NOX – Escape Games: Walkthrough Guide

NOX – Escape Games
By: Everbyte

NOX is a room escape game by Everbyte, in which you need to rotate the camera to see each room from different angles. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you out if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


You can watch the first part of my walkthrough here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Use the button to rotate the camera, as instructed.

2. Tap on the cell door lock to see it’s locked. Then tap the arrow to go back.

3. Tip over the bucket and take the bone from inside.

4. Tap on the cell door again and drag the bone to the lock to pick it. Go though to the next room, the basement.

5. Examine the crate. Swipe to tip it and see inside. Take the screwdriver. Also, take a photo of the wine bottles.

6. Rotate the camera once. Now you can see a fuse box missing a fuse. Ignore it for now. Drag the box away from the wall to reveal a ventilation shaft.

7. Zoom in on the vent and use the screwdriver to remove the lid. Then crawl through to the bathroom.

8. Open the right blue cabinet and take the bear snow globe from inside. It seems to be a sort of memory. Also, notice the scale. We’ll deal with it later.

9. Rotate the camera once. Open the right brown cabinet to find half a fish drawing. Take it.

10. Notice the washing machine has something in it, but it’s locked. Leave it for now. Open the door and go through to another room, the corridor.

11. Rotate the camera once and then flick the light switch to turn on the lights.

12. Rotate the camera and then mess with the painting so it moves, revealing what looks like a big O. It must be a clue of some sort.

13. Go through the brown door to the living room.

14. There’s a domino game on the table, but we need to find the missing pieces before we can solve it. Rotate the camera once and then examine the TV. Open the cabinet to the left of it and take the book. Take a closer look at the book in your inventory to find a key inside. Take it.

15. Go back and then look under the yellow sofa for the other half of the fish drawing.

16. Open your inventory and combine the two halves of the drawing. It looks like there’s a clue on the other side.

17. To the left of the TV, there’s some shelves. Take the snow globe off the shelf to get another memory.

18. Go back to the corridor with the skateboard in it. Rotate the camera and then use the key to unlock the double-door. Go through to a room with staircases and more doors! This is the main hall.

19. Tap on the red door on the second floor. There’s a padlock on it that requires a 3-number passcode. Notice that the purple line on the back of the fish drawing connects the numbers 4, 7 and 8. I’m not sure why you would think to try that, but the code is 478. Use it to unlock the door and go through to the workroom.

20. Zoom in on the desk. Pick up the radio. Also, move the folders to see that a piece is missing from the corner of the desk. We should look for it.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. smjjames

    @appunwrapper Because the real time isn’t the answer to that puzzle 😉 You may have already spotted where to use the axe.

    Anyways, I’m stuck right after finding the secret area (THAT was a sneaky one) and I have the lab. Currently I have a measuring cup, a lighter, a hairpin, and a riddle thing and I can’t find what the heck I’m supposed to do next. I know what I [i]need[/i] to do, but no idea what thing I need to do to get what I know I need to do. Sorry for crypticness, just trying to avoid spoilers for ya.

    Also, there’s a thing in the basement that looks like it would work for what I need to do in the attic but dialogue keeps telling me that everything there isn’t useful.

    1. Kelly

      Can u give a hint about how to solve the clock. Been stuck for hours!!!

      1. Aftrwt

        Hey, do you realise you just accidentally did a pun? Because your stuck on the clock and clocks and hours are both to do with time

        1. Alexis

          The circle on the wall shows what to set the clock to when you have the uv flashlight

    2. Actaee

      Could you help me reach this so secret area? i’m really stuck in the game at this point.

    3. Alexis

      You use the lighter in the attic after you get the pool stick to keep the windows closed. I donΓÇÖt know about the other things

    4. Alexis

      You need to fill the cup with water

      1. Eclipsa

        how do I get the red bottle?

    5. M00N2H1N3

      I found out how to make a snowman, use that hammer to break the board in the dining room, and there’s a carrot in the kitchen. Use that, the top hat, the snow ball from the garden and the carrot to make it. Your character will say they remembered something, and that’s as far as I’ve got.

