Adventure Escape Starstruck: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 7, The Flower Shop:

You can watch my video for this chapter or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Pick up the three flowerpots. Then tap on the van.


2. Pick up the hose and another flowerpot. Open the toolbox and get the hammer.


3. Go back to the store and attach the hose to the faucet. Use the hammer to open the crate and take the flowerpot. Turn the water on and wash the mud off the van. It shows five flowers.


4. Place the flowers on the pedestals so they match the picture on the van. That will unlock the door. Enter the shop.


5. Turn on the lights.


6. Pick up the wire cutters and the empty watering can. Also, open the drawer to see a bill for Marco and Marcie’s wedding flowers. Also, look at the Employee of the Month plaque to see a picture of Alex with the green hair! And last, tap the parrot to hear it say “Orange, orange orange.”




7. Go back outside. Detach the hose from the faucet and place the watering can under it. Fill up the can with water and head back inside.


8. Pour the water into the empty vase and take the purple tangram piece.


9. The bill for the flowers came out to $1542. Tap on the fridge lock and enter 1542 to unlock it. Take the orange and banana from inside.



10. Feed the orange to the parrot and tap on him. He’ll say, “Iris, sunflower, marigold.”


11. Find the marigolds inside the shop. They’re orange. Go outside. Look at the three rows of flowers. The purple ones are irises and the yellow ones are sunflowers.



12. Put the three together in the right order and you get purple, yellow, orange. Enter those colors into the cabinet to open it up.



13. Put the purple tangram piece with the rest and solve the three puzzles. You’ll get the van keys at the end.




14. Go outside and use the keys to unlock the van. Tap on the crate to see that Humble B.’s King Cobra came from there. Also, enter ALEX into the combination lock to access another crate.




15. Use the wire cutters to open the other crate. There’s a little monkey (chimpanzee?) inside. Give him the banana and then read the card by his feet. It says PHONE + 2222.


16. Look at the flower shop’s awning. The phone number is on there. It says 555-3210. Add 2222 to that and you get 555-5432.


17. Tap on the GPS screen in the van and press the power button.


18. It says PLEASE ENTER YOUR CODE. It means literally enter the words YOUR CODE. Yeah… Then, enter 5432 from the phone number.



19. Just tap on all three of the locations on the map and Kate will decide to go to Canal Street. That’s the end of the chapter!


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5 thoughts on “Adventure Escape Starstruck: Walkthrough Guide

  1. linda

    I knew it was time for another Haiku game! I just wish it was more “halloweenie”
    Have fun on your new iPad Pro! I love mine!! Makes the game so much more fun!
    It’s heavier so I tend to rest it on the arm of my chair – just a friendly tip. If you intend to use in your lap – protect your legs from the heat as just like a notebook, it can do nerve damage when it gets hot.

  2. Sue Tonks

    Brilliant as ever ? love your walkthroughs, and now on to the next chapter please, I’m stuck on the door code! ?

  3. Hayley Forrest

    Ugh, the lights game is KILLING me – I still don’t understand how I’m meant to pass it 🙁 Am I going crazy? I’ve watched the video three times now and I’m still not totally sure how you worked your magic

  4. laura

    im so confused with the root and the crown puzzle, i know you told us the answer but i stil have no clue how you actually got that answer, can you explain please?


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