Escape Game: “An Uninspired Man” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “An Uninspired Man”

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*Note: Only read this if you want full details on how to escape. You will read spoilers here. If you want hints instead, ask in the comments section.

Always make sure you zoom in on something as much as possible. If you don’t the game won’t register that you saw the clue, and it won’t work.

1. It’s dark, so turn on both light switches.

2. Go to the desk, move the chair and find a key under the mat.

3. Move each book on the desk to the right until you find a ruler.

4. Zoom in on the bottom of the front door. You see a strange design, which actually stands for 253. Turn right to the grey cabinet and put 253 as the password. The door should unlock. Inside you’ll find a tea/coffee maker. Move it aside to find a tea can.

5. Before exiting that screen, zoom in on the inside of the left cabinet door. There’s a diamond shape stuck to it. Use the ruler to unstick it.

6. Open the tea can and zoom in on the diagram inside the lid. This is the key to the whiteboard. Turn to the whiteboard, then turn the left knob twice and the right knob three times. Then face the whiteboard again and tap on it. It will open up and reveal a hidden compartment. Take the power plug for later use.

7. Tap on the garbage next to the whiteboard and pick up the spray can.

8. Move one of the couches on the left to find a black triangle (half square).

9. Turn to the safety box and tap on the label a couple of times. It will say that something dropped. Tap on the side of the safety box and you’ll find a white piece of paper with a half-circle on it.

10. Turn around to the grey cabinet with the glass doors. Use the small blue key you found to open the glass doors. Inside there’s a notebook. Take it, then open it up to find the other half of the black square. Combine the two halves to make a full square.

11. Now open the bottom cabinet. Move the blue box to find a pair of shoes. Turn the shoes over, and you’ll see the heal is loose. Use the ruler to open it up and take the other half-circle. Combine it with the other half to complete the circle.

12. Now turn left once and tap on the blue blinds to zoom in on the bent piece. Zoom in as far as you can. It will say that it’s sticky. Use the tea can on that area and a green outline will appear.

13. Use the black circle on the green outline. The number “48” will appear. Make sure you zoom in on it as much as possible.

14. Use the black cutout on the green outline. Zoom in on it as much as possible. It says “UDUD.”

15. Go to the desk and zoom in on the bottom drawer. Type in 48 and ENTER. Take the radio out and combine it with the power cord you found earlier. Save it for later.

16. Turn right to the gray cabinets again. Zoom in on it then tap on the left side to see the back of it. There’s a lever. Remember the “UDUD?” That stands for Up Down Up Down. Move the lever in that order and the cabinets will open. Take out the CD case.

17. Open the CD case and tap it a few times to reveal the letters “RBWB.” Turn to the desk again and zoom in on the calendar. Tap the lower right-hand corner to see the back. Now you have the clue for the blue door: “Red, Blue, White, Black.”

18. Zoom in on the color-coded lock by the blue door. Punch in Red Blue White Black and ENTER. the door will open.

19. Inside, open the glass door. There’s dirty item. Use the spray can on it. Zoom in on it a few times to find out that it says “30 Years of Business” on it and was a gift from last year.

20. Move down to the lower cabinet. There’s a safe inside. Use the information from the gift and the calendar to get the code. The current year is 2010. The gift was given out last year, so 2009. It represents thirty years of business. So 2009 – 30 = 1979. Punch the code into the safe and take out a lens.

21. Turn to the desk and zoom in on the computer. Turn it on. Zoom back out and use the CD case with. The computer. Close the slot.

22. Head back to the main room and look at the coffee table. You can now pick up the envelope. Open in up and turn the papers over to find another piece of paper with part of a shape on it. Use the diamond you found earlier with it to complete the triangle.

23. Take the triangle to the green outline and use it like before. Zoom in a few times and it says “IEZ”.

24. Go back to the computer in the other room. Zoom in on it and input “IEZ” as the password. Caps do count. It reveals the code “AM0823.” Remember that. Zoom in on the computer screen a few times until it tells you to erase all traces of being there. Zoom out, then zoom in on the keyboard. Put the lens on it so you can see your fingerprints. Then use the spray can to erase them.

25. You still have use of the lens and spray can, so there’s one more place you have to use them. Go back to the safe in the cabinet and remove your fingerprints.

26. Find the outlet next to the grey/glass cabinet and plug in the radio. Turn to 0823 and then tap on the white speaker. It says “Push twice, lever up/down and push again.”

27. First, tap on the blue door. It will tell you that it’s locked and you need to find another way out.

28. Go to the safety box and zoom in on the handle. Tap the button that says “PUSH” twice, the. Tap the level up then town, then press “PUSH” once again. Zoom out and open the door.

29. Zoom in on the inside of the left safety box door to read “AM3854.” go back to the radio and turn to that station. Tap on the speaker to get the code “GYRY.”

30. Go back to the safety box and enter GREEN YELLOW RED YELLOW. Zoom out until the safety box door closes. Then tap on it again to move it and open a secret exit!

And you’re out! Congratulations!

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  1. Chloe

    Whenevr I try to click the left side of the gray cabinet it only opens the door. Is there a specific spot to click? Plz help

  2. Joyce

    How do i zoom on the gray cabinet and find the lever? Any pic? Thanks

  3. Vicente

    But diamond? Where can i find it?

  4. bob

    Why is grey cabinet 253 from bottom of door?

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