Teen Titans GO Figure! – Teeny Titans 2: All Figure Locations Walkthrough Guide

Teen Titans GO Figure! – Teeny Titans 2
By: Cartoon Network

The sequel to Teeny Titans GO! just released and some of the figures are a bit harder tofind. So I’m here to help you out! In this guide, I’ll show you how to locate all the game’s figures without spending money. But this is a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Store Locations:

Jump City: Teeny B Us, Toyman, Zinthos, 24-Hour Shop, Sticky Joe’s, Control Freak, Movie Magic, Island Shop,

Metropolis: Krypto’s Toy Bin, Bizarro Comics, Lextoys, Sticky Joe’s, Sapphire’s, Super Friends Gift Shop, Martian Manhunter (VIP Lounge),

Gotham City: Pow Zap, Falafel!, Penguin Shop, W Toys,

Arkham Asylum: Prison Shop,

Figure Locations:

1. Robin: Teeny B US, Toyman, W Toys,

2. Cyborg: Teeny B Us, Toyman, Control Freak, W Toys,

3. Raven: Zinthos, Toyman,

4. Starfire: Toyman,

5. Beast Boy: Toyman,

6. Silkie: Teeny B Us,

7. Radical Robin: Choose Robin as your character, Defeat Robin using a fully enhanced figure,

8. Radical Cyborg: Choose Cyborg as your character, Defeat Cyborg using only one fig,

9. Radical Raven: Choose Raven as your character, Defeat Raven using 3 Super figs,

10. Radical Starfire: Choose Starfire as your character, Defeat Starfire using 3 Silkie figs,

11. Radical Beast Boy: Choose Beast Boy as your character, Teeny B US (might only be if you chose Beast Boy as your character),