      1. tn&c_

        If you’re still stuck, I’ve found out how to get past that bit.

        You go back to the porch and press on the flowerbed near the toy windmill, pick the flowers. Go to where the medicine/ lab is and put the flowers in the middle tube (Only do that if you’re done with everything else in the lab already, though.) Then the chair will move and reveal an item.
        Everything else is pretty straight forward from then on.

      2. Frau

        You can grab the flowers by the pinwheel too

  2. Kyle

    I’ve done everything this hulde also did + use the axe but hoe i’m stuck aswell. I think the clock is the last obstical atm.

    1. smjjames

      @kelly and Kyle: Go to the central room with the staircases and doors, tap the area where there’s a small gap in the railing, use the axe there, then move the pillar with the pot on it through the now bigger gap. Use the item that was once inside the pot.

    2. Alexis

      The circle on the wall shows what to set the clock to when you have the uv flashlight

  3. Jacq

    I solved the dartboard puzzle but canΓÇÖt figure out what that did?

    1. smjjames

      edit: nvm, it is a puzzle, just saw the solution for it, haven’t checked it out at this second.

      edit2: Something did open in the same room, look carefully.

      1. Jacq

        Lord almighty now IΓÇÖm stuck at this goddamn fuse box

        1. smjjames

          Any tips for rearranging the bottles? Since it sounds like you got past that. Gonna look around for clues though….

          1. Jacq

            think of where else youΓÇÖve seen expensive bottles!

          2. Alexis

            It answers it in the post. You use the order of the colors of the bottles in the basement

        2. Karlosdl

          Fuse box is tap everything randomly untill everything becomes green. Have no idea how I solved it

        3. Zephyr

          click the 5th fuse, then the 4th, then the 3rd

      2. Jacq

        Did you solve the bottle problem? I did but still no luck re: dartboard

        1. smjjames

          Yeah, got it, found the clue in the basement. I think the bottle case is the only thing the dartboard opens.

          1. Jacq

            Oh I didn’t realize it was closed before! Got through the fuses but only by clicking randomly 🙄

    2. Kelly

      Any tips on solving the dart board?

      1. Jacq

        Have you played the game boy yet?

        1. Kelly

          Nope, found the xylophone piece not sure what to do with it after ive placed it on the xylophone. Not sure how to keep the window shut* in the attic either.

          1. Alexis

            ThereΓÇÖs a little picture of the color order for the xylophone by the robot I think. You need the pool stick for the windows

    3. Brooke

      I’m stuck on the dart board. I’m hitting the right spots but it doesn’t fall. I’m getting so annoyed at this point lol. PLEASE HELP!!!??

  4. smjjames

    Finally figured out how to continue from where I was. Hint: Xylophone. I was totally confused by the fact that it didn’t seem to play sound when I tapped it.

    1. Kelly

      What did you do to get pssed the xylophone part?

  5. smjjames

    Where’s the clue to the safe in the lady’s bedroom? All I have in inventory are a riddle (which has five digits and so, can’t be it) and a measuring cup. I haven’t found the fuse yet either.

    1. Jacq

      ItΓÇÖs not 5 digits, look closely and youΓÇÖll see

      1. smjjames

        Oh whoop, I assumed that was a digit.

    2. Actaee

      Hi i got the clue to open the safe and stuff but now i’m stuck with buttons, a carot, a box filled with water and an elegant hat, i did not found any of the measuring cuo you’re talking about or about any lab, could anybody help me ?

      1. Raf

        I’m at the same location as you, except they don’t have the buttons yet

        1. CatReader

          SPOILER ALERT: This message contains some Spoiler regarding the hairpin, so skip it if you haven’t found a hairpin or don’t want to know what to do with it. I neee help with lock mini-game in the attic. To solve first pin in the lock, should I be dragging down on left end of the hairpin-turned-into lockpick until the red line on the pin is aligned with the red line in the loxk? Any special technique? Taps, drags, and swipes on my device do not work well in thia game, and the mini-games are nearly impossible even with update 1.1.1.

