The Guides Axiom: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

The Guides Axiom
By: Kevin Bradford LLC (Luke Lisi)

This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android puzzle game, The Guides Axiom by Kevin Bradford and Luke Lisi.

The original Guides also got a new level. I posted the solution here.

Note: I split the walkthrough into multiple pages. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, try the links below.


Levels 1 – 15 | Levels 16 -30 | Levels 31 – 45 | Levels 46 – 60 | Levels 61 – 100 | Expansion Pack

You can watch my full video walkthrough here or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

Level 1: Just tap the circle.

Level 2: Place three fingers one the screen, one on each of the circles at the same time so they all turn brown.

Level 3: When you tap a circle, it and the circles directly to the right and left of it change to the opposite color. You need to turn them all brown.


Level 4: The circles reveal the letters INPUT.

Answer: INPUT

Level 5: Tap each circle to reveal a number.

Answer: 14454

Level 6: You can choose whether to input a User Code Name. If you want to, just type it in the input box and press SUBMIT.

Level 7: Tap to rotate the circles at the top so the white dots match up with the white dots around each circle. It’s different each time.


Level 8: You need to enter the access code from before. You can do this one of two ways — by inputting the code 14454 in the input box, or pressing the numbered buttons at the top of the screen.

Answer: 14454

Later on, when you have the Caesar cipher decoder, you can unlock a new page. First, take the numbers 2 1 13 2 shown in the screenshot below. If you use the numbers to letters decoder, you get BAMB. Use the Caesar cipher decoder with shift 8 (the hint is R(8)) to get TSET. Reverse it (R) to get TEST.


Enter TEST to get this page:


Level 9: Tap to change the blue circles to 0 and the beige circles to 1.


There’s a secondary solution here that unlocks Level 13. Use the binary decoder to turn the binary into letters. You get INVERTED.


Level 10: Find the binary decoder in the menu. Then enter the numbers at the top, 01110111 01100001 01101001 01110100, to get the word “wait.” Enter that as the answer.

Answer: WAIT


If you look at the level select screen, the thumbnail for this level shows eight binary groups instead of just four. They go:





That unlocks this page:

If you look at the thumbnail for it, you get this, which says, “Look what you made me do.”

And if you open the camera, you’ll see a red I to the right.

I’m not sure if any of that means anything.

Level 11: Look at the lights at the top of the screen. They spell out NODE.

Answer: NODE


To unlock a bonus level, take a photo using the in-game camera and look at it. It says PAGE at the top. Input PAGE.


PAGE gives you this:


Level 12: Press ACTIVATE, to gain access to the level selector and other levels.

Level 13: This unlocks after you get the answer for level 9. Invert the numbers so you get:



final-318Level 14: Pay attention to the highlighted letters: P A U S E

Answer: PAUSE


Level 15: Use the in-game camera to take a screenshot. Then look at the photo. The letters say SAVE.

Answer: SAVE


If you look at the thumbnail of the level in the level select screen, you can see the numbers 16 12 1 14. I assume there will be a decoder later for this, but if you want to solve it now, just count the letters of the alphabet. So 16 = P, 12 = L, 1 = A, and 14 = N.

Answer: PLAN



This will unlock this page:


Click on the little numbers below to continue to Levels 16 – 30, or click here.

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  1. Courtney

    Hint: look at some of the incomplete levels through the “navigation” menu.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I noticed that, too, but at least for one of them I think I need another decoder (like from the first game). Trying to avoid brute forcing it or using outside tools.

    2. yourchill (@WanIdlanAfiq)

      help me! how can i go to next level(level 13) now im stuck at level 12

      1. Rhe

        Actually,to finish lvl12 just click/press on the ΓÇ£activateΓÇ¥ button

  2. Gus

    Spoiler/Solution Lvl. 19:

    If you look closely in Level 19, there are small dots under certain letters. They spell the password. If you know how to solve Level 20, I would be happy.

    Also I have no clue what do to in Level 33.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! My eyes just weren’t seeing those dots. I solved some more levels now.

      1. Gus

        You’re Welcome.
        Yeah, me too. Am currently stuck at lvl 37.

        More hints: The solution for level 28 has something to do with the ‘sides’ of the shapes.

        Also the arrow in 34 is already pointing at the solution.

        Good Luck 🙂

    2. Rhe

      In lvl 20 when you put all the capital letters together it spells ΓÇ£trailΓÇ¥

  3. Jason

    If you type 613145 from Level 26 into Level 29, you unlock Level 81

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That’s annoying. I thought I was done with 26.

  4. Jason

    Use number of sides in Level 28 as code for Level 29 will unlock Level 82 (313854)

  5. Nick evans

    4251 on level 30 takes you to level 100which isn’t up and running yet.

  6. Joe

    From the fact that 2 of the dots above the keypad in level 29 have turned blue – it appears we need to enter another two names. Don’t know what but must be from a few other levels. Some still haven’t been completed so I imagine they are somewhere in there.

    1. Joe

      Ah – and then the 4 numbers I imagine we will get from levels 81-84 give the password for level 30. So 42??

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Yup, I translated them from binary, but still need the other two.

      1. Joe

        Oh wow its so obvious. The answer to level 34 is ‘numerals’ giving a level with 6 roman numerals – they give one of the 6 digit codes and the word ‘decade’ unlocking another level

    3. GoldenOrb

      you might’ve already solved it but all the codes for lvl 29 appear in levels that has the text data scheme # marked somewhere, and when turned into letters with the “a = 1” cipher (i forgot the name) is the level’s input

  7. Gus

    Also use “numerals” as password for 34

    1. Joe

      Yeah thats what I meant. The answer to level 36 is X – roman numerals for ’10’

  8. Gus

    Yeah sorry @Joe, I wrote that comment when yours wasn’t published too. Does anybody know the answer for 37?

    1. Joe

      Just got it! Its roman numerals for XCVI = 96. The answer is just ’96’

  9. Brian

    Past that, it’s a simple number letter switcheroo. The four ?s are 1009. The level after that, use the new decoder to get MIX.

  10. Brian

    After that, take a photo when the numbers aren’t too bright to get numbers which translate to an anagram of DATA. Then the next level is just a grid of the alphabet with numbers added at the end to make a 36 grid. The xs make up EMPTY.

    1. Joe

      Next two levels pretty easy – binary giving ‘shifting’ and dots adding up to number equivalent of rotate. You’ve probably got that. Next is a cipher wheel where I think we need to rotate 3…

      1. Nick

        That did not make sense to me.

  11. Nick

    Anyone get 96 yet??

  12. Jason

    Level 36: There are ten dots, so the roman numeral is “X”

    Answer: X

    Level 37: Key = x, so XCVI = 96

    Answer: 96 (This will take you to Level 96)

    Level 96: When you push the button, “-IF-” will change to “0960”, indicating it is alphanumeric cypher, with “0” being “-“. Pull the switch to the right it will display “????”. Push the button and it will display “A–I”. Using the alphanumeric key, “A–I” is “1009” in numbers

    Answer: 1009 (This will take you back to Level 38)

    Level 38: Hint is asking for roman numeral, so “1009” becomes “MIX”

    Answer: MIX

    Level 39: Use the camera and take a picture, the four slots displays: 01, 20, 04, 01, which translates to ATDA. Unscramble and it becomes DATA

    Answer: DATA

    Level 40: Fill in the boxes with the alphabet. Boxes marked with “X” is E, M, P, T, Y

    Answer: EMPTY

    Level 41: Without moving the board, the dots spells out SHIFTING in binary (black is 0, gold is 1)

    Answer: SHIFTING

    Level 42: Number of dots represent letters using alphanumeric key, which spells out ROTATE

    Answer: ROTATE

    1. Jarred Gamwell

      Level 45– on the wheel cypher, 3 is the key (from level 43, it says test “Three is next”). Clue is IRXU, so IRXU = FOUR

      1. Jarred Gamwell

        Oops, level 44 solution i meant

    2. Joe

      Level 43: Click the middle button until it says ‘3’ – ten the code IRXU can be translated to get the answer ‘four’

      Answer: FOUR

      Lever 44: Rotating the wheel to ‘4’ then translating the given code QMRXY you get MINUS

      Answer: MINUS

      1. Joe

        Sorry meant 44 and 45 for those two ^. 46: moving each black mark back two places gives an anagram of EIGHT

  13. Jarred Gamwell

    Level 45: you’ll need the cypher wheel again from lvl 44. The clue is “K” which is 11th number of the alphabet. Set wheel to 11, then use the letters from lvl 45 (QMRYW) to get BXCJH on the inner wheel. Then check BXCJH from the outer wheel to reveal the word MINUS from the inner wheel. Input MINUS for level 46.

  14. Jason

    Level 47: Using the arrow indicated and the hint “Tracker Positioning”, go back to Level 41 and shift the dots to the bottom right. Convert from binary to text and you get MNEMONIC

    1. Jason

      Edit: after you convert from binary to text, you get UVMUWVQK. But using EIGHT as hint, shift 8 to get MEMONIC

  15. Matt

    Well done Jason! And again a white screen. I figure lvl 8 has a second solution…

    Lvl 8 clue says R(8)… using the code as characters, reversing them 8 gives a backward read ‘test’ and opens a new file.

    What could it be on lvl 16 with the #16 sign?

    1. Matt

      Btw… lvl input on top 14454 gives different tunes for right and wrong numbers… just a nice treat.

      Another such a hint is given in lvl. 40 where the picture states an empty set symbol.

  16. Angelea

    I’m so confused when u get to the blank page, like am I suppose to do something or wait for the next day or…?

  17. Matt

    Lvl 35 decade coded in roman gives a string of six numbers 453145, fitting in lvl 29, greatness it opens lvl 83 for you, providing one of the central binaries as stated by …[#]… being 00110101 e.i. # 5 and with little brute force lvl 30 can now be cracked with the three given numbers: 4-2/5-?. This results in 4251, opening the white screen on lvl 100.

  18. Matt

    Great note I had note noticed the blinking yet, was looking into the same. Just see a slight typo as the one said as 44 is actually 45.

  19. Matt

    Under number 40 seems a empty spot. Tap it and a gray spot as the thumbnail appears, after tapping you get a little story about being lost in a maze and you get a maze icon 🙂

  20. Matt

    The alpha numeric sheets have in the top right 1/4 -k and then 2/4 -e … where does that lead to? keys?

  21. Daniel Blees

    Here’s a few side solutions.

    Level 16: If you push the arrows at the bottom to show the “free hint”, you see three locks. Once you’ve made it to Level 44, you’ll see that the cipher wheel has a key on it. (This is why the side solution to Level 8 and using the cipher wheel makes sense). Anyways, if you look at the upper right part of the image on 16, there’s 8 wheels that point to one of 26 points. Line them up with the wheel in 44, and you get “twoseven”. Type “27” to get to…something.

    Level 37: There’s a key next to “CVI”. Use the cipher decoder on the letters offset by 10 (because this level is named X) to get “sly”.

    There’s still a side solution on 16.

    1. Daniel Blees

      Got another one.

