The Long Journey: Walkthrough Guide

The Long Journey
By: Midnight Adventures LLC

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This will be a complete step-by-step guide for the iOS and Android point-and-click adventure, The Long Journey, by Midnight Adventures. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Tap on the path to continue down it to Scene 2. Read the journal entry.


2. Pick up the wire cutters and tap on the bus to get a clue for your journal. Go inside the bus.




3. Pick up the wind-up mouse and leave.


4. Continue down the path to Scene 4. There are some coins on the ground. We don’t have a clue for it yet, so continue on down the path to Scene 5.

5. Go up the stairs to Scene 6 and get a clue for your journal for the coins puzzle. Use the wire cutters to cut through the barbed wire fence.



6. Go back to Scene 4 and solve the coins puzzle to get a toy turtle and record arm.


7. Go back to the bus at Scene 3 and place the turtle on the Fisher Price Activity Center. Pull the rabbit the the left and the turtle to the right to get an old key.


8. Go back to Scene 6 and continue on to Scene 7. You’ll get a journal entry here of a flag.


9. Pick up the carjack and head inside the gas station to Scene 8. Pick up the draw knife.



10. Go through the door to Scene 9 to get a clue for your journal.


11. Use the old key to unlock the door and go through to Scene 10. Use the carjack on the tractor to get the magnet.

12. Use the wire cutters on the padlock to access the light bulb. Use the magnet to get the light bulb.

13. Go back to Scene 8 and add the lightbulb to the rest. We’re missing a clue for them so we’ll have to come back later.

14. Head back to Scene 7 and use the clue from your journal to solve the gas pump puzzle. It says 9521 upside-down, which apparently turns into 1756. Yeah, I don’t like it either. But that’s the answer so enter it and take the sapphire.


15. Go back to Scene 5 and place the sapphire in the eye of the dragon statue. Solve the Tower of Hanoi puzzle and take stained glass 1.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. Linda

    Thank you thank you – I’m passed here but I know you will pass me by like I’m standing still.

    I keep opening the game, hoping to see something I missed. I’m subscribing to this w/t.

    1. Linda

      Hey Constance – did you know that the Hint System in the game is awesome?!
      I only realized after I had posted above. You just click on the magnifying glass in the Inventory Window.

      1. Joanna

        It isnΓÇÖt really though. Only for some puzzles. Some it just says see the clue in your book, which isnΓÇÖt much help when you still donΓÇÖt get it.

    2. CatReader

      Agreed that the hint system is sometimes awesome, somestimes awful. One Hint early in the game (I was testing it) gave me a Hint AND an option for more Detail; that’s awesome. Later, when I needed a hint, it kept telling me to solve the gargoyle puzzle in scene 28 (or 29). The clue for the gargoyles occurs far later in the gameplay; that’s awful. Only good thing was that I certainly couldn’t overuse the hint system.╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£├╗Γö£├│

      1. Donna

        IΓÇÖm stuck on the gargoyle puzzle. How are they supposed to be turned.

  2. C

    Need help with the childrens telephone in the bus! Which clue is it in the diary? Thanks!!

    1. Hannah P

      Stuck here too – I guess you have to input original colours of the neon sign and then the faded colours, but I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t work out the combination!

    2. Hannah P

      Got it – the clue for the telephone is the two flags.

      1. C

        Thanks! I tried for so long, but it didnΓÇÖt help. Suddenly it just worked? After several attempts!

        Now I am stuck on the mailbox…

    3. Kathy

      The colours of the 2 flags

      1. Christie

        The flags arnt working for me

  3. Lisa

    Stuck in 3 dials scene 30 please help

    1. Jackie

      I’m stuck here too! I have two clues in my notebook that seem like they could be for this puzzle: one is a triangle shape with red, green, and blue corners, and the other shows a trio of circles in a pyramid (red, green, and yellow). I’ve tried every triangular combination of red, green and yellow and red, green and blue on these dials and I can’t figure it out!

    2. Kelli

      Use the triangle clue to line up the corresponding color in the corresponding position on the corresponding dial. (E.g. Red jewel on the top of the top dial).

      1. liddi

        Sorry but I Need a More exactly help : Red is on the Top, but what Color is on Bottom left and right?? I don’t understand the triangle clue…

  4. wiesje

    I’m stuck on the bridge, scene 24. The hint says I already have the clue, but what is the combination of the bells?

