Adventure Escape Starstruck: Chapter 8 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape: Starstruck
By: Haiku Games


The latest Adventure Escape game had you playing as Detective Kate Gray as she searches for a missing actress. This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for Chapter 8 of the iOS and Android puzzle adventure game, Adventure Escape: Starstruck, by Haiku Games.


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Chapter 8, Canal Street:

You can watch my video for this chapter or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Pick up the rocks and the cement brick.


2. You need to throw the rocks at the security cameras. It’s a little annoying but not too bad. You need to line the rock up along the X and Y axes so it will hit a camera when you throw. Break all three and then use the cement brick to break the door’s glass. Go inside.


3. Pick up the key and the wrench.


4. Go back outside. Use the wrench to get the oar and use the key to unlock the dumpster. Yuck!


5. Use the oar to flip over the piece of paper. It says WORLD CARGO FLIGHT TRACKER on it.



6. Go back inside. Find the four shipping labels. Notice that the last three numbers on each are different.

IN482 = 001
EG753 = 002
BR120 = 003
CH301 = 004






7. Look at the map and note down the directions the planes are flying.

IN482 = Right
EG753 = Left
BR120 = Up
CH301 = Left

8. Tap on the lock at the back of the room and press the right arrow, left arrow, up arrow, left arrow. Don’t go through yet.



9. Look at the monkeys in the cages. They have weights and price tags. The prices tell you the order.

Male, 40 lbs =$1000
Male, 10 lbs = $2000
Male, 25 lbs = $3000


10. Look at the EZ Sedate Dosage chart on the floor. Find the right dosages for each monkey.

40 lbs = 8
10 lbs = 2
25 lbs = 5

Tap on the locked box and enter 825 to open it. Take the anti-sedative.



11. Now go through the back door. Perla’s in there and we have to figure out how to get to her. You need to push the green crates to the green pressure plates. I’ll make video for this because it’s too hard to show in screenshots. When you’re done, use the anti-sedative on Perla.


12. Leave through the back exit to find Axel. Try to arrest him and he’ll ask for evidence.



13. “I have proof that Perla was in your van.”

Select the sunglasses and the flip-flop.


14. “I have proof that you knew Marco.”

Select the invoice for the flowers from their wedding and the business card.


15. “I have evidence that you were at Pleasant Trails Park.”

Select the rose and the footprint.


16. “I have proof that a King Cobra in your van killed Marco.”

Select the empty crate and the venom test kit.


17. “You knew there were rattlesnakes in the park.”

Select the snake warning sign and the park ranger.


18. “I have evidence that you forged the note on Marco’s car.”

Select the note on Marco’s car and the note in the monkey’s crate.


19. Go back through to the small speedboat. Use the small key to unlock the compartment and take the battery charging kit.



20. Go back to the boat and charge up the battery. Use the key to start up the boat and complete the chapter.



And that’s the end of Chapter 8! Click here to continue to Chapter 9 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Nathalie B

    A la question vois savez qu il y avait des serpents à sonnette le jeu ne me propose pas le garde
    comment je fais ?

    1. Sarah S

      It’s the picture of the snake bites and the picture with Marco’s body with rattlesnake next to it

  2. Michaella

    Need help with the boxes puzzle I couldn’t find the video for it please

  3. Silje

    17. ΓÇ£You knew there were rattlesnakes in the park.ΓÇ¥

    Select the snake warning sign and the park ranger.

    Idont have the park ranger as a option at this point . How dino solve this then ? I have restarted the level several times


      Me either

      1. Viki

        Use the snake sign and Marco’s body with the snake

    2. Anonyy

      His body with rattlesnake next to it

  4. Virgil

    YYou don’t have the video for the boxes puzzle on here? It’s literally the only thing I came here for

  5. Lina

    For anyone looking for the crates video: check the video at the beginning at 3m49!

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