Hidden my game by mom 3: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Hidden my game by mom 3
By: hap Inc.

The quirky Japanese puzzle room escape game, Hidden game by mom, already had a sequel, Hidden game by mom 2, and now developer Hap inc is back with the third game in the series, Hidden game by mom 3. These puzzle games can be tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Days 1 – 15 | Days 16 – 30 | Extra Stages

You can watch my video walkthrough for the whole game here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

Day 1: Go right and check under the couch cushion.

Day 2: Go right and open the closet to get the step ladder. Go back left and use the step ladder to get to the game.

Day 3: Go right and take the broom from the closet. Then head back left and use the broom to get the game from under the wardrobe.

Day 4: Grab the bottom two stacks of books. Not the top one! Then head right and open the closet. Use the books to reach your game.

Day 5: Open the fridge to get the Coke. Then head right and open the drawer to get the Mentos. Go back left and pour grandpa a cup of Coke. Add the Mentos and then take the game from under his pillow.

Day 6: Grab the leaf blower from the wardrobe. Head right and use the leaf blower on the two leaves to the side, not the big pile! Take your game.

Day 7: Take the VR goggles from the plant and put them on grandpa. Then take the game from under his pillow.

Day 8:

Open the fridge and take the carrot and apple. Place the carrot on the plate and then grab the giraffe’s antenna. Go right and use the antenna to unlock the safe and get your game.

Day 9: Go right and open the drawer to get the spray paint. Then head left again and spray paint the Parking sign to say No Parking. The owner will return and drive off so you can get your game.

Day 10: Go right and open the dryer. Take the white sheet and then the red one. Then give the red one to grandpa. The bull will hit him and you can take your game from under the rug.

Day 11: Go right and pick up the shower head. Turn on the water to create a rainbow. Then head left, open the right curtain and climb up to get your game.

Day 12: Head right and open the drawer to get a deflated balloon. Head left and give the balloon to the elephant. But don’t let him blow it up all the way. Take it from him when it’s inflated a little bit. Give it to your sister and she’ll jump onto it. Open the desk drawer and get your game.

Day 13: Head right and open the right curtain and than the window. Wait until you see a cloud that looks like a key and grab it. Head left and use the key to open the wardrobe and take your game.

Day 14: Go right and break the middle vase and take the sharp piece. Head back left and use the shard to cut the string. Take your game!

Day 15: Head right and open the closet. Take the trampoline. Go left again and place the trampoline on the floor. Tap it a bunch of times to jump high and then tap on the game to grab it.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Days 16 to 30 or click here.

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