Castle Breakout – Escape!: Walkthrough Guide

Room 6, Great Hall:

1. Pet the dogs a few times until the kick out a key from under them. Then take it.


2. Turn to the left table. Notice the green Roman numeral I. Look under the table to get a gear lever.



3. Look at the head of the table and take the chair.


4. Place the gear lever by the gears and pull it down twice. Place the chair down next to it and climb up to see the purple Roman numerals IV.



5. Look up at the shield on the right to see a red Roman numeral II.


6. Solve the math equation (each game might be different) to see the green Roman numeral III.



7. Solve the colored puzzle by putting the four numbers you found in order. It goes green, red, green, purple. Take the ring.


8. Place the ring on the door and insert the key in the lock. Go through to the Throne Room.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Room 7, The Throne Room or click here.

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  1. val

    how do i get passed the first screen!!?? With the dragon and the castle door opening and closing.

  2. Diane Auriemma

    there is no table in bdrm to light candle on

  3. kytriya

    where is the rest of the tutorial?

  4. Robin

    I hate this game. None of the moves make sense. Move a chair from the table, to a wall, and turn a gear? I never would have done that w/o $5 worth of hints. Thank you for this!

  5. Sheila Higginbotham

    I lit the candle and then found the candle to place in the holder; placed it in the holder and the flame went out. Now I know where to put the clue from the candle but I don’t have the match any more. Is there another match in the room to light the candle again?

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