      Level 25: The letters not used in the main solution spell “dbokdsco”. Use the cipher wheel offset by ten (there are ten dots) to get “treatise”.

  22. Phil B

    Level 16 again.

    Enlarge photo and lights on the centre console give you binary code which spells PROPOSAL. This takes you to another document.

    1. Matt

      I kept wondering after a restart why this first file didn’t show up anymore. After having the first three, you get the fourth to click on.

      Anyway, the 5 clocks in the middle of 16 are still unsolved. Pointers seem to point at with light above them in brackets:
      6-36 (1-1)
      6-42 (1-1-0)
      24-36 (1-1-0)
      30-42 (1-1)
      42-48 (0-0-1-1)

      1. Emile LaChambre

        Put them in as morse code, .. ..- ..- .. –.., then set the ceasar cipher to 7. Comes out as boobs. Unsure if joke or important?

      2. Ethan

        Just thought i would tell you that the clocks are solved with a key found in the first game The Guides. I want to say that it is found somewhere in the second area level either 14 or 16.

  23. Hannah

    I’m still missing a side solution for 33 and 16. Those are the only two levels still outlined in gold. I noticed that level 33 responds to gyroscope movements but they don’t seem to make anything appear, it just moves one of the lawyers of grit around on the background.

  24. Phil B

    Even though 41 is shaded in I thought the rest of the binary codes you get from moving the grid around might come in handy down the line and save some time.

    Level 41
    Left = opposite
    Right = drawback
    Bottom left = alphabet
    Bottom Right – used for level 47
    Bottom = patterns
    Middle = shifting – used already
    Top left = 83 85 77
    Top right = 83 73 88
    Top – ???? – can’t get that one

    I’ve tried both 6 digit numbers on level 29 but no luck.

    Also level 33 isn’t showing as complete after answeing ESC, is there something else there?

    Aside from 16, 29 & 30 all seemingly available ones are shaded to show “complete”

    Any thoughts?

    1. Alise

      Top is “OUTLINED”

    2. eldwin

      the top is “outlined”
      bright as 0 and dark as1

  25. Jason

    Level 16 Bonus: QUBIT (I do not know how)

    Level 33 Bonus: Add all the dots (12+26+10=48), subtract (hence the answer from Level 32) the number of groups of dot (3), gives you the answer 45

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh nice work. I wonder if there’s a third number like 27 & 45 that will together give us the last 6-digit code for 29.

    2. Daniel Blees

      The QUBIT solution to 16 is semaphore. It was used in the original The Guides; it’ll probably get used later.

  26. Alise

    On level 16 when you use game photograph, another binary code appears on the board under the clocks.

    Answer: PROPOSAL

  27. Jon Core

    In level 19, the bottom right corner has a code, S2V5IE9uZQ == AZIMUTH. S2V5IE9uZQ == in base64 reads Key One. Not sure where the code is used though.

    1. Jon Core

      Level 32 has a similar code, S2V5IFR3bw == PENDULUM. S2V5IFR3bw== translates to Key Two.

      1. Becky

        There is also one at the bottom of level 47. T3ZlcnJpZGUgS2V50g translates to Override Key.

        1. Allison

          Using base64 decode, you get key three at level 62. Key three = portend

  28. Tina

    I’ve unlocked level 84 but CANNOT remember how I got that six digit code – I was playing late at night. I did not have the cipher and had not unlocked the 27 or 45 levels. I’ll report back…

    1. Nicholas

      From level 59. Is just 6 numbers that spell decide

  29. Tina

    I’m now starting to feel like maybe i typed something in. Otherwise, why would the option be there?

    I have a game on my iphone where 84 is not unlocked. I’ll persevere with it.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah you’re right. I haven’t typed in an answer on that level.

      If it’s consistent, another 6-digit code is needed to unlock 84, though.


      1. Joe

        If you look at the two ‘nodes’ so far unlocked (the 45 and 27 in red circles) the 3 dots at the bottom appear to indicate we are missing the first. Perhaps this gives the final 6 digit code?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. But the level map doesn’t have any big circles to the right and left of those two. Do you remember if those two were big before being unlocked?

          1. Tina

            I didn’t have 45 or 27 when I unlocked 84. I was vaguely browsing this page and just trying stuff when I did it – it wasn’t until this morning I realised i had the 1st 2nd and 4th digits…

  30. Andrew

    I donΓÇÖt know how these help but they seem important. Key One(S2V5IE9uZQ)=Azimuth, Key Two(S2V5IFR3bw)=Pendulum, and the Override Key(T3ZlcnJpZGUgS2V50g)=_ _ _ P _ _ _ _. These will probably be important sometime in the future!

  31. Andrew

    Also, does anyone know what the 1/4-k and 2/4-e (on levels 40 and 46) mean? I checked them in Base64 and it didnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t translate to anything… I feel like theyΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗re important but i canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t figure out how

  32. martha

    I unlocked level 100, another ‘blank page’, by putting 4251 into level 30

    1. alice

      Same, and that’s because the walkthrough said ‘missing one’ so then I thought, I’ll just put in 1 at the end.

  33. Penny

    Going backwards I found that the binary for 84 is 00110001, which translates to 1, and leads to 100 (a blank page) when you input 4251 on level 30. So far I’m thinking that to get to 84 you need to input a code such as xx4527. However the icon shows there’s at least one more code than that that’s currently valid.

    1. Penny

      (the uncleared icon being for level 30)

      In another direction, now following level 41, i found two sets of 3 numbers that are decoded from the red dots.
      top-left: 83 85 77
      top-right: 83 73 88

      currently i don’t think there are uses for those values.

    2. martha

      It looks like we figured out the same thing at the same time! However, I didn’t take those steps to get 1 – I tried brute forcing it! I thought the four-digit code for level 30 had to start with 425 so I just tried that with every combination. I also attempted 452 with every possible fourth digit… nothing. The only result comes from 4251. I don’t know about 84, but now I think everyone’s barking up the wrong tree in regards to level 30.

      1. Penny

        The #1 thing i know is that brute-forcing your way to find the code to unlock 84 is way too time-consuming as I’m very sure there are 60477 possible permutations that the code could be.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I even tried using a word finder to look for 6-letter words using only A – I (1 – 9) to see if any of them rang any bells. But nothing yet.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, not doing that.

          I am wondering if something will happen with the blank pages once we solve 29, 30, 84. It seems odd to have all the blank pages, especially 49 since there’s seemingly nothing to do.

  34. Penny

    Following the keys, the theme may be something involving astronomy, with the azimuth, a focault pendulum, and ___p____. Given the hint with 8 characters and the 4th character being the letter “p”, I’m making a guess it has to do with the tropical year.

    1. Jostijn

      Or it spells proPosal… The other letters seem to fit in the gaps.
      It’s also one of the words used along with gemini, azimuth and pendulum.

    2. Emeraldmoon

      On lvl 5 you can use number to letter translate to get the code “added” from 14454 and unlock backdoor

  35. Jess

    I think the Override Key(T3ZlcnJpZGUgS2V50g) = _ _ _ p _ _ _ _
    Is the “key” from the end of The Guides since the letters fit in the spaces perfectly giving nHYpXrWx? Don’t know where this would be used though

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I think everyone got a different key there, though.

  36. Courtney

    In 16, ‘qubit” is from the lowest row of dials, they translate into ‘qubit’ through semaphore. And in 33, you can also get 45 by shifting lzj until you get “xlv” which are the roman numerals for 45. Also, another set of binary from 41 translates into ‘opposite’.

  37. Josh Neose

    Sorry to sound like a noob but does anyone know when/how to get the other decoders because I only have the binary decoder…..

  38. Katsuji

    For the tracker position directly to the left on level 41, if you go the opposite way with the grey dots being 0 and the white dots being 1, you get the word “opposite”.

  39. Alex

    dose any one know the hidden level ting for level 37?

    1. Jason

      Its SLY. The key is 10 from previous levels, so shift the letters by 10

  40. Maverick

    ok. look at 37. REALLY CLOSELY. If you look at the very first character for a second or two, it turns from what looks like a “Y”, to a key. Tried the different key solutions here, and have come up short. The side note where you type in the answer says “key =”. Anyone got any ideas?

    1. alice

      It says key=x, so input x literally.

  41. Maverick

    Also, someone seriously needs to figure out the relationship between the different six digit solutions for 81-83. I can’t get it, but there are patterns there in the numbers. 1,3,4,5 are repeated in everyone. 5,6,8 are used in one each, so i think 7 is another number. each of them has either: double 1’s, double 3’s, or double 5’s, so i figure double 4’s is in the next clue. so 2 – 4’s, and a 7, 1, 3, and 5 could potentially be an answer.

    just thinking out loud here.

  42. Gus


    I thought the same and tried a few combinations, then realized that the numbers are so similar because of the translation to letters in the levels we got them from. They only could choose numbers from 1-9 and since a=1 and e=5 are the only vocals in this range, at least one of them had to be used.

  43. Polaristar

    I think I may have found something.

    I dug into the game’s innards and found out that there’s actually more decoders that you can unlock somehow, probably via a future update or by solving 29 or 30.

    If we view one of the files, it shows a value of “true” or “false”, depending on whether or not the decoder has been unlocked.

    So, with that in mind, I discovered that switching all “false” values with “true” actually unlocks the previously locked decoders!

    And they do appear to work: I remembered seeing a bit of Morse code in the top left of the picture in 16, so I tried it out.

    So, we now know that somewhere in the game requires you to use Morse code, base64, hex code, and ASCII.

    Hope this helps. I’ll keep digging.

  44. Polaristar

    Also, the digit unlocked from solving 84 is 1. Which leads to the “4251” code that you can input on 30. So that leads to a dead end.

  45. Polaristar

    One more thing: you know the eerie red secrets that have the big “27” and “45” in them? If you look underneath the numbers, you’ll see a red dot that’s highlighted, with “45” containing the 2nd dot and “27” containing the 3rd dot.

    Apparently, the 1st dot has the number “64” attached to it.

    Also, I think we should keep in mind that levels 27 and 45 both look very similar to each other.


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Impressive! But I tried 644527 on leve 29 and it didn’t work. 🙁

      Maybe FDDEBG can be used somehow?

  46. Polaristar

    There’s a Vigenere cipher that can be unlocked, but doesn’t appear to be in the game yet. The only proof of its existence that I can find is the icons that indicate if it’s on or off.

  47. Jess

    On Level 47, if you change …p…. To morse code you get ‘sph’ and if you shift it by 4 in the Casear cipher you get ‘old’. Not sure if relevant in anyway though. Does Override key =old make sense to anyone?

  48. Ash

    Entering 4251 on level 30 brought me to level 100, but it was another blank page

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I know people have brute forced the 1, but I’m still trying to figure out how to unlock 84. I’m thinking maybe the blank pages will change after everything else is complete.

  49. Jess

    For level 41: 83 73 88 translates to SIX and 83 85 77 translates to SUM.


