The Forgotten Room: Complete Walkthrough Guide

The Forgotten Room
By: Glitch Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, answers and solutions for the iOS, Android and PC game The Forgotten Room by Glitch Games. If you prefer a hint, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Note: I highly suggest trying to solve these puzzles on your own and only using this walkthrough as a last resort. If you’re here because you’re stuck on finding the batteries, here’s a hint: one answer is on the laptop. For the other, think like Glitch Games!

Make sure to use the in-game camera to take photos of clues! You can then write on them and take them out to use while you’re solving a puzzle!


1. Tap on the door and pick up the package. Then pick up the knife from the desk and drag it from your inventory to the box to cut it open.

You can also watch my video walkthrough for the game here:

2. Read the letter from Julie Bright and the newspaper clipping. Take the cross. Then close your suitcase after everything’s inside.

3. You’re in the house where Emily Bright disappeared. Your current objective is to find batteries for your flashlight/torch. First, look at the book on the table. You wrote some clues for yourself to jog your memory. One says SHIT with some dots under the letters. The other tells you that the code for the left side of something is your year of birth and for the right side, the key is on the USB. Take photos of both pages.




4. Go through the door to the left and look at the laptop. Pick up the USB stick from the table. Notice when you look at it in your inventory, it says “THIS IS THE KEY.” But if you plug it into the laptop, it says it’s blank.




5. Look at everything else on the laptop. You can listen to the sound of thunder and read all the emails. One thing you need to pay attention to is your (John Murr’s) email address at the top. It says [email protected]. Take a photo of that.


6. Go right and enter the kitchen. Open the fridge and freezer. Take some ice from the freezer and open the pizza box to get some puzzle pieces.


7. Go all the way upstairs and into the bedroom. Grab the puzzle pieces from the wardrobe. There’s also a journal on the dresser you can read.



8. Look inside the crib. There’s a toy trumpet that plays a tune if you tap on it. Just remember it’s there. We’ll come back to it later.


9. Let’s unlock the suitcase! Notice it resembles the clues you left in the notebook downstairs. They were telling you how to figure out the combination for both sides. So you know the left side is John Murr’s date of birth — specifically the year. Look at his email address. It says 1968 in it — that’s the answer! Now to work on the right side. The USB stick was empty when you plugged it in. The real clue is THIS IS THE KEY. Or “THIS” is the key. Use the dots under the word SHIT to figure out the numbers for each letter in THIS. You then get 4183. Enter both 1968 and 4183 into the suitcase to unlock it.


10. Take the batteries and the cross from the suitcase and read the letter and newspaper clipping.


11. Open your inventory and combine the batteries with the flashlight. Then tap on the bed to get some sleep.



12. Four hours later, you wake up the noise of a door swinging shut and something crashing. Go check it out! It turns out the painting fell, revealing a safe. Place the cross in the socket and then look at the framed artwork inside. It says “FOUR SMALL HANDS ARE BETTER THAN TWO BIG HANDS.” Take a photo of it.



13. Go back downstairs. Go to the grandfather clock and move the hour hand (small hand) to 4 or IV and the minute hand (big hand) to 2 or II. Take the weights from inside.



14. Go into the kitchen and place the weights down by the scale. The game labels two of them for you as 1 and 3 LBs. using those two, work out the weights of the rest of them. Just figure out one at a time and then combine them to compare them to others. Once you figure them all out, you might want to take a photo and write their weights on them.






15. Notice the front door is open now. Go through but instead of going straight through the next door, turn left. Open the next door ahead of you and go in.




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  1. LS

    Thanks for the walkthrough! The only thing I needed it for was the cube, but mostly b/c I’m useless at spatial relations. I unexpectedly completed the game without finishing the tiles puzzle because I guessed at the book order. I thought I’d get back to it after leaving the basement but…

    Short, but fun game as always from Glitch!

  2. Mary

    I’m gonna have nightmares about that ending.

  3. Wendy

    Finished! Depressing game… I want to know why I had to go to ALL that trouble to get a box of matches when there were a billion candles all over the house. Also all that work to melt ice to get water when it’s raining outside…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ha yeah I asked them about the candles and they said they’re special Glitch candles. 😛

  4. Octavia

    Thanks for the walkthrough. I did some bits out of sync and ended up locked in the shed because I’d found the cog, but not the gasoline. And I couldn’t remove the cog so that was me completely stuck. The walkthrough confirmed I wasn’t missing something in the shed, just failed to get the item that would unlock the door *before* i entered and inserted the cog. Bit of a gameplay flaw if you ask me.

  5. Amy Sullivan

    This game was ok but not nearly as fun/cool as the other Glitch games, imo. I feel let down.

  6. Paula

    Hi. I cannot get the bucket of ice to stay in the fire? Help

  7. Paula

    Hi. I cannot get the bucket of ice to stay in the fire. Help?

    1. Franky

      You find it when you leave the room with the film projector. it is on top of the mannequin puppet,

  8. Courtney Wade

    Another awesome Glitch game! But the ending was so abrupt with so many questions left unanswered 🙁 Did the skeleton at the end belong to the missing little girl?? WeΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll never know because there isnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t even a part 2 to download !!

    1. Tony

      Yeah she’s the small skeleton.

  9. Mel

    When I go out the door to pick up the leaves, remove tarp, cut the wood. I can renter the house but I’m unable to go back to the house. Ta

  10. kytriya

    Anyone notice that the piano is tuned very wrong? A sounds like C, B is D and so on. I thought the ending was lacking. Won’t visit again. Deleted.

  11. Carole

    I agree with another poster that the ending was depressing and vague.

    1. Laura

      The ending shows that the parent and child got locked in a forgotten room that doesnΓÇÖt open from the inside. Depressing yes. Vague no. I liked the game.

      1. Timo

        How can i play this game on my mac ? I can’t touch all the hands ?

  12. Mimsy

    So what was ticking?

  13. Rebecca

    Good game absolutely needed the walkthrough for the handprints at the end, because we were playing on switch on the TV there was no way to touch all 4 hands with the controller at the same time so had to go to the hand held for that one puzzle

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