12. Radical Silkie: Sticky Joe’s, Control Freak,

13. Gizmo: Control Freak, 24-Hour Shop, Prison Shop,

14. Jinx: Prison Shop, Lextoys, Penguin Shop,

15. Mammoth: Prison Shop, Falafel!, Penguin Shop,

16. See-more: Teeny B Us, Sticky Joe’s, Control Freak,

17. Billy Numerous: 24-Hour Shop, Sticky Joe’s, Penguin Shop,

18. Dr. Light: 24-Hour Shop, Sticky Joe’s, Penguin Shop, W Toys,

19. Bumblebee: Teeny B Us, Toyman, Krypto’s Toy Bin,

20. Serious Bumblebee: Complete Condiment King’s quest and then return to him, Krypto’s Toy Bin,

21. Aqualad: Island Shop,

22. Pirate Aqualad: Island Shop,

23. Speedy: Defeat Killer Moth, W Toys,

24. Red Arrow: Lextoys, W Toys,

25. Kid Flash: Get a hot dog for Condiment King, Teeny B Us, Lextoys, Krypto’s Toy Bin,

26. Mas Y Menos: Teeny B Us, Toyman, Bizarro Comics, Falafel!,

27. Vixen: Teeny B Us, Toyman, W Toys,

28. The Wonder Twins: 24-Hour Shop, Falafel!, Super Friends Gift Shop,

29: Clark Kent: Toyman, Krypto’s Toy Bin, Super Friends Gift Shop,

30. Black Lightning: Toyman, Lextoys, Control Freak,

31. Red X: Teeny B Us, 24-Hour Shop, Penguin Shop, W Toys,

32. Cyborg’s Head: Bizarro Comics, Falafel!,

33. Lady Legasus: Toyman, Falafel!,

34. Starfire the Terrible: Penguin Shop,

35. Cat Beast Boy: Sticky Joe’s, Bathound quest,

36. Princess Silkie:

37. 80s Robin: Pow Zap, Bizarro Comics, Super Friends Gift Shop, W Toys,

38. 80s Cyborg: Pow Zap, Bizarro Comics, Super Friends Gift Shop

39. 80s Raven: Pow Zap, Bizarro Comics, Super Friends Gift Shop

40. 80s Starfire: Pow Zap, Bizarro Comics, Super Friends Gift Shop,

41. 80s Beast Boy: Pow Zap, Bizarro Comics, Lextoys, Super Friends Gift Shop,

42. Old School Silkie: Sticky Joe’s,

43. Swamp Thing: From 2nd Tofu Tony mission, Pow Zap, 24-Hour Shop, Bizarro Comics, Lextoys, W Toys,

44. Jessica Cruz: Lextoys,

45. Blackfire: Teeny B Us, 24-Hour Shop, Sticky Joe’s,

46. Mother Mae-Eye: Zinthos,

47. Other Mae-Eye: Movie Magic,

48. Terra: Lextoys, Prison Shop, Penguin Shop, W Toys,

49. Artemis: Reward from Terra Mission, Bizarro Comics, Falafel!,

50. Hawkgirl: Win Hawkgirl’s Treetop Tourney for the Birds, Super Friends,

51. Supergirl: Defeat Bibbo Bibbowski, Lextoys, Krypto’s Toy Bin, Super Friends Gift Shop

52. Sticky Joe:

53. George Washington: Toyman,

54. Santa Claus: 24-Hour Shop, Lextoys, Prison Shop,

55. Monsieur Mallah: Win Brain’s Birthday Party Tournament,

56. Rose Wilson: Prison Shop,

57. Black Manta: Control Freak, Penguin Shop

58. Brother Blood: 24-Hour Shop, Control Freak, Prison Shop, Falafel!, Penguin Shop,

59. Robotic Brother Blood: 1st Tofu Tony mission, Prison Shop,

60. B’wana Beast: I got him from a gold mystery pack at Movie Magic.

61. Blue Beetle: Control Freak,

62. Booster Gold: Win Booster Gold’s Tournament, Movie Magic,

63. Shazam: Movie Magic,

64. Killer Moth: Toyman, Penguin Shop,

65. Trigon: Zinthos, Prison Shop,

66. Argyle Trigon: Penguin Shop,

67. Darkseid: I got him from a gold mystery pack at Movie Magic.


69. Catwoman: Pow Zap, Prison Shop, Penguin Shop, W Toys,

70. Poison Ivy: Zinthos, Prison Shop,

71. The Penguin: Win the Ice Tournament, Prison Shop,

72. Batgirl:

73. Nightwing: W Toys,

74. Dad Nightwing: W Toys,

75. Alfred: Win Alfred’s Training Regimen Tournament,


77. Bane: Defeat Bane’s BFF Tournament,

78. Harley Quinn: Bizarro Comics,

79. The Joker:

80. Batman Beyond:

81. Bat Robin: Super Friends,

82. Green Cyborg: Super Friends

83. Wonder Raven: Defeat Wonder Woman a second time, Super Friends Gift Shop, Sapphire’s, Bizarro Comics,

84. Starflash: Super Friends,

85. Martian Beast Boy:

86. Super Silkie: Lextoys,

87. John Stewart: Movie Magic,

88. Martian Manhunter: Win the Martian Manhunter Worthiness Trials, Martian Manhunter Shop,

89. The Flash:

90. Aquaman: Island Shop,

91. Wonder Woman: Martian Manhunter Shop,

92. Superman: Martian Manhunter Shop,

93. Batman: Martian Manhunter Shop,

94. Slade: Defeat Slade, Movie Magic,

95. Hooded Hood: Unlock through Teeny Titans GO!, Prison Shop,

96. Mr. Chibi: Unlock by completing Teeny Titans GO! or buy at Teeny B Us.

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If you can find #60 b’wana beast( I know it’s him from looking at the shadow in the wiki) please tell me. I have beat the game and all side missions and tournaments and been to every store and can’t find him. He’s the only one I’m missing so it’s really frustrating.

wendel campos

How can you find Flash, Killer Croc and Batman Beyond ?


One of the side missions I don’t remember which one specifically.