  50. Cam

    So… the 6 digit number to unlock level 84 is still a mystery?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yup! People have guessed what the last number is for 30, but no one seems to know how to unlock Level 84. Someone claimed to do it but couldn’t remember how.

      1. Lazerath

        84 = Enter DECIDE 453946 on 29

  51. Zachary Turner

    All of the patterns on the board mean something. I’ll use x,y coordinates from (0,0) to (2,2) with (0,0) being lower left.

    (1,1) – SHIFTING

    (0,0) – ALPHABET
    (0,1) – OPPOSITE (look at it in a mirror to see)
    (0,2) – 83 85 77 -> SUM
    (1,2) – OUTLINED
    (2,2) – 83 73 88 -> SIX
    (2,1) – BACKWARD
    (2,0) – MNEMONIC
    (1,0) – PATTERNS

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What did you use to get those numbers decoded into SIX and SUM?

      1. Zachary Turner

        At first I just said “what happens if I let the smallest one of each be 1, then apply random caeasar ciphers until I find something that works?” That gave me the answers but I didn’t understand why. Later I found out that those are actually the decimal ascii codes. So far the game has only had us doing translation between binary and ascii. so basically, convert these numbers to binary first, then plug them into the decoder. e.g. 83 = 01010011, and if you plug that into the in-game decoder you get S

        1. Agatakat

          How did you get that number for 83?

      2. Jess

        Lol. The way I got them was to plug it in the decoder from The Guides. So much easier.

    2. Thomas Pratt

      I think it’s drawback not backward for (2,1)

  52. alice

    Little note- The 2 blank pages above level 82 and 83 are weird. you know how usually, when you tap on the blank pages to get the second page, the page navigation considers that blank page as ‘complete’? If you tap on the left one, try to ‘complete’ it, and then go to the one on the right, the left blank page will erase the completion circle filling in the nav page. Same if it’s vise versa, neither of them can be considered completed. Also- I’ve found that I can ‘select’ both of the pages at the same time. I can’t tell if this is meant to be or not. This game can always be tricky.

  53. alice

    Sike, I confused myself. Ignore that comment about the blank pages….

  54. Cam

    Also has anyone noticed that in level 32 at the bottom right corner it says “S2V5IFR3bw = PENDULUM” ? I mean it’s probably nothing and I sound completely stupid but you never know lol

    1. Joseph Kerr

      S2V5IFR3bw is KeyTwo in base64

  55. Joseph Smith

    I do believe the two pages that unlocked on their own were unlocked because you unlocked the three pages on the same row.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I figured as much but couldn’t say for sure.

  56. Joseph Smith

    I unlocked level 100 (It’s another blank page btw) by brute forcing my way through level 30. I already had the first three digits from levels 81-83 so there were only nine combinations to try. After unlocking level 100, level 30 is still hollow which means there are more levels it can unlock.

  57. Zachary Turner

    Couple things I’ve found that I haven’t seen mentioned here:

    1) the override key almost certainly unlocks level 87 (see level 47). But I can’t find any 8 letter words whose 4th letter is a p.

    2) code names MINERVA and GEMINI are used a couple of times.

    3) Some of the documents have 1/4 and 2/4 with a code after them, which is probably a clue. I found 1/4 – k and 2/4 – e, as well as bG – 1/4 and 9v – 2/4

    The two pages with Key 1 and Key 2 (AZIMUTH and PENDULUM) also have a diagram on them with a line running through it. If you write the index of each dot as you trace the line, you get 14538 and 23589. Not sure if these are used for anything though.

    4) On one of the very first levels where you put in the temporary access code of 14454, that translates to ADDED.

    5) The page with the four words on it and the arrow pointing to the upper left, the word WRITINGS seems suspicious and out of place.

    1. alice

      I have tried so many combinations for the randomly-lettered codes.

      Here, I’ve separated the uppercase letters, lower case letters, and numbers. I thought it was kind of weird that the cipher took 3-digit numbers, but I didn’t question it much.

      page 19,32,47
      S2V5i E9uZQ-


      {shift 259:

      {Roman numerals:


      S2V5i FR3bw-


      {shift 253:

      {roman numerals:




      {shift 325:

      {roman numerals:


      1. Joseph Kerr

        first one is base64 for KeyOne, second base64 for Ovveride Key.

  58. Zachary Turner

    I wouldn’t waste my time trying to play with those gibberish strings. Since they are base-64 encoded text, there is almost no chance that you can do anything meaningful on them.

    The 45 27 might be clues. There’s obviously one more of those pages, so the code might be

    _ _ 4 5 2 7

    You could probably brute force this, but it would be annoying and might not even be the answer anyway.

    1. Maverick

      I tried XX4527. All the combinations. Nothing worked for me. Also tried it on lvl 30 for the four digit. N/A.

    2. Polaristar

      I dug around the game’s innards and found pictures that had the first two numbers, which turn out to be 64.

  59. Maverick

    Alright. Here me out people. We’re going to brute force level 30. We know the 2 combinations that are already out there, but there are others. There are thousands of combinations, so it will need to be a team effort. Today, so far, I have tried 1111-1999. None of those work. Anyone wanna grab a grand set and help out?

      1. Jarred Gamwell

        Cancel that, i started then my brain fried and my patience thinned fast. Sorry

    1. Ahmed


  60. SJay

    The answer to number 4 on level 29 is 453945, or the word decided.

    1. SJay

      Sorry, DECIDE, not decided.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Did you get that from anywhere or just try all 6-letter words that could fit? I was tempted to. 😉

        1. Zachary Turner

          Is it possible that DECIDE comes from DECADE? The 4th letter is shifted by 8. Is there anything that would tie the 4-8 to the puzzle whose answer was DECADE?

          1. Igor

            I think A = 0, and there may be a “hint?” in #29 that 0 becomes a 9 since there is a 09 at the top.

          2. Audrey Eunice Dimson

            I think it’s because the 4th roman numeral (representing A in decade) is literally letter I. so I just replaced the A of DECADE to I for DECIDE

          3. Prince

            Yes there is. Read answers from level 44 thru 47.


            So, rotate the fourth letter ‘-8’ shiftings.

      2. AppUnwrapper

        So all that’s left is figuring out another code for 30 and then hoping something happens with all the blank pages.

        1. William Franklin

          I got 4762 but it leads to a blank page

  61. Maverick

    Update. 2111-2999. No luck. I’m about to hop on a flight so I’ll try another grand.

  62. PacoEX

    I think the “QUBIT” from level 16 comes from “Flag semaphore” ,where people would make words out of flag combinations. The indicators from the 5 clocks match the alphabet character gesture for “Q” “U” “B” “I” “T”

    1. Anonymous

      Wow, definitely not a coincidence.

  63. Maverick

    Update again. Nothing additional in the 4000 series. Still need to do 3,5,6,7,8,9. This is painful.

  64. Zachary Turner

    I think I figured out the Override Key, but I hesitate to post it because in the one place I thought it would be currently useful, it does nothing. So either it’s not yet implemented or I’m wrong, either way it doesn’t help anyone out and is a potential spoiler before people have a chance to figure it out if it does turn out to be right.

    A hint though, which again may be a red herring if I’m wrong, is that the word is written on one of the levels somewhere, and it’s not masked or encoded in any way.

    1. Jess

      It’s proposal isn’t it?

    2. Teng thaisothyrak

      Probably the word “suspended”? Half of my brain goes oh well, that make sense, while the other goes where the heck does it even fit in?

  65. Jen

    This might be a stupid question but can anyone explain the key hole symbols (besides the fact that it represents X) that appear on Level 16. The place where the hint is just 3 key holes each separated by a vertical line? It also appears in Level 20 and I figured it might be connected to the keys in some way. (Which could maybe lead to a page that helps to decipher why the answer is Qubit.

    1. Daniel Blees

      The code wheel in puzzle 44 has a key on it. The hey hole symbols are hints that a key is the key, aka using the code wheel.

      Specifically on level 16, there are eight wheels in the top-right that each point towards a position on the wheel. It does not lead to a page that explains why the answer is “qubit”.

      (The answer is “qubit” because of the five wheels in the middle. You can use semaphore to get “qubit”.)

  66. Zachary Turner

    I tried 4000-4999 on level 30, no hits except the two we already know

    1. Maverick

      Yeah I did that already. Need to do the following series: 3,5,6,7,8,9. I’m halfway through the 5k series with no additional hits.

      1. Zachary Turner

        I did the 8’s. Nothing.

        1. Zachary Turner

          Also did the 9’s. Nothing there either. Only 3,6,7 remains

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Wait so has anyone managed to clear 30? Sounds like people have tried every possible number?

            1. RH

              It is not so easy to test. Interface is difficult and not showing the input, only stars.
              So mistakes can happen. I am quite confident 3K was tested negative, but I’m not sure about 7K. I think all series should be checked twice, as it is not likely, two persons will skip the same numbers within that series..

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Hmm seems unlikely that no nunber will work.

          I’ve also been trying different names/words on level 6, in case a certain user name would trigger something. No luck so far.

          1. Lol

            Axiom 😉

  67. Maverick

    No answers in the 5k series for level 30. Remaining series: 3,6,7,8,9. Feel free to do some because this takes a while.

    1. RH

      Been through 7000 and 9000 series. Nothing found, but I could easily have missed some.

      1. RH

        3000 series also blank

  68. Thea

    How do you get the Caesar’s Cipher decoder?

    1. Thea

      Got it after passing level late 30s early 40s. Sorry I don’t remember after which level specifically.

  69. TIMN

    I already got 100% as the game said so I guess there is actually no secret left???? yet?

  70. William Franklin

    I have 84 unlocked

  71. Tushar

    So I just talked to the creator of the game, and he said that level 30 unlocks 3 levels. 31, 100 and x17. (x are badges, and x17 is an officer badge) []

    I’ll try and ask him how to access it 🙂

    1. Zachary Turner

      I asked him several weeks ago. Level 30 cannot currently be completed, update coming in October (this was back in September)

      1. RH

        So we are wasting our time here on an unfinished game. I find that a little disappointing.
        New levels, please 🙂

  72. The Chicken Coop

    I know how to get to level 100 if need to know just reply back

  73. RH

    @TIMN where does the game say 100%?
    Some of the levels in my game e.g. lvl 30 indicates there is still something to find.

  74. Lola

    I wonder why my level 24 remaining still empty after I solved the orientation problem. Is there any additional quiz that I missed?

  75. Josh

    Level 6 name is axiom did it first try when playing through the game before this walkthrough. Also my game says 100% in the level select so we have to wait for update.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure what you mean?
      I’ve tried Axiom before as the name and noticed no difference.

      What do you mean yours says 100%?

  76. Yay

    For Level 30, the code received from 29 is the last one needed. 4251.

    1. euncy

      52 i thinl it has more than one answer
      i got one answer. the answer is “logic”

      1. P.T.Z

        The wires on 52 is a code, to the previous level. The color codes in 52 match the letters in 51. Buuuut I’m too lazy to Do it. I’m at LVL 57.

        1. Robin Underwood

          The answer to 52 is LOGIC.

