‘Unhatched’ Review and Walkthrough

Unhatched By: Filip Loster I first mentioned Filip Loster's card-based puzzler, Unhatched, several weeks back in my preview, and have since had a chance to play through the whole game. It's a bit of a cross between Reigns and Meteorfall, but with its own unique story and mechanics. What really sets it apart, though, is that each card battle is a hand-crafted puzzle with a solution. Instead of the cards being randomized,…

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‘Unhatched’ is a Clever Reigns-Inspired Game Coming to iOS August 14 (Preview Inside)

Unhatched By: Filip Loster Ever since the Tinder-inspired Reigns released, many developers have realized that binary choices make great one-handed mobile games. The high score-chasing dungeon crawler, Meteorfall, applies this concept to monster battles and is one of my all-time favorite games. I still check in every day to play the daily challenge. So when I heard of another contender entering the ring, called Unhatched, my ears perked up. Developed by Filip…

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