Killer Croc shows up in the prison shop for me. But I may have unlocked him in a gold pack first. Remember that some shops have different stock in day/night (e.g. star fire the terrible is only in the penguin shop at night).

What number is he?


#76, although I haven’t found him either. Some additional finds: •Rose Wilson: also at the ninja in crime alley (night) •Hooded Hood: Also in the movie store •Sticky Joe: I think I got him in a quest with the secret admirer? •#36 is princess silkie, who is in toyman and maybe the dog’s shop •#72 batgirl, in alfreds shop at wayne manor •#73 nightwing, #74 dad nightwing, •#75 alfred (wayne manor), *#76 killer croc (can’t find!!) •#77 Bane (prison store, bane’s tournament •#78 Harley Quin (powzap I believe, Gotham, maybe prison too) •#79 Joker (powzap?) *#80 Batman Beyond (Can’t find!!)… Read more »

Disappointed Person

No hooded hood isn’t in the movie shop :/


Apparently some gold figures need to be unlocked through a riddler box, quest, or transfer from TT1, and once you have them in your wiki you can find them in stores.


you have to get the hooded hood in teeny titans before he is in the movie store


If you want to have The Hooded Hood, download Teeny Titans 1 and go to the titan tower (which is where you enhance your figure and check the wiki.) Click the app icon shown at the bottom left and tap unlock. After you do all that, The Hooded Hood will appear in the “Movie Magic Gifts” (Shop at the movie.)


That’s not true. Starfire the terrible is in the Penguin shop both day and night for me.


My daughter and I each foun Batman Beyond in a Gold Pack at League of Shadows Store, Crime Alley in Gotham.


All three are from random gold boxes. I got Flash twice from Aquaman’s Island Gold Box, Killer Croc and Batman Beyond from Gotham’s shady Ninja shop at the Crime Alley.

Batman beyond

Batman beyond: golden riddler eggs, golden riddler pack

Batman beyond

Riddler eggs


You can randomly find Flash and Batman Beyond in the Golden Riddler Eggs or Rare Riddler Box. As for Killer Croc, I’m not that sure. I reccomend you buying Rare Riddler Box at the Martian Manhunter’s Shop because for some reason, you’ll have a higher chance getting Batman Beyond. If you don’t know where the Martian Manhunter’s Shop is, read more. Go to in the Justice Hall. Go inside the room where the Mission Board is. Go inside the room in the right side. There you will see a circle thing where it teleports you into space. Go further down… Read more »


Killer croc is in the prison shop…flash and batman beyond are in the gold box… you just have to be lucky

Luaniel Lozada

Where did you find the flash


I found him in a Gold Pack at Sticky Joe’s in Jump City. My daughter also found him there before me. So definitely worth a shot.


I got him from a golden mystery pack.




To get bwanna just open up the gold boxes at movie magic


Got him in a Random Gold pack at Movie Magic in Jump City

Christina Garcia

I got him in a gold pack from Sticky Joe in Metropolis. My guess is that he just pops out of a random gold box.

Batman beyond


John schwartzenaegr

The way I got him is from golden riddle boxes

Dream about the vampire

Golden mystery box


Golden pack at movie magic

Teeny titan

Buy like 400 gold mystery packs, that’s where I found mine…


How do you do the daily mission but 2 lady figs and deliver to the Easter bunny?

Teeny Robin

Whats the “Future Robin” scene for? I feel like its another story altogether. I beat the game but it feels kinda short compared to the 1st one.

It’s a side story but seems to be a tough one, as you end up in battles with three level 20 figs


What do you mean? How do I unlock this side story?

For me, an Beast Boy from the future arrived during one of the main story quests and gave me his own missions.


I did the first mission. I deposited a green thingy in the park. After that how do you unlock the rest of the missions?

CJ Jamerson

You can get Radical Robin by beating Robin with a fully enhanced figure.


Hi i am looking for the hooded hood cam Simeone help me?

Did you play the original game?