          1. Nika

            The icon “showing” what to do is a button.

      2. CatReader

        Your “box” is a (cooking) pot, but that isn’t actually important. Hint 1: Other than for cooking, did you see a place where you could use water to do something? Hint 2: If you go to the living room, you will be warm. Spoiler: Water douses fires.

  6. Jacq

    Stuck now at the snowman. Have a medicine bottle, not the right one?? great game though, I donΓÇÖt usually get so stuck playing these.

    1. smjjames

      Stuck there atm too, all I have in inventory is a measuring cup and a torn letter. I know of the medicine stuff, but haven’t solved that fully yet.

      EDIT: You did find where the torn letter goes, right?

      1. Jacq

        Yep. I figured out where the flowers go, but I canΓÇÖt figure out how to make the right medicine.

        1. smjjames

          Same here, also can’t find where I’m supposed to use the measuring cup with water in it.

          nvm, got the water, just needed the correct amount,

          1. Jacq

            Figured it out! I have the medicine now, but no idea what to do with it.
            Make sure you have the right amount of water in the measuring cup. Read all three steps to figure out where to add ingredients.

            1. smjjames

              Yeah, got it by trying everything with the test tubes and then remembering to interact with the water. You’re also supposed to heat it up (in what I think is a dumb minigame), but I’m not sure if it starts on it’s own or you have to tap the apparatus.

              Now trying to figure the computer passcode.

              1. Jacq

                I heated it up alright, but now itΓÇÖs just in a test tube?

                1. smjjames

                  The one you put a flower in needs another medicine in it apparently, the one with the yellow strip on the cap. Maybe that’s the one you’re missing? It’s not even clear that it needs more in it and I only found it by trying every bottle with all of the test tubes.

                  1. smjjames

                    For the computer passcode though, I’ve written down all the letters in random places (found five), but I haven’t seen any clues to point me in the right direction and there are too many possible combinations to attempt a brute force.

                    1. Jacq

                      I guessed it based off the letters I remembered seeing.

                    2. Jacq

                      I donΓÇÖt really get the end though lol

                    3. smjjames

                      It seems to be some weird psychological representation of a disturbed mind (the main character that is), that much I get. Plus possibly being psychotherapied by Sigmund Freud, dunno.

                    4. somebody

                      thats ptsd, babey

                    5. kline6666

                      It is heavily implied that during the main character childhood, her dad was abusive towards her and her mom, would not let them leave the house, and possibly had been filming her in a perverted way. Her mom tried to leave with her but her dad found out. She asked her to hide before her dad came, and the main character hid in a dark vent for a long time, while her dad killed her mom. In adulthood, the main character underwent hypnosis to try to deal with such trauma. And what we witnessed is her experience during one of her hypnosis sessions.

              2. Rivrcitygirl

                How do you play the mini game. I canΓÇÖt get to heat up, IΓÇÖve tapped and tilted my device nothing works.

                1. kline6666

                  You need to tap with the appropriate frequency to keep the ΓÇ£fireΓÇ¥ within the correct range (which also changes). Keep it up, and try to do the best you can, and the heat will rise.

                  1. Riko Q

                    Please tell me what can I do after I get the medicine? How to drink it or use it ?

                    1. Sandra

                      fill each test tube with the appropriate medicine, when you get it right a chair swivels and now has a floppy disk

              3. Scskai

                wait how do you heat it? iΓÇÖve mixed all the ingredients but canΓÇÖt figure out how to heat it.

            2. Izzy

              How do you put a water in a measuring cup into the jug above the Bunsen burner

        2. Totally lost by this point

          I havenΓÇÖt figured out the flowers, please help!

  7. smjjames

    I got through the fusebox by tapping randomly as well…..

    Has anybody else had problems with the game freezing up on some memories? I had it in two places for the memories and tapping the noteboard in the kitchen also causes a freeze. Have to reboot ipad to fix.

  8. Xer

    Anyone know login to computer?

    1. Xer

      Ok, IΓÇÖve got it. ItΓÇÖs his name.

