Teen Titans GO Figure! – Teeny Titans 2: Walkthrough Guide, Tricks and Tips

Teen Titans GO Figure! (Teeny Titans 2)
By: Cartoon Network

I had a lot of fun playing the original Teeny Titans GO! and wrote a comprehensive walkthrough guide here. Well, now the sequel is out, called Teen Titans GO! Figure! (Get it?) So once again, I’ll be helping you complete all the difficult missions and find all the hidden items. If there’s anything else you need help with, just ask in the comments section, or offer your own tips.

Tips and Tricks:

– First off, the game has a lot in common with the original, so I recommend reading this guide if you haven’t played it before.

– This game feels harder than the original, unless I rushed through things too quickly. But the first tournament I came across felt way too hard for me. Perhaps spend time in Jump City leveling up your figs before trying the first tournament or moving on to Metropolis or Gotham City.

– Pay attention to sparkling spots on the map. They usually give you either a nice chunk of change or a figure.

– The Riddler’s shop is basically full of loot boxes. There were no in-app purchases (IAPs) in the original game, but now you can buy eggs that are filled with random figures, and other items.

– You can now paint your figs different colors, but they require Rainbow Coins. Some are found just by playing, but you can buy them, too.

– Look for purple stars around the map to get side missions. These give you extra coins and sometimes free figs, too. They also sometimes show you where your mission goals are.

– Some characters and events are only accessible at night or during the day.

– If you played the original Teeny Titans, you can get a free Hooded Hood figure in Teen Titans 2. Just have both games installed and go to Titan Tower in the first game, which will then send you to the second game. You get another special figure (Mr. Chibi) if you complete the first game. You can see more on that here.

– You can reach Aquaman’s island by tapping on the sparkles in the water by the beach. Do it once every in-game day to reveal a starfish. Once you have seven, you can cross over to the island.

– I’ll be back with more tips as I think of them!


I’ll be adding to this as I play more. But here are some missions you might need help with.

Pop 6 Balloons (Jump City)

Find 10 Black Lightning Photos (Jump City)

Find 6 Easter Eggs (Metropolis)

Balloon Salesman Quest (Jump City/Gotham)

Collect 10 Teeth – You get this quest from the Tooth Fairy in Jump City, but you have to collect teeth in Gotham City. Just tap on 10 random people and extract their teeth.

Dog Mail – If you need someone to translate dog mail for you, go to the Jump City Park at night and talk to Dog Man.

Deadman’s Graveyard Flower Locations (Gotham City)

Riddle Me This (from The Riddler)

Figure Locations:

I’m working on a Figure Locations guide here.

And feel free to add your own tips in the comments section.

Figure Recommendations:

I’m still collecting and trying figs, but so far my favorites are:

– Black Lightning

– Black Lightning

– Black Lightning

– Supergirl

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  1. B cdhbefchihiu

    Where do I get the other radical figs?

    1. Stupid

      Beat the other titans

    2. Vikram R

      u have to defeat all the titans to get the radical titans and u can get radical silkie from sticky Joe

    3. Ydo Ihave todothis

      Where the hell do I find Lucius fox for the 4th/maybe last time idk where he is

      1. Azertys

        Yeah about that

      2. TeenTitanFan

        He’s usually in the same spot in Gotham City (near the bridge to Wayne Manor); I think only during the day.

    4. Azertys

      Defeat the other titans you didnt chose

  2. Isaac

    Can we get the Justice League figs (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) without paying real money for them (in the Riddler shop)?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      According to the devs, you should be able to get all the figs without paying real money, but it may take more persistence and/or luck.

    2. Bill

      Yeah I need to know

    3. Doug

      You have to beat Martian Manhunter’s tournament in the Hall of Justice to get his shop (you’ll also get a Martian Manhunter fig). He has Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter for sale. Batman and Superman are $15,000 and WonderWoman was $9,000 I believe.. Still don’t know where flash and a few other figs are.

      1. Yeet

        Flash and aquaman are unlockable from the golden mystery packs at some stores

        1. Garfield freak

          Cool tip:instead of paying 12,000 for a aqua man just flip to the back of a golden pack. Since aqua man is holding star fish, A arm will stick outΓÿ║ then you know that is him

    4. John

      Talk to Martian man hunter about his tournament in the justice league space station, after beating his tournament, collect 100 figures, doesnΓÇÖt matter if theyΓÇÖre duplicates, and then should be able to talk to him about getting the three super trio

      1. Alberto Ramos

        Do you need to have the 100 figs all with you?

