The Eyes of Ara: Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

61. Go back to the hallway. Let’s solve the busts puzzle. These are the dates we have:

1805 – 1892 (5)

1284 – 1326 (4)

1902 – 1952 (2)

1171 – 1188 (1)

So, like the note said, you need to change each dial to the last digit in their date of birth. I put those numbers I’m parentheses above. But we need to do this in a specific order. And that order is….from earliest century to latest. So it goes like this:

1171 – turn to 1

1284 – turn to 4

1805 – turn to 5

1902 – turn to 2

62. Then go to the last switch by the big lute medallion and tap it. If you did it right, you should now be able to take the medallion. Look at the back of the medallion. It says HERMES.

63. Go back downstairs. There’s a statue of what must be Hermes holding a yellow orb. At the front is the same lyre as on the medallion. Spell out HERMES and then place the medallion in the slot. Take the yellow orb from him.

64. While we’re here, let’s unlock the door with the keypad. It needs a 4-digit code and we just so happen to have one from the Spanish Dancer poster. It says 1566. Enter that into the keypad. Go through.

65. Pick up the toy jet by the cardboard boxes. There’s also an empty box nearby. I’m not sure why, but you might as well open it.

66. Also, find the note on the right bookshelf. It has some weird symbols on it.

67. Open the bottom cabinet and pull the slider down to turn on one of the pink lights by the crystals.

68. Turn left and pick up the jet from the floor. Also, open the box and read the letter inside. And press to button to light it up.

69. Continue left and grab the third jet from the top of the bookshelf.

70. Now, place all three jets on the platforms on the shelf to light up another pink light. Also, press the two buttons and read the clue on the small shelf. There’s also another empty box and a locked box with symbols on it we need to figure out how to open.

71. The locked box has three numbers or symbols. If you look at the page with different combinations on it and start going down, the first one you come to that is possible to use is 553. And that’s the answer! Set it to 553 and take the two coins from inside.

72. There’s another button on the wall here to press, and one on the table. That’s all the buttons and another pink light should go on.

72. Now to figure out the wall combination lock with symbols. Again, go down the list and find a combination that’s possible. The first one has to be a symbol and the last one has to be a number, so that should make it easier to narrow down. You can copy mine below if you’re stuck.

73. Now you can collect all four pink gems. Then place them on the stone carving in front of you and take the yellow orb.

74. Ok let’s go back to the planetarium and deal with that puzzle. All the symbols are lit up. But we need only four lit up at a time. According to the journal, the Eyes travelled in three stages: their distant homeworld; the majestic gas giants of our outer solar system; our tiny blue marble nestled among the inner planets. So let’s focus on the outer planets first. Go around the room and shut off all the symbols except for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Only those four should be lit up.

75. Then press the big red ACTIVATE on the device in the center of the room. You’ll now see only those four planets and the sun. Also, a blue light will turn on on the machine.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. Karen

    I really wish you could give some help with the ceiling tile puzzle. IΓÇÖve set it up dozen times but. . nope.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      After i finish the walkthrough, I plan to make videos, so that may help more. But even that….it may be hard to follow.
      My best advice is to go keep going forward and if that doesnΓÇÖt work, trace your steps backward.

      1. Neil

        Do you have to use all the tiles.

        1. Mitch

          Yes, use all the tiles. it helps to work from one end til you get stuck then work from the other end.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Yup, thatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s exactly what I did and somewhere in the middle it was solved. 🙂

            1. Kreed

              I think what would help me is to know whether or not the one that I’m pointing at is *absolutely* diagonal, exactly in the same line/row, OR If they are just anywhere and we’re pointing in the general direction. I hope that makes sense. Lol

              1. Kreed

                Never mind. I found out no diagonals are used. You only point to the next one in your row or column. Only took me a couple hours lol. Thank you Mel!!

                1. Krisy

                  Great observation. I was stuck on this until I saw your no diagonal comment.

        2. Cathy

          DonΓÇÖt forget the tile on the floor. I didnΓÇÖt see that one right away.

      2. Renae

        I can NOT figure out how to get the 3rd yellow from the planetarium. I’ve come so far, but i am so stuck now.

        1. Kreed

          you started with that one?

    2. Joe

      It happens to me too. Never beat the game because of that.

      1. Frank

        Turn up the brightness on your screen to maximum.

    3. Chico

      There is one tile on the floor

    4. Rachel Yates

      Make sure to switch the one on the floor!

    5. Mel

      Here’s my key. I posted as a comment with more details on what I had drawn. See there for more info!

      1. Kreed

        thank you! your comment was the one that helped me solve it!

  2. MPM

    My gane seems to have some glitches. IΓÇÖve been trying to ΓÇ£activateΓÇ¥ the planetarium projector in the third mode with all the planet light off for two days, but nothing happens. Also, in the lower cavern where there are two chains to pull in order to display the star chart, only one will move. Therefore, no star chart even if I did have the third orb. Very annoying!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you move the slider to the right before activating?

    2. LMK

      I was also having issues getting this step to work. I went back to having the first symbol lit (with all the planet symbols activated), then pushed the single dot, then turned them all off, pushed the switch to the right, then finally pushed activate. IΓÇÖm unsure if it was a fluke but it seemed to fix my problem.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Thinking about it more, I think thatΓÇÖs intentional. The clue shows all the planets and then none of them. It just might not be clear when youΓÇÖre doing it whether both steps were part of it, but I think they are.

        1. MPM

          Just tried it this way. It worked. Thanks. Now, about the unmoving chain in the lower cavern…

          1. Shelley Trazkovich

            There are more than 2 chains. Look around more for the second one that moves.

