The House of da Vinci: Complete Walkthrough Guide

The House of da Vinci
By: Blue Brain Games

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS, Android and PC puzzle adventure game, The House of da Vinci, by Blue Brain Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 1 – Street:

You can watch my walkthrough video for chapters 1 & 2 here or continue to the step-by-step walkthrough below:

1. Follow the tutorial. Look around, then double-tap the guard to zoom in on him. Double-tap on the scroll and then pick it up. Open your inventory to look at it. Pull the ribbon off the scroll by swiping to the left. Then unwind the scroll and read it.

2. Continue with the tutorial. Double-tap on the door to the left. Zoom in on the bell. Rotate the top piece and then the bottom piece. Pull the chain to ring the bell and take the key piece.






3. Zoom in on the top of the mailbox and slide it apart to get the other part of the key.


4. Combine the two key parts, slide them together and rotate to make the key.


5. Zoom in on the mailbox. Slide the square piece to the left to reveal a keyhole. Insert the key, turn it and then take the Oculi Infinitum from inside.




6. Slide the Oculi Infinitum up and look at the door. You can now see the mechanisms inside. Rotate the three pieces so the pentagon cutouts meet in he center. The door will open. Watch the cutscene, then push the door open and go inside.


7. Head up the stairs. Turn the lion-headed door handle to open the door. Push it open and go through to complete the chapter.


Chapter 2 – Library:

1. First, examine the lamp post. There’s a scroll here. Slide the scroll seal off and read the scroll.


2. Look at the seal in your inventory. Rotate the middle piece so the two arrows match up. You’ll now have a three-spoked seal.


Sorry, guys. This game is too big. I’m just going to be posting videos with the occasional screenshot from here on. I might add more later, but for now it made more sense to just focus on making videos.

Chapter 3 – Workshop:

This is the crumpled note that has the clues for the globe:


For the globe model tower puzzle where you have to conquer the world, always go for the smallest number available first. Otherwise you’ll lose. But you can always restart that section by making a few wrong moves to reset everything.

This is the exact order to attack in:

Round 1 (Sardinia): 14, 29, 32, 19, 38, 77

Round 2 (Italy): 20, 28, 30, 47, 58

Round 3 (Africa): 100, 123, 46, 143, 34, 300, 55, 351, 512, 790

Chapter 4 – Courtyard:

NOMEN ILLI MORS is Latin for His Name was Death.

This is the correct order to press the buttons at the base of the door:


Continue to the walkthrough for chapters 5 – 8.

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60 thoughts on “The House of da Vinci: Complete Walkthrough Guide

  1. Anna

    how i press the buttons at the base of the door, i don’t now how to close the base of the door i c lick and nothing go happen. Where i must click in he base to close i click the buttons. I dont have any idea. plis help

  2. Bryan

    In chapter 8, the second pipe the sections don’t line up correctly. Even when I have them all basically in line the sections don’t line up perfectly, so it doesn’t work and I can’t progress. Am I missing something?

  3. Linda

    I was in Chapter 3 Workshop and had to conquer the world – I quickly copied all your numbers and barely made it to Africa after more tries than I can count.

    Thank you – I never would have made it. Great game!

  4. Ryan

    On the Roman numeral puzzle chapter 3 my disk only has one slot and your video shows two – seems fairly impossible with only one slot

  5. Oloong Te

    How did you get that the “h” symbol was first? The flying machine puzzle shows the “f” symbol first on the left. Is there a clue I missed?

  6. Karen

    TY for wonderful game. Having problem anchoring flying machine to box mechanism…must flying machine be altered while in viewing mode? TY for any help.

  7. Julie

    Hi I just buy the game and can’t get in. It ask me to name my device and after choose my device but it not working it’s Just skanning I don’t know what to do


    Did you find all the Achievements? I only found four…

    I am just now playing this, and actually enjoyed it even more that the Room Games.

  9. Talaith

    I am stuck with conquering Europe in the globe in the workshop. Whenever I conquer one piece the amounts go down, so if I overcome one when I have a count of 146 say, the count goes down to 9 as do all the other pieces of land so I can never beat the other sectors. There appears to be no re-set option and I don’t want to have to start the chapter again. I am playing on Kindle Fire. Can anyone advise what to do? Thanks.


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