      1. smjjames

        And what’s his name? I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere, two of the memories freeze up and don’t display the text and when I look at the bullitein board in the kitchen, it freezes up there. So, if the dialogue that mentions his name shows up there, it’s impossible for me because I’ve missed a vital clue.

        1. smjjames

          Okay, got it by trying various three letter names I could think of.

          1. James

            How’d you finish the snowman? I can’t find the eyes

          2. Kait

            Is the name made up of the letters found around the mansion? I feel like IΓÇÖve tried every combination and canΓÇÖt figure it out.

            1. Luke Truckenmiller


  9. James

    Stuck at the snowman don’t know how to complete it I dont have the eyes, don’t know where to find it

    1. LavenderWolf

      If you have the torn letter bring it to the book in the womans room. It opens a draw and gives you the buttons for eyes.
      Hope this helped if im not to late!

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I donΓÇÖt have that yet. IΓÇÖm guessing I missed some tiny minuscule detail, bc thatΓÇÖs usually where I get stuck.

        1. LavenderWolf

          Im pretty sure the letter was in the kitchen in the table or bullet board. Its in an envelope but when you inspect it you can open it and you get the half of the letter.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            HavenΓÇÖt gotten to the kitchen yet.

            1. LavenderWolf

              Have you gotten the steam off in the basement?
              If so, go through the door, and in there will be some necessary stuff. If your are past that, you need to get the fuse and mess around with the fuses till they turn on and you can go into the kitchen. The fuse is on the train. (if it wasnt the fuse sorry, im not totally sure if that was were I found it) Put the fuse in the breaker box and just flip them around till they are all on!
              Tip: I found it easier to turn them all on when they were all off first!

              1. AppUnwrapper

                The fuse isnΓÇÖt on the train. I donΓÇÖt have the fuse yet.

                1. Pingcode

                  Check the dining room. There are slidable objects there (this game is pretty bad about telegraphing things you can slide around)

                  1. AppUnwrapper

                    Ugh seriously? And yeah, thatΓÇÖs one of my main gripes with this game. The inconsistency. ItΓÇÖs cheap tricks.

                  2. AppUnwrapper

                    Ok I see I can slide the chairs to the table, but there are only 2?

                    1. Marianne

                      There is something else you can slide. Look behind it….

                    2. AppUnwrapper

                      I swear I dragged everything. Just kinda lost interest at this point.

                    3. AppUnwrapper

                      Ugh I tried sliding the curtains a dozen times and it didnΓÇÖt work before. Now it did.

  10. Bisforbandit

    I have a carrot, a top hat, a hair pin, and a torn letter. IΓÇÖve been stuck since yesterday. Any ideas anyone? The computer is a blue screen when I go up to it so IΓÇÖm not sure how to log in

    1. Kait

      The hairpin can be used to help unlock something.
      Take the torn letter to the womanΓÇÖs bedroom.

    2. LavenderWolf

      Would you mind hinting to the location of the hairpin by any chance?

      1. Alex

        The hairpin is in the secret room/lab.

  11. kait

    I can not for the life of me figure out the computer password. I feel like I have tried every combination. Am I missing letters? I can think of 5.

    1. kline6666

      Her name is SAM. You can find all the letters littered around the house.

  12. Sylvia

    You’re so great!!!

  13. Robin

    I cant figure why is it 478 at the first door, I just didnt want to proceed without proper explanation

    1. Joyce

      Same, need to know. Don’t like when it’s random

  14. LavenderWold

    Im stuck at the safe. I have the coded paper but not sure how to decode? Anybody have some tips?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ll help as soon as I figure out why I can’t progress. 😞

      1. LavenderWolf

        Not sure if you still need it but I figured out the code! 5247!

        1. Hm

          Can You please tell me how? I have been busting my mind and now I think I am stupid. I can’t crack the code.

          What was your math procedure, step by step? I’m losing my mind over here

          Thank you.

