‘Magnibox’ iOS Review: Rules of Attraction

Magnibox By: Joseph Gribbin One type of game that there's no shortage of on iOS is Sokoban, especially PC ports. The block-pushing genre lends itself well to the platform, as it usually doesn't require fast reflexes, and the controls are mostly directional swipes. Some recent highlights for me were Pipe Push Paradise and Persephone, both games I highly recommend playing if you haven't done so yet. As a big puzzle fan, I'm…

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Magnibox: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions with Secret Gems

Magnibox By: Joseph Gribbin Magnibox is a relaxing but tricky puzzler by Joseph Gribbin, in which you play a little box that's also a magnet. Your magnetic abilities allow you to pull yourself to some boxes, repel yourself from others, and all sorts of other fun stuff. There are also non-magnetic environmental elements to deal with. The game is broken up into eight colorful worlds, with each one adding new mechanics to…

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