Castle Breakout – Escape!: Walkthrough Guide

Castle Breakout – Escape!
By: Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc.


Castle Breakout was originally released months back, but it got a huge overhaul. I helped test it and consulted on the project. 3D animals have been added as part of the puzzles and many bugs have been fixed. The first seven rooms are 100% free to play. You can then pay for the last three rooms and a dragon ride around the castle grounds.

This will be a complete step-by- step walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the the game. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Room 1, Alchemy:

1. Pick up the knob from the table.


2. Place the knob on the drawer of the right table. Open the drawer and take the chest clasp.


3. Use the clasp on the chest in the corner and take the map of different colored potions from inside.



4. Tap on the owl and take the blue vial from his beak.


5. Find the red vial and yellow vial on the table.


6. Go to the chemistry set. Look at the map with colored potions on it. Select two vials at a time and then place them on the table to make a different color. So red + yellow = orange, red + blue = purple, and yellow + blue = green. Pick up the three potions.


7. Go to the door and place the three potions in the slots in the order shown on the map: purple, orange, green. Open the door and go through to complete the level.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to Room 2, The Blacksmith or click here.

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  1. val

    how do i get passed the first screen!!?? With the dragon and the castle door opening and closing.

  2. Diane Auriemma

    there is no table in bdrm to light candle on

  3. kytriya

    where is the rest of the tutorial?

  4. Robin

    I hate this game. None of the moves make sense. Move a chair from the table, to a wall, and turn a gear? I never would have done that w/o $5 worth of hints. Thank you for this!

  5. Sheila Higginbotham

    I lit the candle and then found the candle to place in the holder; placed it in the holder and the flame went out. Now I know where to put the clue from the candle but I don’t have the match any more. Is there another match in the room to light the candle again?

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