          1. yehet

            start by figuring out this
            hourglass-circle =1, which means the number is side by side. it can be 2-1,3-2,8-7 etc
            so now u see the bottom equation?
            circle+hourglass=star+square which equals to 9. so circle+hourglass=9. the only numbers that equals to 9 when added up side by side and minus equals to 1 is 5 and 4. so u can figure out from there urself.

            other calculation u can use is, find hourglass first. u can use the equations

            1. square+star=9
            2. hourglass-circle=1
            3. circle-star=star

            simplify it into 2 equation using simultaneous equations.
            where it will only has hourglass and star as variables.
            minus the 1st equation with the 2nd one. and you will get the number for hourglass.

    2. ClueGiver

      In no particular order, the numbers are 7 5 4 2

  15. Dizzy

    What do I do after all finishing the snowman?

  16. CatReader

    I have given up on Nox, at least for now. I cannot win the Retro Boy mini-game on one Android device because the controls are slughish, jerky, or downright non-responsive. On another Android device, I won the Retro Boy mini-game, but the appropriate control required for a lab mini-game (don’t want to write a spoiler here) cannot match the finesse needed to complete. On that same device, I cannot manipulate the puzzle to unlock something in the attic (again, trying not to write a spoiler) with appropriate sensitivity. My dexterity might be lacking a bit on the last one, but not on the other two. I also still get some spontaneous reloads, but I haven’t seen any outright crashes or fails on memory cubes since 1.0.7 was released for Android. I have tried to communicate the problems through Google Play to the developer, and I recommended a Skip option on the mini-games after multiple attempts.
    I thought the timed dexterity mini-games in some of the early Adventure Escape games were tough, but yhey wete winnable and there was always a Skip option (at the cost of some Star points).

    1. via

      even if you suck at the lab mini game, if you play long enough, itll allow you to skip it

  17. CatReader

    Any help available on the flame mini-game in Nox (in a lab room)? I know your published text and video walkthroughs don’t go that far, but I am optimistic. Update 1.1.1 smoothed out some problems, so I have started playing. Ostensibly, the update
    was to add Hints. I saw a ? icon added, but now I don’t see it, just when I would try it out in desperation. UPDATE: Thank you to Kline6666; heshe provided the needed help in answer to some one else: in the flame mini-game, you need to keep the green box overlying the flame, while the flame rises and lowers, long enough for the temperatue to rise to top. The faster or slower you tap, the higher the grren block rises or lower it sinks.

    1. Totally lost by this point

      Hi! How do you even start the first man flame??? IΓÇÖve been stuck with that one all day

  18. jBonesC4

    Wats the order for the fuse switches? The only picture IΓÇÖm seeing for this part is one containing 3 2 1.

  19. jBonesC4

    WhatΓÇÖs the order for the fuse switches? The only picture for this section on the website is the one containing 3 2 1.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That should be correct unless they changed something.

    2. Jacob


  20. Karm

    guys the snowball for the snowman 😭😭 how??

    1. Daria

      You have to go outside and roll the snowball around in the sandbox until all the snow squares are gone, I havenΓÇÖt figured out how to get all the squares gone tho

  21. Karm

    guys how do i finish the snowman😭? i’ve been trying to form the snowball but i can’t figure it out

    1. Sue

      I don’t remember all the details but you definitely have to END somewhere around at the bottom right.
      I think you first have to go into the direction of the robot, then top left and then bottom left. Hope that helps.

  22. Sage

    It wonΓÇÖt accept any of my answers for the dart game, I did it so many ways. Help!

    1. Nate

      Do it in order. Double, Single, Triple, Bullseye

  23. Shy

    So in the game thereΓÇÖs these little collectibles that you find in the game that give backstory to the character and their situation. I have found the teddy bear, the darkness, the eyes (cameras), the computer screen, the stack of books, and the swing set, which I assume is 6/7 of the collectibles considering when I check the little progress meter it says 99%. I was wondering if anybody else knew where the last one is or if I have unlocked something and I need to go there?

  24. Caroline

    For the green solution, you have to get the hammer and remove the planks from in front of the patio doors in the dining room. Once outside, rotate the camera and there is a windmill thing at the bottom of the stairs. Next to that, there is a flower box. Pick up one of the flowers. Go back to the lab, add it to the yellow solution, and voilà! Now that’s where I’m stuck, hehe!

