The House of da Vinci: Complete Walkthrough Guide

The House of da Vinci
By: Blue Brain Games

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This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS, Android and PC puzzle adventure game, The House of da Vinci, by Blue Brain Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapters 1 2 3 4 | Chapters 5 6 7 8 | Review

Chapter 1 – Street:

You can watch my walkthrough video for chapters 1 & 2 here or continue to the step-by-step walkthrough below:

1. Follow the tutorial. Look around, then double-tap the guard to zoom in on him. Double-tap on the scroll and then pick it up. Open your inventory to look at it. Pull the ribbon off the scroll by swiping to the left. Then unwind the scroll and read it.

2. Continue with the tutorial. Double-tap on the door to the left. Zoom in on the bell. Rotate the top piece and then the bottom piece. Pull the chain to ring the bell and take the key piece.





3. Zoom in on the top of the mailbox and slide it apart to get the other part of the key.


4. Combine the two key parts, slide them together and rotate to make the key.


5. Zoom in on the mailbox. Slide the square piece to the left to reveal a keyhole. Insert the key, turn it and then take the Oculi Infinitum from inside.




6. Slide the Oculi Infinitum up and look at the door. You can now see the mechanisms inside. Rotate the three pieces so the pentagon cutouts meet in he center. The door will open. Watch the cutscene, then push the door open and go inside.


7. Head up the stairs. Turn the lion-headed door handle to open the door. Push it open and go through to complete the chapter.


Chapter 2 – Library:

1. First, examine the lamp post. There’s a scroll here. Slide the scroll seal off and read the scroll.


2. Look at the seal in your inventory. Rotate the middle piece so the two arrows match up. You’ll now have a three-spoked seal.


Sorry, guys. This game is too big. I’m just going to be posting videos with the occasional screenshot from here on. I might add more later, but for now it made more sense to just focus on making videos.

Chapter 3 – Workshop:

This is the crumpled note that has the clues for the globe:


For the globe model tower puzzle where you have to conquer the world, always go for the smallest number available first. Otherwise you’ll lose. But you can always restart that section by making a few wrong moves to reset everything.

This is the exact order to attack in:

Round 1 (Sardinia): 14, 29, 32, 19, 38, 77

Round 2 (Italy): 20, 28, 30, 47, 58

Round 3 (Africa): 100, 123, 46, 143, 34, 300, 55, 351, 512, 790

Chapter 4 – Courtyard:

NOMEN ILLI MORS is Latin for His Name was Death.

This is the correct order to press the buttons at the base of the door:


Continue to the walkthrough for chapters 5 – 8.

Chapters 1 2 3 4 | Chapters 5 6 7 8 | Review

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Stephen Metcalf-Conte

I can’t find this in the Apple App Store for some reason… can you supply an App Store link?

Chrisy Mitchell

Is there any way to reset the map puzzle? It’s driving me nuts

Lisa Lyons

Hoping you can help, stuck in the workshop… I did the sliding puzzle for the sphere side, with the stuck figure. The cylinder that’s half wood and half metal came out Correctly, but I couldn’t manipulate any of it. So I zoomed out, to see what I’d missed, but can’t zoom back in again!


I’m in cgapter 3, working on the globe. I’ve got everything, except the letter wheels that are supposed to show up in the circles over the globe. Im using the eye piece thingy, but not showing the wheels at all. I see this a glitch in the game that anyone else has had?

Heather Stokes

I’m having the same issue!

Brendan Dempsey

Same problem with globe code wheels not showing. I am using ipad pro.

sue hollar

you can move the optical eye thing both up and down!

sue hollar

you can move the optical eye thing both up and down!

Beth Latimer

Same problem with globe. What do I do to correct it?

Agnes Dalton

Are you using the occultism to look at the rings on the globe?
There are two rings when you begin the puzzle.
Is the shutter closed on the ring you are looking at?
Now examine the desk beside the globe….is there something odd sitting at the top edge?
Try the time viewer on it…..using the settings to move through time.
Write down anything you see… you would for any adventure game. 🙂


Having trouble I made part 3. I’ve got the key for the crypt door (and twisted it) and aligned the hole wit her the lock but it won’t accept the key ….


I’m having the same problem. My key for the crypt door is complete and hole is aligned but it will not accept the key.


Same here! I can’t progress any further. Has anyone found a solution?


Same problem – anyone found a solution?


