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AppUnwrapper’s Favorite iOS Games of 2016

This is only the second year I'm listing my Games of the Year, and 2016 was an incredibly strong one for iOS games. It was hard getting this list down to just ten or fifteen games, so I also have some runners-up. There were just too many great games this year! So, without further ado, I represent my GOTY 2016 list! Any reviews I wrote are linked to the name of each game. Snakebird - If you've been paying close attention this year, you probably aren't too surprised to hear that Noumenon Games' Read more [...]

Aurora – Puzzle Adventure: Review

Aurora - Puzzle Adventure By: Silverback Games Let me start this review by saying that I absolutely love the idea behind Silverback Games' Aurora - Puzzle Adventure. I even love the puzzle design -- most of the time. It's creative, clever, and sometimes downright tricky. It's because I like the puzzles so much that I put up with a lot that I didn't like in order to enjoy them. There are so many things in Aurora that unnecessarily waste the player's time. There's too much forced between the player Read more [...]

‘Swap Sword’ Review: Matchy Slashy

Swap Sword By: Alec Thomson If you've been following me for a while, you probably know that I'm a big fan of match-three games, but not the kind that you see in abundance in the App Store. I prefer the deeper games that rely on skill (and a bit of luck), where you can't buy your way ahead. Since most match-three games are free with timers and pay-to-win in-app purchases (IAP), I perk up at the slightest whiff of a game without any of that nonsense. The hardcore match-three RPG, Hero Emblems, Read more [...]

Flipped Out – The Powerpuff Girls Match 3 Puzzle / Fighting Action Game: Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Flipped Out – The Powerpuff Girls Match 3 Puzzle / Fighting Action Game By: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (Cartoon Network, Grumpyface) I just completed the main storyline in the iOS and Android game Flipped Out – The Powerpuff Girls Match 3 Puzzle / Fighting Action Game by Grumpyface Studios and Cartoon Network. The game is pretty easygoing in that it makes it hard to completely fail a level. But if you want to get an A+ score for each level and unlock the Super Tuff levels, it takes Read more [...]

Twofold, Inc. Review: Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

twofold inc. by: webbfarbror AB Everyone has been calling Martin Jonasson's Twofold, Inc. "the next Threes!" At first glance, it appears to be something I should love and be spending hours on trying to beat my high score. But every time I try to get into it, I get frustrated due to the high reliance on luck and confusing scoring system. I play a little, then quit in a fit of rage as every game ends without getting even close to my current high score. Now, I'm no stranger to luck playing a part Read more [...]