    5. SHANE

      Yes u can u have to do the martian tournament

  3. Evan

    I cannot figure out how to get the flash figure! If anyone can help me itΓÇÖll be amazing

    1. Billy

      I just got him from a gold random figure box

      1. SuperTeeny


    2. Bernardo

      got him from a mystery gold box at movie magic

  4. Putzz

    Onde vende o b’wana beast, eu jogo com ele desde do 1 jogo

  5. Stupid

    How can I change characters

  6. Grant Thrasher

    How can I change characters

  7. Tom

    I canΓÇÖt find the penguin for a side mission. The map shows his penguin palace as the location but all thatΓÇÖs there is the tournament I won several times and benedict his servant. Anyone find him

    1. Benused

      Some things differ from day to night. I forget which is which, but a dialogue will trigger if you approach the lounge at a certain time. At least I think thatΓÇÖs what did it, because I was running into the same issue as you until I wasnΓÇÖt.

    2. James

      The penguin only appeared at night for me

    3. ZroDgreez

      I did it last night finally.

      As others have mentioned it’s at night but I had to do the tournament again which was quick with high level all gold skill figs.

      Then after you do the tournament you try to go back into the lounge then the Penguin will talk to you where you need to battle him.

      After the fight with Penguin, you then go find Perry White in Metropolis and after some dialogue he will give you the Kryptonite Accessory. Mission Accomplished!

  8. KittyInABox

    Do you know where to purchase the 2 Lady figs for the Easter Bunny? I got two Lady Legasus but nothing happened. It’s driving me cray cray XD

    1. DERP

      Buy two lady figs and say they are for a quest, then go to the easter bunny in metropolis and chat with him, he will say “For me?” and then you would give him your two figs.

  9. Teeny titan

    How do I complete the daily mission of: ΓÇ£ buy 2 lady figs and deliver them to the Easter bunnyΓÇ¥?

    1. Grant Stallard

      I can’t figure it out either!!!

  10. ChlotheFlow

    I need to find Batman! Does anyone know where he is?

    1. James

      Go to Wayne Manor and find the bathroom. Tap on the toilet and a hole will appear. Walk through the hole and you are teleported to another area. When you get there defeat Bat Cow and then walk forward and tap the purple pole. You will be teleported to a room and bat man will apear.

  11. Gibson

    How do you do the daily mission. Buy 2 lady figs and deliver to the Easter bunny?

    1. JMG

      This one was broken for me too. No way to complete it

      1. ZroDgreez

        Yeah, I bought as many female figs as I could and nothing. So, I think it’s a bug. hopefully, they’ll address it in an update.

  12. Lana

    Where can I find superman?

      1. Lana

        For the story mission

  13. Lana

    I need find Superman!! Does anyone know where he is?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You mean by the movie set? You need to first get a pass from Booster Gold.

      1. Lana

        For the story mission, I think is the third mission, it says i have to find superman in metropolis

        1. Mykime

          Go to the league HQ and talk to WOnder WOman

    2. maxi

      In the movie lot in Jump you need to get booster goldz tournament 1st

  14. cute_polarbear

    i tried a lot of characters so far, and black lightning seem to be the strongest character (in general). At level 10, move skill that electrocutes to skill 1 and attack that always hits to skill 2. His skill 1 charges really fast and electrocutes. At level 20, with a figure with starting skill of +1 atk and +3 atk mod chip, his skill 1 hits 12 points damage. And level up some on luck, he’s insanely OP.

    1. Joe

      I think itΓÇÖs the best one too.
      Does anybody know where to get the BΓÇÖwana Beast figure and Crocs?

      1. maxi

        black lightning and edited swamp thing are lit order to kick butt with swamp thing 1 weird ball gas bomb 2 group attack 3 root attack

  15. CRCP1020

    Does anyone know where I can find a complete figures list for teeny Titans 2 that is NOT a YouTube video? ItΓÇÖs driving me nuts that I canΓÇÖt find the list that isnΓÇÖt a video I just wanna read it lol

    1. AppUnwrapper

      IΓÇÖm trying to fill this in but thereΓÇÖs so much grinding involved in this game compared to the first one and I keep losing interest. If anyone wants to help fill in the ones IΓÇÖm missing, let me know.

