Cube Escape: Paradox – Chapter 1 Achievements Guide

Cube Escape: Paradox
By: Rusty Lake

Cube Escape: Paradox is the latest addition to the Rusty Lake franchise of quirky room escape games. It’s the tenth Cube Escape game and thirteenth Rusty Lake game. I already have a walkthrough for the main game, but the achievements are especially tricky. You need to watch to movie and pay attention to clues that you can then use in the game. If you’re missing any, I’ve explained how to get them all, as well as the alternate endings and any other secrets I found.


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1 Achievements | Chapter 2 Achievements | Alternate Endings


First, watch the movie here:

Chapter 1:

Note: If you want to get these achievements from a fresh start and don’t want to replay everything, just jump straight to getting the tape using the symbols in the image below. That way you don’t have to replay everything to that point just to use the TV again.

Achievement 1, The Chapel:

If you tap on the achievement, it tells you where in he movie to look for the clues.

So the first is one is on the TV. There’s a symbol over Laura’s head.

The second is in the fish drawer.

The third is in Harvey’s cage. It’s very hard to see.

The fourth is in the ash tray! It’s a little hard to make out but there it is!

The fifth is in the movie’s credits.

Use those symbols in the combination lock and take slide 3.

Place the slide in the projector and turn around to see the numbers 566 on the bottom.

Change the channel on the TV to 566. There’s an image of a chapel and a symbol and you get the first achievement!

Achievement 2, A New Hat:

This is the clue. It’s the clock.

In the movie, there are a number of times you can see the time on the clock, but just barely. As Dale is heading for the door, you can see it to the left. I included some other shots as well. It says 8:05.

Change the clock to that time and get a key!

Use this key to unlock the bottom cabinet on the dresser and get a hat.

Look in the mirror and put on the hat to get Achievement 2.

Achievement 3, What happened to the deer?

Here’s the clue. It’s deer antlers on the TV.

In the movie on the TV, there’s three numbers on the tree next to the deer: 749. Change the channel in the game to 749. You’ll see a symbol! That’s the achievement.

Achievement 4, Bob’s Story:

Here’s the clue. It’s of the files drawer.

In the Kickstarter Backers section of the credits, some names have numbers next to them. Find them and you get:

I – Amy L. Weiler

II – Isabel Echevarria

III – Mark Edward McShane

IV – Bob Rafferty

V – Werner Jessica

Now, find those five names on the file drawers and note down their symbols.

Now put all the symbols together and open the combination lock. Grab the cassette tape.

Insert the tape into the cassette player. There’s just static? You need to rewind it. You’ll see words going backwards. When it stops, play it normally to get the number 247.

Now change the TV to channel 247 for the achievement!

Achievement 5, The Comic:

Here’s the clue. It’s telling you to find the name of the third book on the shelf in the movie.


Type out THE VANDERBOOMS using the typewriter. That’s it! You’ll get symbol and the achievement.

You also see this preview of an upcoming comic if you tap on the page.

And that’s all of the Chapter 1 achievements! See below for my guides for the Chapter 2 achievements and alternate endings.

Click on the next walkthrough section below to continue to the Chapter 2 Achievements or click here.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1 Achievements | Chapter 2 Achievements | Alternate Endings

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  1. Emilie

    The dates on those five jars are actually the year of death of five family members of the Vanderbooms.
    1904Γò¼├┤Γö£├æΓö£├ÑI’m not sure if it’s of Samuel or Ida cuz they were both dead on the same day

    1. Pranav G

      Its for fourth achievement of chapter 2. Only the J.1870 matters. Cheers

    2. Pavel Novichenko

      1935 Laura

  2. Cande

    There’s also a symbol on the side of the TV before it shows Dale’s face. It looks like a triangle with a dot in the middle

  3. Rebecca Morris

    Achievement number 2 chapter 2 is simply setting the clock to the same time the clock is set to in the movie. Just thought IΓÇÖd add what I could, IΓÇÖve gotten all of the achievements so feel free to ask me if help is needed or wanted.

    1. Sam

      how did you get achievement 4 on chapter 1? I have no idea

    2. gigibear

      Wow. I’ve only gotten thru first 3 achievements of chapter 1. Could you give me some clues for achievements 4 and 5?

    3. Ariana

      I would love to see all the achievements! The order of the movie symbols is slightly vexing lol

    4. Jazzy

      Omg yes please, I feel like IΓÇÖve been wasting away watching that film over and over looking for clues.

