the rest of the interview soon. Once again, good job!

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      Thanks! Yeah, I tried to avoid nit-picky questions as much as I could so I wouldn’t put him in an awkward position.

        3. AppUnwrapper

          Like, if Eve just wanted to tell her story, couldn’t she wait until after Hannah escaped to start revealing things like her tattoo?
          And she was still trying to deny that she was two people with the Oxford/ticket questions. It’s really unclear what her intentions in interview 5 were.