The Lost Kingdom (The Magic Castle – Mystery Adventure): Walkthrough

21. Pick up the hacksaw and the ladle.


22. Go back to the graveyard and use the crank handle on the gravestone to the left. Turn it to open the door to the crypt/tomb of the Great Sorcerer.



23. Take the keys from the skeleton.


24. Go back to the dungeon. Use the keys to open the right cell door. Take the mirror shard and use the hacksaw on the window bars to get an iron bar.




25. Go back to the room with the bookcases and broken mirror. Place the three broken mirror shards on the mirror. Tap on the mirror to talk to the sorcerer. He’ll tell you what you need to do.



26. The sorcerer also gives you the magic staff, which allows you to restore magic to the land, changing the scenery.




27. When he’s don’t talking, exit from the mirror. The bookcases will part, revealing a secret door. Go inside.


28. Take the glass jar and rubber bung. Also look through the spell book for four different recipes.



29. Leave the castle and try out the magic staff. Go to the screen with the heart carved into the tree. There’s a fairy flying about. Capture her with the glass jar.



30. For the heart-shaped lock on the tree door, you need the ages of the two lovers who died. Their birth and death years are on the graves in the cemetery. Subtract the birth date from the death date to get their ages (26 & 23). Use the numbers to unlock the door.


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