Cube Escape: Arles: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: Arles
By: LoyaltyGame B.V. (Rusty Lake)


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the third Rusty Lake game, Cube Escape: Arles. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Look at be picture on the wall. Peel off the lower right corner to reveal a clue. Also look at the other drawing. We’ll make sense of it later.



2. Take the painting piece from behind the picture frame.


3. Tap on the bed. Take the hat. Look under the pillows for an absinthe bottle and another clue. Tug on all three coats that are hanging and a key will drop out of one of them.


4. Turn to the left and open the window. Pick up the key from the floor.


5. Look at the small table. Take the brush and water can and open the drawer to get a paintbrush.


6. Look at the empty frame on the wall. An image of Vincent Van Gogh will appear. Take the painting piece. Also, tap on Van Gogh to see his eyes look left, right, then center.


7. Go left. Pick up the painting piece by the chair and another from the rag by the door. Also, notice the clue on the rag.


8. Turn left. Pick up the painting piece and sugar cube from the stand.


9. Notice the clue on the locked cabinet. Also, use the key to unlock it and take the wine bottle from inside.



10. Take the painting piece and absinthe spoon from the table. Use the brush to scrub away the dirt and reveal a “g.”


11. Place the absinthe spoon and sugar cube on top of the absinthe glass. Pour absinthe into the glass and drink it. Tap the sugar cube a few times and it will turn into a painting piece. Take it.



12. You should now have enough painting pieces to complete the two paintings by the bed. Tap one to get a golden key and the other to get a sun flower.



13. Place the sunflower in the vase next to the other sunflowers. Then tap the ones on the left until they’re all smaller. The one on the right will grow. Take the small key.


14. Use the small key to unlock the cabinet and get a knife.


15. Use the gold key to unlock the door by the chair. Place the hat on Paul’s head so he’ll drop the paint palette. Pick it up and close the door.


16. Place the palette next to the drawing by the bed. Use the paintbrush to paint it according to all the clues you found around the room. The light blue is on the door. The question mark is the outline of a cube. Paint it black to get a black cube!


17. Place the black cube on the front door. Looks like we need one more.


18. Give the knife to the Van Gogh painting and have him cut off his ear. Take back the knife.


19. Place the ear in the bowl on the table.


20. Look at the lines in the drawings of the bottles. The first one tells you which bottle is which and the second one tells you what to pour into all the bottles and glasses on the table.



21. Pour the drinks into the right containers on the table and then go inside the ear canal.


22. Pick up the gun and then continue on to a blue and black door.



23. Look at the black door. It tells you that the drum weighs 1 lb and the hammer weighs 3. So start weighing all the items to figure out how much they all weigh.


24. The trumpet is 1. I’m not sure what the second item on the door is supposed to be, but it weighs 4. The shell weighs 5. And last, the anvil weighs 8. So enter 1458 into the door to unlock it.






25. Go through. Give the revolver to the shadow in the Van Gogh painting and have it shoot him. Take the white cube.




26. Place the white cube on the front door to unlock it. Go through to complete the game!



Congratulations! You completed Cube Escape: Arles. Try the next game in the series, Harvey’s Box.

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Holly Stewart
5 years ago

Have you got the sunflower puzzle sorted?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
5 years ago

The letter clues found in the room are clues to what color to paint on the painting. I’m stuck on the mystery color in the center of the painting and what to do with Van Gogh’s ear.

Holly Stewart
Reply to  Caitlyn
5 years ago

The mystery colour is black.
The ear goes in the blue water bowl on the table. I think from memory you go in to. At each level you collect white cubes. Once you go all the way down there is a weights puzzle that will get you through a locked door and in to a room that is just like the one you just in.

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
4 years ago

Pls fast…..

Reply to  Caitlyn
4 years ago

So you’ll need to go to the bowl of water (which should be glowing white slightly if you solved the bottle puzzle) and select Van Gogh’s ear to drop into the water. It’ll turn red and you can go into his ear. There’s a weight puzzle, which I haven’t been able to solve yet.

For the sunflower puzzle, you need to find the single sunflower head (I can’t remember where I found mine) and put that in the empty vase. You should be able to click on the sunflowers in any order, and the other (single) sunflower will rise up with another key.

Reply to  Mel
4 years ago

The code to the door is 1458

Reply to  Mel
4 years ago

discover the number by adding the weight
drum = 1 hammer = 3 ,
drum’s weight is same as mini trumpet, so mini trumpet = drum, mini trumpet=1
mini trumpet + hammer = 1+3 = 4
mini trumpet + hammer weight same as that triangle(?) thing so triangle = 4
and so on

btw sorry for my english ;-;

Reply to  Mel
4 years ago


Cye Eco
Reply to  Caitlyn
8 months ago

There’s a ? In the ear against a black background

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
1 year ago

Plus in the ear door puzzle, its the anvil, hammer, and stirrup, which are the the three bones(names) in the ear plus the cochlea(snail shell thing).

Whippet Girl
Reply to  Holly Stewart
4 years ago

You have to find a single sunflower to put into the empty vase … I don’t remember where I found it.
Then you have to make it get taller by clicking on the flowers in the vase. When they are all small the puzzle is solved. Touching one flower changes its size and all of the adjacent ones.