  77. Kenny Tafianoto

    Bro the user name at level 6 is added
    From 14454 changed into alphabets

    1. James

      Interesting, but inputting literally anything else will produce the same results.

  78. Double Mewlix

    Hey, I got level 6 on my own very quickly. I just entered VARIABLE (which it says on the top left hand of the screen) and it worked.

  79. sadruddin khimani

    what;s benefit to play this games

  80. RocketGuy 2526

    I found for level 41 the middle left code is in binary, must be read backwards after decoding it gives the word OPPOSITE

  81. Robert L

    T3Z1cnJpZGUgS2V50g means “Results go here…” In base 64 apparently.

  82. Robert L

    I’m jk. It’s override key.

  83. Bran J

    On lvl 41. If you take the top most center position and count all the empty black spots as ‘1’s in binary you get “Inverted”

  84. Logan w

    With the note unlocked from 25, input the highlighted numbers into the numerical pad on 30 and it will take you to the blank page.

    1. Logan w

      Just realized this was already said, apologies.

  85. Phillip B

    Use 8 as a shift key for “MLWK” and . You will get EDOC which is the answer. It spells Code backwards.

    1. Phillip B

      Sorry, this is for 48. and it can also be read as e-doc or electronic document.

    2. Michael Casto

      It turns out eDoc is the answer for the new level 48.

  86. Zachary Turner

    Update is out. I’m stuck at 89.5%, with the only thing that seems incomplete being level 48. Also the bonus page right after 100 is interesting, I think the word it’s trying to spell there is PATRIOTIC, but I can’t get it to fit anywhere.

    1. Michael Casto

      The answer is eDoc. ItΓÇÖs ΓÇ£MWLKΓÇ¥ with a shift 8.

  87. Michael Casto

    Further answers for levels if you feel like them:

    Level 48: eDoc. Translate he numbers into ΓÇ£MWLKΓÇ¥ and then do a shift 8.

    Level 50: Translate the co-ordinates into the letters on the eDoc. You get ΓÇ£WIREDΓÇ¥

    Level 52: Go back the level 50 and use the parings on the top of the console to translate into some more letters. You get ΓÇ£LOGICΓÇ¥

    Level 53: I just spammed the 2 buttons until I won

    Level 54: Decode the morse code given. You get ΓÇ£TEMPESTΓÇ¥.

    Level 55: Decode the modest code given. You get ΓÇ£TONEΓÇ¥

    Level 56: Look at the patterns at the top of the console. It spells out ΓÇ£ΓÇö- ΓÇóΓÇöΓÇó ΓÇóΓÇóΓÇóΓÇ¥ in Mose code. This gives you ΓÇ£OPSΓÇ¥

    Level 57: A blank page.

    YouΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗re welcome 😉

    1. Zachary Turner

      Yep, got all of these too. Stuck at 97.7%, hmmm. Seems to be another solution on 52

      1. Michael Castro

        Yeah. I tried swapping the color combinations (ΓÇ£green-blueΓÇ¥ becomes ΓÇ£blue-greenΓÇ¥) looking at th thumbnail, trying random words, but nothing seems to work. Interesting how the eDoc Level 54 has some complex code that isnΓÇÖt actually used for the level. Sounds interesting.

        1. Michael Casto

          Hold on, I realised the ΓÇ£codeΓÇ¥ on level 54 was just how to get Morse code. What a shame!

        2. Skekleton

          On the bottom section of 52, the blinking cursor is morse code, but I’m no good with blinking patterns, and cannot tell when it starts.

          1. Luc

            The morse code is Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γòó╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├▓├╗╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├▓├╗ ╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├▓├╗ ╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├▓├╗╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├▓├╗╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├▓├╗, translate them and you get e, s and d. I cannot tell when it starts either, but I tried every combination and the answer is “des”.

            1. Zachary Turner

              Did anyone find fragmented bitstream 2 of 3? I found 1 of 3 and now 3 of 3. Combined they seem to spell P _ G _ u O T _ C. 2 of 3 should have the last 3 letters, although the mix of upper and lower case is a bit strange.

              It’s possible that you need to find all 9 missing letters then run the entire block fo data through a DES decryption algorithm (not sure what the key is yet).

              Still though, not sure where 2/3 is and I’m at 98.8% now.

              1. mythriver11

                Maybe cross reference with the discovered base64 codes?

          2. Gamergirl

            On 52, in the com section morse code… I see a d, and e, and an s, but I can’t follow it fast enough to figure out which order, or how many other letters I may be missing. Or i am getting wrong >_<

    2. studyofrobotics

      For 53, look at the light sources. They’re going in a circle. Continue with the next position in the circle.

  88. Luc

    Stuck at 97.7%, only two puzzles left.
    Puzzle 1: I still got level 30 uncompleted. I wonder if it unlocks the Fragmented Bitstream 2/3.
    Puzzle 2: I got a new level on the right of the levels with red numbers “64”,”45″ and “27”. The hint is “Block 2 Nodes”, but I have completely no idea what I should do with it.

    1. Zachary Turner

      Enter “sky” for the Block 2 Nodes puzzle. Forgot how I came up with that. I think if you go back to each of those levels and look at the hint there’s some letters there.

      1. RR

        Where do you enter ΓÇ£skyΓÇ¥?

      2. Pesky

        Omg, THANK YOU! Level 64 was the one I was stuck on, now I’m at 100% again after the new update. Can’t wait for more!

    2. Zachary Turner

      Also I don’t have *any* levels uncompleted. I think I’m at 98.8 or something

      1. Luc

        Level 45 has a hint “K”, and 27 has “Y”, but 64 is not available. I believe there is an S on 64.

        1. LRS

          Really don’t find this hints on 27 and 45? Where you find the letters?

          1. Luc

            Tap the arrow on the bottom left.

      2. Luc

        98.8 means you have only 1 puzzle left.

        Check if you have any levels with a circle but no level numbers in it, go back to those levels and the level icon can be changed.

        1. Zachary Turner

          The only level that appears incomplete is 100, but it’s a blank page. Fragmented bitstream 3/3 is an empty circle with no icon or level number. But other than that everything is filled in.

          1. Luc

            I’ve got 100% and I only have 57 and 100 incomplete.

            I have these levels shown as icons:

            After level 57 are four levels with icons.
            Before level 81 are two with icons.
            The two Fragmented bitstream levels both are icons.

            Between 20 and 21 are four icons. Between 40 and 41 are four icons.

          2. Luc

            Go to 3/3 again to see if anything happens.

            Some levels need to be visited more than once, because the information shown are not the same every time you visit them.

            For the Fragmented bitstream levels, the Scanning report numbers and the IP addresses change every time, but the other things seem to be the same.

          3. Ben Kim

            the two “blank” circled levels above 82 and 83 are now able to be seen.

            these are the levels unlocked by words “illusion” and “sly”. Like the “flower” and “pentagon maze” symbols, if you click on these circles and go back to the level menu, the empty circles are replaced with symbols: a red “impossible triangle” and a blue pyramid respectively.

            At the point of the game you are in currently, there should be sixteen secret symbol levels, four in each “margin” row of the level select.

            A circle with a crown in it, two ellipses intersecting, an eye in a circle, and a flower.

            A feather, an infinity symbol, what looks like a safe, and a pentagon maze

            (below are the weird numbered levels, such as 64, 45, 27 and the “block 2 node” level)
            A 4x4x4 “Rubik’s cube”, a cube inside of a hexagonal border, a 3x3x3 “Rubik’s cube” and a ringed planet.

            (below are the fragmented bitstreams. as of now, there are only 2 out of presumably 3 and a secret fourth level in the row available)
            a Major Seargent Badge, the same flower from row one

            the last row only has two out of presumably four icons in the row available. where you are as of now, if you click on the circles like i said above, you will get 100% (unless youve done it already)
            an “impossible triangle, a pyramid

            please comment if there are any more symbols that come up in future versions.

            (p.s) the “unsymboled” 3/3 bitstream has the same icon as the blue and red flower in row one. it just appeared like that after i clicked on it

            1. Jenny

              I have successfully unlocked the 3/3 fragmented bitstream, but can’t figure out how to unlock the 2/3 one. Could you please help me?

              1. Ben Kim

                sorry, as of now where I am i have not found the 2/3 bitstream, however i have 100%. that means nothing else is possible as of now.

            2. kimberley

              How do you get the 64 and block node 2 icons? I have 45 and 27.

      3. Ben Kim

        the two “blank” circled levels above 82 and 83 are now able to be seen.

        these are the levels unlocked by words “illusion” and “sly”. Like the “flower” and “pentagon maze” symbols, if you click on these circles and go back to the level menu, the empty circles are replaced with symbols: a red “impossible triangle” and a blue pyramid respectively.

        At the point of the game you are in currently, there should be sixteen secret symbol levels, four in each “margin” row of the level select.

        A circle with a crown in it, two ellipses intersecting, an eye in a circle, and a flower.

        A feather, an infinity symbol, what looks like a safe, and a pentagon maze

        (below are the weird numbered levels, such as 64, 45, 27 and the “block 2 node” level)
        A 4x4x4 “Rubik’s cube”, a cube inside of a hexagonal border, a 3x3x3 “Rubik’s cube” and a ringed planet.

        (below are the fragmented bitstreams. as of now, there are only 2 out of presumably 3 and a secret fourth level in the row available)
        a Major Seargent Badge, the same flower from row one

        the last row only has two out of presumably four icons in the row available. where you are as of now, if you click on the circles like i said above, you will get 100% (unless youve done it already)
        an “impossible triangle, a pyramid

        please comment if there are any more symbols that come up in future versions

        1. Ben Kim

          There’s actually one more symbol; it’s a blank page as of now, but beyond the last levels, there’s a blank circle. click on it and click out of it and the seventeenth symbol, a 2 by 2 checkerboard square should appear. double check this one on future updates

    3. Andy Chen

      Hint of level>> 45(K) 27(Y)
      Level 64 not released yet
      But you can guess the word XDD

  89. abefish

    lvl 48 [edoc ( 13 12 23 11 -> mlwk >> 8 = edoc)]
    lvl 50 [wired (coordinates in debug screen)]
    lvl 52 [logic (solved with table of lvl 50) / ???]
    lvl 53 [ (i “bruteforced” it by clicking circle oval multiple times)]
    lvl 54 [tempest (using hint and table on debug screen)]
    lvl 55 [tone (using new tool)]
    lvl 56 [ops (listening to tone and analyzing graph with new tool)]
    lvl 57 [“blank page”]

  90. Luc

    Re-enter some levels from the level selection page can sometimes reveal new things for the level, several levels can be “completed” this way.

    I found the icon of some levels changed when I did this.

    I re-entered 4251 on level 30 and it is now completed, I don’t know why is that because entering 4251 unlocks level 100 and I have reached level 100 ages ago.

  91. Luc

    For level 53, notice the highlighted area on each circle (ignore the completely bright ones), the highlighted area changes in the clockwise direction (south>southwest>west>northwest>north>northeast>east>southeast>south), and the circle highlighted (inner, middle or outer) is also changed (always follow the inner>middle>outer>inner cycle)
    Every time I enter 53, the patterns are different.

