‘Euclidean Skies’ Review: Here There Be Dragons

Euclidean Skies By: kunabi brother GmbH / Miro Straka I'll be honest here. As much as I like puzzle games, I've never been very good at Rubik's Cube. So when Miro Straka's Euclidean Lands released last year, I was excited about it, as it was a very unique game, but I had a bit of a rough time with some of the harder levels, especially the bosses. I eventually managed to complete…

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Euclidean Skies: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Euclidean Skies By: kunabi brother GmbH / Miro Straka Euclidean Skies is the sequel to the award-winning puzzler, Euclidean Lands by Miro Straka. You manipulate structures made of cubes and have to meet certain conditions on each level to unlock the door and go through. This new game is more challenging than the original and allows for more freedom with the structures. So I'm working on this walkthrough guide to help you…

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