Cube Escape: Birthday: Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: Birthday
By: LoyaltyGame B.V. (Rusty Lake)


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Cube Escape: Birthday by Rusty Lake. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. When you’re in the elevator, just tap to open the door. Then tap the black cube and the picture frame to start the game. You’ll find yourself in a room with a man and a woman. Talk to them. They’re your parents, apparently. Dad asks for some cake and mom wants you to check the mail.

You can also watch my video walkthrough here:

2. Unwrap the package on the table and pop the balloon. Also, look at the drawing and painting on the wall.




3. Arrange the flags in order from 1 to 6 as shown below and take the second one.


4. Turn left. Grandpa wants a drink. Arrange the numbered flags in order so they make an equation. It goes 4 x 3 = 12. Take the 2 flag.


5. Take the bottle of gin and pour some into grandpa’s glass. He’ll then ask for ice.



6. Turn left. There’s a poster on the wall for Rusty Lake Theater. It’s a game, sort of like Tetris. You need to tap left or right to move the falling cube to the column you want it to land on, in order to match three of the same piece to make them disappear. You need to do this 10 times and then a record will drop from behind. Pick it up. You can watch my video below for help with the mini game.



7. Pick up the pack of bubble gum from the gramophone and place the record down. You still need a needle.



8. Open the drawers below the gramophone and take the screwdriver and knife.



9. Use the screwdriver on the lock next to the door and take the cable.


10. While you’re here, arrange the flags like so and take the blue and red one.


11. Turn left. Pick up the popped balloon. Pick up the matches from under the sink. Fill the balloon with water from the faucet and stick it in the freezer. Close the door, open it again and take the ice cubes.




12. Place all three flags you found with the ones hanging in the kitchen. Tap on the string and one end will detach. Take the bolt.



13. Put the ice cubes in grandpa’s glass. Now he wants some music!


14. If you ask grandpa about the bubble gum, he’ll tell you to give it to your mother. Do so and she’ll blow a bubble. Pop it with the knife and take the chewed bubble gum.



15. The phone will start ringing. Answer it and someone will say “There will be blood. The past is never dead, it is not even past.”



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  1. Linda S

    Thanks! Never heard of it 🙂

  2. Jack Vermicelli

    The silver coin thing with part 38 isn’t a thing, just coincidence.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah yeah I realized that when I made the video, but forgot to change it. Thanks!

  3. Josen

    Well done, thanks.

  4. Rpipe

    Thanks it s really good tutorial

  5. Samit

    I’m not able to pick up the kettle after picking up the gastube. Plz help.

    1. neon

      it might be because you it isn’t hot yet or you didn’t used matches to burn the gas

  6. mathew

    I already placed the kettle before I read this and placed it on the other burner, it does not produce steam and I can’t pick it up pls help

    1. R4D

      I did the same thing. Just use the matches on the burner under the kettle

  7. Alex

    What does the tree look like I can’t seem to get it right

    1. Kristen

      I had the same problem. You need to draw a stick trunk and the circle needs to be completely coloured in

      1. Miss Misterious01

        Just use knife to crack it

    2. Helena

      I know i’m replying wayyyy too late bu neither can I

  8. abhishek

    Where to find the bold pls help I have found everythng excpt the. Bolt

    1. June

      You need to complete the pjnk and blue banner (from the flags previously collected) then you need to tap the string againh, collect the bolt from the end, bam

  9. Jessica

    where did you get the forth stamp from?

  10. gdfg

    my worst nightmare: the f***ing cake

    1. youmei

      how are you supposed to even cut it lol

      1. neon

        no need to cut it in perfect triangles cut it in any shape bit each piece required a candle .i cut them in squares and triangles

        1. malo

          why does the lines disappear while i’m still cutting the cake ?

          1. neoquartz

            the cake has to be cut in 4 moves. I cut it in a 3×3 grid to get all 9 candles separate

  11. yuvia meza

    thanks this help for the end

  12. shadowplayer

    the parents aren’t singing. i read the note, yet they are not singing. please help

    1. neon

      i think you need to cut the cake first

      1. somePOTATO

        I have the same problem as this guy. I already gave a piece of cake to the father

    2. neoquartz

      for me, I was missing picking up the second stamp when the grandpa was dancing. He stands up when dancing and the stamp is on his chair. After that they started singing happy birthday.

  13. AlexW

    I love the games, they are so weird, but I’d be totally lost without your walkthrough and just get frustrated. So thanks so much. Really happy to have found your site.

  14. Marc

    What is the reasoning behind the flags from 1-6? I see the 1 (one star) and the 6 (number 6), but the four in between seem random and the only way I made progress was by copying the order you provided without knowing why.

    1. Raon

      It is in a numerical order. One star, two lines, three lines, four dots, five waves.

  15. riri

    Thanks a lot! I was frustrating by the fkn cake ♥️😭😭

  16. DangerzoneCE15

    Hello! Thank you for your walkthrough I finished the game easily.
    I found this game today and download it
    Because it caught my interest.

  17. Giada

    I can see Mr. rabbit out the window, but he won’t come to the door. What am I doing wrong?

  18. Meow

    I cant turn on the gift :(( What i can do?

    1. Sam

      Maybe you are not lokking through the peephole on the door

  19. Jack

    Nice tutorial

  20. hdjdidkdkd

    i alreadt picked up the boiling kettle and i dont know how to get the gas tube pls help

  21. Dan Smith

    I put the kettle on the left-hand burner. It won’t come to a boil and I can’t figure out how to get it off. Am I stuck?

    1. Xylophia Riego

      Use the match.

  22. Xylophia Riego

    I can’t get the shard of glass. I already had the boiling water but there wasn’t any fog on the window.

    1. Xyria Coca

      Try to set your quality in the game to low and you might see the fog like I did too

  23. yoloo

    Uh- How do I leave the level..?

  24. annsjs

    i have the fun to grandpa but i look out the keyhole but the rabbit guy isn’t there?

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