  92. DOPozza

    lvl 48
    13 12 23 11 = mlwk (using numbers to letters tool)
    mlwk = edoc (using caesar cipher with shift value 8 (which was the answer for 47)

  93. Phillip B

    After re-entering the 2 values we know into 30 (4251 and 4672), I now show 100% complete after the update with only 57 and 100 showing as incomplete.

    1. Maddie

      I reentered the two codes into 30, but I have 98.8% finished. The incomplete levels I have are 57 and 100 and a blank circle that is behind three icons after 57. Do you have the same icon/blank circle that is incomplete? If so, how do you have 100%, am I missing something?

  94. Pat

    In case anyone’s wondering about the bitstream(s) after level 100, I managed to figure things out. I recognized it right away as a PNG file. As such, it was easy to fill in two of the three blanks for the missing output 2 of 3 — and thanks to PNG’s built-in error checking, there was only one possible answer for the third.

    Interestingly, they’re all letters — N, I, and a second I. All nine letters unscramble to form the word ‘picturing’, appropriately enough.

    Oh, and if you’re wondering about the PNG itself, you can see it at

    Yes, it’s that tiny. It’s 7×6. (42. Hmmm.) I can’t make heads or tails of it, though.

    1. Jakob

      Perhaps in the next update we can use this in/ to unlock level 42?

    2. Theo Hendy

      Sorry I know it’s 2 years comment. I believe it’s a binary picture, translates it to ASCII and I got ‘OLJ>HM’. Don’t know what that means

  95. Marelize

    For level 52 use the colors and letter grid on level 50 to get the letters L O G I C
    got all the way to 57 just to get a blank page

  96. Eiji

    For level 52 you can notice that there’s a Morse code in the display
    -.. . …

  97. Lazim

    I got till 57 . Later ones are missing

  98. 종이날개 (@softpaperwings)

    Does anybody know how to reset the game & go back to the beginning? I thought there was an option for it (I think I remember using it, although only vaguely) but I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. c.l.v.s

      the only way is to re-download the game

    2. 화이트브릭

      Go to phone setting -> apps -> enter “the guides axiom” -> delete data

  99. Alex Pullen

    52 is logic, use the code from box from lol 50.

  100. Sunny

    In level 52 you see the colours from level 50 back. Every left row is the y and every right row is x. That gives you (1,3),(4,3),(2,2),(4,2),(3,1) which spells LOGIC.
    To pass level 53 you tap the empty circle till you get the one where the middle is lightest on top, the inner ring is purple and the outer ring is some dark lila.

    1. Sunny

      Level 54 is simply a page with shapes, but if you look at the hint you will see morse code for TEMPEST
      In level 55 they show you another morse code on top, it means TONE
      In level 56 you see, once again on top, that they give you a morse code, but this time itΓÇÖs not already there, you need to write it down before you can figure it out. It gives you OPS.
      Level 57 is a blank page.
      There are no more levels to solve so far. We will need to await an update.

    2. DAL-C45

      There is also a morse code, from cursor at bottom field. I can’t tell exactly what it is, because this is my first time with morse.
      I got “Ident”; “teen”; “nine”. Maybe “nineteen”, but idk

      1. Agatakat

        Which screen are you referring to?
        I got ΓÇ£desΓÇ¥ from the Morse code on 52, which unlocks
        3 of 3 of the terminal black screen with the numbers.
        1 of 3 is unlocked as mentioned above using 4762 from the feather medal level.

        I started work in both those screens but not sure where the answers from them would go yet, also the answers are very vague. Thinking this might give the key pass word that is needed for 47

        1. ud

          got the image… strange binary in there 😉

          1. ud

            not strange binary, but some clear keyword – maybe useful for upcoming puzzles?

    3. Alex Tan

      don’t you have to input something?

  101. Blue

    Any thoughts on the green screen to the right of level 54? It’s not the only one, but it’s the most interesting.

    1. benjam

      It’s a tree for morse code.

      Just go down the tree to the letter you need, and when you go left (dark), add a dot, and right (bright), add a dash.

      For instance, G = – – .

    2. Fridda Fe

      it shows you how to use the morse code for example 1 – is T and 1 . is E
      2 — is M and in the end you get the write word

  102. Alex Tan

    uh for those who didn’t know the 4762 comes from the feather medal or something that’s unlocked from lol 25

  103. BeginnerSlob

    what about golden circle of level 52?
    Not ΓÇ£logicΓÇ¥

    1. adeum

      To pass level 53, you need to check 2 patterns.
      First, shining part is rotating clockwise.
      Next, the darkest part (and other parts, too) moves from inside to outside and returns to inside.
      Quizs appear randomly, and you can refresh it by pushing bar-shaped button. You need to push the space several times until you get the answer.

  104. Kyle Hopcroft

    I figured out the username code for Level 6. I pretty much did it straight away, I’m not sure what made my brain think of putting it in but the codename is ‘pendulum’. I know this because on one of the letters we unlock (number 32) at the bottom right-hand corner is has a mixture of words which it claims to equal ‘pendulum’. It has worked and the rest so far has been fairly simple but I hope this helps.

    1. alice

      I don’t think there is a username code… Anything I’ve put in has worked.

  105. Agatakat

    I got ΓÇ£desΓÇ¥ from the Morse code on 52, which unlocks
    3 of 3 of the terminal black screen with the numbers.
    1 of 3 is unlocked as mentioned above using 4762 from the feather medal level.

    I started work in both those screens but not sure where the answers from them would go yet, also the answers are very vague. Thinking this might give the key pass word that is needed for 47

    1. BeginnerSlob

      how to get DES? i can get no morse in Level52

      1. acdmcmstr07

        The Morse code comes from the flashing of the cursor.

        1. Alan

          I think the colored circles on the left and right of level 52 has to do with level 50….
          I got csgql from it
          Idk if it is gibberish or not tho…

          1. Maddie

            I got csgrl not csgql, I don’t know if that’d make a difference though.

  106. Alan


    1. Alan

      *They added something

  107. SeJun

    Level 41, Left side binary is reversed.

    for example, the first line is
    11110110 -> 01101111 = o

    The binary codes say “opposite”.

  108. Ethen0123

    Hey does anyone know about the 4th clue/item after level 57 that says Block 2 Nodes and is only a gray circle? i’ve spent some time on it but can’t find anything.

    1. energythief

      Just discovered that too… not sure

    2. acdmcmstr07

      I’m at 98.8% with the current update and a little help here so this is the last piece that I’m trying to figure out.

  109. Qs8ball

    The block 2 nodes has something to do with volume, the symbol for the 64 is a 4x4x4 cube which has volume 64 and the symbol for 27 is a 3x3x3 cube which has volume 27

    1. acdmcmstr07

      Yeah, and that’s what their level symbols show. But I can’t figure out what the open cube shape for 45 is supposed to mean, even with trying to correlate side colors.

      1. Davy Lumpkin

        The factors of 45 can be summed to 27 and 64, may have something to do with it

        1. acdmcmstr07

          I went back a page of comments and the numbers 64, 45, and 27 refer you to the levels, where the hints are unknown (no level 64 as of yet), [K], and [Y]. SKY unlocks some text and a planet icon.

  110. Alan

    Putting 4762 into level 30 now gives you something…

  111. Katie D.

    For future use, all 9 directions on 41 can be translated. I haven’t seen a post with all 9, so here they are:

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9

    1 is “83 85 77” which someone else said was “SUM”
    2 is “outlined” (treating light o as 0 and dark as 1)
    3 is “83 73 88” which someone else said was “SIX”
    4 is “opposite” (translated from right to left)
    5 is “shifting”
    6 is “backward” (translated “drawkab” then flipped)
    7 is “alphabet”
    8 is “patterns”
    9 is “mnemonic” (translated as “uvmuwvqk” with a Ceaser shift of 8)

  112. Jason L.

    Expansion Pack:
    1: BEGINS (use Level 40 as the key)
    2: ? (The hints were that 26 is not a letter, but T equals 1)
    3: SYMBOLIC (the randomized number pause once in a while, use the camera on it, then solve the anagram)
    4: PATH (First letter of each word that the symbols represent: Pawn, Anchor, Target, Hourglass)
    5: Start from the middle left button (with the circle) and follow the arrows, two arrows means go over two spaces instead of one. Once all the buttons are pressed, the level is completed
    6: (I only got them to line up as WWBBWBWB, don’t know what to do next)
    7: ?
    8: ?
    9: ?
    10: Tap each circle until the dots line up, with the middle circle matches the background first
    11: Tap the four corners, then the middle
    12: You need to complete the previous 11 levels in order to complete this

    1. Jason L.

      Edit: Level 6 is simply align the dots to WWBBWBWB, Level 7 is binary of the pattern, which gives you “5”
      8: RETRACING (anagram)

      1. Jason L.

        9: Use the bottom left corner of level 19 as key, start with the bottom left dot and draw out the line

      2. P

        e8 is not anagram, you just use the path of e5 shown in the level select screen

    2. PN_Rus

      In level 2 you need to count all characters excluding spaces. The answer is “ARBITER”.

    3. Gleigh

      2: count the number of letters along in the sentences: 43rd letter is a, etc answer: arbiter
      7: decode the morse code : it gives you “5” which is the answer.
      8: repeat number 5’s pattern. Spells out “retracing”.
      9: draw the pattern on the dots from level 19. The hint for 9 references some text on level 19.

      12. Once unlocked, complete the circuit. Then press the glowing button in bottom right, then the file icon.

  113. Jason L.

    Level 36: 10 (backdoor unlocked)

    1. Jason L.

      Level 17: Go the level select –> 18, and you will see a pattern. Tap that pattern into level 17 to unlock the backdoor

    2. Maddie

      I can’t find the back door for this one.

      1. Jason L.

        It is the same pattern that you use to unlock the bonus thing in Level 18, but instead you use it on Level 17

  114. Courtney

    e2. If youΓÇÖve solved The Guides 3.20, you should get this. Punctuation matters.

    e9. see level 19.

  115. Courtney

    20. Decode the series of numbers.

    57. ItΓÇÖs the same process as 47. The key has already been decoded and posted in this walkthrough.
    58. Read the first two sentences and take them literally.
    – I havenΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t figured out the second solution to this level.
    59. Decode the numbers, then refer to 58.
    60. Any input unlockes 61, which is just a blank page.

    Still working on 24.

  116. Courtney

    For 24, look at the preview.

    Still havenΓÇÖt found the second solution to 58. IΓÇÖm at 99.1% completion.

    1. Sg3591

      level 58 second solution:
      It’s the 4th of 4 parts (level 26, 43 and 49 being the three first parts of the solution). The “page number” of these pages are the encoded solution (base64)

    2. ASK

      Can’t find the way to solve e12

      I got the second solution to 58 luckily. if you want I can reply here.

      1. ASK

        I mean, just in case it could be spoiler for you

  117. Alex

    e2 is arbiter

  118. ASK

    oh nevermind, just solved e12 as well. sorry for spam tho.