Anyone having an issue getting the octahedron to complete?


Did anyone figure out why the Oculi is not working in some areas? I use the walkthrough to position the castle arms correctly yet now I am stuck at the sun puzzle and the Oculi is not revealing anything.

Clare mills

Had same problem but I think you have to wait for the power of the oculus to charge up. When you open oculus there is a little glass bit in the right hand corner that has little bits tin glass in it and when it’s full that’s when you can see the wheels hope this helps


That was it! Thank you so much, Clare!


Can someone explain the map game in the workshop to me? I’m clearly missing a key element…I attack countries with less troops than my own but still lose troops. What am I doing wrong?

Help please – I’m in the garden. I turned the handle to make the key, but it won’t fit in the circle in the door. In the video it seems to go in straight, mine will not approach that way. Am I missing something?

Malin Liljequist

I have exactly the same problem

John p

But the solution here is really simple – all you need to do is to raise the handle a bit higher. Try to point your finger directly at the hole and you should be fine I reached out to the designers


I can seem to solve the “engraved qometric object” on the tower within the workshop [at approx. 22:20 in the chapter 3 workshop video]. The two ends automatically pop back out after I push them in. I’ve watched the video about a dozen times but just can’t get it. Please help. Thank you.

Jennifer Wiley

You have to turn it sideways and pinch both ends together at the same time.


How do you do that on a laptop? i tried using my keyboard and an external mouse and it still didn’t work.


Im stuck on the top cabinets puzzle what position do i put the towers help


I cannot seem to get the catapult to hit the right spot. I have the target in the sight but never hits the right spot as I do not move on? Is there something I am missing?


just keep the oculi open as u aim. make sure you look how the catapult rotates. sometimes its a hit or miss but you just have to aim. make sure the light lines up with the piece u put into place

Smitty Redcard

Double-tap on the aiming piece and it will show where it’s aiming.

Gray De Graeve

Im still missing the chair achievement and i cantfind it any tips pls

Carol Davis

Okay, I deleted the game off of my iPad after completing it.
When I saw there was an update (achievements room), I brought it back, and of course had to start from scratch.
That’s fine, but I touched the achievements title on the home screen first, it took me there, now I’m stuck in there with a painting of Da Vinci and don’t know how to get out!

Teresa Bowles

Im having trouble with the church puzzle. No matter how I try to align the towers, I just can’t open it! Even after I’ve looked through the Occuli I still can’t get it to open.


Use the time device. You can move the steeples while watching over time.


Having problems in the boiler room setting the fuel formula numbers


Chapter 5 – I keep getting a hint that I need to check out marks on the bottom left corner of the cabinet, but I don’t see any marks. And I don’t see any secret compartment???

Ba-bye45 (@Konaque)

Stuck on rotating sun/moon altar for 2 nights. Oculi will not show lines to trace. Waited for all the hints to go by, wiggled it around, turned oculi off/on and get nothing. Losing patience.

Your name

Still stuck after 4 days. May ask for a refund.

Ba-bye45 (@Konaque)

I wish the hints were better on this game. On ‘The Room’ games I didn’t have to leave so much to go to a ‘walkthrough’ to find out what to do next. Those games flowed better. This game is cumbersome quitting and going back in all the time.

aufo 50

I an stuck in the tower-chapter 7 part 2. I solved the astrolade. I noticed the phases and colours of the moon and the number of dots representing the number of the sphere game under the wooden suspended wheel. I put on the centre dial wheel I found earlier. I replicate the moon phases on the sphere – and trigger an animation in the centre of the dial. This animation (it reminds me of an old fashioned type writer working) just goes on and on and nothing happens. I let it shuffle letters for 12 minutes- but nothing happened. what… Read more »


How do you do the sun and the moon puzzle. Ive traced all the patterns. Nothing. The walkthrough shows a patter and the thing turns and opens up. Why cant i do this. cc

Teresa Bowles

I’m also stuck on the chapter 7 astrolade puzzle. I’ve had to leave it for a few days otherwise I would have thrown my tablet out of a window. Is it really just fiddling around with those arms to get it in the right location?


I can’t move the letters cylinder down the ripper. I can’t, close hr monument and take off the cylinder. I try and … nothing go happens.


The game won’t let me double tap on the cylendar sticking out at the bottom of the pedestal so I can open it. As soon as I finished aligning the numbers in order it zoomed out and I can’t get close again.