Rusty Lake Roots: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Rusty Lake: Roots
By: LoyaltyGame B.V.


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the iOS, Android and PC game Rusty Lake: Roots by LoyaltyGame B.V. It’s the tenth game in the Cube Escape/Rusty Lake series. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Note: This walkthrough goes in chronological order. I broke up the walkthrough into three chapters per page to make it a little more digestible. Just click on the links to find the chapter you’re looking for.

Page 1: James Vanderboom, The House, The Uncle

Page 2: Finding Love, Childbirth, The Staircase

Page 3: The Elixir, The Wake, Child’s Play

Page 4: Fertility, Masks, The Clock

Page 5: The Fortune Teller, The Swing, The Search

Page 6: The Wedding Photo, The Painting, The Lying Game

Page 7: The Family Band, Voodoo, The Brood

Page 8: The War Hero, The Trenches, Communication

Page 9: The Well pt. I, The Well pt. 2, Checkmate

Page 10, The Bathroom, The Treasure, The Stars

Page 11: The Last Dance, The Graveyard, Roots

More Roots: The 9 Gold Emblems, William (The Elixir)


James Vanderboom:

You can also watch my video for James Vanderboom, The House, and The Uncle here:

1. Tap on James inside the white box. Tap on James to zoom in on him and then look at the envelope in his pocket. Notice the number 572 on the bottom.



2. Tap on the suitcase and drag the numbers so they say 572. Then tap on the lock to the right of the numbers to unlock it. Tap the lid of the suitcase to open it and take the bone from inside. There’s also a small box. Move the slider to the right to open it and take the seed.




3. Zoom back out. Swipe to look to the right. Pick up the watering can. Give the bone to the dog and then tap on the dog to get him to dig a hole. Place the seed in the hole.



4. Head left to the well and attach the can to the rope. Tap the handle to lower it down and then back up. Take the can full of water and use it to water the seed. A tree will start growing!



5. Tap on James until a white box surrounds his face. Tap on the box to complete this chapter and add him to the family tree.


The House:

1. Drag the stool to James’ feet and tap on him twice to make him stand on it. Then tap the tree and loosen the twig until it falls off. Give it to James and use it to knock down the crow’s nest.




2. Tap on the flower pots and pick up the worm and white diamond. Then examine the nest. Tap on the egg until it cracks and a baby crow emerges. Feed the worm to the crow and get it to fly away. Pick up the green diamond.



3. Swipe to look right. There’s another diamond inside the house, behind the glass window. Tap the glass a few times to break it and grab the pink diamond.


4. Place all the diamonds on the door and turn the handle to open it. Tap the white box to complete the chapter.


The Uncle:

1. Tap on the framed picture and peel it off to reveal a clue (heart in a jar) and a key. Take the key.



2. Head right and use the key to unlock the bottom drawer of the dresser and take the hatchet. Also, take the matches from the second drawer.


3. Use the hatchet to cut up the log of wood and take the pieces of wood. Place them in the fireplace and use the matches to light a fire. Take the key.




4. Use the key to unlock the window and see some bloody handprints on the window. It’s a clue!


5. Use the handprints clue to figure out which buttons to press on the puzzle to the left. Open the pocket watch and tap it to get the hands to land on 8:25.



6. Go to the grandfather clock and set the time to 8:25. Open the door of the clock to see what appears to be the uncle’s corpse?



7. Tap on the corpse to make it drop to the floor. Then zoom in on his nipple, tear it off (yuck!) and go inside to grab his heart. Continue on to leave through his mouth.




8. Place the heart in the jar and tap on the white box to complete the chapter.


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53 thoughts on “Rusty Lake Roots: Complete Walkthrough Guide

  1. RustyFan

    I’m in the flower garden – presumably using the bee to create an Orange flower like the one marked 1 in Roman Numerals. I can get an orange flower – but when I use the garden tool to pick it – it disappears? What about a little clue?

    1. Jason

      You need to match not only the color/petals, but the stem as well. All of the numbered flowers from the planter in the back take three colors of pollen to get the petals right, plus one or two of the stem combinations (which are all empty except for the green leafy one when you start).

      Once you’ve matched the color just right, and chosen the right stem, pressing the flower again will automatically place it in your inventory. Keep in mind that certain colors may be used twice when creating each flower!

    2. SiraenLor

      The garden tool, or weasel, is only used to remove errors. When you get the right flower, it will automatically populate in your inventory or in the other pots. Ask Emma for advice 🙂

    3. Rebecca Morris

      Make sure when you tell the bee to go to the flower that you are not currently selecting the tool to harvest the flowers, that happened to me as well.

      1. Willow

        I had the exact same problem! The Garden ‘weasel’ removes your current flower- make sure you aren’t holding it when you try to use the bee!

    4. CubeEscapeFan

      When you see the orange flower, do not use the gardening tool, because the gardening tool is used to start over, which is why it disappears.

  2. Jab3112000

    If you miss collecting something— like tears— do we get the chance to go back at some point? Right now it says “you’ve already finished this chapter” if I try to go back.

  3. Pat

    I am hopelessly stuck on The Clock. I had all of the gears, and placed them incorrectly the first time. I tried dragging them away, and as soon as I dragged them away from the clock, they just disappeared. I have only one gear, and the rest are nowhere to be found, can’t finish the level. I can’t even figure out how to reset the level and start over. Anyone had this issue or know how to resolve it?

