Cube Escape Theatre: Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: Theatre
By: LoyaltyGame B.V. (Rusty Lake)


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the eighth Rusty Lake game, Cube Escape: Theater. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. It’s 1971 at the theater. First, notice all the clues framed on the wall. Also, the program on the table. Then, go left until you see the bar and bartender. Look at the screwdriver recipe and make screwdriver by tapping the orange juice twice and the vodka twice, then shaking the two together and pouring it in the glass.




You can also watch my video walkthrough here:

2. Talk to the man at the bar and look at the photo in his pocket. It’s a postcard, so look at the back of it. He wants a drink, so give him the screwdriver. Make him drink it, then get the screwdriver (the tool) from his mouth. Also, take the cocktail glass back from him.



3. If you talk to the bartender, he tells you the show starts when the light is on. So that seems to be our next goal.

4. Notice the drawing on the wall of the first screen that relates to the piano. Then, go to the piano and play “dead face” on it (ignore the space). The C needs to be the second X, it seems. So play it as so:


You can also watch my video of the piano puzzles here:

5. A hand will come up from the left side and tap on a key to the left. Copy the same key, only on the right side of the piano, relative to the red X. If you need the hand to re-play the keys, just tap it. You’ll have to follow several sequences and then the hand will give you a key.



6. Go back to the first screen and use the key to unlock the bathroom door (WC or wash closet). Go in and grab the cocktail glass from the sink. Then, look at the mirror above the sink. Tap it and the image will break up. Slide the pieces back in place and then the mirror will crack. Tap to break the pieces until you see four symbols.



7. Open the cabinets under the sink and take the beating heart.


8. Go back to the piano room and match the four symbols you saw in the mirror to solve a puzzle. Take the shell.


9. While you’re here, solve the little mini games with arrows. You need to slide all the blocks to get the pieces with the arrows to the two arrow spots. When you complete them all, take the plug and plunger.



You can watch my video of these puzzles here:

10. Use the plunger in the toilet to get a… fetus.


11. Use the screwdriver to attach the plug to the spotlight’s cable, then plug it in. The spotlight will turn on, focused on the stage. Now the curtains can open and the show can start.





12. Talk to Mr. Owl. Then start the first play, The Lady of the Lake. Tap her mouth until it opens all the way, her throat rips open and she turns into a ghost. Now you have to balance her past lives. Take the hat, then put them in this order: she’ll, fetus, heart, hat. A beam of light will shoot out of the woman’s mouth. Tap her mouth and take the flower.



13. Open the curtain again. This is called The Signs. Move the pieces of the shapes to form four symbols.


14. Go back to the piano screen and the puzzle with four symbols again. Put in the symbols you just found to get the recipe for a Harvey Wallbanger.



15. Go make a Harvey Wallbanger using two parts orange juice, one part Galliano and one part vodka.


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40 thoughts on “Cube Escape Theatre: Walkthrough Guide

  1. Bill Cawlfield

    Wow…..this is a very bizarre or sick game…..depending on your perspective. I finished it, but finding a fetus in a toilet is just not my cup of tea!

      1. Liesserdons

        I am stuck after the door in the ear . I did the symbols and everything. But the next scène does nog appear in the theater

      1. guest

        how do you get the crow man to do the next pattern its just they are the other way round how many times do u have to do it before he accepts it correct and moves on?

  2. Rose

    I can’t copy the crow man on the stage when he taps his cane. I’ve tried pressing on him and moving his cane but nothing is happening. Help

    1. Karissa

      when he’s tapping with his cane, count how many times he taps and click the corresponding light

  3. selairoti

    Why the room is so dark? And i cant find anything in the man head.. its so annoying…. can someone just tell me how to make the room more brighter?

  4. Not-the-Bartender

    Just wanted to say, you’ve got the last couple steps screwed up. For one you have to talk to the narrator not Mr. Owl/Bartender. Secondly, the elevator doesn’t just appear, you have to click on the set piece behind the narrator and then the background again before the elevator will show up.

  5. spirit

    I put the egg in the funnel but arranged pipe incorrectly to the pot instead of pan.I saw it coming out near the pot but than it vanished…what should I do…I don’t have the egg now..please help

    1. Naty

      Now press on the cubes and start rubbing till some numbers will appear and the put those to the door that’s inside the man’s brain

    1. Karissa

      if you don’t know the notes, there is a picture hanging up in the first room with the notes names on the keys. write them down if you have to.

  6. Elle

    Lol, I already gave him a Gin Tonic on my own, was a funny thing to read. For those wondering he leaves a note saying “thanks for the Gin Tonic”.

  7. Sam

    Having played a few of the Cube Escape games, I have to say this is a pretty overrated series. It’s bizarre and convoluted for the sake of it, not because it’s clever.

    For instance, the words on the windmill are in Hindi. And they don’t make much sense when in isolation. Why put them in there? Are people really looking at them and going “Wow, what mysterious symbols! This game is so deep!”

    Dev = Deity
    Manush = Man
    Asura = Demon
    Narak = Hell
    Pret = Spirit
    Some other random crap that I can’t read upside down.

  8. Sach

    Please help me to solve the mill. I can not understand what to do. Made the arrangement according tho the colors on tje top but did’t work. How to pass that level. Please let me know.


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