      2. Geo

        DidnΓÇÖt work for me

      3. Lili

        LMK I did this several times with no luck then I wondered if being on the pillow or starting order impacted it. So I went back to pillow and rotated view until I got all the planets displayed and on while the ΓÇÿHΓÇÖ was selected I then went to console and chaged to left circle and then to
        Single dot and turned then all off (starting with ΓÇÿearthΓÇÖ and moving right, pushed slider to right and activate. It worked!

        1. SF

          This worked. Thank you.

  3. Geo

    #27. IΓÇÖm farther in the game but I still canΓÇÖt pull the left chain. Right chain remains down. Any ideas? I have an orb!

    1. Erik

      Grab the chain higher and pull it down and release it more slowly.

  4. Geo

    I finished the game but still have 3 orbs! No star chart because the left chain goes back up after I pull it. The right chain has stayed down. Any advice?

      1. Geo

        Thanks! Turns out pulling verrry slowly worked

  5. John

    There is something really weird going on. I did the thing with the projector, noticed the blinking lights but when I changed scene they went off. And now they wonΓÇÖt light again even if I redo the projecto tiles.

    1. Sky

      In the projecter room I put Drago in the star chart. The two green lights went on. Went down to the computer and it denied me access. Then all the green lights went off all the way up to the projecter. Now I canΓÇÖt get the green lights to come on again. Been moving constellations around then go back to the dragon. Still nothing. IΓÇÖm I missing a reset button or something? If not is it possible to start the chapter over again?

      1. Dayton

        Did you ever figure this out? My light went off too…

  6. Marg

    I’m a bit stuck. Referring to your no. 27, no matter what I do, I can pull the chain down, but it always slides back up, not opening the hidden constellation. I already have the orbs, but without the constellation I cannot finish / continue.
    Any idea what I need to do? What did I miss?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Dave

      I had the same problem! You have to pull it and hold your finger down, not let up. If that doesnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t work, then try to do it quickly, by pulling downwards with your finger in a quick motion and letting up at the bottom click. I tried forever on this until I got….finally! What a bug

  7. Nikki

    I do not believe that the reason the answer is 4 to the last ship wheel is because 4 stars are on top. If you look at the wave length clue there is an odd shape with lines radiating out at angles. if you take those lines and put them over star poster like earlier star puzzle then after adding and subtracting the answer is 4. There wouldn’t be a reason for that shape under the wave length clue otherwise.

  8. D. Anderson

    Thank You so much for being YOU. I couldnΓÇÖt enjoy these adventure escape games like The Room series and Ara without you. D. Anderson

  9. Sandy

    In the planetarium is there a way to restart the puzzle. I did it in the wrong order now I’m stuck and dont want to start the entire game over again for the second time

  10. John

    I hate to look stupid, but I cannot find the wheel in the generator room. We are talking about the room we first entered from outside? Where should I be looking?

  11. Roy

    After getting key. Return to the Planetarium be sure to press the regular Sun button on the Box on the floor then turn on all of the planets make sure the slider is to the left hit activate then turn on the third sun (alien sun) shut off all planets. Slider to the right and activate. Then get orb

    1. Claudia

      It works :-). Thanks a lot!

  12. KMac

    I cannot get the lever puzzle to work. Do you put them all to the top each time? Only make one pattern and back out to let it auto reset or what? Very frustrating.

    1. Xerya

      Me neither, has someone done a video on this? I’ve tried hundreds of times now, nothing happens, it’s so fruatrating.

      1. Peter

        Assign each lever a number, 1-3, starting from the left. Now look at the clue again. Assume the group of dots is a number. move the levers in that order.

  13. Brad R.

    Totally stuck! I cannot get the key to work on the box, next to the thermometers.
    Also, I set up the Draco constellation, the lil green lights came on, left the room, came back and they were off, and will not reset :/

  14. Miss Grace

    Hi, you wrote to get the yellow orb in the planetarium you have to turn ON all the symbols … thats not right. All the symbols must be turned OFF then it works ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£├╗Γö£ΓîÉ

  15. paul acabbo

    In the projector room does it matter which constalations you pick for lining up the panels, how many and which ones will light the green power cord to the pc

  16. Mel

    Here is the key for the ceiling puzzle all layed out. Use every tile. Each arrow can only point to another tile in its row or column. Floor tile points to the nearest column with lights. Front is the doorway you came thru. Happy puzzling!

    1. Kreed

      YOU are a Rockstar. I was doing diagonals and stuff forEVER. ***THIS WAS THE KEY*** for me. THANK YOU!!

  17. Piereus

    About the planetarium:
    sun button, slide left, all planets on and then activate;
    Alien button, slide right, all planets off and then activate.
    By my opinion there Is some glitch you can go through closing and restarting the game.
    The old school all off/all on works everytime

  18. Katreeny

    Way late but I’m stuck with step 72 – the button on the desk will not activate. I have all the other buttons on, and the correct solution in the wall puzzle (I can’t get back to it, so I presume it’s the correct solution).

    (Incidentally, thanks so much for this guide – I’ve used it when stuck)

  19. Lucie

    OK I have been working this game “out of order” as I discover puzzles I can activate and solve. I successfully opened the constellation wall in the basement the first time I was in there, and I placed the one Yellow Orb / glowing star I had at the time on the wall, too. Now I have two more Yellow Orbs; placed the second, but the cement circle will not turn to reveal the Blue Orb. Anyone else have this experience / solution?

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