    1. Ramai

      I was stuck on the bells, too. First you need a note, which can be found in scene 22 (above the gramophon). If you look at the note the 4 signs found on the bells are ticked off, some multiple times. Now ring the bells from left to the right as often as it is ticked off in the note. From left to right it should be 2x, 2x, 1x, 3x.

  5. Connie

    Stuck on the bird grid puzzle no idea

    1. Claire

      Me too donΓÇÖt have a clue

    2. Kornelia De Jong

      Auf ein Uhr der blau weißer Vogel. Auf drei Uhr der rote mit langem Schwanz. Auf vier Uhr der Kolibri. Auf sieben Uhr lila weiss. Auf neun Uhr der blau mit hellblauen Punkten und langer Schwanz. Zehn Uhr der rote einfarbiger Vogel.

      1. Kornelia De Jong

        Ich habe die Antwort fΓö£Γò¥r das Puzzle im Baum mit den birds.
        Auf ein Uhr der blauen weißen Vogel. Auf drei Uhr der Roten mit langen Schwanz. Auf vier Uhr der Kolibri. Auf sieben Uhr lila weiß. Auf der Rückseite der blauen mit hellblauen Punkten und längeren Schwanz. Zehn Uhr der roten einfarbigen Vogel.

    3. CatReader

      BIRD GRID PUZZLE Hints: You solve this one without collecting any items or diary clues. First, note that the outside circle of birds cannot be moved. The bird in the center means nothing; that’s where your prize item(s) will appear. The middle ring of birds can be swapped around; select any two and they will exchange places.
      Solution: When you look at a bird on the outside ring, note its silhouette and coloring. Look at an adjacent bird on the outside ring and note its silhouette and coloring. Find a bird on the inner ring which has the silhouette of one bird and the coloring of the other, and swap it into the inner ring position between the two birds. When you have all the birds on the inner ring in the correct places, you have solved the puzzle.

  6. Connie

    I don’t understand why the walkthrough is of only the beginning. Very frustrating

  7. Greg

    Agreed, I,m on scene 64 with the toy phone on the bus but no clue.
    Nothing on notes about this scene.

    1. Susan

      Stuck too on toy phone. No answer from developer. Please reply if you have reached an answer!! Thank you so much!

    2. Susan

      It is the colors of the two flags. First one is supposed to be blue but looks Grey. 406109. I had to email developer! Now can’t find the tea bag or complete the 4 crazy pictures in caf╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ë.

    3. Kel

      You have to go left of the bus to see the 2 flags and then you can use the flag colors on the toy phone 406109

  8. Pat

    I am really stuck on the flower padlock puzzle (scene 67). My hints are prompting me to solve it, but nothing is working. I tried to logic my way through it using every combination, but IΓÇÖve had no luck. IΓÇÖm afraid IΓÇÖm missing something obvious, but I have no idea what it is. Any ideas?

    1. Claire

      The flower padlock clue is in your diary; the three circles of colour relate the colours of the flowers.

      1. Pat

        Thanks. Do you mean the red, green, and yellow circles? I have that entry, and IΓÇÖve tried everything I can think of, but no luck. Do you mind sharing how you solved that?

        1. Pat

          Never mind, I figured it out. I didnΓÇÖt realize that the middle piece moved as well. Thanks!

          1. Bette

            How did you solve the circles? IΓÇÖve been playing around with it too long!

  9. Claire

    Stuck on the fuse box puzzle in the bowling alley (scene 88).
    Not sure if the map clue is the solution or IΓÇÖm missing a clue.

    1. Susan

      Stuck on box too!!!!

      1. Claire

        I got it last night, it is the map clue.

        1. Lisa

          Can you tell me the answer. What direction does the fuse box go in.

    2. Susan

      I used the directions of the 4 feathers in diary.

    3. Kornelia De Jong

      Hinweis sind die Pfeile von der Landkarte

  10. Connie

    Well I made to the end and they tell me to wet the dry tea bag I don’t even have

    1. Pat

      I was stuck on that for a long time! ItΓÇÖs there in one of the scenes, itΓÇÖs just not very visible.

      1. Susan

        It is in the toy phone.!:)

    2. Susan

      Can you please tell me about the crazy pictures in the café hallway? I guess they go in empty frame in bedroom but no order I try to take them down works. I lack that and finding the tea bag. Where did you find it?