  25. nyi

    im stuck on the the clock

  26. nyi

    im stuck on the clock part…help

  27. Ofelia

    Stuck in the dinning room I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t move the curtains to find the third chair 🙁

    1. Kathryn

      in the sandbox where there is snow you have to find a way to drag the snow without leaving traces, if you can’t get back a room and go back in the box

  28. Spiker

    I need help, I have the hat, buttons, and carrot but I canΓÇÖt figure out how to make the snowman. IΓÇÖve tried everything from dragging my finger in the snow to looking around the whole house for other clues but no luck. Can anybody give me some help????

  29. Help

    I’m playing on a laptop, how do I solve the labyrinth puzzle? Tilting doesnt work.

    1. Kathryn Karoline de Siqueira

      I can’t get ahead in the game, I just have the meter with water

  30. Petra

    There us no time that shows on the Circle with the. black light But when I use your time nothing happens

  31. 6969

    Uh how do I get the red bottle for the wine room?

  32. p0rkbunzz_

    I need the blossoms for the medicine but there are no flowers by the pinwheel?? What do I do?

  33. Delta

    What do I do after the last step?

  34. Hassan AfZal

    I canΓÇÖt finish the darts I throw them in the same order help

  35. Anonymous

    Ok… so IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m at the point where IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m supposed to collect the cooking pot from the kitchen glass cabinet, but thereΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s no pot to be seen.

  36. Mcdonald

    Then go to garden and build snowman, memory will happen as weather changed, then go to lab and fill up 2nd test tube

  37. Aftrwt

    Use the hammer to pry open the boards in the dining room, then outside go down the steps to a garden, there is a mini gale down there that you do to get the snowman head, then, attach the buttons and the carrot (from the kitchen fridge) to the head, I think you need a hat and/or scarf from somewhere bcs nothing happened after I did that, but I’m guessing he will give you a mixer or something to mix 2 medicines in bcs I found 2 medicines which were depicted in the journal to make the depicted medicine not found in the cabinet, because that would make sense if you mixed the 2 I suspect. Or he might give you a cap to the glass bottle on that thing that looks like scales in the lab. Oh I found the hat on the chair in the dining room

    1. Aftrwt

      Hold on you don’t need a scarf, once you do it it says you remember something (because it’s a snowman it probably links to the snow globes) but doesn’t say what, then it stops being winter and there’s no snow and the person gets really confused.

      1. Aftrwt

        Oh and afterwards you find a snow globe on the swing. Then you go back up the path onto the veranda and the person has an existential crisis. Then take the blue blossoms next to the windmill and use them on the 2nd test tube to make it green. In the manual it says ‘200’, this means you want the water at the 2nd thick bar of the measuring jug, you can empty it in stages by tilting it in inspect mode, you then pour that into the bottle on the scale like thing, then you put the depicted medicine in (the one with the orange cap), then the other depicted medicine in (it has a light gray cap), then there’s this weird mini game to heat it up, you then take the substance and pour it into the final tube. Once you do that the chair wheels out and it has a floppy disc on it. You put it in the pc and mess with the keyboard until it shows you a 3 letter password, the files in the cabinet each show you a room, the letters of the password are in those rooms.

        1. Aftrwt

          The first letter, S, is on a towel in the bathroom, the second letter, A, is on the back of the maze picture in the office, the final letter, M, is on a bottle in the hobby room, only visible through the CTV, and Sam is actually my name which is cool.

          1. Aftrwt

            Then it has this cool emotional cutscene at the end, it’s pretty deep.
            So, that’s the rest of the walkthrough, you’re welcome!