    Ill just write the answer. I think you wouldnt care since you also share the answer

    26 : Memorandum No. bG 1/4

    43 : Memorandum No. 9v 2/4

    49 : Memorandum No. cA 3/4

    58 : Memorandum No. == 4/4

    Decoded Base64 key: bG9vcA== loop

    so, you can get a blank page on the top.

  119. Maddie

    I have 24, e12, 61 (the blank page), and 100 (another blank page) marked unsolved. I can’t find the solution to these and I’m at 96.4%.
    At the very top above the icons, I have 3 of 4 lit up circles checked off. The fifth one is locked. I assume these are telling you you have 3 of 4 backdoors found. And the last level containing a backdoor is locked? I’m assuming the ones that aren’t lit up haven’t been added.

    1. Jason L.

      Level 24 would be your last backdoor, simply go to the level selection and look at the preview of Level 24. Tap the circles in the actual circle so you would get to the preview arrangement and unlock the backdoor.

      e12 requires you to turn each circuit junction by tapping so that 6 circuits would light up. Turn the junctions so that the circuit will connect adjacent glowing boxes (there should be 12 glowing boxes, with e1 paired with e2, e3 paired with e4 etc). You need to complete all previous expansion pack levels in order to light up all the boxes to complete this level.

      1. Maddie

        For e12, I did what you said, all six circuits are lit up with the junctions on the yellow boxes, except it’s not showing up as completed. Do you have any idea as to why?

        1. Maddie

          I’ve solved all expansion levels except 12.

          1. Jason L.

            Did you press the greenish-yellow button near the bottom right corner when the circuits lit up?

            1. Maddie

              Thanks, it seems like I clicked everything except that XD

  120. Sg3591

    Has anyone unblock the 2 of 3 page? The second icon of the 5th row?

    Has anyone solved the gray circle icon after 64, 45 and 27 icons?
    I’be tried text on these 3 pages (as all of them are Block.02 nodes) but it’s been useless

    1. Jeanine

      I am at 100% Andy have not gotten that yet, so it will be released in an update.

      And yes, block 2 nodes I never heard a good explanation for th s but you basically have to guess based off two letters in hints throughout the game. There are some levels with flashing single letters in brackets. Ignore these as they spell BYTE thatΓÇÖs is used enough elsewhere. INstead take letters K and Y. This is where you guess the S and enter SKY into your level giving you difficulty.

  121. Ikonium

    On lvl 58 if you enter loop you’ll get a new page.
    From the previous pages like the one on lvl 58 you can get this code : bG9vcA==
    It’s a base64 code that gave us Loop

  122. stone freya

    level 58 try loop…

  123. Vanassa

    Hello, I was just wondering if I needed to pay for the expansion pack to get 100% on the game. If not, I wonder what I’m missing.

    1. L. Rey

      Yes, i’m at 88% aprox. And there is only the first expansion left…

      1. AppUnwrapper

        What was the last number for 30? IΓÇÖm still missing one.

        1. L. Rey

          A code for the level 30? I followed this guide and I have the 30 complete… even after the update.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Weird. IΓÇÖm still missing something on that level even though I wrote the guide lol.

          2. AppUnwrapper

            Oh wait. I entered the first one again and now level 30 is complete. Weird.

            IΓÇÖm still only at 99.1%, though, even though I donΓÇÖt see anything else I can do.

            1. L. Rey

              Maybe it reset the level. Have you checked the backdoor section? one padlock is unlocked but it needs to be tap to count as one.
              99% without the expansion? I’m still stuck at 89,5%

              1. AppUnwrapper

                I bought the expansion and with it, IΓÇÖm at 99.1%. I realized what I need to solve still. ItΓÇÖs the Block 2 Nodes.

                1. L. Rey

                  Yeas, after I read your comment I bought the expansion and reached 100%.
                  The one with the gray dot… with the weird messages…
                  Now we have to wait, the expansion was so fast…
                  Good guide 🙂

                2. Icky

                  Have you figured out ΓÇÿblock two nodesΓÇÖ yet?

  124. Gleigh

    To complete lvl 58, notice the == 4/4 at the bottom.
    Find the other levels like 58, and record what they say:

    26: bG 1/4
    43 9v 2/4
    49 cA 3/4
    Putting “bG 9v cA” into the “==” decoder from the Guides gives “loop” which you can input into level 58 to complete it.

  125. Cédric CLEMENT

    Level 58 backdoor unlock
    Indications :
    Level 26 1/4 bG
    Level 43 2/4 9v
    Level 49 3/4 cA
    Level 58 4/4 ==
    Base64Decode(bG9vcA==) = loop

  126. Tor

    Level 41, the one you havnt deciphered is “opposite”, if you decode it backwards

    1. Krisa

      On level 41 another binary set (the lower right corner) is “uvmuwvqk” when translated with the ceaser cipher spells mnemonic.

  127. Tor

    Some things seem to have changed since this guide was made, but after two days I finally reached 100%. (89.3% before expansion) Thanks for the help!

  128. Theodore Balkwill

    Can anybody help with the ‘star levels’ at the top of the map?
    I’m missing the first the ‘triangle’ symbols, the second symbol from the column below, and the third ‘page left blank’ symbol below that.

    86.6% and stuck!

    1. Theodore Balkwill

      Okay I’ve done a few more things- clicked through the grey circles next to the symbols at the top, and turned them into symbols themselves.
      I’m now at 89.3% before expansion.
      I don’t think there’s anything more to do; the first Commutron Transcript, the second Fragmented Bitstream and the third Blank Page don’t yet exist.
      Unless someone else has them?

      1. L. Rey

        You can only reach 89,3% without the expansion.
        After that, you get 100% with the 60 and 100 levels blank pages…

  129. Chunkfoot

    I re-entered the codes you already had for Level 30 and it turned grey. Same for one of the other nodes. Think it might be a bug.

    1. sam

      The expansion does expand the percentage also I found out the back door things are the main things you need to find because it unlocks something check number 17

  130. Larry Consola

    Update on lv37. Entering sly gives you blank screen no more

    1. Larry Consola

      Also, filtering it with the camera reveals an “S”

  131. Sreed

    Anyone willing to explain “Block 2 Nodes”?

    1. L. Rey

      SKY is the answer. Throughout the game you find an S (in sly level), a [K] and a [Y] in other levels as hints. I don’t remember the exact levels :/

      1. Cyaa

        This ‘sky’ probably refers to the codes from level 64, 45, and 27 respectively. The level 64 isn’t unlocked yet so we must have been lucky to guess it lol

        And for that sly level, I just realized the one on its right also has a big white ‘i’ with red background if you open the camera. I think these codes can be used once those levels on their left and right are updated.

      2. Kenzie

        Thanks! I had the same thing too. That was the last thing I couldn’t figure out. Now I’m completed as far as I can go without the expansion.

  132. Chris

    What is the “User Input 1” on level 60?

    1. Chris

      You need to scroll the page left to reveal the eDoc.
      0 = left dot; 1 = right dot. Use this to enter the binary shown into the user input.

      That being said, it doesn’t seem to matter yet as level 61 is a blank page.

  133. JKit

    In level 41, that one is opposite, just decode it from right to left .

  134. Lin

    Can someone tell me why in level 44 it is tapped 3 times until 23 shows please?

    1. Enkyda

      In the previous leven, it is hinted that “three is next”

  135. catcat

    new update, qubit is no longer a blank page, along with a new expansion and some new backdoors and free puzzles

  136. Courtney

    Expansion pack 2 is out (e13-e24) along with 7 new levels (61-63, 65-68). Level 64 is still unavailable, and IΓÇÖve solved all levels except for the backdoors to 62 and 8. Currently at 94.5% completion.

    If anyone wants hints/answers, just ask. If anyone knows how to get the backdoors to 62 or 8 I would appreciate some… guidance. 🙂

    1. Andrew

      Backdoor to 62, if I remember right, is “in between” the solution to the level.

    2. Andrew

      I have 95.9% but 8 and 62 are still not completely solved. Also backdoors show six checks, an empty circle, a lock, two more checks and two dark circles. What am I missing?

      1. Jeanine

        Andrew for the last part of level 8, what happens when you do R(8) on the string: 2 1 13 2? Hint Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£ΓöÉRΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ means reverse … another hint: follow the instructions on the middle of the page.

    3. Andrew

      One more: I think I unlocked level 8 backdoor by converting the code (14454) into letters.

      1. Pound

        That’s for level 5 backdoor.

    4. Pound

      In level 8,just type 21132 to unlock a backdoor.

    5. Pound

      Only backdoor level 62 left for me

      1. Andrew

        For e23, just press the square indicated by the number for each row.

        1. Andrew

          I am still missing something from level 8.

          1. Andrew

            Oh, TYPE 21132. Now I’m only missing something on 62 (97.2%).

            1. Pound

              I’ve got 96.6% but only level 62 left too.I don’t know what am I missing.

              1. Courtney

                IΓÇÖm at 97.9% with 62 incomplete. What are you guys missing? I have 10 completed checks/backdoors.

                1. Andrew

                  I’m right where you’re at. 97.9% complete, 10 backdoor check marks, two new yellow screens in the star area with two blank circles next to them, and something incomplete on 62. I’ve entered two answers into it (canyon and atlas).

                  1. Andrew

                    On level 62, the red numbers in the middle of the page refer back to three of the staticky arrow pages, which in turn refer you to other levels (Network Links). I don’t know what any of that means, though.

                    1. Pound

                      I’ve got it.Use the red letter that cover the black number(03 01 14 25 15 14)which is aW1tYW5lbnQ= and I use the == decoder from The Guides and I get immanent which unlock the third yellow screen in the star area.And the gray circle next to it but it still have a puzzle to solved.The hint is a key with B1 B2 B3 and a key hole with P1 P2 P3.

                    2. Jeanine

                      It may mean something in an update. FOr now what about the letters left incense you take out the hw new used to find ΓÇÿatlasΓÇÖ?

                  2. Pratik

                    How did you reach at atlas?

                  3. FakeCode

                    Hey and how did you get the atlas key word?I’m confused…

                    1. Pound

                      In level 62,look at the red letter that’s not cover the black number which is A t L a S

                    2. FakeCode

                      WOW AMAZING!!

              2. Pound

                Oh I get it.In level 62,there are 3 different answers.

      2. Courtney

        The dots are a hint on how to solve it. Think back to the last level that had that same hint, and how you ΓÇ£interactedΓÇ¥ with the puzzle.

    6. jean

      can someone tell me what to do in level 61? i am stuck there

      1. Jeanine

        What if you read the streams right to left?

    7. Avinandan Ganguly

      Hey bro, what is the first solution to level 62?

      1. dne

        Hold the camera. “Don’t shoot.”

  137. FakeCode

    I just got the answer of the last star area next to the third disk:
    – keyhole| P1 P2 P3 means the three marks on the top right corner of nearby three disk pages
    and you got “16 15 2”
    – key| B1 B2 B3 means the three highlight district on the three-layer disks in these three disk pages
    and you got “mdg”
    – use the Caeser decoder with each letter of “mdg” with each step of “16 15 2”
    and you got “woe”
    100% complete!