      1. Kornelia De Jong

        Rot, lila, grΓö£Γò¥n, blau

    3. Joanna

      The tea bag comes out if the telephone with the coin

  11. Patricia Swope

    Need help in solving the mailbox puzzle in scene 75…..Can’t understand the clue in the book

    1. Susan

      12354687 I think. I used the dots on the tree with the woodpecker in the book

    2. Kornelia De Jong

      Ziffern beim Postfach verschiebbar. Muss in die Reihenfolge von 12354687 kommen. Freies Feld unten rechts.

  12. Sophie

    Need help for scene 30 with 3 circles. Each circle has 6 coloured jewels.

  13. Claire

    How do you solve the gargoyles puzzle?

    1. Kornelia De Jong

      Rechter lΓö£Γòówe schaut nach links. Linker LΓö£Γòówe nach rechts. In der Mitte nach vorne

      1. Claire

        Thank you

      2. C Me

        Please translate this solution for gargoyles

  14. Jen

    How do the stretch portraits in the hall work? I think the clue is the tea stains on the wall, but I canΓÇÖt seem to get the heights correct.

    1. Claire

      How do you get to scene 94?? IΓÇÖve tried everything

    2. Claire

      Me either IΓÇÖm having trouble

    3. Claire

      I managed to figure it out you have to go by the drip stains of the tea so the first one you stretch a little bit second a bit higher than the first third stretch all the way up and the fourth one a bit higher than the second hope this helps

  15. Kornelia De Jong

    Brauche Hilfe im Garten hinter der KΓö£Γò¥che linke Wand. Helle und dunkle Button. Wie sollen sie stehen? Komme nicht weiter. Danke fΓö£Γò¥r Hilfe

  16. Patricia Swope

    Need help with the checkerboard in scene 94….anyone solved it yet? If so please share…it’s giving me serious headache

    1. Bette

      IΓÇÖm stuck there too! Did you get it yet?

  17. Patricia Swope

    Sorry it’s scene 91 checkerboard….Need help

    1. Linda

      I tried solving it with the “blue” windows – but you have to use the “yellow” windows from the overlook – picture should be in your notes.
      The tiles from the lower squares move where you need to put the “yellow” windows.

      1. Linda

        Done! Gosh but I hate having to wait another year for the next game 🙁

      2. Bette

        Confusing, I canΓÇÖt get the colours to stick!

      3. Bette

        Still canΓÇÖt get it!

  18. Connie

    Couldn’t find tea bag so restarted game. I have since restarted 2 more times because of the lion statues. I don’t have the pictures of the 3 women and the hint tells me to solve it. I had it the first to around. It won’t let you solve it until you actually have the clue. HELP

    1. Linda

      I’m so sorry Connie. I couldn’t find the tea bag either but when I went back to the bus, there it was sitting in the telephone. I missed it when I took the coin. 🙁
      Can you still access your first profile? If you can, just go back to the bus and look again.

      1. Connie

        It won’t let me back in the bus

        1. Jessy

          I also canΓÇÖt get on the bus after I got the coin.

          1. Linda

            Jessy, I had to click several spots on the bus but it did let me on and I got the tea bag.
            Good Luck!

            1. Jessy

              IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve clicked all over the doorway to the bus and I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t get back on. So I tried windows, roof… Do you remember exactly where you clicked?

              1. Linda

                I think I just clicked the front of the bus and the back of the bus. I must have gotten lucky with the “sweet” spot.

                I finished the game, but what is the blocks and key puzzle in the tree? It doesn’t sound familiar.
                I’m sorry – I know I did it but it just isn’t ringing a bell 🙁

                1. Jessy

                  Omg, IΓÇÖm so dumb, I was trying to get on the yellow school bus at the very beginnng! No problem with the rusty bus holding toy phone. All set. Thank you!

            2. Jessy

              P.s., the blocks and key puzzle in the tree is killing me. ItΓÇÖs glitchy in the way it moves, but the game developer promises me it is solvable.

  19. omid

    scene 75 mail box ???

    1. Linda

      omid – you remember those little square boxes we played with as kids?
      you have to rearrange the numbers the way the woodpecker had them on the tree.
      look in your diary. they slide.

  20. Guy

    Need help with tibetan flags on scene 56. Thanks!

    1. Flick

      Start with the yellow on the left and work round clockwise the colours in the book Y, B, W, G, R,G,W

  21. Linda

    Jessy, the blocks and key puzzle in the tree is just a slider. You just have to move the block on the right so the key can get out.
    It is a little tricky, the blocks stick a bit, but it is doable. But it is only the one long block on the right holding the key in place.
    Good Luck!