      1. Joe

        Bizarro Superman (#68) is in the Bizarro Shop in Metropolis (9000 coins)

      2. Joe

        IΓÇÖm still looking for BΓÇÖwana Beast (60), Crocs (67) and Darkseid (76). If anybody knows where they are located, it would be very appreciated. These are the only ones I canΓÇÖt seem to find.

        1. Mykime

          Where did you find Batman Beyond?

          1. Joe

            DidnΓÇÖt find that one either, forgot to mention it.

          2. ZroDgreez

            My Daughter found him in a Mystery Gold Pack at the League of Shadows Store Front in Crime Alley, Gotham. Probably pure luck but hey if you got the Coins worth the Gamble.

        2. ZroDgreez

          I just bought Mystery Gold Packs at 3000 Coins a pop and ended up with them that way. It seems to be worth it so Far.

          My daughter has been doing the same and ended up with Batman Beyond and the Flash.

          I also got my Harley, Joker and Bizarro through Mystery Gold Packs. Definitely worth the Gamble when Grinding for coins is fairly easy.

          1. Mykime

            Ive got a dozen FLashes that way, no Batman Beyond 🙁

            1. ZroDgreez

              I got Batman Beyond from a Gold Pack at the League of Shadows Store in Crime Alley in Gotham City. My daughter did before I did, coincidence? Maybe…worth a shot. His resell is only 500 coins which is very low as he’s actually pretty damn good.

              Whoops my other post about this did go through but yeah it’s worth a shot.

              Hey, wondering if anyone has Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman from Gold Packs or can you only get them from Martian Man Hunter?

          2. Joe

            I just got Darkseid and Crocs with the Gold Packs. Thanks for pointing it out.

  16. Mykime

    Has anyone found where Kyd Wykkyd is? If so, please share!

    1. Joe

      Still looking too.

      1. Mykime

        I think its another bug like the lady figs daily mish

    2. James

      He’s in Jump City – appears at night in the Shady District area, near the 24hr shop.

      1. Mykime

        THank you

  17. ZroDgreez

    Feel free to add to your guide:

    Alfred’s Training Tournament is great for Grinding Coins. It’s fairly quick with level 20 figs and the Alfred fig has a resell of 2500 Coins!

    Pretty sure this is a bug, no way should he be worth that when he only costs 900 Coins in Alfred’s Shop at Wayne Manor.

  18. ZroDgreez

    Found more Coin bugs:

    You can buy Alfred at his shop in Wayne Manor for 900 Coins and resell him exactly like the tournament Alfred for 2500 coins.

    If you’ve unlocked the hooded hood fig, you can buy him at the Arkham shop for 300 coins. you can then resell him for 1500 coins.

    I think these are the first game resell prices. Expect these to be patched soon.

    1. jeremystyle

      Can’t for the life of me find how to resell in the tower. Thanks!

      1. ZroDgreez

        Go to your figure collection in the Teen Titans tower icon. Choose the figure you want to sell and press the Trash icon, it will then give you an option to sell the figure.

    2. John

      After today’s patch (1.0.2), Alfred can now only be sold for $1,500. The patch also fixed a bug that had my son trapped on Aquaman’s island.

  19. Somerandomdude

    does anyone know how to get batman beyond ?????

    1. Joe

      You have to buy a couple of golden random figures that they sell for 3000 coins. If you read above, you will see that there are a couple of figures that can only be found that way.

    2. Fire

      You can either get it from Riddler’s Egg Shop or a Golden Riddler thing you know for 3,000

  20. Vih

    Coloca aonde tem caixas douradas

  21. Tom D

    My son found Darkseid at movie magic.

  22. Tom D

    My son just found Darkseid at movie magic

  23. Ryan

    Martian Manhunter’s shop has mystery boxes that if you buy enough they eventually fill up the figure roster.

  24. Zeus120

    How can you get the batman’s car as a useable item like the H.I.V.E coin or the machine with waffles

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You earn it in one of the quests or side missions.

    2. Chandler Yancey

      You get it from the side mission with lucius

    3. fred

      You have to do Lucius fox’s missions

  25. Gpogi

    Where can I find Miss Martian?

    1. James

      She’s in Metropolis – I found her during the day around one of the park/fountain areas.

  26. Duff

    I canΓÇÖt get the Easter Bunny to appear in the tunnel to give me the egg hunt mission. Any ideas why?

