Panmorphia: Walkthrough

31. Go back to the mountain and go to the top. Place the frame on the stand and then piece together the broken glass to make a mirror. Shine the rainbow to the left, then go back to the scene with the rocks and fly up to see the rainbow shine on some carvings. Tap it to get w clue for your notebook.

You can also watch my video walkthrough for the rest of the game here:

32. Go back and turn the mirror so it shines in the middle. Then go back to the screen where you got the frame and pick the fig.

33. Go back to the mountain and tap on the bird’s nest. Feed the fig to the left bird and the worms to the right bird. They’ll fall asleep and you can take the water element.

34. Go back to the aerial view and head to what looks like a waterfall. Place the disc on the wall with the others and complete the fish image. A door will open. Before going in, though, tap on the spot that water is coming out of. Use the hairball to stop the water and then solve the puzzle using the clue from your journal.

35.  Now go through the door and place the glass fins on the unfinished fish sculpture. Complete the puzzle. Place the water element in the slot and turn into a fish!

36. Pick up the starfish. Then go back a screen and pick up the blue water puzzle piece.

37. Head under the bridge and pick up the amethyst. Place the starfish in the right slot and tap on the hole next to it. Solve the circuits puzzle and continue through.

38. Pick up the glass tube here. Then tap on the hole and solve the puzzle (tap the bars in the order shown)  so you can get through to the next screen. 

39. Pick up the starfish here and notice the four trapped elements. 

40. Go back under the bridge. This time, place the starfish in the left slot and tap on the hole. Lead the fish through the maze  then go through the hole. Here, place the glass tube with the others. We need to find weeds to stuff up the cracks in the rocks.

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OMG! Thank you! I am up to Cat when I stopped playing – this game is wonderful and the developer responded to my question on a puzzle immediately!

I’m so happy you’re doing a w/t.


Darrell Kirchner

Can’t get past cat puzzle. I used a camera to copy your screen for comparison (got tired of going back and forth on phone). Every section is identical. When I back out it resceambles and I can’t insert piece. What is wrong?


I’m at the end of the game and can’t get the last two parts of the amulet to engage. I tap on the amulet to put it where I think it should go and the amulet won’t go on the screen to recharge. I can kick the dirt up for the cat , but no amulet. Argghhhh!!! How frustrating to be this close and can’t finish.

Hey Sue,

When you are kicking up the dirt, are you aiming it for the leaf part? That’s what you need to do to activate it, then it will allow you to put the amulet there (by selecting amulet + clicking the leaf) and charge it. You cannot put the amulet on the screen, you always activate the element and then select the amulet and tap the element to ‘put it up’ and charge it!

Let me know!


Hey Darrell,

So sorry to have not responded earlier. Wasn’t aware you posted here. 🙁

I’m guessing it’s one of the outer pieces that were not in the correct rotation.
I was unintentionally evil with that puzzle, next game I’ll make them easier to figure out! 🙂

Let me know if you are still stuck there (I really hope not, eek!).

Email me it’ll be a lot faster: [email protected] and I can help you out ASAP to get you moving!

So sorry. 🙁

Take care,


Please provide Panmorphia: Walkthrough Part 2.

Thank you!

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Lindi M Pearson

I absolutely loved this game. Would buy it 1000 times over! Well done and please come out with a part 2 soon. Thanks


Thanks so much Lindi! Glad you loved the game. 🙂

I am indeed working on the sequel, you can Like our page here: to stay up to date with new games and sneak peeks!

Lindi M Pearson

Plus, I have a galaxy 7 and vehemently oppose apple products. I noticed in the title of appunwrapper it says, “for iPhone and ipad”. Do you not do android games or is there even much of a difference anymore?


Which screen do I go to to find the wind amulet? Somehow I missed it.


Hey! You’ve probably already figured this out, so sorry for the late reply – only saw this!

The wind element is in the stairs (as a cat), you’ll need to use the solution from the tree to get it.

If you’re referring to the wind puzzle, then that’s above the portal (jigsaw button) – need to be a bird!

Hope this helps!

Take care!

Paul L.

I can’t get the human to charge the amulet at the end of the game. I tried placing the glass shard everywhere but I can’t get the light to shine on the red piece in the statue. What am I doing wrong??


Hey there!

You just need to hold it about half an inch away from the statue, wait a split sec and you’ll see it starts to smoke on the statue… then you can use that as a guide to drag the glass around so it fires up the gem! Here’s the link to Appunwrapper’s walkthrough showing this moment:

Hope this helps!
Take care!


I had the shard of glass, now it has disappeared in the human statue screen, but the amulet won’t charge up. Have charged it up at fish, cat and bird. Does it matter which way the mirror is pointing to do this stage


No the mirror has no effect now. Are you in human form when you’re trying to charge it?


I cant get past first puzzle to open gate. Blocks wont move. Am i missing something?


Did you find the missing block? You need to tap either on the left or right side of the block to get it to go to that direction.


Hi I’m having a problem with the box, for the earth element. I checked the walkthrough & I have done it right, but the box won’t open. I think I’ve done everything prior to this. Hope you can help.
I really like this game!


Can anyone help me?


I can’t figure out how to activate the wind element as a bird! Do I swipe to flap? If not, how do I flap?
Edit: Nevermind, got it!


Tips for step 47:

1) Tap the bird statue to flap the wings – I kept tapping the bird’s shadow
2) For getting the glass shard in the right spot, do not take your finger off the screen! Keep it depressed and move around until the amulet starts to smoke.

Melissa B.

This was great help! I got stuck n ar the end and your help was perfect! Thanks!

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