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      You can reset a level by pausing while in that level. Press “Reset” and make sure that it asks you if you want to reset that level, not the whole game. Be very careful, because that same button is used to reset the whole game.

      1. Pat

        Thanks! I had a really hard time figuring out how to reset just the level. It didn’t give me the ‘reset level’ option, just the whole game. But I tried it again and randomly worked.

    2. Rebecca Morris

      This game is pretty early and still will have some bugs. Unfortunately I’d have to recommend restarting the level to get the gears back.

    1. Rebecca

      Look back at the drawings of the people, one of them tells you what weight a certain sacrifice should be placed on. After that, place the surrounding sacrifices on the other waits so that they all are balanced.

      1. AppUnwrapper Post author

        Weird. The drawings say the tongue is 1 and the hair is 3. But those don’t balance out. I balanced them out by ignoring the tongue = 1 but the numbers didn’t work to open the chest. Ugh.

        1. Rebecca Morris

          It’s really difficult. The hair is supposed to be three I think. I eventually had to look up a walkthrough to beat the level.

      1. Batman

        I see it’s been updated, but everything needs to total 6 for the weights to balance out, so the tongue weighs 1, and it goes on the 5–getting 6. The hair 3 works because 3+3 equals 6.

        1. AppUnwrapper Post author

          And yeah, I figured that out eventually, but not on my own. It’s the one point in the game where I felt there wasn’t really enough info. But maybe that’s just me! Was weird getting the 6 clue after you already use it. :/

  4. Batman

    Can’t wait for the elixir to be finished. I find it frustrating that when experimenting, previously created elements will disappear from shelving when created again in the bowl. Still trying to figure out how to create the elements that make the elixir. Thanks for your help with these walkthroughs. For some areas, I was doing things *mostly* correctly but missed placement of an item or something like that.

      1. Batman

        You are the best! I just figured out how to make a lightbulb, and I’m like oh, great, still not what I need! Thanks!

    1. Rebecca Morris

      The elixir part is super frustrating. Though I think I’ve narrowed it down to the first and second boxes on the first shelf, and the middle box on the second shelf. If you place something in any of those three boxes and leave then they will disappear when you come back. It’s a small and annoying bug.

  5. Iris

    Can anyone explain to me why the bottom shelf in ‘the staircase’ has to be like that? I did it on my first try but just couldn’t figure out why the order of the symbols couldn’t be swapped.

  6. rae

    thanks for the guide!

    i got the ff recipe while trying to figure out what I really needed to get before I got frustrated and finally checked your walkthrough!

    stone + metal bar = blade
    blade + tree = wood
    wood + fire = campfire
    campfire + air = coal
    coal + fire = diamond

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Thanks! I’ve actually found some of those, as well as a few others like the blender, knife, caramel, etc. And apparently there’s even more I’ve missed!

  7. Zark84010

    By typing CUBEESCAPE in the Ouija board in level Communication, Rose says, “My daughter will return to Rusty Lake.” Is the young lady from previous cube escape games her daughter…or William Vanderboom was reborn as a girl who was raised by rose as her daughter? (another thing, Rose, during the last dance, wore the same dress which is worn by the young lady).

  8. Aimi

    Could you please do a video of how to do the map in The Treasure? I must be placing the frog etc in the wrong place as I’ve tried countless times but can’t get it to work! 🙁

  9. Jessica Marlowe

    In the final level Roots/Elixir, after you drink the elixir and William is lying dead or the floor, did anyone else notice the arrow on his side pointing towards his nipple? I tried pushing it but nothing happened. Just curious if it ment anything.

  10. Thiago

    Man where did the game say you should say rustylake on the Ouija board??? That was impossible to figure out.

    1. Jordy

      Not found in the guide:
      In Albert’s chapter, when you get the emblem, there is a card of The Empress. If you click on it, you get the clue for Rose’s chapter:
      “Tell Rose the letters in the names
      R1 S4 J5 A6 M4
      L1 I3 F5 E1”

  11. Betsy

    I also found lightbulb + crow egg = crow. Fish + diamond= white cube. Crow + white cube = black cube. Sand + algae = grain+ water= vodka+ fruit juice= rusty lake cocktail. Blade +electricity= blender+friut= fruit juice.

  12. Ryieane

    Im at the elixir part..but when i enter the right code to the box below the bookcase..i cant open meee

  13. explaination

    In the roots part, the clue for the code to the chest is the tongue is 1 but when put on the scale it’s 5, it’s a hard clue but it is there.

  14. Dotty

    Is there anyway that I can redo a level? I forgot to take the crow and dead mans timepiece and I can’t complete the game without it😢 I’ve tried to click on the tree part but it just tells me that I’ve already done this level. I really don’t want to do it all again it’s took me ages and that’s with your Walkthrough, which are excellent I may say. The detail in each level is so good😀 thank you👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    P.S. I am already a subscriber and have been for quite a while

  15. Dotty

    I’ve tried to reset the crow and dead mans timepiece (see comment before) but it still won’t let me reset it, cos I’ve already finished it. Does this mean I will have to start game over again?


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