Escape From Darkmoor Manor: Walkthrough

11. Use the hammer to remove all the nails on the planks on the door here. Then head back to the big urn and use the hammer to smash it. Take the ornate key.


12. The the left of the staircase, there’s a painting. Use the knife to cut through it and peel it back. There’s a safe! The clue on it is Heron Pine Church. It also shows the little icons of each of those words. Locate those three on the map from the kitchen. Their coordinates are the combination for the safe lock. So it goes A7B2D9. Take the red gem (ruby) from the safe.




13. Use the ornate key to open the door to the left of the bookshelf. This room has some taxidermy and pinned insects. Take the hosepipe from the table.




14. Place the red gem in the tiger’s eye socket and take the large silver key from its mouth.


15. Use the large silver key to unlock the door in the kitchen that leads outside.


16. Take the garden gloves from the sundial and notice the time on the sundial.



17. Go back to the window with the shears hanging in front of it. Use the gloves to remove all the broken glass, then take the shears.


18. Go back outside. Use the screwdriver to remove the lock on the door to the left of the sundial. Go through it and use the shears to cut the vines blocking the greenhouse.




19. Go inside and pick up the watering can. Move the flower pot aside to get the jeweled spider.



20. Go back to the sundial and head through the right door. Attach the hose to the tap and place the other end of the hose in the watering can. Turn on the water and then take the full watering can.


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6 years ago

hi i am from iran your help was very very good thank you 😀

Abbas Sekhavat
6 years ago

Hi I am iranian your help is very important for finishing this game, soo tanx

6 years ago

Hi guys … im irainian… thanks a lot for this walkthrough …

6 years ago

hi,im iranian,your guide is really good,tnx very very vey much:-*

6 years ago

Lol. I think just iranians like this game cause im an iraninan too and thanks for your guidance that was very useful thankS again..

6 years ago

hi. it seems funny cause i’m iranian and i find the game interesting too.

6 years ago

I feel so left out … I’m american but the walk through was very helpful thanks

Majid Dehghani
6 years ago

What was the point??!!
After all these?
It was bullshit tnx.

mohammad javad ebrahimi
6 years ago

Hi i’m iranian .
Thank’s for your help and your best game.
I whould liked this game has continue…..

6 years ago

Hi guys, I’m Iranian… no wait I’m irish but wanted to join the party!! Thanks for free tips. I nearly threw the phone out the window with frustration before I found your site. Not far from the end as it happens. Thank you

6 years ago

thx for the walkthrough but there was a problem about how to find wood shavings i still don’t know what to do? 🙂

Tricia Edwards Sicard
Reply to  hell
4 years ago

They wood shavings are in the shed next to the vise where the wrench is

6 years ago

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

6 years ago

hi,im iranian,your guide is really good ty so much

5 years ago

Solve all of the darkmoor so pictiors of solve.tnx

5 years ago

Im iranian… Big like… Perfect

5 years ago

I’m stuck on 13. what big ornate key?

rezaletler borhani
5 years ago

hi .
I’m from Afghanistan. thanks a lot for this helpful guide.

5 years ago

Great website!!
I don’t know what I’d do without Appunwrapper!!
The walkthroughs are awesome!

Thanks for all of the time + hard work your team has put into these walkthroughs!!

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
11 months ago

One person?!?!??! Wow you must be a real pro

5 years ago

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5 years ago

can anyone explain me the well mystery? . where has the bucket gone and what is the meaning of all that?

5 years ago

Thank you very very

4 years ago

Has anyone had any luck discovering the secret to the #6360 bucket clue from the end of the game. All I have been able to find is this page with some other clues

3 years ago

Hi I am iranian too.thanks a lot.mashalla be hame irania?

6 months ago

Very clear instructions