    5. Josh Spaeth

      How do you solve the fourth achievement in Chapter 2?

      1. Pranav G

        1.paperΓÇ¥Rusty LakeΓÇ¥ :73298 RL
        2.iron cube like”S” in the black book:”2604″(in the movie 7:24)
        3.the five jars:”J.1870″

        you can call 77772

        Then it will say “call the director”. His name is Lijenhosrst and his number is 15334. Call him and you are done.

  4. Luan

    In the chapter two, if you put the same time of the movie on the clock, you’ll get the silver key and will take a shrimp cocktail

    1. Kate

      If you give this “the hand”, you get achievement 2

    2. Vanessa

      Do we need to do anything with this? I’m so confused. Lol

  5. Cjea Pederson

    If the clue to Ch2 IV is anything to go by, still need to verify though, we should be adding the number on the bottom of the flyer,The number to the top right of the page when Dale pulls the iron block from the book and the number on James’ jar.

  6. Michal

    Pt. 1 archievement 4: Find names from credits and type symbols to box. There is a cassette with numbers for TV channel.

  7. S1m0Pak

    Ok, partial spoiler alert: I am almost there with achievement 2.4. Basically If you add together the number at the bottom of the Rusty Lake flyer in the film, the number at the top of the book page containing the weeden cube in the film, plus the number on jar ‘J’ in the film, you get number 77772. Calling this gives a message to ‘call the director’. This is where I’m stuck – the film’s director is Sean van Leijanhorst, but there is no entry for this name in the game phonebook. Any ideas…?!

    1. Pranav G

      15334. It’s there on the phonebook as Lijenhosrst van S

  8. Caroline

    Hi. The namens with the numbers are achievment 3. The people are all in the files in chapter 1. Search for Jessica Werner and Amy Walker. You get a tape when you open the locker. Thanks for the hint on where to findnthe numbers to the namens 😉

  9. Pranav G

    I got achievement 5 of chapter 1. The book marked as X in the clue is “the vanderbooms” so type the same in the typewriter.

  10. hagimoto

    achievement : chapter2-4

    1.paper”Rusty Lake” :73298 RL
    2.iron cube like”S” in the black book:”2604″(in the movie 7:24)
    3.the five jars:”J.1870″

    you can call 77772

    “Hello, this is Rusty Lake”
    but can’t get the achievement.
    anyone? please

    1. Pranav G

      The director’s number is 15334. Call him.

  11. Annonymous

    Achivement 5 chapter 1 (7:15 movie) Write the vanderbooms on machine

  12. Erin

    Chapter 1 Achievement 5 is going to the typewriter and typing “The Vanderbooms”. In the movie at 7:12 it’s the name of the book to the left of The Eilanders and you get a preview of an upcoming comic! It currently leads to a dead link though.

  13. Erin

    Chapter 1 Achievement 1 is collecting symbols from the noted locations in the movie.

    TV = spiral (9:23)
    Fish = envelope (5:08)
    Harvey = S (6:11 on his perch, VERY hard to see)
    Ashes = triangle (1:55)
    File cabinet = hourglass (I don’t know, I brute forced this one)

    This gives you a slide for the projector, which shows the photo of movie Dale and Mr. Crow and the words TV 566. Dial that in and you get a picture of the chapel and the achievement.

  14. Erin

    Chapter 1 Achievement 4 is where the files come in. The ones you missed are in the second drawer, accessible by just scrolling.

    Amy L. Weiler = circle with the dot in it
    Isabel Echevarria = triangle with the line through it
    Marc McShane = square with the line through it
    Bob Rafferty = upside down T
    Jessica Werner = S

    Putting these into the shape drawer gives you a green audio tape. Rewind it and it’s a therapy session with Bob from Cube Escape: Case 23, Laura’s ex boyfriend who was arrested for Laura’s murder. In that game you dialed the number 247 into the TV to turn him into a Corrupted Soul, and he says on this tape the number 247 is all he remembers. Dialing it into the TV here shows you a photo of his body after he killed himself in Cube Escape: Theatre and gives you the achievement.

  15. Erin

    Chapter 2 Achievement 1 is the same kind of puzzle as 1:1.