    1. Jessy

      Thank you so much! I finally got them to slide without jumping around or sticking.

  22. Linda

    the flags were hard for me too Guy – both times I had to do it (replaying the game)

    just keep in mind the order of the colors and keep moving them until it just works and you get the gloves. it solves so fast that I am unable to tell you the order – maybe someone smarter will be able to.

  23. Connie

    I still can’t find clue for the lions. I can’t pass it until I find it. My First time around before resetting game due to teabags i had It.

    1. Linda

      I’m pretty sure the clue for the Lion’s was the 3 portraits hanging in the old plantation type house. 2 outer face in, the middle faces you – if memory is right.
      Good Luck! This is the same clue used later for the mannequins.

      1. Connie

        I can’t get to the plantation house without solving the lions

    2. Kelli

      I think the clue for the lions is the feathers (which represent the ultimate position of the wings).

      1. Linda

        maybe. connie can try both 🙂

        1. Kelli

          I agree, Linda. I think they both accomplish the same thing! 🙂

    3. Mrs K

      Right lion looks left
      Left lion looks right
      Middle lion looks ahead

  24. Barbie

    I can’t figure out scene 56 with the Tibetan flag. Anyone have tips?

  25. Carla

    In sc╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼ΓöÉne 92, I have been seen the short film and received a vieuwmaster reel. But I don’t have received a new diary note. I can’t go on now. Have someone else the solution?

    1. Ana

      You dont need a new diary just place the vieumaster in the right place in scene 95

  26. Ann

    Where is the can opener? IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m trying to open the blue tin in scene 90-something but donΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t have the can opener. IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve got the lighter and bobby pin but no can opener…

    1. Mehul

      Please tell me clue of toy telephone in scene 64 what is the toy telephone number help me

      1. Melisa Kidwell

        Use the two flags colors in order with the corresponding numbers and colors on the phone dial.

        1. Mehul

          Thankyou, but nothing happening
          Please tell me the colour name
          I am waiting for your responses

          1. Val

            Phone colors: blue white red, green white orange

    2. Carla

      The can opener was standing on the shelf in the kitchen, I think

    3. joanna

      Kitchen windowsill to the left of the doorway

  27. Melisa Kidwell

    I need help with the clock puzzle. Got the first two but can’t figure out the clock with the key.

    1. Carla

      Try to set it to six a clock

      1. Melisa Kidwell

        Tried six several times and it doesn’t work.

        1. Chev

          Silver clock is five past as is the other without key, sorry one with key is 12oclock

    2. Chev

      ItΓÇÖs 12 oΓÇÖclock

    3. Chev

      12 oΓÇÖclock

  28. Pat

    Can someone please help me solve checkerboard puzzle in scene 91, I just don’t get clue from the three Windows…trying to solve this puzzle for five days help me

    1. Carla

      You must set de light and dark colors in right way, just as the windows. I believe it was 2 dark, 4 light, 2 dark, 1 light and 1 dark, 1 dark and 1 light.

      1. Constance Bailey

        I tried this and doesnΓÇÖt work. This one 91 confusing

  29. Carla

    I still need help in scene 92. I didn’t get the diary note and now I can’t go further.

    1. Connie

      I didn’t get a note either with on 92. Stuck again

    2. Anne

      Same problem

  30. Connie

    I need help with the search portraits. Every way I try not right

  31. Connie

    Sorry the stretch potrait

    1. Kate

      How did you solve the stretch portrait in scene 93? I have tried several combos…

  32. Mr. G

    scene 75 has left me stumped. Gone back all over to see if i missed a clue for dairy entry to solve the letterbox, but cant find anything, anyone have a clue please. Thanks.

    1. Linda

      The Mailbox is the Woodpecker clue. You have to shift the numbers around to match the Woodpecker.

  33. Mahdiye

    I need help with scense 8

  34. Morgan Isa

    How do you solve the rotating gems puzzle in scene 30?

    1. Joanna

      IΓÇÖm stuck on this too but funnily enough IΓÇÖve played the game a few times and done it and now I canΓÇÖt do it it should be red at the top, and green left and blue right but whichever way I try it I canΓÇÖt get it to work. Infuriating!

  35. Brenda Woodward

    Need help with 92 at the film reel didn’t get a book entry can’t move on ty

  36. C

    Please! I need help in scene 91, with the different colored windows! I guess the clue is that one with the blue/yellow/white Windows, but how do I do? They only changes back the whole time?!

