My Week Unwrapped: February 20, 2021 – Five Dates, Musical Maze, Pigeon A Love Story, Psycholonials and More


Hi everyone, and welcome back to My Week Unwrapped, where I discuss all the games I’ve been playing over the last seven days. This week was a bit rough for me because I didn’t have any heat or hot water for most of it, but I still managed to play quite a few games. Most of them are ones I’ve played before, but there’s some new ones as well. So let’s get started.

Five Dates

The highlight of my week was definitely Five Dates, the dating simulator from Good Gate Media and Wales Interactive. It released on other platforms a few months back, but came to iOS on the very fitting Valentine’s Day. I already wrote a full review, so I’ll just let you read that if you want to know more. But I highly recommend this one.

Musical Maze

I really wanted to like Musical Maze. It’s sort of like Lara Croft GO combined with tile sliding puzzles, and maybe a bit of Monument Valley thrown in. The ground is made up of tiles that you slide around, and you tap on nodes to move your character along the path, with the goal to get her to the exit. I like the idea, but I find it a bit annoying in practice. For one, the game doesn’t let you move more than one node at a time, and I keep forgetting that and trying to tap further along. There was also a bug that made it hard to move on some levels, but that seems to be fixed now. I thought I might actually complete the game after that update, but the current chapter involves changing perspective to create paths for her and it just feels so awkward. The problem is that the tiles now float above each other and each have their own spaces they’re confined to. So it just feels really weird to move them around and experiment to find the right angle that should work. The game is also still buggy, as I solved one level by merging two tiles into the same spot and another by dragging my character through space somehow. I think there’s something interesting here, but it needs some polishing. If you have more patience than I do, you might still enjoy it, but I recommend watching some of my gameplay videos first.

Pigeon: A Love Story

Pigeon: A Love Story is a game that’s releasing on March 1st, in which you play as a pigeon flying about a real map of London. As you fly around, you can call out to other birds to try and find your one true love. But since there are a million pigeons in London, this will take a while. I spent a few minutes with it and like the idea, but ultimately got bored and can’t see myself coming back to it. It’s meant to be played a bit at a time, but I still wish there was more to it. Anyway, you can watch my video below to see if you want to pre-order it.


The first chapter of Psycholonials released a couple of weeks ago and I enjoyed it but also didn’t really like the main character. I’m the second chapter released this week and, honestly, I’m not sure I like her any more now. This chapter shows us more of her friend Abby, and we see what Z is planning for her new business venture. But I got bored while reading their dialogue and I’m not sure I’m going to stick with the game through the end. I’ll probably give the next chapter a try when it’s available, but I don’t think I like these characters enough to care what happens to them. Anyway, you can watch some of my video if you need help deciding whether to purchase the game.

Puzzle Dino – Egg Adventure

I wrote about Puzzle Dino last week and had mostly good things to say, with my only criticism being that it’s a bit tight on an iPhone. That still holds true, but I think it’s worth playing even if that’s your only option. I completed the bonus levels this week, which was the last chapter of the game, and I do hope the developers will add more at some point. It was a fun little puzzler that challenged my brain while at the same time being very accessible. I liked that there wasn’t much filler, instead focusing on making each puzzle challenging and unique. The game is free, supported by ads with the option to remove them, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. And if you get stuck, I have a full walkthrough here.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

I’ve become quite obsessed with Titan Quest now that my character is getting stronger, along with her pets. I’ve also found some great gear and managed to defeat Alastor, though it was a stressful battle. I also expanded my storage again so I can hold onto more equipment while I decide what stats to focus on. Perhaps most exciting, though, is that I found my first relic formula. I still need one of the ingredients, and I don’t think I can get it anywhere I’ve been to yet, but I can’t wait to finally be able to equip it. This game really has that “just a little further” energy that makes it hard to put down. I plan to stick with this as long as my current build works for me. Definitely check it out if you haven’t, and you can see more of my videos here.

Tides: A Fishing Game

I enjoyed Tides at first, and found it a relaxing — if somewhat shallow — fishing game. Then my progress got stalled by a 500,000-coin price on the next island, so I took a break and just collected my idle earnings over a week or two. I finally unlocked that island and caught all 10 fish on it, just to hit an even bigger roadblock. This time the game wants me to amass 7.6 MILLION coins to unlock the next island so I can catch 10 more fish. So that’s it, I’m done with the game. There is so little content and it’s all dragged out using these ridiculous prices. There just isn’t enough game here to justify all the grinding so I can find a few new fish. If you want to play the game, by all means, give it a try since it’s free. But I wouldn’t invest too much time into it, since it’s just a massive grind of the same activity over and over. I hope they improve the game, but in its current state I can’t really recommend it.

Genshin Impact

This week I finished all the Lantern Rite quests, so now I’m just chilling a bit and completing some daily stuff while I get ready to finally try the Trails of Tianqiu quest. I also failed to get Xiao before his banner ended, so now I’m taking a break from the special banner and saving my primogems for a character I want. Anyway, you can always check my YouTube channel for more of my videos, as there’s over 175 now!

Sky: Children of the Light

There’s not much going on with Sky this week, but I did make a video for the meditation spot by Prairie’s koi pond. It was actually one of the first meditation spots in the game, but it hadn’t shown up for a while so a lot of people weren’t familiar with it. As always, you can use my guide to find all the meditation spots.

Survival Z

And last, I played some of this week’s Apple Arcade release, Survival Z. Despite the silly name, it’s actually an enjoyable roguelite that fits the platform well. In each chapter, you make your way through a map similar to that of Slay the Spire‘s and try to survive waves of zombies. The controls are streamlined for tocushcreens so all you Ah be to do is run around and kite enemies, while your crossbow auto-attacks them. There are also traps you can lay down to help out, and can also meet other survivors that will fight alongside you. After each area, you get to choose from three random perks before continuing along the map. Once you complete a chapter, you can use the coins you earned to purchase upgrades for your equipment. But you lose all your perks before starting the next chapter. I only played through the first chapter because Titan Quest keeps calling to me, but I hope to find some more time to play. Anyway, it seems well-made, so give it a try.

And that’s everything I’ve played this week! There are some great games coming next week and I’ll hopefully have reviews for some of them. I also just finished the mini-series Behind Her Eyes tonight and I’m still laughing and that ridiculous twist ending. Please discuss it with me! Also, let me know in the comments section which games you enjoyed and I’ll see you back here next time with more of My Week Unwrapped!

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