DOOORS – room escape game: Walkthrough Rooms 51+

DOOORS – room escape game Rooms 51+
By 58works


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This a walkthrough for anyone who needs help with the room escape game, DOOORS. Please don’t copy it to any other sites, and please link to it if you find it helpful. Thank you.

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***Click here for DOOORS rooms 1-50***

Door 51: Remove the yellow bar. Then attach it to the hook on the left side of the ceiling. Pull it down to unlock the door.


Door 52: Shine the flashlight above the door to see some white dots. Use the dots as a guide for opening the correct lockers to unlock the door.



Door 53: Shake your phone to wake the room up. The eyes will open and the arrow will stop moving, pointing in one direction. Tilt your phone do the eyes point in that direction, and one of the red lights above the door will turn green. Do this for each arrow until all the lights turn green and the door will unlock.


Door 54: Drag the right plant to the side. Take the hammer that’s revealed. Use the hammer to smash the barrel. Drag the barrel’s lid aside to find a key. Use the key to open the door.







Door 55: Shine the flashlight above each side of the door. If you see an arrow pointing up, that switch should be turned up. If you see an arrow pointing down, that switch should be turned down.





Door 56: Keep whacking the man with the hammer until all the lights turn green. If you swing and miss, one of the green lights turns red. So be careful.


Door 57: Use the torch to light the grass on fire. Take the gun. Use the gun to shoot the metal piece at the top of the wooden plank until the plank falls off the wall. It will act as a bridge so you can walk across it and open the door.




Door 58: The “7” is the clue. It’s on a star, so that tells you you need to make a constellation out of seven green lights. They should look like this:



Door 59: Use the gun to shoot the rope so the target falls. Then spin your phone in the direction the little phone icon is spinning until all the lights turn green.




Door 60: Use the gun to shoot all the balloons do you can see the drawings on the wall. Then use the gun to shoot the metal clasps from the door. Then use those clues on the wall to figure out which pegs to hammer and how much.






Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. Peyton

    What about doors 67+..???

  2. Car

    Wheres level 67 and upwards

  3. Carol

    I’m stuck on level 67 please help !!!

  4. Kristen

    Count the reds and move the button thing up that many notches. Do the same with blue. A ball will fall. Tilt phone back and forth to hit the wall things which turns on the green lights.

  5. PammySue

    You must be stuck on # 67 also, huh???

  6. Sammy

    Plz help with 70

    1. Ann

      Shoot pins off cover on wall on left to reveal another triangle. Enter the no. Of degrees by pressing red dots until can make number you need. Ie right hand triangle shows a 45 degree angle so press until have 4 dots & 5 dots.

  7. Ann

    Stuck on 73. Made rocket & lit fuse but can’t work out where to position the dials?

    1. Juciel

      Look at the sign above the door closely and think of it as 4 arrows.

  8. K

    Level 69?

    1. Ebbs

      Hi K 69 is easy. Above the door there is a line with a red bar running through it when the red bit gets to the part of the line that isn’t strait shake your phone side to side do this until all red dots on top of the door are green :). Hope I’ve been helpful

  9. Kayla s

    Help with 74?

  10. Ebbs

    Plz help with 70. I know the right hand triangle but need help with the left one 🙂

    1. Ann

      Left triangle is 45 right triangle 60

  11. Naomi wooley

    Help on 74!!

  12. Ann

    74 easy just follow the lines that connect with the red dot on the wall to find out which buttons to press. Follow the lines off one side and on on to other. Press the right 3 corresponding buttons and hey presto!

  13. Naomi

    How do u complete door number 68??

  14. Naomi wooley

    How do you do 75 then?

  15. Ann

    68 pick up rocket, hammer down raised tile, collect gold key & unlock door

  16. Kirin

    How do you do 7#?

  17. Kirin

    How do you do 71#?

  18. Steve

    How do you do level 71?

    1. Ann

      Change colour of squares in speed order, ie blue bike slowest so 1st square blue (sloth = slow)

  19. CharlieBear>.

    75 anyone?:)x

  20. CharlieBear>.

    Level75 anyone?:)xx

    1. Ann

      Move orange to uncover button, push button. Shoot balloons in colour order using stack. Open door, slide 2nd door up, use hammer to break through et viola!

  21. Kayla

    Please I need help with #73….stuck on it for 3 weeks please help

    1. Ann

      You should have collected the top of the rocket in a previous level, can’t remember which one. Fit the rocket to its base then light the fuse. The rocket will launch and reveal 4 dials. Line the dials up with the pattern to open the door. Done from memory as no longer got app but hopefully that will help.

  22. Jaimi

    Once the door is unlocked on 74, how do you get rid of the rock so that you can get in?

    1. Ann

      Just tip your phone so it slides out the way

  23. Kelli

    I can’t get level 70 how do I t

  24. Kelli

    Please help with 70

  25. Kl


  26. Phoebe

    What order are the colours in level 71? Thx

  27. Dom

    71 is easy the first animal = sltoh (I think) last = cheetah.
    Order of colours = the slowest colour first fastest colour last

    Order = blue black white red

  28. Dom

    75 is also easy you burst the baloons in the order of the clear up arrow structure..

    green red, blue, yellow and purple.. in order first to last

  29. Matt

    Stuck on 67 ? Anyone

  30. mani

    hi 67+ very easy……….

  31. Benjamin Harned

    77 blows!!! Been flying through the levels and can’t get it!

    1. Hannah

      Shoot the light that the arrow points at (on the cieling)

  32. Xia

    I need help with level 78, does anyone know?

  33. Megz

    77 shot the middle light it shows a star switch each square into the correct shape……. 78 think about a rainbow and add up how many times each colour appears so blue, red, yellow, green = 6, 2, 3 and either 4 or 5 cant remember perfectly at the moment

  34. Abby

    I am stuck on 76

    1. OscillatingPhones

      Me to… Anyone help?

  35. Daredevil2323

    What about level 78

    1. Hannah

      The boxes should be 6, 2, 3, and the last one is 5

  36. Chantel

    I get to 53 and after waking the room up i cant get it to light up to light up the 4th light. Nomatter how i turn it… am i doing it wrong?

  37. dev

    i have completed all the levels till 80 and i know all the explaination

  38. dev guptata

    completed all the levels till
    80 and i know all the explaination

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