If you find a button in Teeny Titans on the Titan Tower where you can see all of your figs, then answer the math problem and go back to Teeny Titans 2 and you will get him. Once you get him
You will be able to find him in some of the stores (I don’t remember which one)


Check the movie store shop or the prison in jump city…although you may have to unlock him for them to appear?

Batman beyond

Teeny titans tower


You don’t have to be Beast boy to get Radical Beast boy. I am playing as Starfire and
and Radical Beast boy was in the store


Did you find where to buy a radical starfire?


you can only get radical starfire by kbeating starfire in a fight eith 3 silkie figs


FOund radical starfire in the Krypto fig shop


Where I can find killer crock, and what I need to do to get the Martian manhunter store?


Beat his tournament and have 100 figures. Probably one more thing but I don’t have 100 figures yet.

Lord Sound

Just 100 figures and beat tournament in the store is batman ,wonder woman, superman, martian, red lantern accesory and cyborg’s chip


It’s in outer space through a teleporter at the hall of justice…after you beat his tournament

Batman beyond

Prison shop in Gotham


If you get Radical raven from raven she appears in zinthos store


After you get Radical raven from raven she appears in zinthos store


After you get Radical raven she appears in zinthos store


How do I find radical Starfire? I am playing Starfire and have looked all over, she is only one of 5 Figs I have left to find.

Batman beyond

Krypto super store


Estou com 93/94 de personagens, só falta o B’wana Beast, alguem sabe onde encontra-lo?


Yes you need to go to the Island store in the beach


como que voce achou o batman, superman, flash…. pfv me helpa ae


Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Marsh Hunter is at the base of the Justice League where you meet the Martian wins his tournament and needs to have 100 dolls then he sells you those dolls. Hope this helps


Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Marsh Hunter is at the base of the Justice League where you meet the Martian wins his tournament and needs to have 100 dolls then he sells you those dolls. Hope this helps. Supergirl, nightwing alfred shop in batman house. Aquaman island shop


but how will I have 100 toys if the game only has 94?


It doesn’t matter if you have multiple figs as long as you have 100 they can be the same ones


Night wing is not in Alfred’s shop.sorry


Martian Beast Boy is at the Super Friends Shop!


#36 – Princess Silkie – sticky joes
#61 – Blue Beetle – don’t remember
#68 – Zombie Superman
#74 Dad Nightwing – don’t remember
#76 killer croc – gold pack at Sticky Joe’s – Gotham
#78 Harley Quinn
#79 is the joker, you can get him at Gotham – Pow Zap
#80 is Future Batman – I got him at Gotham – pow zap but has at the gold pack
#82 is Green Cyborg, I don’t remember how I got him, but I think was battle against cyborg
#87 – John Stewart – don’t remember
#89 – Flash
#93 – Batman

Christina Garcia

it’s not zombie superman, its bizarro you noob


How do you buy slide because I sold my first one

I found Slade at Movie Magic.


where is w toys?


Wayne TOys is in Gotham. Bottoms right corner shop


I need to find Kyd Wykkyd for a daily mish, but can’t find him. Does anyone have a location for him?

Ryan Mosberian

At night time or day time(I’m not sure) you will find him in the crime district in jump city

Disappointed Person

You lied 2 me I checked day/night and Hooded Hood wasn’t there.
Do I have to unlock it first by getting the first game?


yes or you might be able to randomly get him in the riddler shop/gold riddler boxes.

Batman beyond


Disappointed Person

Also by “there” I meant the prison shop


After some discussion at the Touch Arcade Forum we have figured out that some of the gold figures must be unlocked before you can buy them at stores. They can be unlocked via Riddler’s Shop, Gold riddler boxes ($3000), quests, and in the case of Chibi and the Hood through acquiring them in TT1.


Hello, my son is “stuck” on the island, how do you get back to the city? Do you have to fight the sea horse?


My son also got stuck on the island. He only had two starfish but somehow the game glitched when he was trying to go to Gotham and put him on the island instead. No there’s no way to get him off. Is there a way to partially reset the game so he doesn’t lose his figures/progress but will reset his location?