    1. Pratik

      It is still showing 99.3% for me. I have 10 check box. The last star area for 64, 45, 27 is still incomplete and level 69 and 100 are blanks. Am I missing something?

      1. FakeCode

        64 45 27 means the level 64 45 27, just slide to the right and you will find [K] and [Y], so try SKY?

      2. Fredi

        You need to click on the lock symbol at the top of the level select selection to get 100%. Where does 21132 for level 8 come from?

        1. Courtney

          It comes from the dialogue in the Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║Console FeedΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ under System Update: Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║Installing build definitions []…Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ

      3. Courtney

        When you say the last star area after 64, 45, 27 do you mean the 12th star level? Are you able to access that level at all? Does it show up in level selection as a circle or as a planet.?

        1. FakeCode

          When you unlocked the “64”/”45″/”27″ star level, the 12th level should be accessible and just click into it, then you will need to input a code to unlock this star(and after you input the answer this level should become a icon of planet)

    2. Laura

      I finally get the “WOE” thing, and it showed me the message but it doesn’t change the logo… And that’s the only thing I have missing. Because like the other grey dot levels, when you tap the msg it show something more…

    3. Dangerzone

      Can someone please explain the whole ΓÇ£three marks on the top right corner of nearby three disk pages and you got ΓÇ£16 15 2ΓÇ¥

      There are no marks anywhere on the top of those pages and the pages themselves only show static, I have no idea what you are talking about here.

      1. Matt

        Are you on ipad… mine gets me black pages there, but iphone works fine…

  138. Bryn

    From level 47, 57 and 67, the password thing spells out Z _ _ p _ _ _ h
    tried to find words starting with z and ending with h online but couldnt find anything
    guess we have to wait for the other 5 tracker positioning puzzles to come out before its solveable

    1. Fredi

      The only word that would fit would be Zipporah, the wife of Moses. I don’t think it is a word, but rather a cypher or code.

    2. Courtney

      e19 brings it to Z__p__1h

  139. Fredi

    Everything from the update:
    x24. Count the number of highlighted sections on the disks and the placement of the highlighted dots from the three previous levels. You get 13, 4, 7 and 16, 15, 2. Convert 13, 4, 7 into letters to get mdg. Shift “m” 16 letters, shift “d” 15 letters, and shift “g” 2 letters. The answer is “woe”
    5. Convert the numbers to letters. The answer is “added”
    8. The console feed states “installing build definitions (”. The answer is “21132”
    e13. Rearrange the letters according to the color of the dots. The answer is “vantage”
    e14. Tilt your phone and view from an angle. The answer is “obscure”
    e15. Convert the placement of the missing squares (12945) into letters. The answer is “abide”
    e16. Enter the sequence from the previous level.
    e17. Allign the circle according to the dots.
    e18. Convert the number of cubes into letters. The answer is “dark”
    e19. Return to level 41, shift upwards, and read the binary. The answer is “outlined”
    e20. Convert the outlined numbers (15 18 4 9 14 1 12) into letters. The answer is “ordinal”
    e21. Arrange the letters according the the sequence of satellite parts in the back panel (NRUTWY) and shift 5 letters. The answer is “import”
    e22. Use the sequence from e15 (12945) to obtain the pass. The answer is “parse”
    e23. Click on the keys according to the pass (1F1s9).
    e24. Complete the circuits once the previous levels are completed.
    61. Read the binary backwards. The answer is “converge”
    62. Use the red camera filter to read a sequence of numbers (03 01 14 25 15 14) and convert them into letters. The answer is “canyon”
    Read the red letters that are unobstructed by the black letters. The answer is “atlas”
    Read the sequence of red letters overlapping the black letters (aW1tYW5lbnQ=) and convert from base64. The answer is “immanent”
    63. Convert the morse code and read backwards. The answer is “timed”
    Convert the morse code. The answer is “demit”
    65. Click the center button when the arcs overlap.
    66. Count the number of arcs starting from the center (5 6 6 1 3 5) and convert to letters. The answer is “efface”
    67. Return to level 41, shift left, and read the binary backwards. The answer is “opposite”
    68. Allign the circles so that the dark halves face away from the center.
    Once you unlock all the backdoors be sure to click on the unlocked lock icon at the top of the level select to reach 100%.

    1. Pound

      Also in level 63,get the backdoor by type demit (timed backward)

      1. Fredi

        Thank you. I knew I would definitely forget something.

    2. Dangerzone

      Can you better explain for x24, ΓÇ£placement of the highlighted dots from the three previous levelsΓÇ£ to get 16 15 and 2?

      I have no idea what either of you are talking about.

      1. Fredi

        In each of the levels x21, x22, and x23 (the last row of levels with the funny shapes), there is a column of 26 small circles on the right side. In each column there is one full circle. In x21, this full circle is 16th from the top. In x22, this full circle is 15th from the top. In x23, it is 2nd from the top of the column.

        1. Dangerzone

          All I am seeing in those 3 levels is a black screen with occasional static… no dots anywhere?

  140. L. Rey

    I got the “woe” answer but I’m still at 99,3%. That’s the only incomplete level I have…

    1. Fredi

      At the very top of the level selection, there are a couple of circles with check marks that signify if you completed a backdoor. Tap on the lock icon and you will earn a hack and reach 100%

    2. Fredi

      Also make sure you completed all the shape levels.

      1. L. Rey

        I have everything, the backdoors, all levels with the exception of the 2 blank pages. The thing is that the woe level should turn into a badge or a shape but nothing happens… after the message appears the level remains unchecked, it should show me a second part of a message(well, at least that’s how the other grey dot levels worked)…

        1. Fredi

          Try clearing the app’s cache

          1. L. Rey

            Thanks you, it worked!
            Now is at 100%

  141. Jordan

    Hey, i figured out the new backdoor to level 5 is added (1 4 4 5 4 represented by the position of the letter in the alphabet), also are you working on the new expansion pack solutions? I am stuck on e20 :/ .

  142. Prism

    There is a new expansion pack along with levels 61 to 68. I have found some little secrets here and there but they were just some more Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║backdoorsΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ. I am however stuck on finding the secret for level 62… I was wondering if anyone could help me out with that.

    1. Prisn

      Also, I tried decoding the red text behind the numbers with base64 but I got nothing. I am currently trying to search the levels mentioned in the middle but I have still found nothing

      1. Cheshire

        Just translate the numbers beneath to alphabets directly. The answer is canyon. That will give level 63. For the back door, the red letters that are not printed on top of the numbers spell AtLaS. Just type AtLaS in. But I think I’m still missing one. Can anyone help out? Thanks.

        1. Jeanine

          YOu need to look at the letters that are left once youΓÇÖve subtracted the letter so used to find ΓÇÿatlasΓÇÖ

  143. Flamouris

    Hello. I dont know if you noticed but there was an update in the game with more levels, backdoors and maybe some secrets last week. I would love to see this site up to date too and discuss possible alternate solutions.

  144. Wiggleshark

    There’s now a third solution to 8 besides 14454 and I know I solved it before, but I can’t remember it. I’m pretty sure the solution brings up another hexdump reward. But I reset my phone…

    1. dne
      Γæá1 ┬╗ a

  145. jenkat

    I’m wondering when this page will get an upgrade, I’m looking for back door solutions to lv 62 – thanks to anyone who tells me via comments!

    1. Jeanine

      Go to redditΓÇÖs THe guides subreddit, as wsba910am gave hints on all three solutions.

  146. Don-salieri

    I’m stuck on lvl 66. Anyone a solution for it?

    1. ned

      Hint: Count the number of dashes from the inside ring outward.

      1. Don-salieri

        Oh god… the answer was right infront of me xD I’m an idiot xD

        1. Dan

          I don’t get it please help if you can

      2. Avinandan Ganguly

        I don’t get it please help

        1. dne

          1 Γö¼Γòù a

  147. Sheyd

    I know I’m probably missing something obvious, but I’m stumped for 67

  148. TheChiporpoise

    In level 19 at the bottom of the page it reads: ΓÇ£S2V5IE9uZQ==ΓÇ¥ which when put through a base64 cipher reads: ΓÇ£key oneΓÇ¥

    In level 32 at the bottom of the page it reads: ΓÇ£S2V5IFR3bw==ΓÇ¥ which when put through a base64 cipher reads: ΓÇ£key twoΓÇ¥

    And in level 62 at the bottom of the page it reads: ΓÇ£S2V5IFRocmVl==ΓÇ¥ which when put through a base64 cipher reads: ΓÇ£key threeΓÇ¥

    In levels 47, 57, and 67 (trackers) the bottom left reads: ΓÇ£T3ZlcnJpZGUgS2V50g==ΓÇ¥ which when put through a base64 cipher reads: ΓÇ£override keyΓÇ¥

    Anyone have any clue what weΓÇÖre supposed to do with these?

  149. Jame

    IΓÇÖm stuck on 8 how do you get the third answer after test and 14454

    1. sam

      type 21132 in level 8

      1. David

        Okay, but why?

        1. David

          Never mind

  150. Jamie

    You also get previous from level 49 which is actually a mnemonic for previous. The first letter of each word in the sentence spells previous. Mnemonics show up a lot in this game. I think that’s where decide(d?) comes from.

  151. Jamie

    I have a weird problem. I have 6 fully solved, don’t know how I did that, but I don’t know how to finish level 5, I already input the code hidden in the dots several times but even though I can access all the other levels, the 5 is still not filled in as ‘completed’. 🙁 Frustrating. Also, a lot of those blank pages now have solutions to them, but I can’t remember what I put in. Sorry!

    1. Jeanine

      IF you were using letters instead of numbers what letters would you choose based on 14454?

  152. Brent Reifers

    How do you get the base64 cipher tool?

    1. Jeanine

      You google it lol

  153. NL 166

    I stuck at levels 62 can someone help me?

  154. Lilly C

    lvl 61 convert the binary backwards and get converge

    lvl 62 use the red camera lens to get the red numbers in the authors section

    lvl 63 convert Morse into demit and demit backwards equals timed

  155. BlueRains

    61 is not a blank space anymore

  156. BlueRains

    Level 61 is not blank anymore

    1. Wrong Lee

      Did you notice that clicking on 70 makes 69 glow 4 times, 71 makes 70 glow 4 times, and 72 makes 71 glow 4 times? And you can kind of make all three grow at the same time if you click them fast enough

      Also, I have 24 incomplete, are there backdoors to 24?

  157. glowCloud

    They already updated level 61, do you know the backdoor for level 62?

  158. Dawna

    If you go to level 35 and use the numbers (453145) on 29, you unlock #83.

