Isoland: Walkthrough Guide

16. Head over the hill and see a dog and a flower. Use the scissors to get the flower.

17. Go back to the beach with the message in a bottle. Fill up the bucket with some sea water. Go back to the lighthouse and head upstairs. Pour the water on the fire and take the iron pincers. Talk to the guy again. I don’t think he told you this before, but now he tells you the password for the temple. It goes:

o * o *

o o * *

18. Go back to the temple and enter the password like he told you. Head inside.

19. Fill up the holy grail with water from the fountain. Then, solve the laser puzzle on the top door and go through.

20. Pick up the arrow-shaped key. Also, talk to the man here. He says he’ll tell you how to open the door if you give him the holy grail filled with water. So do so. Keep talking to him and he’ll tell you the password is 37256.

21. Leave the room and tap on the lower door. Set the numbers to 37256. Go through.

22. Hang the weight on the hook to shut off the fire. Pick up the knife. And look at the mural on the wall. Also, place the round star pattern down.

23. Go back to the spaceship and use the arrow key to open the suitcase. Take the hammer.

24. While you’re here, go all the way up and place the flower where A should be.

25. Go back to the beach and use the knife to cut open the fish. Take the key.

26. Go back to the lighthouse and head all the way up. Use the key to unlock the panel by the lantern. Then solve the laser puzzle to turn on the light. I couldn’t get a screenshot in time, so I’ll add one later. The lighthouse will now be working.

27. Head back to the beach. The ship came! Get on. Talk to the guy and he’ll tell you how to figure out the password for the door. It’s the year the boat was manufactured. And that was when he was 22. He was born in 1975. So 1975 + 22 = 1997. That’s the password! Go through.

28. Pick up the adhesive tape and the blue starfish that isn’t blue. Head downstairs.

29. Use the hammer to smash the jar and take the strange blue object. Also, pick up the mystery stone. And last, read through the book and take the round moon pattern.

30. If you talk to the sailor again, he tells you the blue stone is the sea monster’s heart! So go back to the dissection room at the factory and place the blue stone in the sea monster’s chest cavity. Then take the round sun pattern. While you’re here, look at the way the sea monster blinks.

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  1. Lily

    Help! Keep going. I feel so close to completion.

    1. Sir Eel.

      Argh! I know… I found this walkthrough because I’m stuck…. and it stops at the exact point I’m stuck at!!

      1. Zoe

        Guys! Go inside the pyramid and place the red pointer on the clock/ circle thing. A red button should appear. Now press it until it reaches the eye. The blue until it reaches the moon. The yellow until it reaches the sun and finally the green until it reaches the triangle thing. Then take the black beads from the door that opens up. Go to the statue and place it in the eye. It should turn blue. Now take the blue stone and go to the pyramid. Press the top of the pyramid to show the top of it and place the blue head in the hole. Done!!

  2. Zoe

    The pincer thing should be used to break the lock at the factory and adhesive tape to fix the wire after the lock is broken. The symbol rocks should be placed on the markings at the statue. Once all the rocks have been found and placed, you can proceed to use the black beads found at the pyramid to turn it into blue for the top of the pyramid.

    1. Femke

      And what about the puzzle in the lighthouse? The one with the sliders.
      wher can i find the clue for that?

      1. renley


    2. Tricia

      Thank you so much!!

  3. Darnboi300

    I play it in switch

  4. MM

    How did you figure out what arrow points to what icon, in the clock-like puzzle in the pyramid?

  5. Chitra

    For the arrow puzzle there are two clues:
    1. Figure out the arrow number in the tv screen in the factory
    2. Map the number with the angel dog pic

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