Reply to  Holly Stewart
2 years ago

It changes 3 flowers at the same time, you you have to start at the top then go down and then at the top again….i don’t know how to explain

4 years ago

Fill and empty and fill again once and another the glass of absenta till the sugar cube becomes in a paint piece.

Nicolás from Argentina

4 years ago

I’m stuck on what to do with the pallet. Where do you get the paints?

Reply to  Brittany
4 years ago

When you get the palette, hang it on the side of the unpictored picture and the colours will appear themselves. Each colour has a code. Every code represents only one colour. Tip: in the ceiling there is another code.

4 years ago

I completed painting the picture but the next time I went into the room, the black figure had been erased and the paintbrush will no longer pick up any color of paint. Also, I’ve clicked on the ear in the blue bowl several times but nothing happens. Nothing else in the game is responding now. I put the black cube in one of the squares in the blue door (the one in which Gaugin appeared earlier) but nothing further happened. Maybe incorrect? Now what? Nothing moves.

Reply to  blzzard
4 years ago

Same here

Reply to  blzzard
11 months ago

Man, i have the same mistake so… a color is missing, the color white XD paint it

4 years ago

After the Black cube Van Gogh will be replaced by a shadow. Enter the ear in the bowl and you will find a gun. Enter the door that blinks and give the gun to the shadow. A white cube appears. Put in the door.

4 years ago

how to solve the bottle puzzle and what should i do with Van Gogh’s ear??someone?

Reply to  rei
4 years ago

look at the frame with a drawing of the bottles above the bed. each bottle has a set of lines: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. find the actual bottles around the rooms. then look at the 2nd frame with a drawing of bottles above the coat hanger and take note of lines, including the jar and glass. go to the table and fill each bottle, jar and glass with the correct liquid. the ear in the bowl should light up when it’s done.

Reply to  jeck
4 years ago

Did exactly that, the ear in the bowl does not light up?

3 years ago

In the weight puzzle there is a drum, a hammer, a tube, a cochlear, an anvil and a hammer. All are parts of the ear. Which makes the triangle thing a stirrup.

2 years ago

Can’t apply paint from the pallet and can’t find the revolver (went in the ear and solved the puzzle/opened other door—no revolver anywhere)

Jimmy Flex
Reply to  Spot
1 year ago

Just pretty poor at the game really, aren’t you?

2 years ago

Thanks it helped a lot.

2 years ago

Thanks this helped a lot with this and all the other ones you should do other escapes not just cube because yours help a lot and I would like it if you do more please and thank you😁😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

2 years ago

Audiology (science of hearing and balance) Doc student here!! I loved the nods to middle ear anatomy here! Everything you have to weigh represents something in the ear!nose The hammer, anvil, and stirrup are layman’s terms for the three bones in the middle ear because of their shape. The drum is representative of the eardrum, the snail represents the cochlea (the inner ear- it’s from the Latin (maybe Greek?) word for snail because of its shape). The horn I’m not sure about though, maybe a nod to old time ear horns? Either way, that part made this my favorite Cube Escape 😊👂

2 years ago

The sunflowers tripped me up too

Reply to  Bean
2 years ago

Can you help me?

2 years ago

Thanks for the help!

2 years ago

in the painting i fill the cube from black color but didnt give me the black cube for the blue door what shuld i do?😭😭😭

Reply to  bahare
2 years ago


Reply to  bahare
11 months ago

paint the color white

2 years ago

Its not letting me take the cube from t he painting

Reply to  You
2 years ago

did you paint the iceberg white?

2 years ago

It won’t let me paint the painting 😖

Emelita Jardiel Jacamile
Reply to  Jennifer
2 years ago


1 year ago

I’m not sure how to get the black cube. I painted the picture but a cube didn’t appear :/ idk maybe I’m dumb lol

11 months ago

The items at the door inside the ear are al associates with hearing. The item you couldn’t place is a mounting item. It’s a stirrup. Part of the hearing process…

Reply to  Joachiem
8 months ago

I knew it was a stirrup, but didn’t notice the items were related to the ear/inner ear. That’s so neat! Thanks for pointing it out.

11 months ago

When I painted the canvas, it didn’t give me the black cube. I’m confused?

Jeremy S.
9 months ago

I noticed they updated the apps. Arles now has achievements. I figured out all but one (Rusty Lake Hotel). It might be time to revisit!

8 months ago

It’s not the Van Gogh paint, but a mirror… you are Vincent in this game.

Cye Eco
8 months ago

The second item on the door is a stirrup. It’s part of a saddle, and also part of the ear. And the giant shell is a cochlea shell. They’re all ear parts

8 months ago

Ridiculous as it seems…. I can’t find the last picture piece! Gone right the way through, nope. Probably somewhere obsure 😒help please!

7 months ago

Ah! I missed the gun going through the ear and now I can’t go back to get it and I am stuck in the second room…

Stef Cruijssen
8 days ago

When i cut the ear of, for some reason I got 4 knifes 0-0