    TV = triangle with dot (8:49, side of the TV)
    Drawer = tree (5:26, the block in the drawer)
    Book = spiral (7:22, center icon on the page the block is in)
    Painting = tree (3:49, REALLY hard to see on Mr. Crow’s chair)
    Horizontal lines = spiral (10:28, the cube Harvey left in his cage)

    The drawer opens to give you a red tie, which you put on in the mirror to get the achievement.

    1. Ramon

      I can’t put on the red tie, what I am doing wrong?

      1. San

        Don’t know why, but it seems to be use before Dale cut his head.

        1. Filippo Giadrossi

          I wrote to the developer to solve this issue 😛

      2. Sam

        After taking the blue elixir, in the next scene when you stand in front of the mirror you can use the tie and unlock the achievement

    2. Kya

      That’s the last one I’m not able to complete. I’ve got the tie, but just can’t put it on. Any tips on it or I’ve got some glitch?

      1. Pat connors

        You put the tie on at the end when you see yourself in the mirror as the black soul with white eyes.

  16. Erin

    Chapter 2 Achievement 3 is the number of coasters on the coffee table (4), the number of drinking glasses in the globe (6), and the number of specimen jars on the shelf (5) dialed into the TV.

  17. Satscout

    There are 28 total achievements, ten of which have boxes at the end. I haven’t tried Chapter 2 yet, but I can help with Chapter 1 – at least the first box – The Chapel. That one is movie dependent. Go to the achievements page IN GAME and click on the first of the five empty boxes under chapter 1. There are five hints. Go to the movie and see what symbols go with the five hints, then put them in that order in the spinners. Use the item revealed and you will get a channel. Put that number in the TV and you wlll get The Chapel.

  18. Policy

    The jar starting with j is part of the 4th achievement.

  19. Amit Arnon

    So after I got the first 5 achievements I entered the achievement symbols ibto the cupboard code and got the green vial! I guess chapter two gets the blue one. Drink the green vial, get a weird mini game thing. Finish it and get a secret ending clip!

  20. Jayfl

    You need give cocktail to hand

  21. Rhaega

    Anyone knows the use of the golden cube?
    The diamond eyes go to the deer skull, but then the game ends and progress is deleted.

    1. Pranav G

      I also have the same doubt

    2. Martyna

      The same problem.

    3. Joanne Race

      I put the diamond eyes in and got a new scene to interact with. I solved the puzzle then got whooshed to the prize winners page where you have to answer a question about a character from Rusty Lake. Then I got told I’d won a prize!

  22. Stefan

    Chapter 2, Achievement 3, count coasters on the coffee table, glasses in the globe and jars on the shelf (4, 6, 5). Turn on that channel and voila.

  23. Cyber Mane 2050

    Chapter 2, Achievement 1: I found the missing symbol and the combination is as follows:

    triangle with dot
    triangle tree (triangle with a vertical line)
    triangle tree (it is indeed difficult to see and, to confirm it, I had to go through some trial and error)

    At first I thought it was strange because two symbols are being repeated (not even just one), but it works.

    You get a red tie. You cannot wear it once you have extracted your brain, though, only before that. Rumours are that you can wear it also when you become a Corrupted Soul, I am now playing Chapter 2 to confirm or dismiss this rumour.

  24. Syd

    Can you do anything with the golden cube?

    1. Nidias

      To properly do the alternate ending, you hand it to Mr Bat before getting on the elevator. I believe this is the difference between just ending the game or getting the link to the prize raffle sign up.

  25. Joanne Race

    I deciphered all the achievements from Ch 1 and 2 and got directed to a unique site where I was informed I am a prize winner! Results to be announced on December 1st. Can’t wait to see what I get!

    1. Lenore

      I was too I had to answer a question but IΓÇÖm not sure if we won anything. I think itΓÇÖs a drawing type contest where the results from the drawing are dec 1st.

  26. Ghost

    I think there must be 6 endings because there was 6 pieces of the circle in the black book, but i do not know the sixth end. I think the cicle means endings.

  27. Bent

    My green vial dissapeared?? I took it out in front of the mirror, opened it, then took out the red one.. now itΓÇÖs gone! Do i need to restart the whole first chapter to get it again?

  28. Jon B

    There are five other names in the credits which have corresponding symols in the file cabinet, but I can find no indication of what order to put them in, if in fact they do anything.
    Have you any information on that? I found them by clicking through the entire filing cabinet.

  29. Crow

    I’m confused what significance the symbols on each of the chapter 1 achievements mean. I put the symbols into the decoder and nothing happened.

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