  38. Das Dj

    1.You have you put the water which shows by the procedure it write as 200 so you have to reduce the water to the second mark

    2.You have to pour the water in the bottle at the laboratory experiment

    3.Flip the book and you will see a large medicinal symbol which actually combined medicinal symbol and pour both the medicinal liquid in the same bottle

    4.The page next to the symbol actually how long you have to heat the bottle just drag the clock needle to the 45-minutes and the experiment starting

    5.You have to control the temperature until the temperature reach to the peak

    6. Take the bottle and pour the medicinal liquid at the last test tube with the same symbol as the first page on the book

  39. Tara

    I can’t get the chess pieces to work. I used every possible combination and nothing happens. I’ve tried restarting the app, and it still doesn’t work. Any tips?

    edit: nvm, i figured it out lmao

  40. Lauren

    I need help on the dartboard. I’ve done it multiple times. I’m following the correct pattern, but it’s not moving on where I can press the button.

    1. Joaquín

      If you move your finger around a cross will appear and there is where the dart will go.

  41. lesuu

    i figured out the medicine one! [spoiler title=”medicine answer”] once you fill the beaker, you need to inspect it in your inventory, and tilt the beaker with your finger. you will notice that it spills water. on the first step of the instruction in the lab, it says 200. i assumed ml because there was a water drawing next to it. so you need to take out 300 of water in the beaker (tilt it 3 times / when the water reaches the 2nd line from the bottom when the beaker is flat). then you add the water to the flask beside the manual. for step 2, you need to grab the red and grey bottles of medicine that, when merged together, will make the shape in the drawing. i cant exactly remember what placement they were, but the red lid had 2 overlapping squares at the top and the grey had a big square at the bottom with a little square above it. step 3, you need to click on the clock thing which will start a fire minigame. you have to tap your finger on the screen to where the green box will be with the fire for enough time to fill the bar on the right (youΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll see what i mean once youΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗re there). after that, pour the mixture into the 3rd beaker, and that’s all i got. [/spoiler]

  42. Kim

    IΓÇÖm stuck in the kidΓÇÖs room. The room before it seems like a Rec/craft room where I canΓÇÖt open the cabinet the sewing machine is on. I feel like IΓÇÖm missing something, but I have no clue what it is

  43. Nanny420

    Cannot add water to container above Bunsen burner, or figure out which bottle to mix it with

  44. Lati

    I wouldn’t have been able to finish without your help and the hints at times. Im done with the game thank you ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£├ÑΓö£├╗╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£┬╝

  45. Brandi

    I am stuck. I have combined everything for the flashlight but it wonΓÇÖt turn on to show whatΓÇÖs in the circle.

  46. Virtue

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the wooden casket to work?

  47. Zucxs

    Stuck on the lab test tube 3 I can’t understand a thingg

  48. Jes

    After that you have to go outside and build a snow man.

  49. Aabrita Bordoloi

    I’m not getting the vase where is it hel me somebody

  50. Kenzi

    Where is the rest?

  51. NikkiBdraws

    Between #60 and #61, you forgot to mention that you need to go back to the office and place the missing table piece in the corner in order to get the red wine bottle to finish the puzzle in the game room. It took make an extra 10 minutes to try and figure out why the red bottle was.

  52. fizzball

    1. use the roof hammer in the dining room blocked door to get to the veranda.
    2. go to the garden, figure out the sandbox puzzle to get the snowball.
    3. use snowball on the snowman, add the carrot from the kitchen and the top hat and buttons.
    4. get the memory item from the swing.
    5. go back to the veranda and get the flowers by the windmill flower.
    6. back to the lab room. use the floor and mix with the middle/2nd test tube. to get the last test tube mix. A. get 200ml of water from the faucet kitchen – just throw the water by moving the container around. B. put water in the bunsen burner. get the bottom shelve center medicine and the light grey medicine and put it in the bunsen burner. C. tap the clock – play tap tap until the mixture is ready.
    7. get mixed meds into the last test tube.
    8. get the floppy disc from the chair that moved in the lab. Go back to the secret room and put
    the floppy in the computer.
    9. Type in the pword A. Bathroom has the “s” by the basket. B. workroom has the “A” from the puzzle frame in the shelves.
    C. find the letter “M” from the cctv. – SAM
    10. You get a cutscene. The End.

    1. xiks


  53. Brooke

    Need help with the dart board. I’m getting so annoyed at this point!!

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