Stray Cat Doors: Stage 4 Walkthrough Guide

Stray Cat Doors

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for Stage 4 of the iOS and Android room escape game, Stray Cat Doors, by PULSMO. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Stage 4:

1. Pick up the binoculars from the chair.

2. Look at the book on the table. Flip through the pages. You see 4 seagulls with a 1 on the page, 5 dolphins with a 10 on the page, and 2 boats/yachts with a 100 on the page. Multiply each animal by the number on the page and add them up, like so:

4(1) + 5(10) + 2(100) = 4 + 50 + 200 = 254

3. Use the binoculars on the island in the distance to get this clue. It mentions North and then shows arrows pointing Up, Left, Right, Right.

4. This stage spills over onto two screens instead of just one. Tap the arrow to the left to see the second screen.

5. Pick up the net near the door. While you’re here, take a look at the two signs. One has a dolphin with numbers and the other tells you not to feed the mice certain foods. We’ll use these clues soon.

6. Tap on the box floating in the water. Use the net to get the corkscrew inside.

7. Use the code from the book (254) to unlock the turquoise box. Use the corkscrew to open the bottle and take the puzzle piece.

8. Tap on the lifeboat/raft. Examine the compass. Notice the North is to the right.

9. The clue on the island said you need to move Up, Left, Right, Right, but while facing North. Since North is pointing right, you need to adjust it to Right, Up, Down, Down. Take the puzzle piece from the raft.

10. Go back to the right scene. Tap on the dolphin in the water and throw the lifeboat on the spot where you saw a 1 in the poster. Follow the numbers until the last one appears with a fish in its mouth. Use the net to get the fish.

11. Go to the table and pick up the three items you saw on the second poster. It says not to feed the mice those foods, but you’re going to do exactly the opposite and give them those foods. So grab a cupcake, some apple slices, and a drumstick. Then, tap on the mice and feed the baby one the cupcake, the mother the apple slices, and the father the meat. Then, lift up the rug and take the tile.

12. Go back to the table and solve the sliding tile puzzle. Then, add the last tile to unlock the box and get another puzzle piece.

13. Go back to the left screen and place the fish in the seagull’s mouth. Take the last puzzle piece and go through the door to complete the stage.

Congratulations! You completed Stage 4! Click here for Stage 5.

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