  159. Imnotabot

    There’s a new clue in level 8. You have to listen the sound of the background to get the backdoor unlocked

    1. Tanner

      any idea what we’re supposed to here because i just hear static

  160. sunny

    big information: the levels with gray borders and black insides have backdoors in them. most of the backdoors can be found by looking at the previews! the one with the 7×4 blue lights(HINT answer) has a different lighting in the preview. it unlocks both a backdpor in the prev level and a star file in the current level. also the planet thingamajig has a set orientation on the preview. another backdoor~ also all blank pages has a backdoor, but pretty sure that the backdoor is not made yet…

  161. Zach

    The numbers in level 59, when reversed is the solution to the 6 digit code to unlock level 84: 453945

  162. David

    Is there a second side solution for 8? I got both the regular code and the caeser cipher anagram, but it’s still not gray

  163. Aaron

    Answer to level 61: is | CONVERGE | The binary is reversed and read from right to left.

  164. Myrsini Falia

    Hello, the game says I have not completed level 5 (it’s not greyed out) even though I’ve put in the one and only solution that I can find in any guide. Does this mean there’s a solution I missed? Does it mean that the code will still be relevant later on and that’s why it hasn’t been greyed out yet? Is it just a bug?

    Edit: Sorry Jamie I didn’t notice you asked the same thing.
    Edit 2: It’s “added” based on alphabetical position

  165. Luione

    14454 unlocks a backdoor with “added”

  166. Francis

    I’m stuck at level 63 any tips ? Thanks for the great walkthrough

  167. Cheshire

    Anyone noticed the cover picture of level seven is different with the actual one? The white dots’ positions? Anything to do with the Caesar wheel in level 44?

  168. Lil' Sunbeam

    Hey, just a heads up, but level 61 has been released! It’s another of the beige and blue binary tables, (ex: Level 13)
    The hint given in the text box for solutions is “Network Link: 57”.
    The binary is as follows; 11000110 1110110 01110110 01101110 10100110 01001110 11100110 10100110

    I’ve made some progress on it myself, but I don’t want to spoil the puzzle-solving fun for anyone else, so I won’t share that at this time.

    1. Ikadzev

      Can you say the solution of 61, please?

      1. Kat

        Decode the binary, but you have to turn each one backwards when typing it into the decoder.

  169. Mariam

    Update this please. There are a bunch of new levels now.

  170. TranvC

    At bonus page.
    If u unlock three on the left, just press the left one it will unlock.

  171. TranvC

    Level 62, just cover by red screen u will see the number 03 01 14 25 15 14

    1. Ikadzev

      There is another solution

  172. Mimi

    This is really helpful

  173. Avinandan Ganguly

    Anybody got the solution to level 68?

    1. Jenny

      It’s the same as level 24 – only opposite!

  174. Pesky

    I just got a notification saying there was a new hack available, but can’t figure it out! Anyone have any guesses?

  175. Breadson

    Okay there seems to be a major update to this game and I’m stuck on 61.
    Also hopefully appunwrapper will see this.

    1. fr0z3n

      Do the binary conversation for 61 reading it R to L

  176. antena

    How do I get the Caesar Cipher decoder?

    1. dne

      Clear lv33.


    Please try to update this page about this,


    Level 5: 14454 turns into ‘added’ when you use the number to letter decipher, adds more backdoor access.

    Level 61: Read the binary from right to left, top to bottom, you will get 01100011 01101111 01101110 01110110 01100101 01110010 01100111 01100101, convert it to ‘converge’

    Level 62: Zoom in on the document and find the Auth section, and hold the camera over to get 03 01 14 25 15 14, translates to ‘canyon’. There is yet a secret to be found here besides the main answer.

    Level 63: Morse code, straightforward, says ‘demit’, reverse it for ‘timed’. putting in ‘demit’ unlocks the final backdoor access. ‘timed’ unlocks level 65.

    Level 65: A simple rhythm lock, just make sure to hit the middle button with the bar on the marked area. It unlocks level 66.

    Stuck at Level 66.

    1. fr0z3n

      Count the dashes for each arc and simply convert to alphabets

      1. Kat

        And then turn it backwards for efface, which unlocks 67, another arrow so we’re back to using level 41, this time shifted left, which explained at the end of the guide is six. Not that that’s working for me right now, but I’ll update if I figure it out.

  179. Rick Feely

    hi . I got to level 1 NODE lights without ever getting any of those documents. I also answered the codes differently until the first binary where I translated Wait (all caps did nothing but Wait got me Node). entering illusion and node do nothing except show me the 2nd set of binary. again not when they all caps.
    4 of my 5 circles are full in terms of getting their computer connected. I just have mo idea what to do next.

  180. Rick Feely

    actually I just put in PAGE from there and git the Gemini Document. I basically skipped alot of levels and their revelations too. I wish I knew exactly how. I definitely did not do level 2 or 3. the binary brown buttons I only had four cirvled and tried various combos and 1010 worked I believe to get me to computer or maybe it was after. and after putting in my name I only did the number input from the 14451 and the matching rotation circles plus binary translate and I was at NODE. then PAGE.

    1. Rick Feely

      ok I dont see anything but the echelon doc now there is nothing that says activate. or anything related to the steps as shown here… I cannot return to computer screen. I’m not sure if its bcus I’m playing on a phone. I can bring up the enter keyboard thing with 2 short binary in red square still. But nothing changes. For some reason my gameplay is very different and without being able to reflect on a guide I’m just gonna stop for now.

  181. MissQ

    Hi, can anyone help translate the background audio to Morse code in level 63? Can’t find it here in the walkthrough

    1. Chin

      Idk what u mean by the audio but the visual clue translates to DEMIT and the clue says Network link 57 which says BACKWARD so the answer is TIMED

  182. chong


  183. K.nisa

    Pleace help me in level 66

  184. Jules

    Level 61’s solution is to enter the binary code in reverse, which yields the word CONVERGE

  185. Jules

    Level 62:

    Opening the in game camera will highlight black numbers in the Auth part of the paper, which spell out the answer CANYON

    for the backdoor access, simply take the red letters that aren’t covered by the black numbers: which spells ATLAS

    Level 63:

    The primary network link is 57, which implies we should enter the Morse code backwards. Doing so results in the word TIMED

    Also the primary network links seem to be slowly spelling something out as a password

    1. Tanner

      there is a third answer for lvl 62
      if you are trying to figure it out i think it has something to do with the three sets of red numbers in the middle

  186. Jacho

    Salut. Je suis quelqu’un qui continue ╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├¡ attendre des nouveaut╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ës de ce magnifique jeu.

    J’ai quelques r╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ëponses sur ce jeu.

    1/2 :

    Si vous avez trois secrets sur une ligne, alors appuyez sur le quatrième secret non-débloqué de la ligne : vous pourrez lire un petit dialogue.
    Lors de la troisi╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼ΓöÉme ligne, il y a un mot de passe ╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├¡ entrer, qui est “Sky”.

    2/2 :

    Le niveau 62 a trois mot de passes :


    Cela vous aidera, lorsque vous ferez le jeu.

  187. Sagun

    I’m stuck at 29. I know I’ll get other 2 6-digit codes in later levels but how do I unlock. I have only unlocked till 30 and 81&82. Pls help

    1. dne

      0→1, 1→0

  188. Al eph

    For level 61, it’s now a binary code that you have to do in reverse to get “converge” which gets you another one of those documents.

  189. Al eph

    62: at the author section is two texts overlayed on eachother. Seperate them, and from the gray are the numbers 03 01 14 25 15 14. Translate that to get “canyon”. The red seems to be a base64 code.

    63: translate the morse to get demit, which is “timed” backwards.

    64: a game thing where you have to press the button each time the dark blue block lines up with the light blue block three times.

    65: count the lines from centre to outwards which should get you 5 6 6 1 3 5, which translated equals “efface”

    66: it’s another one of those grey arrows that link back to node 41. Translate the binary to “opposite”

    67: here we’re back athe orientation level, but then we orientate it oppositely (although you already discussed this.) This will lead to a blank page.

    1. Ra1pid

      Really nice!! Helped me out a lot!
      Wonder if there’s anything more to do for 62 & 63

      1. Andrew seals

        It say 62 and 63 and 69 arent finished for me but I’ve been unable to find a proper answer to them after “finishing” them

  190. Sean

    How to unlock the last bonus level (#24):

    The previous bonus levels #21, #22, #23 show three hard disks, with 13, 4, 7 segments highlighted which correspond to three letters ‘m’, ‘d’, and ‘g’.

    If you count the twenty-six vertical dots from the upper right at each page, you get 16, 15, 2.

    Next, you shift the letters by those numbers:

    ‘m’ — shift 16 –> ‘w’
    ‘d’ — shift 15 –> ‘o’
    ‘g’ — shift 2 –> ‘e’

    The answer to bonus level #24 is “woe”.

    (After unlocking it, you get a badge which has a Morse code “v” on it. I don’t know what it means.)

    1. rhe

      How to unlock the bonus level #23?

  191. Sean

    The answer to bonus level #12 is “sky” becuase if you go to normal level 64 (not there yet), level 45, and level 27 (these numbers come from bonus level #9, #10, #11), you should get [S], [K] and [Y] from the backdoor access (by tapping “>>” on the left side of your input window).

  192. Rohan

    The one you can’t get got level 30 is the number you get from 81 82 83 84. If you look at the area where you input stuff in these levels, there is a (#)… at 81, and so on till …(#) in 84.
    Also level 41. The One after SIX. The hint is bakwaas. You take the binary code backward, you get OPPOSITE.

  193. Nhats

    Pls can someone help me.. My lvl8 is still marked unfinished.

    1. dne

      Look at the small screen when you select lv18.

  194. Rhi Thompson

    Anyone can help on lvl 30 ?

  195. Rhi Thompson

    IΓÇÖm pretty sure 81, 83, and 84 make a code when you decide the binary at the bottom

  196. Bonus05

    I don’t know if this was already discovered, but on one of the bonus levels, on mobile, i temporarily closed out the game. and when I came back, I discovered an alternative page. It is the same level, just different. It also happened on another one too. Looks like there might be a code and perhaps something else. I did again and I got a different screen

  197. Ermini

    A solution is missing from problem 5, that being the input of ‘ADDED’ which is gained by using the letters that correspond with the numbers ‘1-4-4-5-4’.

  198. Israa

    What is the 3rd answer for level 8???
    I used 14454 and TEST..

  199. Tanner

    i think we are all dumb bc sam figured out the third part of lvl 8
    the code is 2,1,1,3,2

  200. E

    Number 17 binary translation is echo. HavenΓÇÖt found out what it does though.

  201. anonymous_player

    I’ve combined some tracker positioning clues and ended up with z..p…h
    Update with any other tracker positioning clues to complete

  202. decoder

    I have unlocked 10 checked icons in top backdoors area (include 8 backdoors and two unlock buttons), seems still got 2 blank spaces left
    Got 20 badges unlocked with 4 blank spaces left
    Solved the currently available levels, got 2 blank page, now at 83.4%
    Anybody knows how to unlock the last two backdoors? How to make 100%?
    Is it related to the expansion packs? I didn’t buy those packs yet

  203. 1wn8ure

    On level 62, behind the red jumbled text towards the upper middle of the page are the numbers 03 01 14 25 15 14. Putting these in the decoder yields the result “canyon”, which unlocks level 63

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