    1. C

      No one?? Claire?

  37. Claire

    Thoroughly enjoyed this game.
    Can anyone recommend similar games?
    Thanx in advance

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you play the developerΓÇÖs other games already?

      1. Claire

        No – what are they?

  38. Kate

    How to solve the lion gargoyles in scene 29? Thanks.

  39. Marie Humby

    How do u solve bridge puzzle scene 39, just can’t do it

    Please help

    1. Kate

      If it’s the wall panel in scene 38, you just have to scoot the moving puzzle piece past each pulsing light. There’s no special timing involved, just don’t hit the lights. Hope that helps.

  40. Kate

    What clue is used for the bowling alley fuse panel?

  41. Kate

    I know the tea stains are the clue for the stretch paintings in scene 93. I have tried it every which way and can’t solve it, can’t move forward. Help please?

  42. Sal

    IΓÇÖm stuck on flower padlock puzzle. Any help?

    1. Lisa

      Me too!

  43. Sal

    Love this game.

  44. SJ

    Okay, IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m clueless. Scene 45 with the beehive. The in-game clue tells me to Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║put the full bucket on the hookΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ – WHAT HOOKΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼.?! THERE *IS* NO FECKINΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ HOOK! Should I have picked one up from somewhere – if so, WHEREΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼?!

    1. Sal

      ItΓÇÖs on the tree on the right hand side opposite the bee.

  45. Sal

    ItΓÇÖs on the tree on the right opposite the bee.

    1. Katy

      Yes, it’s nearly invisible. Upper right-hand area of the screen.

  46. Linda

    Please help with the Tibetan flags.
    I am really stuck.

  47. Sal

    Where do I find scarab 1 please

  48. Katy

    I know the tea stains are the clue for the stretch paintings in scene 93. I have tried it every which way and canΓÇÖt solve it, canΓÇÖt move forward. Please help.

    1. Ana

      Well you must leave blank space in the paintings as long as the length of the tea stains are

  49. Leslie

    First, I want to ΓÇÿThank YouΓÇÖ for your wonderful walkthrough for ΓÇ£Long Journey ΓÇ£ as well as the many other games youΓÇÖve provided them for.
    My only problem so far has been getting to step 36 (scene 32) of this walkthrough – my version doesnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t contain any information and there are no follow on pages, nor does the game provide directions for playing the game on the box. IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m now officially stuck, and canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t go any farther.
    Are there more instructions that I am missing, or are you still working on producing them?

  50. Jane

    Where can I find the belt needed for scene 62 to open the door? Thank you

    1. Jane

      Found it – all good!

  51. Connie

    Stuck at the cave opening scene 25. Says go to scene 26 but how?

  52. Lisa

    Heeeeeeelpp! I had to go back to scene 29 to solve the lion statue puzzle but how? The hint just says to do it.

  53. Bette

    Circle puzzle? Ant hints?

  54. Mari

    How to go through the cave to scene 26

  55. Willy

    I can’t find the tea bag necessary in level 89.

  56. Paul LaPadula

    Is there a fix for ΓÇ£The long journeyΓÇ¥? I get to scene 48 with the books in the treehouse, and it says to solve the puzzle with the solution in the diary, but there is no solution in the diary. It seems that after the four feathers appears in the diary, no other solutions appear. I have gone to another site and saw the solution, but even when I use that solution (I follow the picture) I still donΓÇÖt get the pliers. IΓÇÖve tried deleting the game and reinstalling to no avail. The game will not move forward. Can you help?

  57. Truus

    Where can i found the belt

  58. Truus

    Where cant i found the belt please

  59. Manjusha Yuoraj Dhoble

    The scene no 26 does not open. What is wrong after opening the tree door?

  60. Arti

    Can anyone help me with the bookshelf puzzle? I am stuck there.

  61. Hope

    Scene 45 I tap the bucket full to distract bees and nothing happens. Clue says to place on hook. No hook I can see.

  62. Hope

    CanΓÇÖt get any response in scene 45 when I try to use bucketful to distract bees.

    1. Marilyn

      Way on the right side, far from the bees.

  63. Natalie

    Has anyone found the can opener?

  64. Dan mccarthy

    Can not get colors to line up scene 15 to get grappling hook. Any hints

  65. Jayne Marshall-Roelich

    Does anyone know where you pick up the half moon on the game please as I have to use it in Scene 50 and do not have it

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