BestLuck: Complete Walkthrough Guide

By: Jae H Yoo

Jae H Yoo’s BestLuck is a dreamy, atmospheric puzzle adventure on iOS, Android and PC, where you have to open a lot of doors. Some of the puzzles can be quite tricky, so I’m going to help you get through them. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


The game is split up onto several puzzles that you walk between. The girl you’re following helps point you in the right direction. Before each one, you need to collect the sparkly areas. Then proceed to the doors and figure out how to open them all. Then follow the girl through the glowing door.

Controls: Tap and swipe anywhere to control the joystick and move around. Tap to interact with items.

Choices: These are up to you. Choose what you want!

Home: Walk around and examine each of the spinning fans. The bed should be last. It will tell you the bed is ready. And then everything will glitch out?!

Puzzle 1: Follow where the girl points to. You’ll come across two doors. One has a man on it and one has a woman on it. Open the men’s door. Go through and grab one of the weird colored blobs in there and carry it out. The women’s door will open slightly. Continue carrying each of the blobs out of the men’s door until the women’s door is fully opened. Then go through.

Puzzle 2: Open the door closest to you and then walk around so that you can see the other doors through the open door. It will act as a sort of lens and show you numbers on each of the other doors! Then just open them in order of 1 – 6. I numbered them for you below, too. Again, go through the glowing door when you’re done.

The next door is a memory, not a puzzle.

Puzzle 3: First, interact with the right door. Now, when you move around, the left door will start rising from the ground. Stay close to the right door and move a little bit at a time. When you see the glowing bar at the top of the left door turn green, interact with the right door again. Now the left door is solid and you can open it!

The next door is a memory.

Puzzle 4: For this next one, you need to open the door closest to you and then watch which way the pink footprints lead. It gets more difficult to follow as you open more doors. I did my best to number them. There’s no good angle that gives you a clear view of all the doors, so I’ve split up the numbering into several photos. It might reset itself to a different order if you mess up, in which case you’re on your own.

The next door’s is a memory.

Puzzle 5: This one is tricky at first, but easy once you know how to solve it. Walk behind any of the doors and you’ll see a number of red dots on your back. So find the door that is one dot and go through there first, all the way to number 6. It changes each time you mess up, so I can’t help you with the exact order. But it’s not too difficult. (Note: Sometimes it seems to fail you on the first try but then accepts the second try. Maybe a bug?)

The next door is a memory.

Puzzle 6: This puzzle plays with light and shadow. Stand on the blue circle and then slide your right finger up and down to move the doors up and down alongside you. The blue circle will give off some light, casting a shadow from the two doors closest to it. Just pay close attention to the shadows and you’ll notice they show numbers. So again, go through in order from 1 – 6. I numbered them below, but if you mess up it will reset to a different order.

Puzzle 7A: This one’s tricky. Stand on the circle again. Move your right finger left to right to turn the beams of light around the door. It will change what you’re seeing. You need sort of half and half of the red door and blue door, so it will kind of look like a yellow door. That’s when you want to open it.

Puzzle 7B: The second half of this puzzle involves butterflies. Turn the beams of light like before to change what you’re seeing. Then keep an eye out for a green door with one green butterfly above it. That’s the first door. Then find the door with 2 butterflies, then 3, and so on until 6. If you mess up, you’ll have to start over. Once the 6th door is open, you can go through.

The next door is a memory.

Puzzle 8: This one’s tricky! It doesn’t reset if you fail, but you need to complete it fast, before the lightning strikes. Lightning closes all the doors, forcing you to start over. To begin, open the door closest to you. Through it, you can then see different phases of the moon on the other doors. You need to go from smallest sliver all the way to full moon. I numbered them to help you out.

Then run backwards through each of your memories.

Puzzle 9: You need to open these doors from the back. Walk around to see which door represents which memory, and then select them in chronological order. I numbered them for you.

Now the mirror opens into a doorway but you won’t be able to get through! Tap a few times and the girl will walk away from you and the scene will fade out.

Back Home: Now, interact with each of the fans and then open the door and go through to get the first ending.

Second Ending: After completing the game, the main menu should have a tree on it. Press CONTINUE and make sure not to reset your game! Notice one of the fans shows a tree instead of a couple. Now, before starting the first puzzle, head left and south from the starting point till you see the ground glowing blue. There’s a tree here that matches the one in the main menu. If you go near it, the leaves will fly off. Then if you complete the game, you’ll get the second ending.


Part 1:

Part 2 (The End):

That’s the whole game, but I’ll likely refine this walkthrough.

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  1. Susan

    Was hoping this app would work on a MacBook. Could you possibly post a list of good games (puzzle, adventure and especially escape)?Love your website!

  2. Jorge

    I canΓÇÖt seem to find the darn tree to get the alternate ending. IΓÇÖve finished the game twice before reading this walkthrough, and decided to play it a third time to get the alternate ending. However, IΓÇÖve spent an hour walking, even reaching an end on the left one time, and thereΓÇÖs no tree. ItΓÇÖs left and south from where the game starts? You have to walk for how long?

  3. Jordan

    is there a nak to finding this tree? ive taken several routes to find it to no prevail!

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