Nobodies: Murder Cleaner – Walkthrough Guide

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner
By: Blyts

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner is a puzzle adventure game by Blyts for iOS, Android, and PC, where you need to get rid of bodies and clean up the murder scene so no one notices you were even there. I wrote about it a while back, but it since got some updates that make it a much better game. So I’m planning to play through it and make a proper walkthrough guide. Please bear with me, as it’s a work in progress. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Operation 1, Quick Dry:

1. Pick up the trowel, bucket and cement from the floor. Grab the keys from the body and then pick up the body itself. Grab the sand from the wheelbarrow.

2. Use the keys to unlock the tool box and take the parrot wrench from inside.

3. Use the wrench on the faucet to turn on the water. Then fill up the bucket with water.

4. Pour the cement, sand and water into the cement mixer and then turn it on. When it’s done, grab the mix from inside.

5. In your inventory, combine the trowel with the mix.

6. Drop the body down the hole to the left. Then fill the hole with the mixture.

7. Return the wrench to the toolbox. Place the trowel and bucket back where you found them. Then leave through the door (or press the green exit sign).

That should give you the medal!

Operation 2, Antwoord:

1. Grab the lab coat and the pipette.

2. Look at the medicine cabinet and use the pipette on one of the bottles. Then use the filled pipette on one of the mice. Do this for each bottle and make note of the results.

3. Fill the pipette with the scopolamine, which makes the mice sleep.

4. Go through the door. Pick up the pipe and the coffee.

5. Use the filled pipette with the coffee to make a doctored coffee. Then hand it to the security guard.

6. Leave the room and fill the pipette with the drug that made the mice hyper. Also, grab the body.

7. Go back to the security guard. He’s asleep and dropped his access card. Pick it up.

8. Use the access card to open the door and go through.

9. Try to turn the handle. It’s stuck. So use the pipe to loosen it. Then turn it again to drain the water from the tank.

10. Press the button to open the tank doors. Place the body inside and close the doors again.

11. Turn the handle to fill the tank with water again.

12. Use the filled pipette with the lamprey feeder.

13. Go back to the lab and see the lamprey eating the body. Don’t leave yet!

14. Let’s put everything back the way we found it. Return the pipette and the lab coat. Return the pipe. And last, use the access door to lock the door again and then give the card back to the security guard.

15. Now you can leave!

Operation 3, Late Checkout:

Coming soon!

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  1. Dusty Humes

    I cannot determine how to move to the room with the security guard in Operation 2. I have tried clicking everywhere, but nothing seems to work. And it is not clear in the walkthrough.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      ThereΓÇÖs only one door in the lab. As long as you have the appropriate gear and arenΓÇÖt carrying the body, you can go through it.

    2. Patricia

      Spike his coffee so he goes to sleep

    3. Nichile

      You have to fill the syringe with the sleeping aid and put it in the coffee

  2. Jessica aires

    Estou na missao do museu e nao sei o que fazer para abrir aquele cofre e terminar de embalsamar o corpo, me ajuda!!!!

    1. Abat

      A senha é o nome do autor do livro na mesa

  3. Tee

    I’m on my 4th case i don’t seem to know how to solve the lock riddle it getting frustrating.
    I have never seen that kind of lock before.
    I need help please

    1. Cathy

      Think of the numbers on a clock. (3 is right, 6 is down, 9 is left, 12 is up)

  4. Nichile

    I am stuck on level 3 I can’t get past disposing of the body in the garbage disposal

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