Total Party Kill: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

Total Party Kill
By: Jussi Simpanen / Adventure Islands

Total Party Kill is a new puzzle game by Jussi Simpanen that has you taking control of three different heroes — a Knight, a Mage, and a Ranger. They each kill in different ways, and you need to have them kill each other to survive each room on the dungeon. As long as one of them makes it to the exit, you’re good. The puzzles can be tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Tips and Tricks:

– The Knight can throw his friends.

– The Mage can freeze his friends.

– The Ranger can shoot his friends with arrows, sticking them to the wall.

– You can freeze a dead friend.

– You can even freeze a friend stuck to the wall, but the ice block will drop.

– The Knight can hit an ice block to throw it a bit.

– The Archer can shoot an ice block to send it across the room.

– The mirror can reflect the Mage’s ice bolt back at himself to freeze him.

– The mirror can also be used to climb on. Look for other uses!


Levels 1 – 10 | Levels 11 – 20 | Levels 21 – 30 | Levels 31 – 40 | Levels 41 – 50 | Levels 51 – 60

Levels 1 – 10:

Level 1: For this level, just stay as the knight. Push the ranger against the wall (no need for anyone to die) and jump on his head and continue jumping up to the exit.

Level 2: As the knight, get next to the ranger and swing your sword at him to throw him at the button. Then head to the exit.

Level 3: As the mage, freeze the ranger. Then push the block of ice through the hole and drop down onto it. Jump over the spikes and to the exit.

Level 4: As the ranger, shoot the mage to the left. Then jump on his impaled body and then jump again to the exit.

Level 5: As the knight, jump up onto the wooden shelf. Then, switch to ranger and have him jump onto the shelf to the left of the knight. Shoot the knight to the right. Then have either the mage or ranger stand to the left of the knight. Have the other jump on his head and then onto the knight and then to the exit.

Level 6: Have the ranger and mage each jump onto a small wooden shelf. Then have the knight jump up and throw each of them to the buttons. Then head to the exit.

Level 7: Have the mage jump up to the shelf. Have the ranger jump up to the right of the mage and shoot the mage at the left button. Then do the same for the knight but to the right button. Then send the mage through the exit.

Level 8: As the mage, freeze both the knight and the ranger. Then push each through a hole. Drop down the left hole and hop across the ice blocks to the exit,

Level 9: There’s at least two ways to do this. Either use the mage to freeze the knight and then use the ranger to shoot the ice cube to the button. Or, use the ranger to shoot the knight at the button and then use the mage to freeze the knight’s body so it drops onto the button. Then have either the mage or ranger head to the exit.

Level 10: As the ranger, shoot the mage to the right. Then, as the knight, jump up and hit the mage so his corpse drops down. Then hit the mage again so his corpse hits the button. As the knight, head to the exit.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to Levels 11 – 20 or click here.

Levels 1 – 10 | Levels 11 – 20 | Levels 21 – 30 | Levels 31 – 40 | Levels 41 – 50 | Levels 51 – 60

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