  27. Duff

    I canΓÇÖt get the Easter Bunny to appear in the tunnel to give me the Easter egg hunt mission. Any ideas why?

  28. Tom

    Where is Darkseid?

    1. Natalie

      Mystery gold box

  29. Cymone

    Where is Chelf Alfred? ItΓÇÖs a daily reward. After buying 4 heroΓÇÖs you turn into Chef Alfred?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      HeΓÇÖs at Wayne Manor.

  30. raab

    how do i go the movie lot

  31. jknoname>:V

    where can i find batman beyond?

  32. José

    How can I get the %100 of de Martian tournament so he let me in in the vip and buy the trio????

  33. José

    How can I get de Martian let me in to the vip saloon and get the trio???

    1. Jaycee

      You have to collect 100 figures. They don’t all have to be different, you can have multiple figs. Once you have those go and visit him. Then you have to beat his tournament for him to open his shop.

  34. Gar

    do you have to get to lvl 50 in multiplayer to get Lex Luthor?

    1. Jaycee


  35. Gar

    anyone want to share their buddy code with me? Please?

  36. Masa

    I bought batman figure last night. Today it was gone. Any help?

  37. Scariari

    How do you get into the movie lot. The guard just keeps saying buy another fig. I tried buying 10 figs from there but no luck. Thanks!

  38. JCol

    Where is Kid Flash positioned for the side mission?

  39. Tom

    My little brother trashed a character I had into the can accidentally. Is there any way I can retrieve it once it is trashed/pawned?

  40. Alfie Smith

    I go into the App Store and search up teeny Titans 2 and I only see teeny titans the original and IΓÇÖm playing on iOS so do I have to do something in the original to get to the second

  41. Teeny Fan

    How do I get into the movie lot?


    How can I get past the guard to open the world behind him? If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂

  43. ANNA

    Hi, do you know the location of the 8 legion of doom posters for the mission vandalize the legion of doom posters? I cant seem to find the 8th poster.. I keep circling the SUPER city but I really cannot find it..

  44. Sohan

    Where do u get the kryptonite

  45. Alex

    Ahí en el video veo q para sacar al capucha encapuchado y a mr chibi, pones una respuesta de multiplicacion y te sale a las 2 figuras, y como yo puedo haces eso

  46. Antonello

    So…there is the room of fait right…right…now i am at rank 16 and i want to reach rank 50….when you win a match it gives me 50 skulls for winning, another 50 for the strike x5 of wins and then there is that image of a white carachter and i dont know how to get skulls from it…Can you explaine it for me?

  47. Kate

    What does it mean to defeat 3 Martha’s? Who is Martha?

    1. WilliamDice

      She is a Vs fig in Metropolis, looks like a woman holding a pad

  48. Kyon

    Is anyone still on this page?

  49. ewrrg

    how can i get superman without unlocking the martian shop?

  50. ver

    hi how I can go to the movie and how I can go to the batman manor, if you know
    pleaseeeeeee help me
    thank you

  51. Bernardo

    How I unlock martian manhunter’s shop??? I already won the tournament, but still no shop! someone can PLEASE help me?

    1. Bambino

      You have to have 100 figs

  52. SuperTeeny

    If you are looking for a great attacking fig, it’s Rad Raven. Looking for something defensive? Then it’s Rad Silke.

  53. Mox

    where can I find the crystal in the mission ‘get the crystal back from the park’?

  54. Mox

    Where can i find the crystal in the park?

  55. Mox

    where can find the crystal in the park?

  56. Bambino

    How do you beat the game?

  57. ....

    How to open martian manhunter’s secret shop?

  58. Timmie

    How to acces the hall of justice in the game ?

  59. UniGamer

    You have to find 6 egg for easter bunny outside the hall of justice

  60. Radin

    No you have to upgrade his fig put a chip under it and make the attacks and the things gold because you can only get batman superman and wonder woman from martian manhunter

  61. Brifienskch

    How do you get into Martian manhunters secret room whiteout spending money. It says you have to collect all the figs but you can only get Batman Superman and wonder woman in his shop

  62. Stephen

    My son is i upset as he collected 6 eggs to get into the hall of justice but then accidentally left it and now can’t get back in. The rabbit is blocking the way but there are no longer any eggs to give him. Apparently he wants to complete Martin’s league of worthiness and see superman. This all means nothing to me but seems a big deal to him. Can anyone help?

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