Tiny Bubbles: Walkthrough Guide, Tips, Tricks and Solutions

Tiny BubblesΓäó
By: Pine Street Codeworks LLC

This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game, Tiny Bubbles, by Pine Street Codeworks. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Tips & Tricks:

– Always pay attention to the goal in each level. It’s constantly changing, so don’t ignore that little pop-up that tells you what to do.

– The little circles at the bottom of the screen tell you what kind of elements are in play for that level. For example, Crazy Fish means Bloop is constantly blowing bubbles the whole time. Wilds Enabled means you can match 5 or more of a color to create a multicolored droplet that can be matched with any color. You’ll also have the option down there to use a hint or a power-up.

– The whole game is about mixing colors. Remember that red + yellow = orange | red + blue = purple | blue + yellow = green. You can tap and hold on a colored bubble to see what color you’ll get if you drop the current droplet there.

– Scissors can be used to either destroy a bubble if you cut the outer edge, or mix colors if you cut the edge between two bubbles. You can also use it to combine an empty bubble with a full bubble to get rid of the gap between bubbles. Think creatively!

– There are two types of levels — Puzzle is more relaxed and usually has a very specific number of moves in which you can complete it. Arcade is on a timer and more frantic, usually with Bloop adding bubbles. You can usually earn more moves here by collecting 10 of a single color. That will give you more room to breathe.

– Beware of Jelly Crabs! Don’t let them get to the stars. And again, if there are stars in the level, pay attention to the goal, because sometimes you need to make them join, while other times you need to free them.

– On arcade levels where you need to shrink the foam down to the goal size, don’t take too long to think because if it grows out of bounds, urchins will come and pop all the bubbles, forcing you to start over.

– You can reuse a bubble that’s in middle of disappearing. Try it! Sometimes you need to use this tactic to complete a puzzle.

– You can force one bubble to touch another by quickly pumping it with multiple droplets.

– Be creative! Sometimes you have to think outside the box to solve a puzzle.

– If you need a refresher on the rules, press pause and then the question mark.


Foam School:

Level order: In Focus, Remember Four, Playing with Scissors, The Sunflower, Hello Bloop, Zipper, Mix and Match, The Pill, Trio of Suds, Snake!, A New Move!, Powerful Pop, Togethering, Green Machine, Cascade, Bloop Island, Emptiness, Primarily, Thistleflower, Too Much Blue, Brownie, Roadblock, Cluster 16.

Grand Spring:

Level order: Intuition, Inflate to Deflate, Cordoba, Orange Chicken, Four Leaf, Mix Remix, Lonely Bubble, Melon, Stanley’s Gemstone, Blue Eyes, Pop Mining, Amethyst, Star Baby, String Thing, String It Along, Orange Peel, Pieces of Wonder, Oil Fields, Shadow Stone, The Big Squeeze, Lava Pop, Citrus Six, Bubble Buddy, Ancient Vibes, Timerang.

Fresh Pond:

Level order: Candy Corn, Grape Crush, Spiral Pop, Blast Off!, Bullseye, Checker Pop, Fiesta, Foam Party, Carousel, Disconnected, Star Defender, Triangle Pop, Bacillus, Foamtastic, U. F. Oh No!, Lioness, Crazy Cone, Sea Bean, Harvest Moon, Gluten Free, Freedom Ring, Molecular, Black & Blue & Red, Apricot Knot, Kiwano.

Coral Surf:

Level order: The Wall, Two Stars, Sunday Morning, Chrysalis, Typhoon, Tough Choices, Remain Calm!, Mind the Claw, Safe Me!, Star’s Trek, Billy Bubbles, Shadow Trap, One Fish Blue Fish, Water Sprite, Plumeria Cascadia, Caphalopop, Guacamole Pop, Four Square, Tug of War, Mystic Eggplant, Ocean Sunset, Diego Sea, Lolly, Amelia E., Grapevine.


Tricky Tides:

Level order: Bubble Bee, Sneaky Two Moves, Beta Constrictor, Clementine, Fracking, Vex Populi, Color Wheel, Crab in the Middle, Stop the Pop, Twins Reunited, Ink Pop, Coronal, Turtle Shell, Pop Crossing, Crazy Diamond, Star Patrol, Timing is Everything, Cross Talk, Amphisbaena, Purple Reign, Purple Reign 3D, Deconstruction Remix, Care and Confusion, One So Fun.

Murkey River:

Coming soon!

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  1. Lena

    I have no clue how you got Twins United! It is something else! I can pop all 4 reliably but not in a way that unites the stars!

    1. Pau

      Me too

    2. Chikon

      Quickly fill two bubbles. Can be done with two bottom bubbles or two that are diagonal. It’s dependent on timing too, so it only works when everything is perfect. Try going back and forth between the two bubbles and try filling one then the other. Keep trying! It can be done. ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£├╗Γö£ΓîÉ

      1. Helen

        Yes, this one is too dependent in timing…no fun in it!

      2. Luz

        Hi, I’m needing a clue to get this perfect timing … Thanks !

  2. Teresa

    I completed the coral surf, but the game doesn’t unlock tricky river. I only see a ‘diamond’ with 24 underneath it. The same with having completed wildlands, but cannot unlock murky river. What am I supposed to do?

    1. Paloma

      Same here. Were you able to unlock the worlds?

  3. Melissa

    I do crab in the middle exactly the same as shown in the video, and the crab still gets the star every time. It doesnΓÇÖt pop and release the crab like in the video.

  4. Chikon

    I’ve completed 31/35 levels. Love this game except when there is no clue how to advance!

    I don’t know how to get 4 wilds (or 5). Which level should I choose to do this? I’ve tried Lolly but not sure that level counts as an arcade game.

    Buying the game unlocks things for more play, but Aquarium just says, “coming soon.” When?

  5. Dan

    Hi ive completed all the levels in some of the world’s but i cant progress further? Ive completed a the levels but some remain grey even after completing them? Why is this?

    And do i need to pay to complete the rest of the world’s?

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